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Spring into chemo in March


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Good good morning everyone. Well, so far so good. Taste is a little funny, and aware of when I need to take anti-sickness, but really it is quite a good today. I can’t remember when on last cycle the water retention became a problem, but I think it might have been day 1, and there is none evident at the moment. I’m hoping and praying that the prayers of all our church here and abroad are heard. They have all been so faithful and loving to me that I am truly blessed. The onc said diuretics would not be a good idea as FEC does dry the body out and the 2 combined would be dodgy.
After the chemo yesterday, and a nap we went to our daughters to surprise our granddaughter after school. She arrived before us, so that didn’t work, and she suspected anyway. She said after 18 years of the same “surprise” she imagined we would be coming!!! As part of her prezzie, I gave her a jade (also my GD’s name) bangle which was given to her great grandmother (my mum) on her 18th by her Grandfather, William Shakespeare (so Jade’s GGG G-father). Met her boyfriend for the first time, seems a nice boy, clean cut and open faced. My OH didn’t comment on eyes being too close together so he must have approved too! (he’s not only a pastor, but a retired policeman and Irish!). Then, after another nap we went to an engagement do for an hour. It was very loud and impossible to hold a conversation. Came home and straight to bed.
Today have 2 viewings and OH is working. Don’t have energy for 2 flights of stairs 2x, so will have to let them go up 2nd lot on own. Not a problem as that room is totally empty.
Daffodil – error, I’ll have 15 days of rads, not 25!
Jess – your family sound really lovely. And it’s so good that the rift it healed. It will make such a difference to everyone. The hats your sister is making for you sound great. I hope you’ll model one on here for us? And maybe she should go into business on e-bay or some such selling them as hair loss hats? Linen and cotton ones would be in great demand as all my bought hats are too warm now except at night when it gets cooler. Does she line then so you can’t see scalp through? Where in France do your parents live?
Woolfie & Roadshow – where are you?
Karen – thank you re scarf/wrap I love them and have so many long scarves now. Don’t know what I’ll do with them when this is all over! Open a shop maybe! Sorry your neuts are so low (we have 2 baby ones in our pond), what a nuisance. Mine were 1.4 which is ok to go ahead, but I wonder about the next cycle, as each time they are lower than the last...hope I won’t need those jabs, don’t like the sound of the SE’s.
Carrot juice – welcome anytime, pop in as you like. Sorry to hear you’ve been treated shabbily too. What can be done about that? sounds like the jr dr needs more training before being let loose on vulnerable patients.
Christine & Karen – I now try to only use cotton/linen scarves as I’m finding the pashminas from the market are now much too warm and all I want to do is rip them off! Once you have done it once or twice they are really easy to wrap round the head. You could look on you tube at the way the African ladies tie them, unless you know any as friends that you can ask (which is what I did).
Christine – Hakkasan sounds great, I’m up for that sometime (soon?). was it trolley service where they bring a selection round on trolleys and you help yourself? Then they tot up the bill from the containers? Where I went wrong with picture posting was... I deleted original from my profile, browsed my pics & double clicked the one I wanted, then clicked upload and the pic appeared on my profile...then I forgot to scroll down and click “save”, so when I went back to the thread there was nothing there. Hope that helps. Do you live in south London then? Your allergic reaction sounded scary. Thankfully the staff acted swiftly though. 5 machines? I have 2, and my OH asked me once “can you use 2 at once then? Why do you need 2?” one of mine is a very old electric singer which was mum’s, and I think they are very much sought after and worth a lot of money.
Nipinuk – like the idea of photos, but think I left too late to reply. Not sure how far Reading is though. (think I’m becoming Irish ‘cos I keep typing tink instead of think!)
Suzy – I agree about margueritas...would love one tonight when celebrating our GD’s 18th at TGI Friday’s, but I think I can’t with the anti-sickness meds. That’s a bummer isn’t it.
Judith – maybe your dream of living in Malaysia will come to pass one day. It’s good to dream, and sometimes dreams come true. I wanted to move to Spain 15 years ago, but then my OH was given a new job, and it was put on hold. Now it will become a reality. Woo-hoo!
Carol – hope your rat hadn’t drowned!!! I’m told it should soak for 20 mins in conditioned water, is that what you thought too? My BIL emailed to say that 66.66% sounded better than 2/3 way through...but he’s a numbers person, and scientist so that might explain it...Nipinuk might like that though. Nice mental picture of you the cat and ipad! ‘spect it was nice and warm for her.
Well, chat again soon. Have a great weekend all, and hope SE’s are at an absolute minimum (that’s an easy word to type!)
Love Angela xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Fec-t cycle 4 tax day 5
Hi ladies, the aches & pains started yesterday whilst shopping with my daughter. Still managed to have a good time though, just kept sitting on any seat available while she mooched. I thought I had got away with it, so taking it easy today. Oh is putting up bean poles, might have to pop out & check up on progress later. All this bad weather is probably down to me as I've had so much energy this week, I put away my winter stuff!
Carol - Good to hear you are doing ok, I made a curry last night, apparently it was delicious but oh & son said it was hot. Suited my taste buds fine! By the way chocolate tastes very sweet, maybe dark would be better? Also I tend to drink waitrose grapefriut squash now as it is the only drink I can taste. Hope your wigs ok? I haven't washed mine yet but don't wear it all the time. How long does it take to dry?
Christine - Glad you are ok now after a bad start. Hope you get a few good days too & feel up to baking tomorrow! My minds not made up about surgery as I haven't discussed anything with consultant yet, as his plan was to do wle after chemo but as tumours broken up then it will have to be an mx. Lots of decisions to be made but as you say, there's no rush & it's really helped that so many of you ladies have had surgery & are coping so well.
Carol & Christine - How do you manage to reply to everyones posts? As I'm using a tablet at the moment & I can't read posts whilst typing?
Hope everyone else is coping ok today xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

FEC-T Cycle 4 day 2 (tax)
Morning Ladies!
Feeling chipper this morning after a looooong day at the clinic yesterday. After an hours delay to get seated and another hour to get started, I quickly developed an allergic reaction to the tax. I started sneezing, then my throat developed an odd swelling like feeling and I started to cough. Infusion immediately stopped, more steroids, an antihistamine, and a visit from the doctor! Infusion started about an hour later, at the slowest rate for the entire time, so I finished about 6 hours after we started. Fortunately for me, the antihistamine sent me to sleep for most of it!
Janey ­– I hope the tax demons have run off now. I’ve entered the calm before the storm and have been warned to stock up on paracetamol and ibuprofen to be taken as needed. I’ve already had stabbing pains in some of my nail beds, so will be keeping the black nail varnish and evonail on the skin for the duration. I’m with you on the need for a female in the house! Even the dog is male!
Angela – Enjoy your coffee and cake courtesy of the DWP! I like your new hat. I am still wearing the soft pull ons and have not yet ventured out in the turbans yet. I have tried them on in the house, but need a bit more tying practice!
Cocobutterfly – best of luck with your sewing classes! My Mum got me started when she spent a day traipsing round the shops looking for clothes with me, and got fed up when I couldn’t find what I wanted. Straight off to the fabric shop and we left with everything I needed to create exactly what I wanted. After a few alterations, I was still wearing that skirt 10 years later! I hope your tax side effects haven’t hit you too hard, and you are recovering now.
Karen – we live south of London, so get quite mild summers though I do pick varieties that do well outside. Beef tomatoes seem to do OK. I’m trying aubergines too, but they need a bit more heat so might not be so successful. Well done for persevering with the cold cap. I haven’t met too many people using it, and most people seem to still have hair! So either everyone is on a more gentle regime or there are lots of great wigs about! You are in good company. x
Daffodil – I asked for a double mx when I had my surgery, but was talked out of it as I apparently have a low chance of recurrence in the other breast, given that I will be taking tamoxifen for 5 years. I might have another discussion about it when I see the surgery team regarding symmetry, as I am not keen on having a reconstruction at the moment. I have tried to live a sporting life and found my slightly larger than average bust to be a hindrance rather than a help, so contemplating living breast free. Rather extreme, but it will free up some clothing designs previously unsuitable! This is a purely personal choice so take time to make the correct decision for you. I don’t believe there is a time limit on when you can ask for reconstruction either. They will only do any op when they are sure you are ready for it.
I checked how long I needed to keep the black nail varnish on, and was told for the duration. Keep reapplying!
Shelley - I think I had a chemo brain moment and mixed your story up with Carrot juices’. I’m sorry you had an unsatisfactory meeting with the onc team, but if you have any trouble with nausea or sickness at all, ring the support number and demand additional drugs. They do not want you to suffer, and I found the nurses very sympathetic. The on call onc was also very helpful and told us what to ask for from our out of hours gp to prescribe more medication. Sometimes you have to throw your toys out of the pram to get what you want. I had to do that to get my first onc appointment, and he was shocked it had taken so long for me to see him!
Suzy – If you are planning to come over for a visit, maybe we could get a group together and have a dim sum tour of London (or any other suitable city!). Enjoy your celebrations this weekend, forget this rubbish for a while!
Nipinuk – I have a secret, I actually have 5 sewing machines..... three have been inherited, two of which are antique singers in full working order, though I have not yet used either yet. I also have my MIL first machine, and my Bernina and an overlocker (bought for when I made the boys’ trousers and jackets). I haven’t used a machine in years, but am waiting for OH to go back to work so I can reclaim the dining table so I can make the curtains for our bedroom. We are currently using an old pair of the boys’ with lions, hippos, birds, tigers and other animals parading across them, though the colours do go.......
Carol – I have been given ciprofloxin in my drug pack, and had to look up what it was – an antibiotic to prevent chest infections. Just how does this Tax affect our immune system?! I have also been given the GCS-F injections for 5 days again, but thankfully no nausea and my appetite is still hanging on! Fingers crossed. .....
Mrs B – how are you today?
Apologies to anyone I have missed out, but I am thinking of you all.
Have a great weekend, Happy baking tomorrow (world baking day!!)
Christine x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

FEC-T, Cycle 4, Day 1 (Tax)

2/3 of the way through - yippee 😄 Well, so far so good:) Hope others who have had treatment in the last couple of days are faring well!

Just had curry for dinner (yum) but had a glass of orange juice before the curry and it tasted of nothing! Weird and a bit disappointing if I'm honest - just as well I didn't waste a glass of wine! Will see how chocolate tastes later if I'm still up to it;)

Karen - enjoy being looked after by your mum and dad! I've also been eating lots of biscuits and had read something similar. I'm going to get through chemo, then will make an effort! We were going to go to Cornwall in September but now thinking about trying to find some sun and warmth - fed up with our weather already this year! That will be my incentive - though goodness knows what the travel insurance wil be as I'll be on herceptin. Glad you were able to get your 4th blast today - 2/3 of the way through for you too! Shame you've had to give up on the cold cap - you made it to one more session than me! Bizarrely I've still got quite a lot in places and had to have it shaved again last Saturday, though after I'd had a shower this morning there were lots of short hairs in the bath so I think my remaining hair is making a bid for freedom!

Daffodil - hope my day 2 on Tax is as good as yours! I want to go and get some plants tomorrow and do my baskets and pots before aches and pains set in! Good luck with making your decision about surgery. I had WLE on one breast only and had to sleep on my back for at least 2/3 weeks - not sure if that helps or not! I'm hoping I won't need the carby diet too!

Jlr - sorry to hear that Tax has been so bad for you, but glad you're coming out the other side. Bracing myself though! The chemo nurse told me the aches and pains aren't compulsory and to think positive and maybe I'll be OK .... Here's hoping! 😉

Angela - hope you enjoy your coffee and biscuit on your increased pension! Don't spend it all at once! Thanks for comment about my wig - thought I'd killed it tonight. Washed it when I got back from chemo then put it in revitalising solution while I went to make a cup of tea and forgot about it! It was soaking for about an hour and a half - I haven't ventured upstairs to check it yet but it should be in fabulous condition! Hope all went well for you today - another one of us at the 2/3 milestone!

Jess - I've been so lucky with SE's that I've really had no reason not to work! Also, it helps keep a sense of normality to life. When I'm at work I don't have time to think about all of this! Isn't it good to be 2/3 of the way through - in 6 weeks' time treatment will be over (though I know SE's will go on a bit longer!)

Suzy - enjoy your OH birthday celebrations this weekend. I'm actually relaxing this evening too - cat on my lap, not impressed with me balancing my ipad on his back! Could be worse, could be my laptop!

Judith - you're 2/3 of the way through now too - hope SE's are being kind to you! I'm also having rads and Tamoxifen, though not sure when tamoxifen will start. As I will probably start herceptin with next Tax and it's every 3 weeks, I expect I will end up having herceptin and rads on the same day at one point! I didn't have MX but won't have reduction surgery until 2014 - not seeing BS again until next February! He said that rads can shrink the tissue so will wait until everything completely settled down before further surgery. He also said that by then I will have had my first mammogram - not sure what he meant by that! Hope they don't find anything else - I'm checking religiously on the first of every month now!

Have a good evening all - and a good night's sleep if you're on double dose steroids!

Carol xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

FEC75 4/6 Day 2,
haven 't been on here for a few days, but since the portocath fitting last Friday seem to have lost track a little, and lots of long posts to catch up with. With the week's delay due to the portacath fitting, I had my fourth session yesterday and so far all went well. Although last night I rang the helpline as OH was concerned about how pallid I was, but nurse was able to reassure that this is not unusual.
Roadshow - hope that you are doing OK. I found the recipes on Allrecipes courtesy of Nipinuk telling the one that she had used, but thanks for offer anyway.
choccy61 - re: Herceptin, no on Fec75 don 't start until chemo completed and I am not sure that under my hospital they overlap under TAX. This means that as I am also going to have rads, I will have my loading dose for herceptin, after 3-4 break following completion of chemo, at the same time as starting 3weeks rads, and Tamoxifen! All of which sounds like potential for fatigue overload. Anyone been advised of this schedule?
the Far East is a really popular destination with the Marchies isn't it. We returned from Penang on 5th January after a lovely trip to Oz and stopping off on route, unfortunately to find the recall appointment letter from my pre-holiday mammogram. My OH would love to move to Malaysia, my choice would be Sabah as I love the wildlife.
Nipinuk - thanks for the recipe. My chest is more akin to the three rises, as my 2/3rds expanded MX side still falls well short of my other (large) breast, so the port is just a lump by comparison. BS surprised me at last appointment by saying he thought we should get on with breast reduction as early as end of August/Sept. I had envisaged early 2014 soonest!
angela G - hope the sale visits go well, and you are lucky enough to find an interested buyer really quickly.
hope all of those who had treatment yesterday and today are fairing well with the SEs.
Suzy - enjoy the birthday celebrations this week-end.
shelley - your treatment really was appalling. You really shouldn't have to through a tantrum in order to get satisfactory answers!
take care all and have as good a week-end as SEs and weather permits. Judith xx
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

AC cycle 4 day 1
Good news I got my 4th blast today and feel great so far. I hope everyone else's went smoothly and your SEs are minimal. I'm planning to bake some red velvet cupcakes for my 6th chemo farewell session for all the lovely chemo nurses who have looked after me.

Nipinuk I hope your family portraits turn out fabulous, did they ask you to do some crazy poses? Were you all wearing co-ordinated colours? I'm avoiding cameras at the moment. That's very kind of you to suggest a group photo sorry I can't join you all. I will hopefully be having my surgery in July? Have you had a mx or wle?
Will come back later to see how you're all doing
Karen xxx
Carrot juice welcome you've come to the right place for a rant. That sounds like it must have been very stressful and the junior dr should have had more tact and will learn from this mistake. How would he feel in the same position? A break will do you the world of good. Where are you hoping to go? feel free to join in the chat more often, nothing is off limits, side effects, shopping, films, jokes, recipes, crafts, DIY, gardening. You name it! Take it easy x


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Good luck to all who are in the chair today. Hope it goes well for all xxxxxx
Shells - so sorry to hear about your hospital's total lack of concern - and Katie's story is diabolical! I hope you get answers to all of your questions and some results to boot.
Karen think the only acceptable form of brain freeze comes from frozen margaritas!
Carol at least we know you'll be getting a rest when your in the chair 😉
Christine your being cruel metioning Dim Sum, I long for it!!!!!!
Jess, thanks we will no doubt enjoy out outing and lunch 🙂
JLR hope your feeling better today, hang on in there girl.
xxxxxx to all

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi carrot juice
i posted on april but thank u yes its mk and im still fuming.

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Nipinuk - I'd be up for it, but is it just for kids or am I looking at the wrong thing?
Just quickly as trying to get a lot done before I'm in the chair at 2.00.
Shelley, I can't believe the way you were treated yesterday. That's appalling! Have a lovely time with your mum.
Write more later hopefully!
Carol xx
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

Good luck to everyone having chemo today, I'm in hospital patiently waiting for my blood test results, fingers crossed I'm good to go as I'm full of va va voum and can't wait to get another tick in the box! No cold cap today as I hsve a big bald crown so there's not much point enduring 4hrs of brain freeze. I'm quite happy now despite being traumatized when I first saw my baldness. OH has more hair than me now.
Karen xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi ladies
Hope all the ladies going on today good luck thinking of u all . Do not known if lump got smaller got pushed out the door . well ladies going to see my mum today its her birthday next week i cannot get down to see her because of chemo speak later take care xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi Nipinuk - Although I live further away, I used to commute to Reading, so no it is doable! I'll be interested as long as I can drive on the day, but will step aside if you have enough closer.
Christine x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

All the very best for round 4 chemo today to Angela, Carol, Christine, Dianne, Lisa, Karen (hope you got your lace out for hubby's pressie last night!), Roadshow.
Lots of love and hugs xxxxxxxxx
I've had line care, visit to friend (we compared surgery battle scars as we had same surgeon. She won as she had more work done) and I had to work last night.
We're going to view photos later this morning from the family photoshoot we had with me bald a few weeks back. Hope I like them.
Saw this groupon offer which I think would be fab for us. Would love a photo of us together but it's in Reading so don't know how many can make it - http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/reading/Big-Picture/21318498. Offer ends today. It very cheap don't you think? I know it says kids but migrant call and ask if people are interested. Carol and Daffodil, would u be interested as you live closeby?
write more later xx


Re: Spring into chemo in March

I've left it too late to post and am too tired to respond to many.
Shelley - I am so sorry you had such rubbish treatment. I too saw a registrar yesterday, but I am pleased to say that she was knowledgeable, had actually read my notes and answered all my questions without making me feel stupid or rediculous. Stand your ground, you did the right thing to insist on seeing someone else to get the anwers you needed. Hope your first FEC went well today.x
Jess - hope you did OK today, and SEs stay away. x
Nipinuk - I also felt that the nausea was worse than actually being sick. Hope you get the meds sorted for your last dose. x
Karen & Angela - I am a hats lady too - only have a few but also have some scarves from suburban turban that I haven't yet taken out in public. I need to practice tying them first!
If everyone is still on their planned dates, this is fantastic Friday, and best wishes to Carol, Lisa, Mrs B (Hope you are OK and just busy, we haven't heard much from you this week. x) Karen, Roadshow (and me!). May all our SEs be minimal and manageable.
I had a fantastic meal with friends today in Hakkasan just off Tottenham Court Road, sharing dim sum. I thought the bill would be extortionate, but was actually quite reasonable for the amount we ate, (and I had all of the most expensive item we chose!) It unfortunatley meant that I missed the pilates today, but will make up for it over the weekend. I haven;t yet managed to insert pictures here, though not for the lack of trying. If anyone knows how, please share!
Sleep well Marchies, Sleep fairies going out to all people on super high doses of steriod tonight!

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi Shelley, I started my (FecT) chemo in April, but rarely post as I think others have it covered. I have been following the marches thread though, to get an idea of what's in store. I can totally sympathise with your experience yesterday as I think we are being treated at the same hospital - MK? - and I had a very similar experience with my onc appointment yesterday morning. 9 o'clock appt - waited for 40 minutes, then saw v junior doctor who couldn't or wouldn't answer any of my questions, told me I needed to consent to 7 and a half weeks of rads (!) post chemo and that I couldn't leave the country between chemo and rads as I could die within an hour if I got an infection - beautifully put!! I threw a wobbly and they called the consultant, who eventually cleared things up ie 3 weeks of rads and if I'm not delayed it would be ok for me to take a holiday - super stressful when I'm hardly at my best anyway.
Sorry if it seems like I'm hijacking your thread to rant - just thought it might help to know you weren't alone in receiving rubbish treatment.
Also, it might be worth asking the nurses in the unit (who are wonderful) about emend, as that's how I got it for my second Fec.
Good luck on Monday (I'm in on Tues if my bloods are up to it).
Best wishes to all marchies, keep enduring and inspiring!
xxx Katie xxx
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

Jess well done you're 2/3rds of the way through, nearly there! I hope you feel well and get some sleep. My parents are flying over from N Ireland to Scotland. I have been here 19 years and thankfully see them regularly, although not as often as I'd like. I have given up dairy products, but eat lots of sugar, which is bad. I say everything in moderation. Great you've been feeling well enough to do your gardening, I love livingstone daisies. My tulips are looking lovely at the moment.
Shelley t

hats disappointing to hear you were kept waiting so long and didn't get the attention you deserve. Did they say if your tumour hss shrunk? Well done on giving up the ciggies. How are the wedding plans?

Woolfie I hope you and OH are bearing up. good luck for tomorrow

Roadshow how are you keeping? Haven't heard from you in a while, I hope you're feeling better and enjoying some good days and sunshine xx
Jlr sorry to hear you're suffering with the new regime I don't envy you ladies mixing your chemo cocktails. I know the feeling we all need a good cry and just need hugs, we don't have to explain why, just let it out when you need to. Its still so surreal and we feel vulnerable.
Angela I like your new photo, lovely scarf. Yes thanks I'm all set for tomorrow. True to form, I got a call saying my neuts aren't high enough and they will repeat my blood test tomorrow. My poor arm is black and blue.
I had a lovely day had some retail therapy, bought goodies for OH's birthday and new ballet pumps for myself hehe! I baked him a cake and took him out fof a lovely dinner.

Best wishes Karen xxx


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi, Twinumber 1 - I hope the emend works, it helped me. Also I take zopiclone to help me sleep just while taking steroids. Yes I have got all my veg seeds & plants ready, just waiting for oh to dig over the borders. I hated my wig at first but actually quite like it now especially as it is such low maintenance! But also like to wear hats on non wig days. Hope the sickness is better this time, sounds like you are prepared!
Hope no.4 goes well for you all tomorrow ladies xxx
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

TAC 4/6 – day 1
Hi everyone
I’ve had TAC number 4 today – two thirds of the way through!!! Really starting to count down now. Regarding the change in anti sickness meds because the nausea lasted a much longer time last round, I was given an Emend 1 hour before my chemo today, and then I have one per day for the next 2 days. I also have the Ondenstron for this evening and tomorrow and the Domperidone to take as and when needed – hopefully this will all work much better!?
Cocobutterfly I haven’t given up any dairy products but do know there are some differing opinions. I do only drink skimmed milk and fat free yoghurts though. Do you know (or anyone else) if the non fat dairy is ok? I hope you are still having a lack of SEs on the Tax?
Angela Good luck for chemo number 4 tomorrow. Well done on getting your daughter to cook a meal for you and OH. I must say I can’t fault my family during this time, parents & twin have been fantastic (I live with my twin so she has taken over most things except for when I am feeling up to chores), my brother has been very supportive and will be helping on rounds 5 & 6 (he’s sorted this with his work) and his wife is happy to get him out of the house for a few days, and my other sister, who we had a horrible falling out with 2 years ago, got in touch immediately she found out from her daughters and healed the rift and keeps making me hats, cakes, giving me support. I am very lucky. You made me chuckle about your husband’s tactics on trying to curb your shopping habits – love it. I’ve crossed my fingers and toes for you for a quick house sale. And, congratulations on your pension increase!!!!
Choccy61 Not sure if it’s your first Tax tomorrow, hope everything goes ok for you. I see you are another one who is managing to work, I’m very impressed. I really wish I hadn’t suffered so much with the nausea and other SEs as I so miss going to work. I too haven’t done an LGFB session yet, I was booked in for one in April but you have to book so far in advance, it fell on a date that I really suffered bad SEs so couldn’t make it.
Nipinuk I really envy you being able to eat fruit. I can only eat it at the end of the cycle – fruit just tastes salty for the first two weeks while my sense of taste is up the creek. My eyebrows and lashes haven’t thinned yet, but I have heard that this can be in round 4. I still have the very sparse hair left on my head that never dropped out and it is growing, I can feel it moving in the wind when I go commando in the garden! (of course, I only mean lack of headwear, I’m not naked scaring the neighbours).
JLR Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time on Tax but glad your temperature is coming down now – on my first round of TAC (which I think is the T of your Tax?) I had the most terrible joint pain and the worst was in my jaw. I had to go to hospital for a couple of hours as my temperature rose quickly and I had all the tests but no infection. I never knew if it was the chemo or the Neulasta jab. But, I’m happy to say I have never experienced the joint pain as bad as that again. My body must be more used to it? I too am very tearful in the first week and I get pretty horrid to my sister and Mum but they are great at taking it on the chin. I hope you feel better very soon.
Daffodil66 I hope the Tax is still proving to be better for you than the FEC. Did you manage to buy all the plants you wanted from the garden centre? My lovely Dad is off to the garden centre for me tomorrow to do buy some much needed plants for my garden.
NorahBatty Have you got your wig yet? How are you finding it? I am one of the ones who has decided to stick to hats, purely because the wig just didn’t look right on me. And I’m very lucky to have a sister who is churning out crocheted hats for me like there is no tomorrow, I have some in wool and now she is making some in linen and cotton for the summer. I guess I’m just a hat person, but as you say, it’s been easier at the moment because the weather is so cold!
ScottyDog1974 You made me chuckle re: Embarrassing Bodies! How can they be so shy about seeing their GPs but happy to show such personal “things” to millions on TV?! Well done on the 4 mile cycle ride and best of luck for tomorrow’s chemo. I too get very tearful during the first week. Where are your parents flying in from? It’s going to be lovely for you to have them over.
Lisa It’s a shame your OH has decided to go away next week – I think you’ve made a very good decision to go to your parents. I hope they spoil you, you deserve it. I am so impressed you have managed to work through your chemo, I just can’t manage it myself, even though the will is there! I know you are dreading it but sending you lots of hugs for tomorrow’s chemo – last one? Fantastic!
Christine Totally agree on you getting a gardener in to do the back breaking work, good idea. I think you are having your chemo tomorrow, best of luck to you too.
Shells 64 What an awful time you had at the hospital yesterday, how frustrating. I hope everything goes ok for you on the 20th. Well done on giving up the ciggies, I too was a smoker, I stopped last year (January) and although it was hard at the beginning, it is so worth it. Keep up the good work.
Suzy so sorry you had to stay in hospital again but glad you are home now. Some of my favourite mornings when I visit Mum & Dad in France is going to the local markets – their produce is fab. Have a great birthday lunch on Saturday for your OH.
Cybele thank you for your words of encouragement, much appreciated. I hope you are having a fantastic, well deserved holiday.
Honeymonster How are your finger nails now? Have they stopped hurting yet? I only had some pain in my finger nails on round 3 but the nails now have three lines of white down by the cuticles (one for each round of chemo?) and the pink nail colour in between the white lines is darker. I’m glad you too are finding Tax a bit better than the FEC and hope that continues. My difficulty sleeping is generally because of the steroids at the beginning of each cycle.
Well, I had better finish now as I am running the risk of making you all tired reading my long post. For anyone I have missed off my list, hope you are all ok and your SEs are minimal, but as said above, I really ought to finish this now but I will try not to leave such a gap in between posts from now on.
Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes – I love all the suggestions, doing something nice each month and making the celebrations last all year – definitely very good ideas!
Love from
Jess xxxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi dear ladies, how are you all today. It was quite sunny here for a while, and then it clouded over and became a little cool. I had line care & bloods today, and thank God, no problems whatsoever, so was only there an hour. Guess what, I have an increase in pension... an extra £4 a year!!! I could have a coffee and biscuit for that.
Carol – I love your wig then, it looks so natural, and smart too. Maybe we could all meet sometime in July when all this is finished and before the next stage of our journey? Are you all set for tomorrow? Hope all your SE’s will be negligible. LGFB was excellent, and I too enjoyed the company of the lady next to me. I had met her in the clinic waiting room the week before and discovered that she lived in Eltham too, but we didn’t exchange numbers either. So when I sat next to her we decided that maybe we should. She is at the beginning of her journey. Thank you, today was a good day.
Cocobutterfly – your nail sound really pretty. Look forward to hearing how your dressmaking progresses. I can’t wait to get some nice material for my patterns and to get going. But I’d better finish my 2 items of knitting first, a sleeveless top for grandson and a purple mohair pashmina for me. An elderly lady in our church used to work in the wool department of John Lewis years ago and had accumulated loads of wool but not used it all, so she donated it to our craft group. There’s enough for another pashmina in turquoise too.
Daffodil – yes I’m on 6 sessions of FEC the 25 days rads and 5 years on letrazole. I’m not looking forward to the bloating from water retention tomorrow and the next 8-10 days. I hope I can move more and disperse it quicker. My daughter hasn’t seen the goodies yet, I expect she’ll be the same though!!
Shelley – thank you for your good wishes. I’m sorry you are being treated so badly. The staff sound like they need re-training. At Kings in London they are really busy, but it never feels that way, they behave as if you are the only person on the world at that moment in time, and never rush us out. It was different with my mum though in our local hospital, it was like a conveyor belt with no time to ask questions or assimilate the information, such as it was.
JLR – sorry you are feeling so rough. Let’s hope you pick up really quickly. Glad your temp is comi9ng down though. Know what you mean about needing a female, but this thread is my salvation in that sense, everyone is so supportive here, and caring and encouraging too.
hope your evening is good, and that we all get through tomorrow no matter what we have to do.
love to you all
angela xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi, Ladies
Jlr - Fingers crossed you are on the mend now & you can enjoy the next couple of weeks xx. What injections are you having to make you feel so bad & will they not give you something next time to relieve the se's?
Shells - I'm ok at the moment thanks, just hoping it stays this way. I hope you find fec easier after suffering with tax. X
But not long now girls, hang on in there & endure xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi daffodil66
Yes i was fuming, my next chemo is on the 20 may and yes im having rads too ,hope u are doing ok xx
JIR- Sorry to hear your having a bad time i known how u feel ive been there try a hot water bottle on your legs i will back with u next week im having those injection not happy but u will get through this only 2 more to go chin up we are here for u xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Oh dear ladies, this tax has really been bad, finally my temp is under control well down to 37.1 anyway, aches and pains starting to ease off and am starting to feel a little more like my normal self, can't believe it's taken a whole week though, I have never felt so bad in all my life, really not sure I can do another two of these, give me Fec back any day! ! I havejust cried at the dinner table several tines and not even sure why I think it's because I just feel so rotten! Poor hubby and son don't know what to do bless them, sometimes I wish I had another female in the house!

Anway I hope everyone else is better, sorry not had energy enough to read everyone's posts but will try and catch up, take care loverly ladies xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi Shelley, what a waste of time, bet you were fuming! Fec takes a bit longer than tax but depends if they give you any iv anti sickness first. I also wasn't given emend for the first cycle even though I warned them that I had really bad morning sickness. But you will probably be given domperidone which only work if taken regularly & before you feel too bad. So take them as soon as you feel queasy. I also agree with cocoa butterfly, just eat something light after, little & very often helps too. Hope you do better on fec x. Are you not having rads if you are are having recon straight after mx? When is your next blast due?
Angela - Sorry wishing your precious well days away, you are due tomorrow. I think me & you have messed up Christines spreadsheet as I've moved to a tuesday. Glad you enjoyed lgfb, my daughters after the contents of my goody bag already! x
Christine - Hope your 1st tax went well x
Off to stock up on fruit now & tax doesn't seem to need the carby fec diet 😄 xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi ladies
Well yesterday at the hospital was awful doctor running late nurses all went home awaited 2 hours when i did get in they could not find my chemo the date i was going on also i could not ask all the question i had im going back on the injection because he said they keep me out of hospital i said they put me in hospital he didnt want to known i asked about emend and he said no because i was not sick on tax then the best one was well u have to go i have 3 more people thank u and out we went not happy
ANGELA- Thank u its been hard giving the fags up but the best thing to do .Good luck friday thinking of u xx
COCOBUTTERFLY-Thank u will try light foods to start of with . I hope se stay at bay for u xxx
COCCY61-Thank u thats what my doctor said i hope it was right lol.Hope u have a nice day take care xx
SCOTTY DOG-DAFFODIL66- No not had opt yet but i will have a double and am having my reconstruction at the same I cannot go through this again xxx
MUNGOS MUM- Good luck for today thinking of u xx
well ladies have a good day will pop back later to see how u all are just one thing how long will fec take because tax only took a hour thanks shelley xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Fec-t cycle 4 tax 1 day 2
Hi, had a lovely, busy, totally unexpected feeling well day! Thinking it might change by the weekend as last steroids are on friday? I've finally learnt to just make the most of feeling well days then just give up on the bad ones & have a duvet day.
Cocoa butterfly - I haven't had any nausea but am still taking emend & steroids. Feeling great at the moment & eating less as I found before I had to keep nibbling to keep nausea at bay. Also able to drink lots more fluids this time too without gagging. I will probably do the same as you & have an mx in july then wait to have other one when they do the reconstruction. I'm seeing consultant in 4 weeks so will see what choices I have then. It seems drastic but probably for the best as I have about 45% of getting it in other breast. I'm not keen on getting both done at once as not sure how sleeping at night would work!
Shells-Have you not had surgery yet & would you have a double mx? How did your appointment go today? Hopefully your feet will start to feel better now you have finished tax as fec doesn't seem to effect them,Just makes skin dry though.
My laptops out of action so having to copy & paste at the moment so can't remember half the posts sorry. Keep swiping into cyberspace too.
Mungos mum-The dark nail varnish only lasted 2 days, due to excessive hand washing probably as toes are fine! Hope tax goes ok for you tomorrow & your veins behave for you too.
Angela-You are still having fec? Atleast you know what to expect & how to deal with it now, still horrid though. Hope it goes well for you tomorrow.
Probably be back as need to read posts & jog my memory 😉 xxx

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Re: Spring into chemo in March

Lisag sorry to hear you’ve had a tough time,, you’re doing the right thing going up to your parents where you’ll be looked after get much needed TLC. I get really down and tearful my first week. thankfully, my parents are flying across next week to look after me and keep my spirits up while OH is at work. I admire you continuing to work, I miss the banter of my work colleagues.
Christine Your pink pilates sounds great. I hope you get your garden sorted. I love the smell of tomatoes on the vine. You must have quite mild weather to grow them outside. My OH grew some last year and they took over my dining room. We got quite a good harvest but I was fed up looking at them.
Shelley I hope your onc appointment went well and the tumour is shrinking nicely. Angelina Jolie has certainly put BC firmly in the media spotlight, which is great and hopefully more women will check themselves. Did you opt for the mastectomy? You are very brave. Are you going to have reconstruction? I was told yesterday that I’d have to wait until the end of chemo to meet the surgeon and discuss the best option. I hope the aches in your hands disappear.
Jess Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, nausea isn’t pleasant. Good luck for tomorrow, hope this round is easier going for you.
Nipinuk I’m glad you have a break at half term to look forward to. Your new veg garden sounds fab. Your trolley must have been brimming over with all those punnets, it sounds like you have a super healthy diet. Do you have access to a dietician? Since my diagnosis, each time I ask for dietary advice and they just say eat healthily. I’m trying to be good after my excesses of last week. I’m worried about my sugar intake as I’ve been eating lots of biscuits and sweets and I’ve read that cancer loves sugar! My eyebrows have thinned and I’ve been using Benefit izing to fill them in. Apparently, worse is still to come after #4 but hopefully yours will grow back soon after.
Angela Sounds like your week has been manic, did you enjoy the LGFB pampering session? You’re so comical, I’m sure you enjoyed meeting the other ladies and sharing experiences. During my LGFB session I really enjoyed the company of the lady beside me and regretted not passing on my phone number so we could keep in touch. Coincidently, we met in M&S yesterday and had a great chat and I made sure I gave her my number. I hope you have a good day tomorrow in preparation for Friday.
Cybele thanks so much for coming to share your story, its very reassuring, enjoy your holiday. All the best with the rest of your treatment.
Best wishes to all having treatment tomorrow
Karen xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

FEC-T Cycle 3, Day 20

Haven't posted since Monday, and there's been so much activity! Here goes ...

Nipinuk - No grandchildren in sight yet! He's 'between girlfriends' at the moment and at Nottingham uni doing a Masters until September so it will be a while yet, unless he surprises us! Not bought my bedding plants yet, though I'm thinking I should do it this weekend before my nails get sore - hubby could plant the pots and baskets etc but I'm better at it so would rather do it myself! He can just look after them when I haven't got the energy to lift the watering can!;). Does your son have karate each week? I bet Waitrose hope he does! I've had a big bowl of melon, nectarine and blueberries this evening. So far my eyebrows and eyelashes are hanging on but my legs don't need doing again yet - strange!
Jlr - Poor you, I hope your temperature settled down and that you're feeling better now.
Daffodil - Well done you, sticking with the cold cap! Hope you don't experience the storm that seems to follow the lull on tax! Enjoy your LGFB next week. Glad you're feeling positive, having made your decision. How long will you have in between? I suppose you'll find out when you discuss it with the consultant.
Nora - hope you're pleased with your wig. I got mine via the hospital but it wasn't free, I had to pay £63 or so for mine and apparently I'm allowed 2 a year - hoping my own hair might be good enough before my wig needs replacing.
Karen - you're sounding very energetic! I gave my bike to my sister - saves me feeling guilty for not riding it 😉 I had been really good at walking until the last cycle but couldn't manage it this time round, with working - and I'm a fair weather walker!
Lisa - I'm so sorry to hear that you've felt so down and hope you get some much needed TLC when you go and see your parents.
Christine - good for you even attempting digging over your tomato bed. Our garden is quite weedy - I've been trying to fill ours up with perennials and shrubs but the weeds still find their way in! By accident I put clear nail varnish on my left hand instead of the Evonail and had to used nail varnish remover to get that off which also removed the Evonail. I'm not sure if you're supposed to use nail varnish remover though. I saw that Suzy has said how she removes hers so might try that.
Shelley - hope you had good news today? I didn't have sickness when I was pregnant either and have had no nausea at all on FEC so fingers crossed you will be OK. I was asked the same question and my onc said I would probably be ok and she was right! 🙂
Jess - belated birthday wishes for yesterday! A friend of mine decided to do something special for each month of the year of her 50th birthday - shopping trip to London one month, spa day another month, concert etc. Hope tax goes well for you tomorrow - that reminds me, I need to get my steroids ready to take tomorrow! Hope the sun shone long enough for you to do some gardening. I'm ooking forward to the increased energy - just hope I can sleep!
Suzy - hope you enjoyed your fod shopping! I hope I lose my appetite - I really could do with losing a bit of weight, I can feel everything getting tighter:( Friends tell me I shouldn't be worrying until this is over but it's easy for them to say! Chocolate is my downfall - hoping it won't taste so nice on tax!
Cybele - yes, thank you for popping by! I didn't think it was gloating at all - we're all looking forward to getting to the end and it's really helpful to hear from people who've recently finished! Enjoy the rest of your holiday - you've earned it!
Honeymonster - hope your aches and pains go soon. How long do they last? I'm hoping to have a few days ache and pain free before the next dose! Thanks for the recommendation about the cream. While I was at the hospital for line care today I asked about a portacabin for herceptin (as the PICC line will be removed after last chemo) and apparently it's only done as a last resort as they don't do it at Basingstoke - the most local place is Oxford! Let's hope my veins hold up! Enjoy LGFB next week. With all this talk of people going I must get my act together and get on the waiting list!
Angela - gosh, you've got a busy week! Enjoy your rest on Sunday! You'll need it by then by the sounds of it! Funny how you have relatives in Basingstoke and Romsey It's a small world isn't it!
Thinking of those having treatment this week.
Carol xx
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

Evening ladies, (FEC-T, cycle 4 (TAX 1) day 2
So many posts to catch up on! My TAX treatment and lack of SE's still seems to be going well although I'm not counting my chickens just yet! Haven't been doing anything too strenuous but been out for dinner with friends, had family staying over last night and generally sleeping a bit better ( perhaps too well) now the steroids have stopped! Although my motto is sleep is the best medicine haha. I do feel like my nose has never stopped running the past couple of days though.
Angela - Thanks for the tips on the nails issue. I got a lovely black gloss polish on Monday, didnt want to look to gothy so added pink glitter over the top. Had a few compliments on the 'blingness'! Gppd to hear you might be doing some dressmaking. Ive recently started a night class in dressmaking and have borrowed a sewing machine to get started. It seems much more complicated reading patterns etc than what I expected but enjoying it so far!
Carol - good luck with your TAX treatment, hope it all goes well.
Nipinuk - Yes I wasnt so lucky in the hair department either, although I didnt try the juice as I hadn't started reading the book until after my 2nd treatment. I think I will just try and limit my dairy for now - I dont have an awful lot of milk, cheese etc but often I find eating out, veggie meals are a lot of the time smothered in some sort of cheese!My eyebrows have thinned considerably, but I think I'm getting a dab hand at pencilling them in. Have you lost eyelashes too?
Jlr - hope your temp sorts itself out, and your SE's begin to minimise. Sounds like youre having a rough time 😞
Daffodil - Hope youre still feeling well on TAX, up to now it is also better than FEC for me too. Im so happy I dont have nausea anymore. Now I'm the opposite - eating everything in sight! Do you think you are going to go for an 'Angelina'? I'm too considering a double mastectomy, I had right sided one in January 2013 and hoping reconstruction will be April 2014 and the surgeon would be able to do the other mastectomy at the same time. Ive just had genetic testing done and they seem to think I have a 'variation' but its not clinically significant at present. But like you, the thought of ever having to go through all this again makes me lean towards preventative surgery.
Mungos Mum - thanks for the tip on the waitrose chocolate. I will have to look that up on their website.
NoraBatty - hope your wig looks fab and it gives you a real boost! Thanks for the website link, some interesting discussions on there re the reliability of scientific studies and the way the media portray 'super cancer fighting foods'!
Lisa - hope you enjoy spending time with your parents, and get spoiled by them!
Shelley - I suffered with a few days of nausea on FEC so stuck to light foods such as toast and cereal particularly on the first day of treament. I learnt the hard way on my first cycle, but I managed the 2nd and 3rd time round much better.
Jess - Happy belated birthday! Hope your nausea settles quickly to enjoy some cake!
Cybele - Thanks for dropping in. I can't wait to get to that stage where the chemo is over. I definately think this will be one of the hardest parts of the whole process. Hope you are enjoying ur hols - a well deserved break!
Well that is quite an essay I've wrote there ladies, time for tea!

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Evening all the post mounts when you leave it for a few hours! Snow today, but not here in SE London thankfully. It’s beautifully sunny as I type. A great evening. This week is a really busy one. What with viewers for the house, clinic appointment on Tuesday followed by LGFB in the afternoon, foot clinic Weds re osteoarthritis, line care and bloods on Thursday, and chemo 4 on Friday, engagement party of friends son in evening plus granddaughter’s 18th birthday, her family meal in TGIFriday’s on Saturday. So come Sunday OH and I are taking the day off (it’s his main day to work). I think we’ll need it (I will most certainly). Of course I’ll not go to the fun things if I’m not up to it.
Carol – my brother-in-law lives in Basingstoke, and my son in Abbotswood, a new estate next to Romsey, so you are almost neighbours by proxy!
Nipinuk – I was waiting to see if you picked up on the lace for Suzy! I almost did, but thought I’d let you do the honours!!!
Training my OH was not really my idea. Actually he used the peanut technique... I used to like salted peanuts, so he bought me a kilo and encouraged me to keep eating...now I hate them. SO, he thought he’d use that technique with shopping, keep taking me shopping ‘til I couldn’t face it any more... but I’m still hooked, and now so is he, well not quite hooked, but he does’t mind, and I think he thinks that he acts as a brake when I get carried away. Hehehe!!!
Re lactose intolerance, my little grandson is too. Do you have any recipes for some nice cakes I could make for him?
Shelley – the best wedding I ever went to was of a dear friend. She had 12 guests in a restaurant. It was the absolute best. Much less stress and expense. Save your money for better things than giving 200 people a good evening! 2 months and no smoking? WELL DONE, that’s another milestone, and another few years added to your life. My OH stopped smoking donkeys years ago, and he still sometimes craves one. My daughter also has stopped, and now she doesn’t get asthma attacks except when pollen is high, but not nearly as badly as she used to.
JLR – didn’t the hospital give you strong antibiotics? I think they are supposed to. They did for me, even though they couldn’t find an infection. How are you feeling today? And how’s the temperature? Maybe you should check with you BCN?
Nipinuk & Daffodil – we have never had success with growing veges. The potatoes were disease free when we bought them, but weer all blighted when we harvested. Any root veg is always eaten but insects, and leaf veg always has caterpillars or slugs or birds eating them up. So we gave up. I’d love to try again in Spain though. My eyebrows haven’t thinned, but they aren’t growing either. Wow you get through a lot of fruit..puts me to shame. You must be super healthy normally.
Nora – hope we get to see the wig when you get it. How are you doing these days?
Scotty – hope your chemo continues to go well and your SE’s are minimal. Well done for the cycle ride. That shows determination. I don’t like bike riding, it’s too uncomfortable. I think my backside is too large, that’s why!
Lisa – sorry your OH isn’t more supportive. My daughter is a bit like that. I thought she would at least offer some help (I DO have a supportive OH, but he’s feeling the strain). So, I decided today to take the bull by the horns, and sent a text to her asking if she would cook a meal for me next week which will be my ‘down time’. The outcome is she’ll be cooking pork in plum sauce next Thursday. I guess with some people, if you don’t ask you don’t get. Would your OH respond to that tactic? I would be very upset too if OH went away during that needy time. So, I think everyone would go along with us all giving you a very big cyber hug to try to compensate xxx. Enjoy your parents.
Christine – you seem to be getting the look for your garden that someone else on this thread was wanting...the jungle! But not for long by the sound of it. That’s a good idea to get a gardener in to kick start the process. Maybe the hoarding is a female thing? Or a kick back to rationing (but none of us would be that old!) but maybe our mothers were good at using limited resources and hoarding things for later?! My OH sent a lovely white bed throw to a charity shop, I was too slow to save it. Any recipes for dairy free from you too? I used to make all my clothes and for the children too, but then they got to a fussy age, and I was overweight and couldn’t get the style right for the larger me, so I stopped. I have just bought a pattern of 6 different style skirts in 1 pack, and am now on the hunt for some nice fabric...don’t tell my OH!!!!!
Jess – all the best for tomorrow xx hope the new meds do the trick. Many happy returns for yesterday. A friend of mine celebrated that same milestone by setting aside the whole year to accept invitations from anyone and everyone. She had a great year travelling all over the place! You could do the same?! I had to smile at your reference to steroids and housework! I think I need more steroids then as housework has been neglected badly. But as you say, the grand scheme of things... it doesn’t look too bad though as no pets or children, just the OH!
Suzy – so pleased you are feeling better, and that your OH is telling you to be gentle on yourself. Thank you re wishes for swift sale. We are hoping for that too. Don’t want to miss out on the beautiful flat we’ve seen. Have had a lot of interest in the house, and 1 family today gave hopeful vibes. Let’s hope and pray... I know what you mean about feeling feeble. When I had my turn inside, all I did for 36 hours was sleep. OH just read his newspaper and did the crossword. Once that was done he went home!
Cybele – thank you so very much for your post...i cried, which is unusual for me. I so appreciate your encouragement and hope. How lovely to be by the Aegean enjoy it, you’ve earned it. I’m come Friday 2/3 the way through, and then the same as you with rads & pills. How long do you have to wait between chemo end and rads beginning?
Daffodil – you’ll enjoy LGFB, I went yesterday as there was a cancellation, and had such fun. I was the only one there who’d lost their hair, so they all watched whilst I had eyebrows drawn on (I haven’t actually lost my brows, but they are so fair that you can’t see them!)
Honeymonster – enjoy LGFB next week too. As to being amazing, it’s a case of needs must due to shift to espana at end of august, and the desire to downsize and have a flat as a base in UK for when we come back for birthdays, appointments etc etc. I hope there’s a solution to the nail pain. Is that a precursor to them coming lose? I hope not.
Daffodil & Shelley – you are 2 brave women. I hope I don’t have to make the choices you have, but I totally understand. My sister in Australia made the same decision when she was diagnosed as her cancer type was a very sneaky almost undetectable invasive one. She too is a BC survivor having diagnosis 1 when 27 with lumpectomy, and the next when in early 60’s when she had the double mx.
Well, I hope you all are able to enjoy the evening. We ARE enduring... not long to go girls.

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi, i'm Funki from the Feb Vals thread
Just wanted to echo what Honeymonster said about Waitrose Baby bottom butter. I already used this prior to being DX with BC. It's amazing for dry skin and apparently the yummy mummys use it on their faces as a moisturiser ( use sparingly )It's also good for mummys sore bottoms too although I wouldn't use the same tub for bottoms and faces 😉

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Cybele, thanks for the light your showing from the end of the tunnel! goes to show we will endure 😄 have a great holiday, cheers!
Jess Belated Happy Birthday! Understand why your holding out for 'real celebration' I felt like that too - everyones in dred of me being back on form hehe!
Lisag, how you've managed to go to work at all through this ghasly ordeal amazes me, hope your on the up and some of Mum and Dad's TLC will easy your stress.
Christine, we are going to friends for the OH's birthday but I'm taking him out for lunch on Saturday as well. Going to a fav restaurant in a lovely little village near by. On the subject of evonail, I found by chance that alcohol (not gin 😉 softens the stuff and then soaking in hot water with a little baby lotion seem to get rid of the rest. Its really good stuff so far.
Karen hope you and the OH enjoy celebrating his birthday tomorrow - my Dad was a Scot and he sure new how to party, always the life and soul 🙂
Honeymonster Did they hospital give you ice mits for your TAX? My nail beds have been a little tender but not to type, wondered if that was the difference. The SE's are like flue with TAX, but fortunately I have'nt suffered from bowl problems, only bloating a la barrage balloon. Hope you continue to feel ok.
Nipinuk or should I say Waitroses's best customer? You must have been a fruit bat in your former life! You'll be supper fit after all your smoothy's. Looking forward to celebraing the OH's b'day, we usually spin birthday's out to last about a week - any excuse to indulge in our favorite foods 😉 Maybe even get the lacy stuff out of moth balls!! My appetite has been really off this round, only just getting round to near normal today - I must stop dreaming of Dim Sum, it won't do at all! I feel some spring onion pancake and lacqured shrimp coming on - go to get back in gear for that 😄
Sorry if I've missed anyone out, but your all in my thoughts as we ENDURE together! xxxxxxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi daffodil
im having a double i known i cannot do this again xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Fect-T cycle 4 (Tax1 day 7)
Hello Marchies,
Just coming round a bit from the Taxman’s unwelcome visit! Ouch my nails hurt when I type so will make this short – just going through a few of the previous posts but forgive me not doing them all.
Tax is much better in terms of sickness, heart burn, those horrible tastes and smells and generally feeling yuck. The first day or two I felt good, with very few side effects but then the tiredness hit and more recently aches and pains bit like flu all over my body. Also not been sleeping great – prob the additional steroids in my system. My nails starting hurting day 5 – feels like slight electric shocks when I knock them or type! I did get out today though and think I’m starting to feel better with help of painkillers. Portacabin is settling in now I think, changed the dressing today and it doesn’t look too scary. Product recommendation – Waitrose Baby bottom butter – made with olive oil, vanilla and chamomile – tis lovely rubbed on scalp and dry bits.
Daffodil – hope your storm doesn’t come! I’ve got my LGFB next Tuesday too – had to cancel yesterdays as felt bad.
Cybele – lovely to hear that, enjoy the much deserved holiday.
Susy – glad you’re feeling better, enjoy the cooking.
Nipinuk – love the sound of all that fruit and veg you’re eating, I’m debating getting a juicer at moment – but scared (and oh will be) that it’ll stay unused in the cupboard.
Twinnumber1 – sorry to hear you feel sick – good luck for tomorrow. I know how you feel about trying to get as much done as you can before.
Shelley – hope hospital visit goes ok. Tomorrow’s forecast is better so hope you can get out in the garden. I planted some new things last week.
Mungos mum – good luck with next chemo
Lisag – sorry to hear you’ve been low – hugs
Scottydog – glad visit with onc was good.
Jlr – hope you are doing ok now – horrible to hear that you ended up in hospital. Nasty tax!
Choccy – yes get the painkillers in 😉
Angela – you are amazing planning a move – must be exhausting, hope you are taking it as easy as you can.
Think I’ll have to stop there! Best wishes to everyone, see you soon x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Fec-t cycle 4 tax day 2
Hi ladies, so far tax is better than fec, just a red face, no nausea nothing. From what i've read it's a lull before a storm though. Bcn phoned today & I asked about going for an Angelina (delayed, not brave enough for a double!) She said its a possibility as I have a high percentage of getting it in other breast at a later date & to discuss with consultant next month. So feeling positve as really can't do chemo again.
Macmillan phoned & am going on my LGFB next tuesday, so looking forward to that.
Cybele- Thankyou for your post, always great to hear there is an end to all this & lots to look forward to. Have a wonderful time, I know you suffered so enjoy your wonderful much needed holiday ;).
Nipinuk-thanks would love the corguette recipe. Hope its a good year for them,I know they like rain but not continuous. I'm off to the garden centre later to get seeds & plants whilst I can still lift my head off the pillow!
I hope everyone who was suffering is now over the worst.

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Hello, I'm from the December thread, and finished FEC 4 weeks ago - I had a pretty bad time, but a month after FEC6 I'm now feeling absolutely fine and am relaxing on holiday in the Aegean. There's still rads and Tamoxifen to come, but I have now got my life back.

Chemo is starting to seem like a bad dream - when I was in the middle of it it seemed like a nightmare that would never end, now suddenly it's finished and CHEMO-WORLD is receding rapidly into the past.

SOON THIS WILL BE YOU, TOO! It won't be long..

Good luck with the rest of your treatment xx

ps sorry, didn't mean to sound as if I was gloating - just to reassure you that it will be over soon and you will feel normal again. It's taken me a while, the end of chemo is a weirdly hyper-emotional time, but this week I really do just feel normal. Been a long time since I could say that.

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Good Morning all!
Wow! so much to catch up with and where to start! Feeling a whole lot better today but have promised the OH to take it easy. We are about to go shopping to restock a much depleated kitchen, looking forward to cooking which is great 🙂
Thank you all for my welcome home - we really are a band of sisters and I missed your company terribly when I was 'insisde'. I am so impressed by the green fingered amongst us, I'm afraid its all gone to the wall here this year, we have a water problem as yet to be resolved so although I have grown allot of our vegggies in the past I decided it was too much work this time round, watering for 4 hours a day is not plausible! We have great local markets and fantastic produce so we won't go without 😄
Shelley I'm so proud of you, 2 month off the ciggies! COPD is your body telling you enough is enough, my pal has been of the poison for 6 months now and she feels great, no longer huffing and puffing when she walks up our hill! I'm an ex smoker so ( 15 yrs now) and I still remember the torment of giving up and the hell I put everyone through in the process!
Angela hope the house is snapped up soon, the OH and I have sold quite a few - we used to do up and sell on and Nipinuk is so right about the strain of keeping up a show home, it was always the the glass shower doors that were a pain, seemed to spend all my time polishing! On the subject of my incarceration, I did'nt feel very clever as they say. My high temperature made me very feeble in combo with the SE's so really inforced rest was pobably my saviour 🙂
I'm going to have to stop here and continue this evening as there's so much to catch up with!
cya later xxxx

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My not so trusted spreadsheet tells me Nora, Jess and Daffodil are due for treatment today. Will be thinking of whoever is in getting infused today. xx
Belated Happy Birthday Jess! hope you had a good Weekend, although with such a milestone you are very justified to prolong the festivities and keep celebrating all summer! x

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FEC 75 Cycle 3 Day 13
Morning ladies! Hope you're all enduring!! Took son to karate last night and 'waited' for him in nearby Waitrose. Ended up buying 16 punnets of organic blueberries (reduced to 99p and nice and firm not squishy) and 8 papayas plus other bits and pieces. Hubby n I had a melon, 2 pks of blueberries and 2 very sweet papayas last night. I've cut loads more this morning together with strawberries, kiwi, pineapple. The colours look great! Got some Sharon fruit too - a bit small but yummy all the same.
Has anyone's eyebrows and eyelashes thinned? Mine has!
Solar lights - hubby imports LED lights. Don't know if this helps, we've evaluated the solar string lights and they're not as bright. The solar panel are improving but the lights still aren't as bright in our opinion. The outdoor battery lights would be better. We've got a lovely sunset one which has a mix of yellow, orange and red led. Completely sold out of all battery lights but new shipment arriving next month in case anyone is interested. Pm me and I'll send link when available.
Lisa - I really feel for you. It can feel so lonely when you're poorly. My mum's been quite ill with flu. Although dad is there all the time, she still feels lonely. I've been skyping her everyday and she says it's cheered her up. What I find lacking when I'm poorly is nice cuisine as hubby is not really into cooking. I love seeing colours in food and love anything exotic! Absolutely love seafood but avoiding that for now 😞 Staying with parents would be lovely as they get to pamper and look after their girl. Just one more to go Lisa. You can do it!!
Janey - your temp is very high! Has it gone down? I really hope it does. Have you got a hot water bottle to put on achy bits? It can relieve the pain. Reading your post, you probably could do with 3 or 4 hot water bottles! Big gentle hugs! X
Daffodil - wow, well done for continuing with the cold cap. Good to hear that it's working for you. Gardening is so therapeutic. I was shattered and dizzy when I did it but very happy! Pm me if you'd like a courgette bread recipe. I've made at least 6 and love it.
Christine - you hoard fabric too? Haha, I used to hide mine from hubby! What do/did you make? I used to make simple pull up trousers for boys, nappies, waterproof nappy bags. Got fabric and patterns for casual shirts but didn't try it as my machine is pretty basic. Would have needed to go round friend's to use her overlocker.
The palm trees would look fabulous. Hope business flies so you can get them 😉 Our grass is up to my knees too but will need a strimmer due to all the holes.
Write more later as a friend is popping by in a few mins.
Miss you Suzy!!
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

TAC 3/6 Day 21
Hello everyone
Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I've not been great ths time round. I've really suffered with the nausea - no change from before but for the first 2 rounds the nausea would stop by about day 10. This time I might get 1 or 2 nausea free days but then it's back. I had a meeting with the Oncologist on Thursday and she is going to put me on some different anti sickness meds on tomorrow's round 4 so hopefully that should help.
It was my 50th birthday yesterday (as well as my twin's) and I'm glad we had our birthday lunch on Sunday as it just poured with rain all day yesterday (I'm in Devon). We have decided to celebrate our birthday properly later in the year when all my treatment has finished.
It's day 1 of taking steroids today ready for tomorrow's chemo so I shall hopefully get lots of housework done today - I haven't done any for ages due to the nausea, and I start to get twitchy when the hOuse starts to look grubby with dog hair everywhere but then it's not really that important in the grand scheme of things.
I will post again later individually to everyone's posts but I really need to get outside to do some gardening as the rain has stopped and the sun is shining!.
I hope those of you who haven't been feeling great start to feel better soon.
Love Jess xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hello ladies
What a day rain rain go away come back another day i sick of rain i would love to get in the garden . Well today i have hospital for my reveiw i hope its got smaller also my feet have got bigger could not go out yesterday and my hands still hurt im hoping that will go now im going on fec but we will see lol
JIR- Sorry to hear your having a bad time on tax i known ive been thier keep your chin up only 2 more to go xxx

Nora- I just hope i get no sickness i had no sickness with the children my doctor said that good i may not let hope xx
Lisag- Sorry to hear your having a bad time last week all i did was cry i think we all have days like this we are here for u take care xx
Nipinuk- Thank u have got dark nail vanish will do that today .Hope u are ok xx
Christine- Thank u not looking farward to monday yes the cream was made for that but it is good i got the hand and foot cream also being on fec what foods do u have to avoid thank u. i also have my appiontment at the hospital about my copd its on the 29 my doctor said i would be ok to go i hope so its be 2 months no fags and ive had no cough lol. i hope u are doing ok xxx
well ladies i will let u known how i get on my appoinment is late in the day the women on tax i hope u have a better day take care and everyone else i hope u have a good day too. xxx shelley

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FEC-T Cycle 3 day 19
Hi Ladies,
24 hours away and I can’t keep up! I spent an hour out in the garden prepping my tomato bed and managed an hour, and dug about 1/5 of what I need to! Admitted defeat, and we are going to have a gardener in for a day to dig the beds over in preparation for planting. I’m hoping they will sort the back lawn out too, as I have not yet got round to mowing it and parts are now over my knees!
Pammy – I am so sorry you are struggling with SEs. Don’t be afraid to ask for more help before your next cycle. I had my meds changed at cycle 2, and I get the impression that they would have prescribed more cycle 3 had I needed them. Keep eating what you like- Eton Mess sounds wonderful! Xx
Shelley – I’ve been looking at the solar lights for the garden, but think that I should really invest in the basics first! You always seem so chirpy, I hope I can cope with Tax with as much aplomb as you. Will be thinking of you with your first FEC this week. I vaguely remember something about Udderly cream being based upon a product used by dairy farmers to keep cows udders soft and supple!
Jude – I trust your port has settled down, and has become one of the family! My veins are getting increasingly jealous of all the ports being fitted; they are getting very sore and seem to recover just in time to be battered again. I did manage an hour in the garden, but suffered for it later! Oddly enough my glutes ached from all the bending down to weed!
Angela – may be we need to keep our OHs apart! If I left my OH tidying up he would throw out everything he didn’t know what it was, including half of my kitchen equipment! My real weakness is fabric. I have boxes of the stuff tidied away in the loft.......I am ashamed to say I have occasionally gone through a black bag after he has finished and retrieved some “precious” items before going to the tip! Best of luck with your de cluttering. I too hoard things “just in case it comes in useful sometime” but also strongly object to just dumping stuff. Hence the fact that our garage is full of stuff....
Nipinuk – I persuaded my OH to get some minarette fruit trees (grown as a single cordon) as they don’t take much space and will grow in pots if you give them attention. The apple was covered in blossom, so I hope to get more than the single apple I got last year!
Karen – your trip seems to have done you the world of good! Having distractions is great, but I have to admit that visitors are something I have avoided due to the effort involved, but if anyone wants to meet up for a coffee....;) Yep, 2/3 of the way through, I can see the station at the end of the line, but there’s just one huge hill to get over first!
Carol – the pal m centre looks lovely, but I was surprised at the cost of the palms! OH has decided that we need 3 chusan palms along the back fence, but full sized trees will cost the best part of 1K! Might need to rethink the plan.... I’ve started with the evonail this week too, though I might use the black nail varnish during the tax infusions but use evonail throughout the rest of the cycle. What do you use to remove it?
Roadshow – I love that chair! I found one at our local garden centre, and had a sit. It is soooooo comfy when you get in it, but getting out is sooooooo undignified! I was waiting for candid camera to jump out at me! We used to live near Denbies. It was my default place to take visitors for a while. I particularly like their Bacchus wine. I’m pleased your energy has come back, those iron tablets must be good stuff J
Daffodil – I am so pleased you had a wonderful trip. We keep talking about going away, but haven’t organised anything yet. We might disappear at half term over the bank holiday weekend, along with half the country!!! I’m seeing my onc tomorrow; I will ask about how long the black nails have to stay for. I had bought some glitter to go over the top before I found some of the crackle glazes which look fantastic. If only it wasn’t all such high maintenance!
Janey and Honeymonster – I’m sorry Tax has left you both feeling a bit low and lacking in energy. I hope it lifts soon, although it is too tempting to stay under the duvet rather than look out the window at the moment! Look after yourselves. Xx
Suzy – Sorry you were back in stalag once more, but glad you are home. What have you planned for Friday? I hope you feel up to a good celebration, you both deserve it.
Lola – lovely to hear from you again! I will keep fingers crossed for you having a cycle free from hospital. You seem to be coping admirably on your regime, keep giving us advice, it helps!
Hannah – glad your first tax seemed to go well. Re the plant diet, if it is dairy you need to avoid, does that include all chocolate? Willies Cacao (stocked in Waitrose) supplies 100% chocolate for cooks, and can be used in all sorts of ways, without dairy! I love having it and am learning to use it as a condiment as well as a main flavour.
Janey – just caught up on today – I’m sorry you are suffering. I hope the meds work their magic overnight. Xx
Woolfie – I hope you and your OH are doing OK. Are you still managing to get to singing?
Lisa – Oh Lisa, I am sorry you have felt low. I bet your parents were pleased they were able to look after you for a few days, and I hope you enjoyed your father’s birthday. It is so hard for people close to us isn’t it? I have been harping on at my family about keeping things as normal as possible, so I can’t complain when OH asks to go to a rock concert in Germany over my penultimate treatment! (he often goes to concerts, and this is a one off.) I’ve said yes because I have cover, my parents will come down, but I also think he needs a few days away from on his own to recharge his own batteries. Look after yourself. Xx
Big hugs to everyone,
Christine xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Evening ladies, boy have I been a right grumpy mare feeling very low. This round I found tough mentally OH has been pretty useless if I'm honest and felt pretty much on my own. I went to visit my parents for my dads 75th birthday at the weekend. It was lovely seeing my mom she's not seen me since before I started treatment (think I was a bit of a shock to her) My last TC is Friday and quite frankly it fills me with dread. OH has decided to go on a course next week right in the middle ofmy down days which has upset me a little so decided to go up to Brum and stay with mom/dad for the week. I've found work pretty hard going so I think I've had a wake up call so considering not returning for those two weeks after last cycle.
Really sorry I've not mentioned any one personally but first time on the site. I will read back now but inmeantime I hope no ones beensuffering with too many SE's. Big squishy hugs to everyone xxxx
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

Thinking of all who are having a rough time at the moment, I hope your aches and SEs reduce over the course of the next few days and you feel more like yourselves. It sounds like Tax is a harsh chemo. I had an appointment today with my onc and they are pleased with my progress on AC and I will continue with this for the next 3 cycles. Its lovely reading all your posts and its great to be able to share this journey with such a supportive group of ladies.
Suzy welcome back, you

must be feeling rather bemused with everything I hope they listen to your concerns and adjust your dosage so its less harsh. Its my OH's birthday on Thursday, I hope you get away for a wee break, it'll be great to take your mind off things and enjoy some food other thsn hospital food. I'm so fed up with hospital food, its always the same horrid menu when I'm in for chemo, so over cooked and lacking any nutrition.

Nipinuk I'm really impressed your son taught himself how to solve the rubix cube, what a great party trick! He sounds like a little darling, hope you get lots of cuddles from him and your eldest.

Anyone else watching Embarrassing Bodies? It always amuses me how these people are too embarrassed to go to their GPs but they're happy to flash their bits on TV!

I had a lovely day after my onc appmt, I met some girls from work for lunch. I got a gorgeous bouquet of flowers then did a spot of retail therapy. I have been full of energy so did a spot of housework. After dinner, OH and I went for a 4 mile cycle. I surprised myself that I did it, but I'm feeling so determined this week in gearing up for my treatment on Friday I'm not going to let anything beat me. Sorry I haven't replied to everyone personally but I'm sending you my best wishes and big hugs xxx


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Very impressed to hear that you are all gardening – apart from lawn mowing I leave this to OH as I take just one look at a plant and it keels over. Weather has been pretty foul so am catching up on paperwork. Should be able to collect my free NHS wig in a couple of days - will see how it goes - I know quite a few of you said that you have stuck with hats and scarves. Am very attached to woolly hat at present due to cold weather can hardly believe that it's May.

AngelaG Good to hear about your friend. Liked the Doctor’s notes! Hope everything goes smoothly and that you can escape to Spain as planned. You must be so proud of your granddaughter - what a great experience for her

Cassowary – hope the portacath works out for you

Coccobutterfly Some interesting discussion on diet on this site http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/community/forums/anyone-got-any-anti-cancer-diet-advice?page=5#co... Don’t think I could give up chesse...

Choccy61 Sounds like you are very busy. hope everything going well for you

Ciccia47 and Granny P thanks for Calippo lemon and lime lollies tip will give them a go

Daffodil66 Cornwall sounds great although as you say pretty rough to head straight into Taxhave you many more to go?

Honeymonster – hope you are OK and have escaped from hospital

Jlr Sorry to hear that you are having a rough ride with the Docetaxol hope things improve soon for you.

Lola65 Glad to hear you have no aches or pains – hope you don’t have any more temperature problems and the subsequent stay”inside”!

Mungos_mum Sorry to hear about the accident – sounds as though the person who hit you, decided attack was best form of defence but definitely not what you need at the moment. Hope the insurance company doesn’t give you too much hassle. Pilates class sounds good.

Nipinuk Know how you feel about choosing between drinking enough and getting sick.... Yes got to wig shop and it is now on order – hope to pick up next week. Wonder if the cat will mistake it for prey? We had quite a good laugh – one wig I tried made me look like Elvis on a bad hair day a good look NOT. Lioke you and Angela I also have hoarding tendencies but am trying to be more ruthless.

Pammy. Interested to hear about coaching and hope it goes well for you. I am trying to live in the now and enjoy each day as much as possible but I guess dark thoughts hit us all sometimes when we least expect it.

Roadshow Hope the iron tablets do the trick and that you feel a bit better> As Christine said maybe worth getting your OH to check out allergic reaction with GP. Take care.

Pleased to hear you had a good time in Scotland and that the weather was kind

Shells64 Hope FEC is OK for you – I have to say that I found morning sickness in pregnancy harder to deal with. Take care

suzy52 So sorry to hear that you were in hospital. Enjoy celebrating your OH’s birthday

Woolfie Hope things are going OK for you and your OH– you certainly have a lot on your plate at a time when you could do with really looking after yourself. Re constipation I have never in my life eaten so much All Bran – a novel experience as I also have Crohn’s disesase and therefore usually have the opposite problem (too much information,,, sorry!).

Hope everyone is keeping well Take care


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Fec-t cycle 4 day 1 T
Hi, hope those of you not feeling well are getting lots of rest, pampering & starting to feel a bit better today.
Linda - thankyou, I should have asked you in the first place. As everyone says, you are so knowledgeable. I tried the ice mits, gave up after half an hour though what with that & the cold cap was too much. Will just get shellac nails done if not too painful.
Nipinuk-Your caravan holiday will be a much needed welcome break, might even have a bathroom! We put in raised borders 6 years ago & veg has been really successful apart from last year as it was washout. I normally grow runners, potatoes, beetroot, salad leaves & corguettes (my fave). Just hope my good days coincide with planting times! Its fun when they do so well & so much healthier & cheaper too.
Must take doggies walkies while I can, even though they are still knackered from their hols:D.

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hello ladies, thank you all for your well wishes and I would like to be able to say things had got better but unfortunately SE went from bad to worse and I have been at hospital all day! After taking bloods, urine sample, ECG and chest X-ray they eventually let me home! The pain last night was unbearable, muscle, joint and bone pain like I have never felt, then this morning I felt so awful and my temp was up to 38.6! Hospital couldn't find any infection so I just need to monitor my temp and keep on with the paracetamol and go straight back if no better! I honestly can't say am looking forward to the next two infusions! I do hope everyone else fares better! Take care xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Ladies, I spend more time with you on this forum than with my best friends!

Woolfie - all the best tomorrow. Hope your SEs are even more minimal compared to the last one. I remember Macmillan do give out grants so there's nothing to lose by asking. Every little bit helps!

Daffodil - lovely to hear from you. Glad you had a good holiday. I've book a caravan for half term so really looking forward to it as we haven't gone anywhere this year. All the best tomorrow and hope that everything goes well with min SEs.

Suzy - welcome back! We missed you. It's so good to hear from you. Gosh, no fun staying so long at hospital. I can't believe the cause of the temperature spike is due to Nivestim! It's so strange that the drug that helps us can also make us so ill. Before chemo, I was never so aware of med helping and hurting at the same time. It was similar to what I found with Emend. It stops one being actually sick but one of its side effects is nausea!! Great!

hope you had a lovely dinner tonight.

Are you getting your lace out Friday?! Hubby will be ecstatic 😉

I was really pleased I managed to plant something in the veg bed hubby prepared for me as I've wanted one ever since we moved here. I planted 5 rows of 4 potatoes so 20 altogether. I also managed to plant 8 strawberry plants a friend gave. I've also planted some alfafa seeds and tomato seeds which is quite late but never mind! I'd like to plant some beetroot, runner beans n carrots too. Really excited as this is my first vegetable bed

Carol - thank you so much for the lovely long message. We a really appreciate the effort. About missing cuddles, is your son anywhere near to producing a grandchild?!! I had nearly an hour with ys in bed this evening as we read "Itch" about a boy whose hobby is to collect every element from the periodic table and his adventures. We're only at page 40 so I'm looking forward to more cuddles. When I knew hubby didn't want anymore children, I breastfed ys for 2 years (eldest for a year as I found it easier to plug him on than making and heating formula) as I knew there wasn't going to be anymore. It was heaven feeling his baby skin against mine. One of the best experiences of my life.

About chocolate, I used to eat loads! I completely stopped eating milk chocolate due to dairy content after I was diagnosed. I bought a Green n Blacks organic dark chocolate 100g bar last month and I've still got some left! I don't crave it which I thought I would.
oh you lucky thing! I'm lusting after a greenhouse though don't know where to put it as garden is a mess with pipes, building bits and holes! Tomatoes tend to do better in a greenhouse. I would grow cucumber too if I had one. Have you bought your bedding plants?

Roadshow - the helicopter chair looks really comfy! its great to hear that your energy levels are on the up. Just make sure you don't overdo it. I've only just changed our sheets today after 5 weeks! Ugh! Changed the boys more often but the thought of tackling the king size sheets was too much. It was minging!

Bet you enjoyed your banana bread!

Ys hasn't finished me memorising all the elements on the periodic table yet. He's got another 40+ elements to go I think. I'm trying to encourage him to complete a project before going on to the next. We've done a bit of capital citibut now and again and he seems to enjoy it. We make up stories to help us remember. He knows the capital of Brunei and pronounces it well too!
The apples are for juicing. I get through quite a few as I juice for the family as well. Would like a better juicer but will stick to my Philips one for now.

Shelley - a quiet wedding sounds wonderful. As I was the first in the family to get married we had to invite all our family which turned out to be about 150 people plus friends. Stressful. Horrible uncle wasn't happy abseat where he was seated n made my sister cry. One sister was a bit of a diva... You're definitely better off with smaller numbers!

Sorry to hear about your pain with tax. Do protect your nails from the sun. i know of someone who lost all her toenails and her fingernails were heavily ridged. She didn't put any n dark nail colour or cream them.

Janey and Honeymonster - hope you feel better soon. Horrible to feel poorly. We look forward to hearing from you when you're better. Hope you're both being look after well. Big hugs xx

Linda - thank you for visiting! It's lovely to hear from you and I'm happy to hear you're coping well even though diarrhoea n cramps are horrible. Really appreciyourthenlovely information.

Cocobutterfly - Hannah, it's lovely for hear from you. I've read Jane Plant's book. I can tell you the bit about apple and fennel juice with lots of melon to minimise hair loss didn't work for me as I'm on a different chemo regime to hers.

The book has helped me become more aware about the benefits of whole foods and minimising chemicals in our lives. I'm intolerant to dairy but still used to have dairy desserts before cancer (paid for it 2 hours later) so I've decided to cut out all dairy from my diet. My family still have dairy. I think you've just got to decide for yourself. You'll be making an informed decision which is great. Can't ask for more really. I had my dairy free diet analysed by the breast care unit's nutritionist and my calcium n protein intake is more than sufficient!

Do let me know what you decide as I'm interested.

Angela - I'm not a teacher though I've wanted to be one since I was little so that might have something to do with my hoarding habit! How did you train hubby to enjoy shopping? Did you bring lots of nice treats with you n feed him when he makes the right response?! I wanna know! 😉 glad you had a successful shopping trip!

I read some ladies were advised to keep their nails polished with dark varniish for months after chemo!

night all! Xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

FEC-T, Cycle 3, Day 18

Evening Ladies
Having just read the latest posts it seems as though I won't get away so lightly with SEs once I start Tax - better stock up on painkillers!
Roadshow - I like the look of that chair! Enjoy your plants 🙂 I'm not very good with indoor plants - I have a cyclamen that has been brought back from the brink more times than I care to remember! I too have lots of fast growing white hairs, though I had a few before it started falling out! I'm also hoping mine grows back just as quickly when I've finished, and am only too aware that it's got to survive another 3 sessions :(.
Daffodil - so glad you had a lovely time away and hope all goes well for you tomorrow.
Suzy - so sorry to hear you've been in hospital again 😞 Hope you continue to feel well so that you can celebrate your OH's birthday on Friday.
Linda - as Angela says, you're always so knowledgeable! I've seen people having chemo with the infusion bag covered in a dark brown bag and often wondered why - now I konw! And will find out for myself on Friday, blood results permitting!
Hannah - I hope you continue to feel on top of the world and that Tax doesn't get to you!
Angela - that's my wig in my photo. My own hair never looked that good! I actually live in Basingstoke but Fanny's Farm would be doable for me - it would be lovely to meet up with everyone.
Bye for now
Carol xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Nipinuk – were you a teacher, I was and that is where my hoarding comes from, exactly what you said “it might be useful one day”! I have managed to get rid of the majority of stuff now J. Unfortuneately I was still in bed when my daughter arrived, and OH took delivery of grandson. He was a bit unsure, but didn’t quite get to making a decision to refuse. Next time I will, my health is more important than her work at the present time. And somehow I will try to tactfully tell her not to do it again. I have trained OH to enjoy shopping!!!!! We went today and I took back 1 pair of shoes refunding £25 and then spent somewhat more on summer clothes! (but he also bought a jacket, so we were both satisfied.
Karen & Woolfie (?) – we seem to be at the same stage come Friday 2/3 the way through yay!!!
Carol – is your picture with your own hair or wig? If the latter, it looks lovely and your friend is right, well groomed. I prefer my wig to my real hair as I’m not gifted with the ability to style my hair each day, and had to stick with simple ‘wash and leave’ style which was feeling a bit jaded recently. So, this is an opportunity to re-invent myself. I might even keep own hair short and continue with wig and scarves...time will tell. Thank you for your well wishes. So far no sign of infection, so hopefully I’ll be ok. If you live in or near Richmond, would Fanny’s Farm be an option for you to get to if we all tried to meet up? We’re looking for a mid point to us all, although Scotland northern England might be a challenge I suppose.
Roadshow – I am so very pleased to hear that you are feeling much better, and that you managed an excursion. It must have helped to make you feel ‘normal’ again. I hope so anyway. I hope in earnest that your health will continue on the up for the duration, and that no more set backs will occur. Love the helicopter swing. Would be useful in spain!!! Like nipinuk I want want want!!!
Shelley – sorry you are feeling so uncomfortable with the pain. It must be horrible to have to cope with that as well as the chemo. I don’t envy anyone having to go through that SE. I hope it clears up quickly. Is there any pain relief that works? You are another one to go to a garden centre. All this talk of gardening just makes me feel tired!!!!
Daffodil66 – it’s good to hear you were only missing because you were away. Lucky you. It sounded like a fun and relaxing time. Well done for organising it, and for all that wonderful walking you did. It all helps to flush out the toxic waste we all have in our bodies (YUK). I would assume that the black nails would be for the duration. I paid to have mine done, but couldn’t afford to keep going back for retouching etc. Well, I could afford it, but don’t think I would bother. I might try DIY.
JLR & Honeymonster – sorry you are feeling it this cycle, hope the pain eases quickly with the meds and that you will be back on form in no time.
Suzy – there you are, I’ve missed you. I was going to ask where you were and how you are, but now you are back! I’m sorry to hear that you too have been suffering. What’s worse for no obvious reason. Did you feel ill with the high temp? When I had my turn in hosp, I felt fine (apart from very tired on the 1st day there)even had the energy to dance to my music when no one was looking! I do hope you feel well really soon. It’s strange how we miss those who don’t post for a while even though we don’t know each other. Get well soon. And may the force be with you.
Linda – nice to see you posting here again. You are always so well informed, and it’s lovely to see your face. Hope you continue to be well for the duration of the treatment. Take care of yourself.
Coconutbutterfly – good to hear from you again as well. And glad you have been able to keep busy. I guess that the more we do that’s normal will help us to feel more normal too. I understood from my onco that only black nailvarnish protects the nails. She didn’t know why though. So I had 2 coats of black topped off with red sparkly layer. Next time it will be black and purple!
Well, goodnight all, i hope that this week will be easy for all whether having treatment or not. take care everyone.
angela xx
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

FEC-T (cycle 4, TAX 1 eek!, Day 1)
Hi Ladies,
Sorry I havent posted for a looooonnnggg time but been keeping myself super busy! I have been updating myself on your posts over the past couple of days and found those ladies porting about their tax treatments very helpful with their tips and side effects.
Well, I feel great today, on top of the world, no sickness (yeyyy!) but not holding out much hope for feeling this well over the next couple of days if any of you other ladies SE's are anything to go by. Sorry youre having such a touch time with aches, pains and fatigue. Hope you are at least finding there is less nausea this time around?

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading Professor Plant's book re 'Plant diet' however when I found I would have to ditch chocolate I quickly gave up haha! Does anyone know if cutting down on dairy would be enough to have a significant effect on chances of reoccurence? I think its quite a controversial topic as I have seen on other boards, I am a fence sitter on the whole subject!
Thanks Linda for your tips on nail polish, I applied a dark red polish whilst I had my Tax running through today 🙂 and have been moisturising religiously!

Hope everyone is well and those suffering with SE's at the moment feel much better soon.

Hannah x