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Spring into chemo in March

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Dear all, happy Christmas, and I too want to say th ankl you to everyone for the support over the last year. As my beloved wrote in my Christmas card "god bless you as this year ends, you have done well against the odds, courage and nerve are yours" and that goes out to all of us on this thread...courage and nerve! We are awesome! Go girls! Be very blessed
Angela xxx
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Re: Spring into chemo in March

Dearest Marchies

I just wanted to wish you all the merriest Christmas ever, I still can't believe what we've been through this year. 2013 was certainly unlucky for us, but we are so courageous, we endured and we're still here to celebrate the festivities with our loved ones. I'm feeling great, still seeing a chiropractor for my sore back,  neck and shoulder, like Suzy I over-protected my recon area, but I'm just full of joy that I've been given a second chance. Against all odds, thankfully, we are all thriving and surviving. I'm home in N Ireland catching up with friends and family. Yes this year will be extra special for all of us. I want to thank you all for your support this year and wish you lots of happiness, good luck and good health for 2014. I plan to make up for lost time by making 2014 unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Best wishes to everyone Karen xxx


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hello Marchies!

Just popping in to wish you and your families a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Yes, life will never be quite the same but as Suzy said, we're all here and there were moments last year when I thought I wouldn't be. (Daffodil, I found my offending lump on 16/12 and diagnosis was confirmed on 8/1).

I don't think I can put it better than Suzy, but to echo her sentiments, have a wonderful Christmas everyone and here's hoping for a better 2014!

Lots of love and hugs
Carol xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Ho,Ho,Ho! Are we all ready? Thank you all for your kind wishes,Christmas seems rather special this year after the fear and dread of the past year. We are forever changed, but still here and thankfully able to eat drink and be merry! 

The hormone inhibitors seem not to be too bad reading your posts, we don't have much choice in the mater I guess and I'd rather put up with the SE's than the alternative.

I do hope we are all feeling well and that Christmas will be extra special this year for all us Marchies and our families and friends who've stuck with us through our blackest hours.

So here's to us, Cheers! Sending big hugs and the warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday and the Very Best 2014 can throw at us. Thinking of you all and how we ENDURED! 

Love Suzy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi Nora, it was around now that I had mammogram and then felt lump...di a gnosis came in second week of January. Lots of water under the bridge since then hey what?
Onwards and upwards then.
Some good news, our son has been approved as the main foster carer, so he'll be in work at last, after a loooong time!
Happy Christmas one and all
Angela xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi Ladies, 

Nora, good the session was reassuring. I am finding xmas a good distraction at the moment but still have the     odd moment when my mind runs away with me! I suppose it gets easier over time.

I hope everyone is coping well & se's are bearable. My hot flushes are getting better. It must be this time last year that some of you who had surgery first were diagnosed? I hope you all have a lovely xmas this year & lots of celebrating going on! Have a very merry xmas everyone & lots of love to you all xxx



Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi all just a quick post to wish you all a merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

 information session on ‘signs and symptoms of a possible recurrence’ presented by Dr Emma Pennery.

was helpful and re-assuring with opportunities for questions. Most of us worry about  re-occurrence.  Main message was to report anything new and persistent. 


Hope you are all OK 


Nora x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi mungosmum, it's good to hear from you again. I think we've all slowed down on the posting thing, we are just getting on witht the new normal I think. Glad all is well with you. I haven't done anything about prezzies this year, the family have been sent money to get their own. We just haven't been able to fit it all in! We are billy and best no mates this year for Christmas. The family all are working, so can't come here, and of course we can't go to uk as it's the busy week for us and work!
Anyway, take care
Angela x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hello Ladies,


I was shocked to work out I haven't logged in for a couple of months, but was delighted to read who everyone is getting on.


Janey - fantastic news! I hope you are continuing to recover and enjoying life again after living with such a worry. xx


Angela  - belated happy birthday! glad you enjoyed the Flamenco too - I love a bit of feet stomping! (I know it is more than that, i don't mean to be flippant 😉  )


Woolfie - I'm sorry you are having problems with your recon, but I hope it is clearing up now.  A relief to have a cause - I loved your attitude too.  Great news about your OH too, roll on a great Christmas!


I'm pleased everyone had a great holiday over the summer, and now everyone seems to have finished rads, we can feel very proud to have come through such a difficult year with our sanity intact. 


Nora Batty - how was your moving on course? I haven't attended a course, just got on in my usual bull headed way -  but wonder if I would benefit.  Your comments would be appreciated.


I am madly sewing and knitting to make my family's Christmas presents, nearly finished, I just hope they appreciate the work involved!  I'm not very ready for Christmas, but I have at least ordered my turkey....


Best wishes to everyone, xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

hi woolfie, yes, i think i've read all of victoria hislops books, and enjoyed all of them. as you say, they are an easy read. how is your OH doing these days? it's good to hear that your body is settling down now. is it common for there to be leakage?

i'm beginning to find my feet here in Mijas, we've met our spanish neighbours and landlord. we all had a power cut and the landlord (lazaro) came out to fix it (he has 3 families as tenants). it was an interesting evening trying to communicate!

well, we have opur christmas tree, and now my OH can indulge his habit of buying lights. we left ariound 1500 back in uk!!! he just cant control himself!!

spanish have christmas eve as the night for their special meal, and then presents come on january 6th when the 3 kings deliver them (no santa here). new years eve in the village everyone is given a bag with 12 grapes and a bottle of cava. then on the 12 strokes of midnight, for each stroke you pop a grape in your mouth until all 12 are in. then i guess you can eat them! sounds like fun!

take care everyone and enjoy the reason for the season


angela x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi everyone hope you are all doing well?
Angela and Suzy re flamenco just read The Return Victoria Hislop which was set in Spain at the time of the civil war and featured flamenco. An easy read as are The Thread and the Island if you have not read them.
Congrats on your 65th Angela glad you enjoyed Seville.
I still have a leaky recon but lumpy bits getting less. Had onc appointment last week and don't have to go back to them until June 14
OH s birthday tomorrow so think we are venturing out for a couple of drinks.
All the best

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi Hope you are all OK. Seems ages since trip to Barcelona and also very disorganised re Christmas, which has crept up on me....


Daffodil hope to see you at course tomorrow - have PM -ed you.


Take care everyone!


Nora x 

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Suzy, it has crossed my mind to try flamenco! But don't know if I am gutsy enough! There is a language course in Fuengirola which includes dance...maybe, who knows. I'm thinking of enrolling in February so watch this space.
Wood burners, hmmm, we had one in the villa we've just left, but our new place in the village has no heating except the air con/heater in the bedroom. We miss the fire as a focal point (and the heat of course!) so we had to borrow a couple of oil filled rads til we can get round to buying some.
Off to airport soon to greet our D and YGS...yi haaaaa

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Daffodil, I can't imagine having a fan on through the night here for the hot flashes, all I have to do is throw the duvet off, its freezing! We even kept the wood burner going through the night as its out only heating 😄


Re: Spring into chemo in March

MANY HAPPY RETURNS Angela Cat Very Happy So glad you enjoyed your visit to Seville and the Flamenco, its such a wonderful passionate dance - bet you and the OH were doing impersonation of the singing afterwards! Has this encouraged you to take up Flamenco? I always fancied it, and might well give it a go if I lived in Spain. I will have to be content with 'Le Gym'!

Have a fab time with your daughter and son!!!! xx 


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Good evening all. Well, we had a wonderful celebration of my 65th last week. We went to sevilla for 3 days. The best was an authentic flamenco place as opposed to touristy big shows. There were only 20 people in the audience! An amazing experience. Isn't it great to have normal things to talk about? Our D and YGS are coming over for a long weekend tomorrow. We are very excited to see them again. We miss them so very much.
Hope all is going well
Love A x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

HI, I hope everyone is ok too & Suzy no I haven't even started xmas yet, have done a list though! I'm not dieting either as am still enjoying my food & keep thinking I deserve it.

Nora, are you still going next Thursday & are you walking from waterloo? I'm still undecided about going as a bit of a journey for me & feeling quite tired due to still not sleeping very well but feel that I should.

Shells, I have a fan blowing on my face at night, helps the hot flushes but wake up freezing. My worst se from tamoxifen is insomnia & is starting to catch up on me Woman Frustrated

Will catch up again soon xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hello there

Been awhile since I last posted. Hope everyone is doing OK and feeling well. I have been having trouble with my back and muscle spasm caused by guarding my surgery side. I have joined an exercises class and its helping but I need to do stretching exercises each day. The cold weather is not helping the diet, just made banana bread this morning, a slice of which just went down very well with our afternoon cuppa 😄

Are we already for Christmas? I posted my UK parcels on Tuesday, shame we won't be there this year but with a visit planned for February it was a bit close together.

Keep cozy, hugs to all


















Re: Spring into chemo in March

Were you able to collect your gifted glasshouse? If so, are you pleased with it?

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hello ladies

Thanks for the help with the  hot flushes .

i hope we are all doing ok and getting ready for Christmas LOL IM getting ready for my son 21st on the 7 of dec looking forward to a good boogie and a good drink well guys hope to hear from u soon take care xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Firstly Janey, wonderful wonderful news! It's a great start to my day 😉

Woolfie, I'm happy to hear that you're feeling calmer about things. Lol, I had to smile at the bit about thighs too! Wonderful news about hubby. Hurray!

I'll ask some of my other contacts about the flushes Shelley. Sorry to hear it's getting worse.

Nora, great to hear you've been away n had a good time in Spain.

I've got lots of catching up to do with all the messages. So busy here. Doesn't feel like I'm achieving much though!

Guess what? I'm hoping to pick up a greenhouse locally via freecycle later today - 8 x10 so quite big 😉

Have a good day all!

Re: Spring into chemo in March

hi woolfie, i am pleased you have had some answers to your leakage, it must be so unpleasant. you made me laugh re the reference to thighs etc! it seems like ages since i read mail from you. i hope all else is going well for you.

take care

angela x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Jlr -What great news! You must be swinging from the chandeliers. what a relief after bing under that cloud for so long.

Norabatty and Daffodil glad you enjoyed your time away and your batteries are recharged.

Thanks everyone for your support re leaky boob! Last Friday I saw the surgeon who actually did the op (first time in a long time) He said they don't usually see this but then remembered he had had problems getting the blood flowing during the recon. He also said that the radiotherapy could have affected the blood flow also and that is why the fat had died. Not to worry and he said it will take a little time. I am still able to express this liquid fat what a shame I can't have similar on my thighs and other fatty areas of my body! I am much calmer about it and i am sure that whatever the outcome they will be able to correct the cosmetics of it at some point if i so wish. 

Hope everyone else is doing well



Re: Spring into chemo in March

Nora, great to hear from you again, and i'm pleased you managed to have a break away in spain. was it a good time, and which part did you go to?

amazingly it's still shirt sleeves during the day here, but tonight we lit the log burner!

angela xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi, I  haven't been on for a while but have been reading through the posts. It feels good to have finished treatment. Had a few days in Spain with OH and youngest which was lovely. Hope you are all OK 



Jlr What great news -so pleased for you


Daffodil and Angela
Interesting to hear that your hair is curly. Mine is normally curly but is growing back straight!

(Daffodil will look out for you on 5 Dec at BCC course)


Woolfie Sorry to hear about recon problems - hope you get it sorted out soon


Suzy and Angela I admire your handicraft talents - I am totally useless at anything like that.


Shells Maybe look at http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/breast-cancer-information/impact-breast-cancer/pregnancy-fertilit...

for tips about dealing with the hot flushes - hope they subside soon


Take care everyone


Nora x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Thank u suzy ill do that lolSmiley Happy

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Wish I could help Shells, grin and bear it seems the only thing I do! xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Great news jlr so pls Smiley Happy I hope everyone else is doing ok just a quick question can anyone help with want to do with hot flushes they are getting worst lol xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Fantastic news Jlr, so pleased for you. Hope you enjoyed your champagne! X

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Thank you everyone I am still buzzing this morning lol! Time to open the champagne thus weekend I think xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Jlr, thats brilliant news! I'm so pleased for you. Time to celebrate at last! Xxx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Fantastic news! X

Re: Spring into chemo in March

JLR, halelujah!!!! that's wonderful news. you must be so thrilled and relieved. have the best weekend ever. are you going to celebrate?

angela x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi Taylorj here from the June Jewels, just wanted to say that I am so pleased for you JLR!! 

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Oh JLR I'm so happy to hear your news and so is my OH! We have been carrying you around in our thoughts and keeping our fingers crossed for you. We can all come off 'watch now', and hope your celebrating in style you deserve it!


Re: Spring into chemo in March

We'll lovely ladies, I finally got the news I gave been waiting for! My ct scan results show "no evidence of spread from the breast cancer to the lungs" whoop whoop whoop best news ever! I am currently cancer free! Just thought I would let you all know and thank you for the support you have given xx xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi ladies, good to hear all's going well but Woolfie I hope you manage to sort out the leaky boob, friends are good distractions. Great news about oh!

We had a lovely time in Rhodes, we didn't find a weeks break long enough though but was absolutely wonderful even though we woke up to a tournado on the first morning! Lifes pretty full on again but good to keep busy, I had my hair tinted & highlighted last week so feel more like me again. Definatley keeping it short as low maintenance! Still tight curls but not complaining as no styling required at the moment. 

Karen, good to hear you've finished rads & skins ok. Such a relief to have your life back again, enjoy your much needed holiday.

I had my last onc appointment last week so hopefully no more check ups for 3 months now. I went to a support group last night but am going to knock it on the head, as apart from a few ladies most of them are moaning minnies. I'm feeling good at the moment, grateful that I've been treated & come out the other side.

Sounds like everyones busy & has lots to look forward too again xxx


Re: Spring into chemo in March

hi woolfie, coo that sounds gross, poor you, i hope it will be dealt with quickly and easily. and what wonderful news for your OH, i'm so pleased for him.

A x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

suzy, i had my face waxed!!!!!!!!!! ouch indeed. it looked good though, but hope waxing doesn't mean it increases the need, or makes it thicker or stronger, i don't want to be a bearded lady!

a bunny sounds good, and what about slippers?

look forward to seeing the pics

A x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Woolfie, that must be very frightening. I don't think you've done anything wrong in the massage/not massage front. The recon feels so weird for such a long time, even now not normal as such. If there is an infection and dead tissue better out than in, although pretty nasty I should think. Hope it clears up and settles down soon and chatting with your pal helps. 


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Morning all

good to hear everyone is getting back to 'normal'

Just when you think it's all over.......I have a problem with my reconstruction-the necrotic fat which I have been batting on about since the word go and which was supposed to break down and be got rid of by the body (which is what I had read about it also) has decided to find its way out through the skin! I thought it was an infection  and saw an urgent care doc on Sunday but he also said I should see the breast care people. Yesterday morning it started to weep or should I say pour and since we were at the hospital anyway yesterday I did and the BCN said it was fat necrosis with maybe some infection. I see the plastics nurse on Friday but am now concerned regarding the skin which may be compromised. I can't get rid of the feeling that I have not done enough to help it iwas told to massage it but for how long? how hard? I was unsure about massaging an area that had had so much surgery. 

Oh well hopefully better news to come.

Just going out for coffee with a friend who is always good to talk to. will try and post a picture of my Halloween outfit it was a fun night.

have a good day everyone forgot to say OH's scan was clear! Yay they are going to regularly monitor him for 5 years so there is some good news!

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Morning All


Angela I think a bunny could be next on felting list! So glad to hear you and the OH have found a nice place and all spanking new, lucky you! I long for the day I will have a 'normal' home, but it takes such allot of work when your crazy and buy a remote cottage up an in passable track!


I am definitely becoming one of the furry brigade - facial hair has always been one of my dred's, up till now its been OK but the drugs are doing their best to turn me into a yeti! I'm trying to decide how to combat it, depilatory cream,wax, light pulse. Many years ago I was a beautician and did electrolysis etc. I think I might invest in light pulse unit anyone else have one, Phillips do one, also there is the 'no no' I'm a coward where wax is concerned and my skin is pretty sensitive these days.


Trying to get my Christmas shopping done, not east to find light weight gifts that look a million dollars for a few euros to send back to the UK!


Take Care xx



Re: Spring into chemo in March

hi karen. well done on the completion of rads.... and now life begins again 🙂 my hair is about 3/4 inch long now and coming through curly like so many others of us...it was wavy before, and straight when longer as it was so thick and heavy. it still seems thick (like my brain sometimes)...it's interesting to see how it will end up. i'd got in a bit of a rut with hairstyles, so this is the perfect opportunity to get something good out of all the bad.

the little girl is fine, thank you. it was a scare, but again, good came out of it in that they discovered she has diabetis, which would have remained undetected for longer. not that it's good to have that, but you know what i mean.

it is unseasonally hot here, still sleevless in the day time, but quite cold at night. 

suzy, how is the weather in france?

going for eye test this morning, so, have a great time everyone, till the next post.

angela x

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Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi ladies
Hurrah I had my last rads on Friday, I'm thrilled to have my life back. It was hard going up every day for 3 weeks, my skin looks fine thankfully. I've been busy celebrating with my friends and family. I went out for dinner on Friday night, lunch on Saturday then afternoon tea yesterday. The diet begins tomorrow!
Angela your new place sounds fantastic everything brand spanking new, good luck with your move. So sorry to hear what happened to the little girl hope she gets well soon, what a terrible scare for them, thank goodness her grand father was there to rescue her.
OH and I are heading to Tenerife for some much needed sunshine, rest and recharging the batteries. Angela and Suzy you are so lucky to live in sunnier climates. Sunshine definitely makes us all happier. I have to keep my shoulder covered up so that was an excuse to go shopping, as most of my summer clothes are strappy. I searched everywhere, still some sale rail bargains, plus a few new pashminas.
It feels so nice packing my suitcase, and not for a hospital stay.
Hope you're all keeping well and enjoying life again
Karen xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

sadly not back for christmas, as it's our busiest time of year! so, will miss the family then that's for sure 😞

absolutely knackered this week, it's been really hectic at "work". HOWEVER we have found a lovely terraced house right in the old part of Mijas pueblo with fantastic views and spanish neighbours, and we'll move in on 15th november. i am a very happy bunny (how about that for a felting project, suzy?) everything is brand new...even the ironing board is still in it's wrapper!!!! (that could be cos noone does ironing of course!)


one of the children on the visiting team from UK nearly drowned today, which seems to have brought on diabetes, she's at the hospital as i type having tests. her grandfather had to dive in to rescue her after the 4th time of going under. all's well that ends well as they say, but a bit scary for the rest of the guys there.


good night all. sleep well


Re: Spring into chemo in March

PS No tinnitus Woolfie,hope the syringing went OK? and Nipinuk I'm conscience of firing up the wok with the glass splashback, feel for your friend!


Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hello there

Well we had a fab time with my Mum,brother and sister in law near Bergerac. Wonderful hotel and gastronomic dinner. My Mum loved her little mouse, apparently it has pride of place on the matelpiece now.

Next up is Halloween, so busy with the Devils Food Cake! Anyone made Nigella's recipe? Trying it out for the 1st time.

Hope everyone is doing well, still feeling pretty tired on and off, and the finger joints are affected by the anastrazole. 


Re: Spring into chemo in March

HeartHi Ladies just to let u know been to hospital so say its the rads and it will take about 6 weeks to go downMan Sad not happy its like taking 5 steps 10 steps back I just want to get back to work and been normal again

SUZY- love picture of kitchen and mouse your mum is going to love it so cute xx

JIR- so pls u had a lovely holiday lets hope u get results quickly to put mind at peace xx

WOOLFIE-Thank u I know how u feel but we will get their chin up xx

well ladies have a good day will pop back soon xx

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Janey, great to hear you enjoyed your time away n wonderful that you saw your mum too. I haven't seen mine for nearly two years and can't wait to see mum n dad n sisters next year.

I hope you get your results quickly Janey.

Suzy, I love your mouse. So cute n adorable. Your mum will love it!

Talking about glass splash backs, a Taiwanese friend of mine managed to crack hers when she bumped up the heat to stir fry! Yours will be fine.

Angela will you be coming back for Christmas?

Going to finish reading The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan 😉

Night all x

Re: Spring into chemo in March

Hi everybody good to catch up with what everyone is doing. Like norabatty,
I also caught the woman's hour programme that talked about convalescence a good reminder to us all I think we expect so much of ourselves and want to get back to normal ASAP don't think I will ever feel 'normal' again. Like others I gave been feeling tired but again it could just be that I am doing more tho I don't think the anastrozole helps.
Went to the docs on Tuesday about my tinnitus reminded me that chemo can cause it but did say I had lots of wax in my right ear so I am lying here with olive oil in it to soften the wax before syringing and then he will look again sorry too much information! Anyone else experienced tinnitus?
Helping my daughter look at schools for my GD at the moment for next September.
Shelley pleased to hear you have set a date for your wedding. You could have a bit of fluid under your arm which is easily removed I had that. That whole area is still sore sometimes and I had my op back in jan/February.
Angela your story about the rope amused me. Glad your OH could laugh about it also.
Going to read now and hopefully get an early night tomorrow is another day . Night all sleep tight!