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Starting Chemo in January 2012


Re: Starting Chemo in January 2012

Hi Jules

The very best tip I can offer you is to stay positive and remember that your treatment is 'doable' A chemo nurse told me that women who have a positive outlook respond better to their treatment.

I also suggest that you try and get yourself your thermometer and start taking your temperature now before you start your chemo so that you know what your normal temperature is for you as I didn't have the faintest idea what was normal for me. I was told to get the type that you put into your ear as they are more accurate and I purchased a Braun Thermo Scan which was very easy to use.

Other than that enjoy the festivities and chill out!

Mazzalou xx


Starting Chemo in January 2012

Evening Ladies,

I had my consultation yesterday 11 days post MX with full node clearance which was a positive meeting.

Only 1 out of 12 nodes involved which was amazing, starting my chemo in January 4 x FEC and 4 x tax???? everything he said to me seemed to be from inside a bubble after the full diagnosis...

There was also mention of radiotherapy although the stand in breast nurse (mine is on a cruise for christmas) did say that this would be on a trial basis because of my age and may not be a necessity..

Meeting my oncologist next week to discuss start dates for chemo and am relieved it will start in the new year so I can enjoy the festivities with my lovely boys x x

Are there any tips in my preparation for the onslaught??? any hints and tips would be gratefully recieved

Julie x x