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Starting Chemo in May 2012

Re: Starting Chemo in May 2012

Hi Merc,

I'd echo GI Jane and Cherry's comments. You will find huge support from others who are travelling your path at the same time. As you can see we three are from May 2011 and HERE WE ARE!! Loads of love and (((Hugs)) to you and others who will join you. You will all get through this but do use this place as somewhere to moan and cry and scream or laugh. Cos everyone here will really 'get it'.

As GI Jane said we will probably pop in from time to time to see how you are all doing and do look at our thread from May 2011 to see how it went for us....

All best


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Re: Starting Chemo in May 2012

Hi Merc - I'd echo what Cherry said, and what you have already discovered...This forum was a life-line for me (and many others) as we journeyed together last year. We shared the frustrations, the hard days, the uncertainties. We found information and advice and we had a good laugh at times as well. All very important! Bless you... If it's OK with you guys, some of us may pop in from time to time to cheer you on from the land of NED (No Evidence of Disease), to share wrinkles, and to encourage you that there iS light at the end of this ere tunnel. Bless you... Jane

Re: Starting Chemo in May 2012

Hi Merc,
I saw the topic of your thread and realised that the May 2011 girls had definitely moved on a year.
You can check out our thread:
Our timeline will mirror yours.
Good luck with the chemo. It is not as bad as I thought - but not good either. It's doable.

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Starting Chemo in May 2012

Hello to all !

I was diagnosed end of Feb 2012, MX & ANC in March, and starting chemo (6 x FEC-T) on May 1st 2012, followed by rads. (Pre-chemo visit April 30th.

Currently I have an internal battle going on: public concept of chemotherapy/radiotherapy (ie how bad it is), versus the exclusive club we all belong to (those people actually living and/or affected by it). I am aware of the possibility of the side effects thanks to this forum, and will try to ensure I am prepared (or as prepared as anyone can be), but am trying to remember that in alot of cases only the worst possible scenario is reported.

Apart from the treatments, I have just been through a few weeks of feeling pretty sorry for myself as the realism of the diagnosis sinks in - but now I realise this is probably just another stage I have to travel through before I get to the finishing line. I am hoping to meet other people here that would be willing to share this tightrope journey with all those starting chemo in May.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Care_N and PesteringPixie for giving me the confidence to SOL.

Hugs to all,