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Starting chemo 16 April


Re: Starting chemo 16 April

Hi Jo,
Why don't you join us on the Awsome April Angels, we're all starting in April and a few like myself have already started, there's quite a lot on Fec-t as well. We are all supporting each other and going through this journey together

Re: Starting chemo 16 April

Hi Jo,

Your post has fallen down to page 3 so am really replying to bump you so that your post shows on Latest Posts. Quirk of the system is that the first post in a new thread doesnt show up there until it is replied to and as most go to Latest Posts to read you get missed out! Have you spotted a thread for those starting chemo in April? It seems to be quite a busy one so I put the link here for you:


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Starting chemo 16 April

Hi to all you lovely ladies!

Well after reading so many helpful posts I thought I should actually join in!

I am due to start my chemo on 16 apr - having FEC T for 8 cycles followed by radiotherapy!

Have already had a left mx plus ANC. I am doing ok and just want the chemo to start now I find it more worrying reading about all the poss side effects just want to know which ones will actually effect me and will only know that once it starts!

I have had my hair chopped already and will try and see if I can bear the cold cap - just need to make contact with a wig lady now.

Good luck to you all I know there is light at the end of the tunnel - we just need to keep smiling!