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Starting chemo May 2014

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning Ladies


Day 2- 2nd round of FEC T

As before feeling spaced out and hung-over after a very broken night's sleep. Looking through the diary that I keep of the side effects,pills taken and feelings I've had I can see that problems for me ususally kick in 3/4 days after and from day 4 I felt really fatigued.Linda, I may take a leaf out of your book and ask about a decreasing amount of steroids.

Leanne, I admire the positivity in your post, especially as it sounds like you have a lot to deal with. I've said it before but I so admire you ladies with young and teenage children. As my 2 daughters are adults I can at least wallow in my discomfort and self pity at times ! Although I find when they do call round with the grandchildren I am far more upbeat and positive.  

Not heard of hiccups, Steadie, but had bad heartburn and stomach pains last time so have been given Omeprazole to take daily. Might be worth calling one of your breast care nurses for advice.

Ladycroft - hope the concert was fabulous and look forward to hearing all about it.

Have a good day everyone, hope you're home soon Sheryl,

Gill X



Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi all thank you for the welcome x
Just a quick note I had double
Mascetomy end of March and then started chemo first one week ago x suffered with nausea bad for four days but not much else x each day brings it owns challenge I actually am not sleeping brill and got that tired yesterday did not know where to put myself x
I have one question which is quite weird to be honest every time I eat anything solid I can hiccups even before i swallow the first bite anyone else have this only got when I had chemo Friday xxxx love this forum very good to get advise and makes u feel they people in same situation xxxx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Gill, and morning ladies and new members . my son Joe plays piano and arranges her music and directs , he's also a singer and just taken his finals at uni. He's been working n a revival of a show called 'Fings ain't wot they used t'be' in London for the last month with Jessie Wallis and Gary Kemp as associate musical director.Joe  and Christina are on the Paul O'Grady show on Tuesday!  I'm arty ,love diy and stuuff and I do am dram and can carry a tune but we can't work out where he gets his talents from .

We are so proud of him as he has been having a rough time too as he suffers from intermittent depression and this cancer has knocked him for 6 too,

It's getting harder as my hair goes for me to stay upbeat for long too , I think I'll be better when it's gone , you know what they say ,...Hair today ,gone tomorrow !"

Have as good a day as you all can xx Jan

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi to Steadie and Leanne. Good to have you on board - going for my second round of FEC T today.

Ruth - I'm not surprised you haven't any energy as you have had such a rubbish time of it with all those digestion problems. I think you've coped really well and managed to keep going. I'm worried the sickness will kick in like you this time round. I can't bear feeling nauseous .Also worried as bowels back to normal so I guess that will change after today!

Linda - I'm wondering if I will be put on those injections after my stint in hospital. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with them.

I hope you get out today Sheryl.

Best wishes to all,


Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to the new ladies :))


GMC - how you can clean the house etc is beyond me so kudos to you ! I feel very weak and light headed as I am not eating at all well and lost nearly 2 stone so far.Second chemo brought nausea with it, which I am still battling with despite several anti sickness meds.


I am surviving on rehydration sachets,multi vitamin tablets, then white bread and plain biccies as I just cannot face anything else. I have been told to steer clear of dairy which I don't mind, but fruit too which is my faveourite thing to nibble on. Curiously drinking coke seems to settle my tummy which is something I don't normally have at all. 


Wax2014 A pal of mine does my jab for me the day after each chemo as I am too sqeamish, maybe the nurse could show a pal of yours to do this too?


Still trying to keep positive with my uni daughter returning home next week for the summer, a concert in london in June plus my cornwall hol in july, so klets hope we get to go to these treats ladies :)) xx Ruth xx



Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi stedie and leanne welcome to you both.
My 2nd round went ahead as planned yesterday,slept well just a little washed out this morning. Oncologist amended the steriod tablets so I don't just take for 3 days then stop as that stopped me in my tracks last time and the dizzy spells and tiredness really kicked in.So i have five days now on a reducing dose, I also have injections for the next seven days to boost my white cell count..anyone doing these and can offer any advice? District nurse coming round to show me how to do them ..fingers crossed i get through this round better than the first. How 's everyone else fairing?
Gill, good luck for today, hope it goes well for you...hugs to all....Linda xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi not sure if I have done this correctly so apologise if not x. Has my first chemo of fec on Friday gone x. Nausea was horrible and felt very unwell till Tuesday gone x right now am ok sore mouth but been using salt water which helps x. Thing I wonder is that I am not sleeping am shattered out but not slept since had chemo xx any advise x they want me to go on sleepig tabs for few days as don't want me to get run down and get bug xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi everyone, I'm new to the page so thought I'd introduce myself 🙂

I'm Leanne, I'm 31 and married with two children aged 11 and 6. I was finally diagnosed with stage 3 idc at the end of January this year. Finally, as had an ultrasound on a lump in may 2013 and told it was lumpy tissue due to my age.

I've since had a mastectomy of the left breast, as it was riddled, 5/17 nodes were affected. I have a tissue expander and I'm awaiting a psychological assessment to have the right side removed and started TAC chemo on the 12th May. I'm due to have 6 sessions to be followed by radiotherapy.

I've been relatively positive which has surprised me as I also have borderline personality disorder.

Sorry if this is a bit garbled, I'm not up on all the lingo haha! But I'm really looking forward to getting to know some new people and reading others experiences 🙂


Re: Hi 23Dec, What did you actually eat to combat this naus...

Hi Jan

Just watched your youtube clip - she's really very good isn't she? What instrument does your son play? What a venue- you must be very proud.

Hope you sleep better tonight. I've been shopping and cleaning the house like a crazy woman as I know I won't have any energy after 2nd round tomorrow!

Gill X

Re: Hi 23Dec, What did you actually eat to combat this naus...

Morning girls , I seem to be having the opposite effect with diet , i seem to be hungry all the time and have put over a stone back on in about 3 months .My hair is fast receding and I was hoping it would last until 

 the weekend as my son is playing at the Elgar room at the Royal Albert Hall for the next 3 nights for Christina Bianco  Check her out    http://youtu.be/ZQZZpFrVSOQ     (and haven't got my wig sorted yet , perhaps the burkha after all !

Hope your nausea passes , I had a little queasy feeling in the night but did take meds late due to sleepless night 

Hope we are all ok for the weekend xx Jan

Hi 23Dec,   What did you actually eat to combat this naus...

Hi 23Dec,


What did you actually eat to combat this nausea? I am also right off dairy foods, tea,coffee,chocolate. All I am able to stomach is white bread,white rice with chicken or plain potato,plus the occasional plain biscuit such as digestive or rich tea.Its miserable not being able to indulge, but then again I have lost nearly 2 stone !

I hope you are feeling better xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Glad to report that the nausea is subsiding a little.......I will certainly try to get more medication next time around for it.....such a horrid feeling...!I certainly find that eating little and often is the best way. There are so many similarities to pregnancy! I have gone right off tea, coffee, chocolate, most foods, and any containing any fat! Not sleeping too well, with quite depressive thoughts - just randomly possing into my head - which I think is the side-effect of the steroid drug.....makes it a long night though.....

Cant wait to get some energy back to tackle the garden.     

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Everyone !


gmc - great to hear you are back home well done and I hope session goes ok on friday.


wax2014 - Good Luck for today too.


I woke at 4am this morning feeling rather nauseous...I haven't suffered with this so far. So watched rubbish on tv after taking anti sickness meds and feel slightly better after water and dry toast. Otherwise just tired after fec number 2. A few strands of my hair are beginning to come out but no clumps yet. xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Thanks, Linda, and good luck tomorrow. x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Gill, great news that you are finally home and that your next round hasn't been delayed to much, hope you can relax tomorrow and have a good day ..I had my bloods done today ready for tomorrow, haven't heard anything so I am presuming it'll all go as planned for round 2 tomorrow.
I also plucked up the courage to get hubby to shave my head..must say it feels so much better but I am now avoiding all mirrors ....
Linda xxx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Ladies

Got out of hospital yesterday so it's great to be home. I had to go back for pre chemo checks today and as bloods ok I'm having my second session this Friday so only got delayed 2 days in the end. However , knowing how quickly circumstances can change, I'm keeping everything crossed. I was really impressed at the checks as when asked what problems I came up against I mentioned indigestion and thrush. The nurse said she would arrange for suitable meds / pills to combat these for me to take home on Friday to prevent it happening again. Save me buying packets of rennies ! 

Well done to all having had their 2nd chemo and hope you're feeling as well as poss.

Gill X 

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

cassa I am struggling with the forum and real names too :))

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hello Everyone,


Second FEC went ahead yesterday and other than feeling really tired, it went well. The nurses checked my portacath scare, which isn't infected but still isn't closing properly so I have daily fressings to change still.

I had the cold cap again and my hair has gone very dry and a few strands falling out, so the nurses advised to keep going with it.

I still have bowel problems so they still advised this high energy diet aka bland and boring lol. I don't think I can look at white rice/bread or potatoes again but will keep plodding. What is the brat diet ? I hadn't thought of bread sticks sodastream what a good idea 🙂 My first FEC wekk wa sok it was 2nd week that things went pear shaped so hears hoping it doesn't happen this time.

My dad is in hospital still and we managed to get mum into a specialist dementia home for 2 weeks initially, so the pressure is off my 3 siblings now although I cannot visit either of them 😞

Good Luck everyone with your treatment xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Ruth I have popped over from the April board. I have now had 4 rounds of chemo as the first 4 rounds were every 2 weeks. I was okish the first 3 rounds and had constipation , then all hell broke out on day 3 after round 4 with the runs. I ended up in the doctors surgery on a drip because I became so dehydrated! Since Saturday have felt better in myself but still experiencing a series of run in the am and in the evening . I am taking lomotil . The doctor put me on a BRAT diet and to be honest it no worse since I have tried to eat more. I have the added complication of having shingles and am having to take a anti viral drug for this I am just hoping in a couple of days when I finish them everything will settle down again before round 5 next week when I start 3 weekly cycles. I am living in Cyprus and the support isn't great here!
Drink plenty of fluids and eat sensibly hope you will feel better soon. Its good to know that others are experiencing similar symptoms! x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Ladies, still trying to get my head around everyone's Christian names and forum names, I am sure it will register with me soon. Hope your 2nd chemo sessions went ok today Ruth and Jan, good luck Lorraine for tomorrow and Gill really hope you are home from hospital soon, my 1st chemo (fec) tomorrow, feeling quite relaxed at the moment and going to check out the annabandana website, hugs and best wishes to all on this May thread x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi all


Good luck for Ruth and Jan from me too for your second round of chemo. Let us know how you get on. Had my bloods taken this morning and have to say was in and out in 5 minutes so I now feel it was worth going through the discomfort of having the portcath fitted (although I didn't think that at the time). 


With regards to early sickness feelings, agree you should check with the chemo nurses for some additional anti-sickness medication. They gave me Cyclizine Hydrochloride as a back up if I still felt sick after the other tablets (Emend and Dexamethasone) and I only had to take it on two occasions in the first couple of days after my chemo session, so I have plenty left. I will see if I need them after my second session which is tomorrow. 


Lorraine x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Sodastream
Thanks for that, my head is like a sieve at the moment so need to put pen to paper!

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Jbf57 good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Remember to write a list of questions down before you go so you don't get home and remember you forgot to ask something. If you're starting in June then I'd suggest starting a June Monthly chemo thread as well as it's been invaluable linking up with others going through chemo at the same time. That being said its also good to look on the months before like you are as it gives you an upto date insight into what we're going through.

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi 23Dec glad you've found it onto our forum and welcome. I had my first FEC (I'm having 8 x FEC-T then surgery then radiotherapy) and luckily just felt a little queasy for the first 2 days which was relieved by snacking on breadsticks. Lots of the others on here haven't had it so good so hopefully be able to help with the sickness. My understanding is we shouldn't actually get to the stage of being sick as there are so many anti sickness medication out there to control it. If you are feeling really sick I would phone the chemo nurses as they could probably get you a prescription for some stronger medication.
Hope you're feeling well other than the sickness and nice to hear from you. If you want to join our Facebook group then let me know and I'll private message you the details. Sheryl

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi 23Dec

Yes you are! I'm just looking at the forum as going for my oncology appt tomorrow, had results last Friday

and now find myself starting on the chemo route! As I'm hoping to get away for a quick holiday in a couple of weeks won't be starting until June.

Best wishes


Re: Starting chemo May 2014

HOORAY!!!! LOOKS LIKE I,VE ARRIVED....... First chemo yesterday (lst of 6FECS) felt very nauseous during the night - wondered whether actually vomiting would make the feeling go away, or not? Does anyone know the answer to that? (Nausea is my horror!!!)

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi, I keep on trying to get onto this thread, but am pretty clueless on cumputers, so, here we go again. I will hope that someone lets me know if I am on here now?! 

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Thanks Jan, you've popped up again to make us smile..my jersey hats and scarves are from anna bandanna and are lovely, loads of colours to choose from and you can mix and match ! Here's hoping your second round goes well today too xxLinda xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Good luck Ruth and Jan for today. Let us know how you get on. Sorry to hear cold cap didn't work for you Jan. I'm only day 5 but hair definately feeling dryer so will wait to see what happens.

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning ladies ,

Round 2 for me today too. Not going to bother with cold cap as it obviously hasn't worked . I bought a couple of fitted scarves from our local hospital as there is no Headstrong clinic near me ,cheap nasty quality and £9 each so they are going back as my lovely caps from AnnaBandana came this morning and they are great quality and so inexpensive . I think the hair loss has been the worst part for me,I sailed through the surgery and chemo and thought I'd got away with it until day 18 .

Hope everyone has a good day and those incarcerated get parole soon, those of you who are having a rough time of it get relief asap . In the immortal words of Mrs Brown ....FEC it ! 

 Oh well ,can't sit here moping  sun is shining, birds are singing and I have a lot to be thankful for. So I'll take my own advice .

All together now:-

If life seems jolly rotten
There's something you've forgotten
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing
When you're feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps
Just purse your lips and whistle, that's the thing

And always look on the bright side of life
Come on!
Always look on the right side of life

xx Jan 

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Good luck Ruth for today, first one of us on the second round, (I think) so many names and stages to remember now..please let us know if it's better, worse or the same !

Again welcome to cassa and amerthey (another Linda, this may get confusing) I am having 6 x Fec so I think getting off quite lightly, although it's been a complete learning curve this time round. Back to the doctors last night as I now have two rather large swellings on my lower arm from my veins complaining loudly ! Have been told that this will reduce in time but not sure if chemo can take place without some sort of line to avoid them.Cassa really hope you are braver than me ! I've been trying to pluck up the courage to shave my head for a couple of days now, Will have to wear my hats and scarves from today as it is really thin now. 

Main advice is to listen to your body, relax when you can and any symptoms get them checked out and I'm sure you will be fine. If you need to ask anything we are all here to answer what we can from the various experiences we have had from our first rounds. 

Lorraine - good luck for tomorrow and Gill how are you feeling today?


Linda xxx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Everyone,


Well here I go again.....2nd FEC today. I have remembered to pack a hairbrush and a cardigan this time 🙂


GMC, I hope you get home soon,keep your spirits up I know it must be difficult xx


I am going to stick to the high enrgy foods in the hope that I don't get the upset stomach this time, its a boring bland diet but seems to be effective , although I am still burping for england !


Good Luck everyone xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi ladies, thanks for your posts much appreciated, I am not planning on having cold cap although I am a bit worried about losing my hair, I have had short hair for years and last week had it cut really short in preparation, I wash my hair daily and figure I won't really be able to do this for cold cap to work, so I am thinking once I start to lose it I am going to shave it off - brave talk at the moment I know !! Don't suppose I know what I will really do till the time comes. Loved your comment Climbing Rose about avoiding mirrors x . I have replied to your private message Sodastream, thanks x. Off out tomorrow to stock up on all the things you have all mentioned, plus more. Best wishes to you all x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Linda and Cassa I've sent you a private message about joining our Facebook group.

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning ladies and welcome to Cassa and amerthey. 


My treatment plan is 3 x FEC then 12 x Taxol, followed by radiotherapy. My second FEC is this Wednesday which I'm hoping will go as smoothly as the first one. I did feel anxious before the first one, but the nurses know what they are doing and will make sure you feel comfortable. Make sure you take the meds on offer and supplement with pain relief as required (as long as your nurses say this is ok). I did not use the cold cap as didn't like the idea of that on my head and am now getting more used to the hair loss and started wearing a scarf today as my hair is now quite patchy and I don't feel comfortable going out with nothing. I agree with Sheryl in that everyone is different and will not have the same side effects, but just be prepared in case you have any. I went through sore mouth (bonjela and cordosyl good), sickness feeling (eat little and often) and hair coming out (avoid mirrors). Hope everyone has a good day, Lorraine xxx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

morning may chemo buddies .Had my first batch of chemo on friday .Been ok till yesterday when injections started and feeling very achy now .Also suffering all night with heart burn .Had taken drugs now so should be up and about planning weddingss today for a bit to keep me occupied nothing like counting in chair covers and sashes ready for the next wedding but will keep me occupied .Cant seem to sleep at mo been like this since diognosed in dec .Hot flushes dont help .hows everyone doing that has just started would like to keep in touch .lindax

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Good morning ladies. Still writing this from my hospital bed - been here a week now and bored stiff ! Still on IV antibiotics in the foot and antibiotics in the hickman line. All getting a bit tedious even though the staff are very nice. Looks like wed 2nd chemo will have  to be postponed. Mortified about that as just want it over with.

Hope your first chemo goes  well on Wed Cassa and you have stocked up with rennies

Ruth, hope your parents are doing as well as poss and you can enjoy your sisters visit.

Glad one of us has escaped  Linda and sounds like you are coping really well Sheryl.

All the best to everyone and make the most of his glorious weather.

Best wishes Gill

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Cassa,


I am having 4 x FEC, 12 x Taxol, radiotherapy then Tamoxifen for 5 years. I have my 2nd session on Tuesday 20th. I also had the cold cap like Sodasteam and agree, if you can bear the first 15 minutes it is fine. The actual sesison is relaxing and I just read and watched tv and the nurses are really nice too.

I bought Cordysol mouthwash and bonjela for the sore mouth if you get it and lip balm. I have found eating little snacks rather than meals better for the digestion too. We all react in different ways, I would just say listen to your body, nap if you are tired and drink loads of water to keep hydrated.

Let us know how you get on , good luck xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Cassa. I'm having 4 x FEC and then 4 x T but without the herceptin. The best advice is read all of our posts and tips and be prepared in advance for anything. I made sure I had medication for if I was constipated, heartburn, mouth ulcers etc. I'm now on day 4 and apart from very dry lips (get a good lip salve ) and a little heartburn I've been fine. It's not stopped me doing what I want to do and have managed to go out for walks everyday and meet up with friends. However I am feeling slightly tireder and have allowed myself a daytime nap when tired.
I did the cold cap not sure you're planning that? If you are it is agonising for the first 15 minutes but then you go numb and it's quite refreshing, you just have to get through the first 15 minutes.
You'll be fine and just remember everyone has different side effects and it doesn't mean that you'll get them all. Hope it goes ok and keep in contact. Sheryl

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Ladies this is my first post on this thread, I have my first chemo on Wednesday, starting to feel a bit anxious now, I am having 3 x fec and 3 x tax along with Herceptin starting on my 1st tax. I have been posting on the Her2 positive thread this last month ( and it's been a long month ) but the support I have received has been tremendous and most of the ladies on there suggested this post where everyone is starting chemo together, it sounds like most of you have started the journey so any tips and advice would be appreciated. Best wishes to you all Cassa x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

wax2014, good to see you are home again 🙂 xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hello wax2014


To look at your PM's just look at the top right hand side of the screen and click on 'Messages'.  Your PM's should be in there.


Best wishes

June, moderator

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi ladies, I've escaped !! Nice to be home..don't really want to be doing that again. Been sent home with antibiotics to take till thursday ..need to ring chemo suite to see if this will delay my next round... catching up on the threads thank you all for the birthday messages it did lift my spirits..
Gill, are you home yet? Hope you've at least got some energy back...
Sheryl..I'm a real dinosaur with technology..never used a forum till I needed this one..how do i see your pm? Would love to join the facebook group but would have to get Jem to set me up first! What would we do without teenagers!!
Sounds very much like hair or lack of it is affecting most of us now. I washed mine for the last time this morning and can now park a bus in my parting! Time to give up and buzz it off the hoovers full and I'm fed up of it randomly falling into my lap. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and on the mend..ding ding..round two !! Linda xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Linda happy birthday for yesterday and sorry to hear that your in hospital, hope you and Gill are out soon and able to enjoy your familys xx  i seem to ahve lost a day yesterday it was a normal day footie with little one, housework and shopping (i dived in and out of small supermarket rather than sainsburys) and then a girly afternoon watching the football followed by a chinese from my trustworthy chinese ( i rang them and explained and they were happy to prep everything fresh for me).  It was a great day.  Hair still moulting but apart from tinny taste all is good.


Ruth So sorry to hear you cant get to your mum and dad but what a good idea doing a video message 🙂 Let social services help out and good to hear your sister going to be here soon so she can help out, you need to keep as well as possible.  Sending big hugs to all of you not well and in hospital or just feeling horrid. 

Sheryl how are you today?


Im doing 3 cycles of FEC then 3 x tax, i have chemo once every 21 days with blood test the day before

Have a healthy happy day girls Lucia xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Good Morning Everyone !


Hurrah ! First full nights sleep since having my first chemo on April 29th and first poo where I can honestly say stools rather than diahorrhea lol, sorry to be so graphic ! So advice on a high energy foods intake seems to have done the trick.....plain white bread and rice, plus potatoes with no butter sauces etc.

Lets hope it is not going to be a cycle situation as I have my next FEC on 20th May. Period also seems to have finally stopped after 2 weeks too.But the skin infection surrounding my portacath scar doesnt seem to have shown much sign of disappearing despite anitibiotics, so the chemo nurses will sort that out hopefully.

I hope you are all doing ok and wax2014 and gmc lets hope you are both on the mend xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi all. Hopefully waking unto another glorious day has kept your spirits high. I slept really well last night and gingerly got up this morning not knowing what to expect but have bounced out of bed and eaten a huge bowl of cereal. Other than having the munchies and wanting to eat I feel fine so will make the most of this.
I've just been through this forum and noted who is part of it and who has joined our Facebook group. I'm sure you'll all agree this Forum is invaluable as support and advice to each other but also others that have just been diagnosed and we will all continue to post here. The Facebook group is allowing us to become friends and get to know each other personally as individuals and not cancer victims. It's lovely sharing photos of what we're up to, our beautiful new haircuts, wigs, tattoos etc.
wax2014 i sent you a private message about the group but see you haven't read it. If you want to join us follow the instructions on that message.
Butterfly318 I know you're not on here that often but if you'd like to join us let me know and I'll send you the details too.
Have a good weekend ladies.
Sheryl x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Ladycroft, Thank you for your support, I am steering clea rof visiting da din hospital, but my daughter hit on the idea of recording a video message from me on her mobile to play to dad when she visits him 🙂


Sodastream, Thank you for your support and wishes too.I have my bloods done on the day I go in for my chemo session, then the chemo and then sit there for a further one and a half hours with my horsey helmet aka cold cap on, so all told I am there for 4 hours.


Keep your peckers up girls, glad to be able to chat to you and shar eour thoughts.


p.s can someone give me the facebook page to add please? 🙂 xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

wax2014 aka Linda, Happy Birthday to you ! Lets hope you and GMC both get out of hospital soon. xx Ruth xx



Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Linda, happy birthday to you !

Sung from one hospital bed to another.

Love Gill x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Sheryl, my first set of chemo is also FEC every 3 weeks with a blood test the day before like Jan. On day 17 now. I am to have two further FECs then start my second set of chemo being weekly Taxol for the following 12 weeks (with a blood test the day before). Followed by 18 sessions of radiotherapy which I am going to have when we come back from Florida (which we hopefully will be able to go to). Then Tamoxifen for 5 or 10 years, can't remember which. 


Sorry to hear so many of us have ended up in hospital - sending hugs to everyone, especially Linda for your birthday. 


Added stress for us is having to appeal for a school place for Annabel as she didn't get a place where all her friends are going. These things are sent to try us! Lorraine xxx