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Starting chemo May 2014

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Sheila and Lucia. I felt tired out yesterday basically stayed on the sofa. Tablets are working for the nausea and I've been hungry at the appropriate times.. No doubt the dexa. Slept for a good uninterrupted 10 hrs last night which has helped. Feeling a bit constipated now and my period has come early.. But overall i think this is a better day... Fingers crossed. I had surgery last month so have been off work since then. I work as a practice nurse seeing patients with minor illnesses so I do not have the type of job I can dip in and out of and my body would not cope with the amount of germs buzzing about the place so I've been signed off work at present for all of my six cycles. Definitely hats off to you Sheila back to work already.. But try and take it easy. Hope you feel brighter soon Lucia. I'm going to be kind to myself and not push myself too hard... That's the plan xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Lisa and shelia hats off to you going to work, id never manage that i just seem to float from bed to sofa the first week buy glad your both not suffering to much x
Have only managed washing up today and a bit cheesed off. Bitjealous that oli can escape but dont want him indoors with me all the time either, he needs to be a kid. Rice works well for me too but can also eat fruit which is good but need a bit of flavour with everything. Struggling with fluids and ended up back on ice lollies and watermelon, going to hate them after. Brain really forgetful at the moment but although feeling sicky and tired i can go to the loo this time so should count this as doing ok. Lucia x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi lisamp how did it go 4 you I was worried all nt before it went fine.had bad nt sleep woke up at 4 with blinding painfull head and earache.was only there.for 2 hours really caring people.felt bit sick but can cope but not much appite.had my long hair cut short nxt stop skinhead.u have sent my ponytail off 2 childrens cancer 4 wigs.i have my nxt dose on june 29 th.wen I got home from hodp had a snack then went out 2 work.dont think it will b like that all the time.i have my op 6 or8 wks after chemo then another gap and 3 wks radio.what about you.take care sheila

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Sheila.. I felt fine after the administration of FEC, and staff lovely, however later in the evening I was hit with nausea, aching about my neck and very tired, took the prescribed meds got myself off to bed, managed some broken sleep as was peeing for Great Britain! Woke feeling ill/hungover headaches but manageable with meds. Take care. I'm drinking plenty fluids and have bed able to eat lightly, mouth a little sore today too.

It's good know there are so many brave ladies on this site who are all helping each other through this journey xx

Lisa x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

sleep well Sheila and take it easy tomorrow Gill X

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi gilly how r u just had my first chemo today it went ok was there about 2 hours.1 down 5 more 2 go.been feeling bit sick but am realy tired never slept last nt at all.had my hair cut all ready 4 the wig will keep u up 2 date sheila

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi all sorry not been on much x
Well I am now on day 14 of first cycle and have no side effects at all x well only one my hair started to come out yesterday and today it falling bad and have bald patch at front did not realise it would happen to fast so I am now going shave it as it is itchy and also scalp is sore xx feel upset about it but for me I think it better than watching it fall out in clumps x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

I went for chemo pre assessment yesterday and got the great news that my cancer has not spread anywhere, i was so scared of this as i have a genetic disorder that means i dont have the cancer fighting gene so it more likely to spread quicker. Feel a bit more positive now that i can try and beat this.
One thing that does annoy me. Is the waiting times when you go to these appts. I was the second appt yesterday and still had to wait 1 hour, i know emergencies can crop up but dont they realise what a anxious time this is for us.
Im having my head shaved tonight as my hair is all matted together. Im also worried about the pity looks, i wore my hat yesterday even though i still had hair and felt people looking at me so i think its more they are looking at the assessories rather than the person as my hat was lovely so they were all jealous lol.
Me and my mum are going away for the weekend so i can get used to having no hair in a place that no one knows me and we could so do with a break.
Even though i am 32 i live with my mum after loosing my dad three years ago to cancer and we just need to get out of these four walls

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Good Luck Sheila and Lisa on your first chemo. Let us know how you get on and don't forget to ask if you need any advice.
Ruth I really feel for you regarding your parents, it must be very difficult. I bet you can't wait to see your daughter. Is there any way that the home your mum is in will let your daughter take your mum for a walk into the garden and you can sit outside with her to alleviate the problem of germs.
I'm day 15 and now feel completely back to normal with about 70% of my original energy. Having spent the first 12 days with little appetite and eating small portions I'm back to eating normally. Being bored at home I've taken to baking to occupy me but realise this is not a good idea as I've eaten so many cakes the last 3 days I can feel the pounds piling on.
Hope everyone has a good day. Sheryl

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning..sheila and lisa, wishing you luck for today..once you get there you will feel more at ease the nurses make you feel really comfortable ..if you have any questions whilst you're having your chemo they will be only to happy to put your mind at rest..you'll get tea and biscuits and I get lunch too , make the most of whats on offer it makes the time tick past quicker .
Ruth.. sending you hugs..must be hard to deal with your family issues along with chemo..I hope having your daughter home will give you the boost you need and make your smile return .I am sticking to bland , bread , potato etc although I try and add brown sauce,spices etc to all my meals just to get some taste! But my stomach really doesn't like it..rennies are going down by the packet load ..
Gill..your not a wimp I'd feel exactly the same if hubby were to go away..I think all we are going through makes you feel more vunerable..fingers crossed you stay well this time ...
It's my last day off,back to work next week after having over two weeks off now due to hospital and now staying off for first week of chemo each round..can't get my head round that i'll be working for a week and a half and then it'll be ..here we go again round three..!!!
I feel that i should be happy that it seems to be going quickly but I'm already fed up with the regime of tablets and injections with each round and the tiredness ..also anyone else had the stares and the feeling that people are looking at you with the ..poor thing, shes got cancer face...when your out in hats or bandana's or am I just paranoid ??? Linda xxx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Ruth

What a restrictive diet ! I've had more digestive probs this second round with awful trots and wind which was totally diff to first round when horribly constipated! I think I may try rice today although at the moment I have thrush and it's making it hard to swallow. On pills but slow to work.Sorry you're missing your parents so much but glad you've got your daughter's home coming to look forward to. I threw a wobbly this morning when my husband announced that he has to go to India for work on Sunday for a week. I'm so scared I'll end up in hospital again without his support. Never used to be such a wimp! Also concerned as every time he goes there he comes home ill/ sick ! Hope we both have a stress free day and everyone else on this forum . Gill X

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Ladies 🙂


gmc and ladycroft, thank you for your anniversary wishes , ladycroft you sound just as soppy as me over cats ! I have two, they are brother and sister and 9 years old. Their names are Minstrel and muffin and we got them from a rescue centre.

Wax2014 - Interesting to read that you are suffering with digestive issues as well as me. I have not been able to eat normally since the beginning of my chemo. Yesterday I ate a packet of fruit pastilles and boy did I suffer later. It seems my palate will only tolerate the high energy diet I have been put in which consists of white bread/rice and potato...so boring and if I deviate with a sauce or dare to eat veg or fruit, the diahorrea returns with a vengeance.


I went back to the hospital for a 2nd check up on my port scar yesterday which still isnt completely healed, but they are adamant that they are happy with it, so I guess I will just have to live with it.


I have been on a bit of a down week this week.Dealing with not seeing eithe rof my parents who are holed up in hospital and a care home is difficult , but my uni daughter comes home today :)) xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Good luck Lisa and Sheila. Take it easy after and drink masses to flush everything through and help the bowels! Gill X

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Sheila fingers crossed to both of us starting 1st chemo tomorrow. Let me me know how you get on. Lisa x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Day 10 of round 2 , slept for 5 hours without a pee ! and feel relatively normal today. So if this is going to be a pattern (would that it were so easy) its day 5 to 9 that are the feeling rough days . Looking forward to getting on with things now. 

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning ladies, I'm on day 8 now and keeping my fingers crossed.More indigestion this time and digestive ups and downs too..but the thing that really gets me down is not being able to taste food! I'm coping with injecting myself daily and the reducing doses of steriods this time has really made a difference to coping with the fatigue.
We got up last Sunday and said s*d it we're off hubby had a few days of work so we took jem to the seaside, crabbing and pirate golf down in weymouth along with the 2p machines ..heaven! But had to make sure I constantly washed my hands and was close to toilets at all times as I wee for england just lately!
Good luck to our new ladies starting out any questions just ask but main advice don't try too hard to carry on as normal..from someone who's learn't the hard way as many of us seem to have ending up in hospital after the first round...rest is key..work can wait...at least for the first week in each round..get a doctors note!! Have a good day all ..Linda xxx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Happy belated anniversary Ruth . Chemo brain strikes again . I forgot my cat's 14 th birthday on Sunday! lol
feeling a little beter now taste keeps changing though.
good luck to our new ladies starting chemo soon . We all seem to have had very different experiences but you are not alone and some of the tips will help. Try not to worry about losing your hair, quite a few of us have done so now and it's quite strange to start with but with the amount of wigs and hairpieces you'll get used to it plus your ready to go in seconds ! Heathershair.co.uk are a charity who do great part wigs and fringes to wear under hats and scarves which will be good as not too hot in summer. Good luck and we are all here for you, at differnt levels and stages but we can all support each other xx Jan

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi there just read your post I start my chemo on fri 30 th not lookin forward to it.i like you had long hair and I had it cut short today but instead of throwing it away I have donated it to the little princess charity for childrens cancer you can find the site on hair donation give it a go.i still work and am determing to carry on I refuse to let this thing take hold of me.i have orded a wig for nxt wk wish me luck and take care sheila

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Happy Anniversary Ruth. Hope you can find some lovely ways to celebrate. Gill x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning Ladies,


Whoops ! Committed the cardinal sin of forgetting the date today, which is our wedding anniversary....26 years ! I obviously KNOW the date and had a card ready, but my brain is addlled and I didn't  realise the date ! Ah well, hubby forgave me 🙂 What a difference to last year, we were in a 5 star hotel in the cotswolds celebrating our silver.

Feeling slightly better today, the nausea appears to have abated. but going to ring the hodpital as 8 weeks on , my portacath scar still doesn't look healed. I am farting for England on this high energy diet of white rice/bread and potato, but it does seem to deal with my bowel and digestion problems.

Three more colleagues have announced they have breast cancer , its amazing how common it appears to be.


I hope you are all well and coping. xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Thanks gill for info about the spasm this has really put my mind at ease as i wasnt aware of this, i even rang the hospital and they never mentioned anything either.

Im not sure if my hospital does craft things it wasnt mentioned but i will ask at next chemo session. The hospital isnt very nice though so i prob want to spend as less time as i can there.

Im going to a knit and natter session tmrw, i cant knit so hopefully someone will show me lol

Ive got a metalic taste in my mouth it feels like i have tin foil in my mouth, is anyone else having this

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hello Lisamb


Welcome to the forums, I'm so pleased you are finding them useful and I'm sure other users will be along to support you soon.


If you would like to talk to someone in confidence you may like to phone our helpline  where you can talk to a member of staff. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.


Best wishes

June, moderator


Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hello ladies. I've been reading all your threads with much interest, it has been a real help to me over the last 6 weeks or so. I've now decided to join and post a thread as I'm starting chemotherapy this coming Friday 30th May - so officially a May starter. I'm feeling apprehensive about it and I've tried not to think about it over the bank holiday weekend however have dreamt about it instead!! have appointment with chemotherapy nurse tomorrow to get set for Friday and suddenly it all seems very very real. I had a WLE and sentinel node bx on 6 May had results last Monday told it was grade 3 17mm with clear margins and sentinel node clear. However tumour not hormone sensitive... Have TNBC so chemo is essential. Will be having Fec-T over 18 weeks (3 Fec and 3 T - I think)

I've been busy reading all your experiences, thoughts and tips. It's been a great help. I'm going to ask the nurse tomorrow if they can give me Emend right off as I'm the sort who gets travel sick and had pretty bad morning sickness on both my pregnancies. I had my long hair cut last week to a bob in readiness of the inevitable and I'm food shopping later for marmite and ginger tea!

Lisa xx

Hi all. Hurray I can actually say it without jinxing it,...

Hi all. Hurray I can actually say it without jinxing it, I got to spend a bank holiday at home without being in hospital. Even the yucky weather couldn't dampen that.
I'm day 12 now and feeling pretty much back to normal. Finished antibiotics yesterday. The only thing I find is I don't have the same energy. Yesterday I managed to do the washing, ironing, hoovering and cooking but whereas it would usually take a couple of hours I found myself having to sit down and rest in between each job so it took a lot longer. I am very wary about overdoing it as I am sick and tired of hospitals now.
I am still suffering from constipation and am going to make an appointment with the Dr. I have been eating bran for breakfast everyday, lots of fruit and veg and taking extra strength senokot every day but to no avail.
So far I've not lost any hair so every morning I cherish the job of washing and blow drying my hair not knowing when it will be my last time.
Hope those of you on round 2 are finding the symptoms easing and good luck to those of you that have round 2 this week.

Re: Gill sad

Hi; well, that;s the bank holiday over.....we had glorious weather today in Devon....I love the sun, but sat in the shade, as it seems that even our skin is more sensitive!I am glad that I am going through this ordeal in the summer though......imagine it being the winter, and cold and dark and constantly raining....yuk! At least I feel I can justify sitting in my garden and doing nothing! Today I gave myself a pedicure!!!  Ok, not that amazing! However, to me it was - because I don;t normally take such good care of myself - and it made a great difference to how my feet look and feel! I am also trying to take good care of my skin - I guess its a bit of a control-issue,at least I can have control over some of my body - whilst my gut just does its own thing and is totally out of control!

I've always been so busy looking after other people that I have never really looked after myself very well....and having this has made me somehow value myself more.......we all should value ourselves more!I am finding that I can only eat food which looks really nice and so am taking extra care about presentation - whereas before I would just eat whatever was quick and easy (and cheap) - but now I am making sure that the food I eat is good quality and attractive.


 Jj1981 - I understand how long the days can seem....and you seem to be very concerned about the cancer having spread. I truly hope that the investigations put your mind at rest. My hospital has a day drop-in place for cancer clients, with activities (such as craft-groups) happening-does your hospital possibly have something similar? I quite enjoy it, and its reassuring to be with people with similar difficulties sometimes.

Rosie, hope your chemo goes well on Thursday, and that this is a good week for us all.......


Gill sad

Hi ladies and Gill im sorry to hear your feeling a little blue today, its part of the territory but just remember you ahve to go down to come back up, so hopefully over soon, upping your omega 3s helps such as alnuts peanuts or almonds it affects the serotin levels which control moods xx


Ive been more on our fb page as i cant access this properly on my phone as its so rubbish.  Have had a good weeka nd appetitie good ready for the none eating enxt week.  Ive found eating watermelon good and like yourselves plain rice and chicken and new potatoes to fiull me up and im ok with green veg, red veg and purple and red fruits which they say are full of antioxidants and good for you.  (not sure what anti oxidants are or if ive even splet it write).


I had nausea for about 10days so will mention to the nurse when i go for my 2nd session on weds as the tablets i have havent worked.  I took ended up with windy tum and found lucozade helped me burp and indegestion would then clear.  Funny tum for about a week as well but its just settled down so prop will happen again this time.  As its half term ive arranged for my teenager to absent from home for a few days and stay at a friends so i cna just do my own thing in my own time.  I had to steer clear of dairy until the last few days but have managed to drink tea last couple of days which has been good.  Toast and marmite is a huge staple in my home at the moment and watermelon for when im fed up with water.  Ive been ok with fruit but seem to ahve put all the weight i lost back on again this week.


Ive been out with my hairpiece today but will post on my fb.  Does anyone know how you stop the email notifications as i had loads today


Hope al those feeling rough will improve soon and hello to all the new people


take care chat soon


Lucia x

Re: Re Ruth

Hi Ladies,

Seems like we're all going  through it at the moment. You poor ladies with the awful "runs" problems. With the opposite problem I'm finding the movicol is keeping it in check.

Jj1981 - I do feel for you and what you're going through. When I had awful constipation and finally managed to go it made a small tear (**bleep** Fissure). This resulted in after a bowel motion excruciating pains in the coccyx area. I was told this is because the rectum goes into spasm which can last for hours but taking pain killers really helped. Who's have believed we would ever be sharing such intimate details -thank God for this forum!

Ruth , I quite understand your muddled head- mine is much the same and I too struggle with names and the time to keep posting.Hopefully you will dip into facebook again when you're feeling more up to it.

Ladycroft, I always love your inspirational words always tinged with such a streak of humour. Not feeling like a very brave woman today though. Bit weepy and pathetic really.

Cathy, like you have re-discovered reading - especially some rather trashy novels! Nothing high brow for me - bring on the Jilly Coopers! I do miss my evening whisky but can't bear the thought of the taste of it yet - and if I can fall down the stairs stone cold sober I dread to think what a drink would result in !

Love wine - thanks for your input - so good to hear from someone who's a little ahead and can give a pointer in the right direction.

Have a good if soggy Bank Hol Mod everyone. My daughters and grandchildren are at a very wet Donkey Derby!

Gill X

Re: Re Ruth

Hi Ladycroft,


Thank you for your support it means alot xx


I have come off the f/book group ladies as I am getting completely confused with my addled brain, about who is who here and on there, so don't take offence please 🙂 I am having such disrupted sleep that its all I can do to cope with posting here :))


Just having a lazy day here....again :)) xx Ruth xx

Re Ruth

Oh Ruth , I feel for you. I'm hoping that the Taxol will be easier on the tum. I have never been a sicky type even during pregnancy and working at sea for 4 years I was never sesasick. I don't get food poisoning or anything normally ( extreme alcohol maybe but that's like bi annually in France ! )  But this constant gurgling is doing my head in . Just had ginger tea and toast so that seems to have settled me, trouble is I don't want to eat as not hungry but if I don't .....

I feel very priviliged to be a part of a group with so many strong women who are just taking this in their stride and coping .Wonder how a men's forum would sound like ? lol

Looks like a soggy BH here ,they had our carnival yesterday to fool the weather which worked but most people didn't know that the day had been changed! 

And remember 

When 'I' is replaced by 'WE'  Illness becomes Wellness ! My thought for today , all together now 'We're all in this together etc 🙂


Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi JJ1981


Welcome to the BCC disucssion forums where I am sure you will get lots of good, honest support from the many informed users of this site.  Our helpline team are also at hand to give you that added support both emotionally and practically, but unfortunately as it's the Bank Holiday is closed until tomorrow morning at 9am - 5pm (weekdays 9-5 Saturdays 10-2) calls are free, 0808 800 6000.


Take care

Jo, Moderator

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Everyone,


Famous last words ! Diahorrhea hit with a vengence again yesterday...maybe because I relaxed and had some chocolate plus a rhubarb fool. I am already on emend and 2 other anti nausea tablets, but they are not combating it this time. I think I am just going to have to resign my self to the fact that I am going to endure digestion issues throughout the FEC , hopefully not through 12 x taxol too.

My sis -in-law popping over today to really crop my hair.I have had 2 cold caps and whilst it isn't fallin gout in clumps, I am certainly shedding alot of loose strands.Ihave already resigned myself to losing the hair but the nurses persuaded me to try the cold cap for a while, at least it will shorten my chemo sesison by one and half hours if I opt to shave my hair off !

I am fasting for 48 hours now, as I found it was th eonly way to kick the bowel probs into touch last time...oh joy !


I hope everyone else ok xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Ruth glad that your dad and mum are both safe this is an added worry for you and it must be very difficult not to go and visit them. But with the added risk of further infection its just not worth the risk. If anyone comes to visit me now I won't let them kiss or hug me as I really couldn't dope with anything else!
I was told to steer clear of dairy. I am still having 1 cup of tea a day but using very little skimmed milk in it. I like you don't really know what I fancy when I have something I fancy it doesn't taste right! Oh happy times! Yes it reminds me of being pregnant. Hope you are still diahorrhea free. I am still suffering night and morning. I am due for next chemo on Thursday so we will see what oncologist has to say! x

Re: Hi 23Dec, What did you actually eat to combat this naus...

Hi 23Dec I have popped over from the April board. I like you used to enjoy a drink. Since starting chemo at the end of March I have barely touched a drop. My husband and I went away for 3 nights during one of my better spells and I did enjoy the odd g and t and glass of wine. Most of the time I don't feel like it. I do become rather resentful and sorry for myself when out with friends and they are drinking and I am not. But you are right this is a very good time to take the bull by the horns and change the habit! I am hopeful that I will be able to enjoy the odd social drink in the future! Good luck!

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

I had my first fec 13th may. Felt a bit nauseus a few times so just make sure i keep taking anti sickness pills. I had really bad constipation and after not going until the following sunday where i nearly passed out from pain i have been taking my tablets for constipation every day. On wed i had excruciating pain in my coxic had me screaming in pain and brought on panic attack as i got so scared, pain went after a few hours and painkillers and i havent had it since.
Im petrified that cancer has spread everywhere, ive got a ct scan tmrw so will know either way for sure soon. I think one of the worse things is boredom. I dont work i was having this year off to go travelling when i found the lump so now im just at home counting down the hours until my mum comes home from work so i can have a conversation with someone.
My hair is starting to come out now and my headis quite itchy, i have long hair so going to shave it in he next few days

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed in March and had lumpectomy seen weeks ago. Had my first FEC of six two weeks ago and due next one on Friday. Apart from slight nausea and feeling shivery not too many side effects from last time. In fact last week I actually started worrying that maybe chemo isn't working and that I might be resistant to it.

Hair started falling out last Wednesday evening and is nearly all gone. My scalp has been really sore so I have cut what was left to about an inch long to stop it pulling. Wore my wig out today as hair looked dreadful. Felt quite self conscious but it was ok although sore scalp meant I was glad to take it off.

Think I'vve got away lightly compared to some of you. Wondering how much worse the second round is going to be. Best wishes to you all. x

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi, Sodastream/Sheryl - please let me know how to join the face-book link, thanks Cathy

Re: Hi 23Dec, What did you actually eat to combat this naus...

gmc So sorry to hear of your accident! Just what you didn;t need....... 

Hope the pain is subsiding and that you are finding things to eat?/drink?

I think that I will ask for Emend next time - as, even when I am well, my gastric-tract is my weak-spot! Nausea gone now to be replaced by acid-reflux

Anyway, good to be back in the land of the living! Energy returning, and I have to take care not to do too much, as I have a tendency to go a bit mad and start digging the garden, etc. etc. and knackering myself....but, I have rediscovered reading - something I used to love, but for years have only done on holiday, and am reading trashy light novels....and enjoying them.....

I am going to really try hard to give up alcohol during this ordeal, and then not drink in the future! I have consumed too much wine over the years, and feel that now would be a good time to pack it in....so, watch this space!

Wishing everyone well, and thanking you all for being on this site - a real support to have contact with so many brave and lovely women 


Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi ladies, just popped over from April thread- I had very bad nausea and vomiting on first Fec , when told onc he put me on a anti sick drug called Emend. Apparently it is very expensive, but if you ask / tell you are suffering nausea then you should get it!! I found it was 100% better on following 2 FECS, also very sour boiled sweets help when feeling sick, good luck everyone. Xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning Ladies

Hobbling around today but lack energy . Day 3 after second chemo and feeling a bit more nauseous than before. Not sure if it's the slimy feeling in my mouth or the lack or taste buds making me feel like this. Everything tastes like cardboard!

At least the sun is shining.

Gill X

Seconds out round 2

Well, I thought first round for me was pretty easy but am not getting away with it this time. Luckier than you though Gill, that must have been a shock. Lucky nothing broken ,I'd say take less water then you wouldn't have hurt yourself when you landed ! Glad you are out Sheryl and Ruth no runs ( fingers crossed,maybe legs too !)
Concert on Friday was fab . That little lady is so talented and we dont have the entertainment programmes we used to so you never se these people unless its on some cruel so called talent show. So proud of my boy Joe he sang a duet with her which I'm hoping to post the vocals on my FB page .
I've been awake most of the night with a very hot head despite no hair, wind ,vile taste ,bad back and headache.Also weird feeling in my leg when I got up like I could feel the hair falling out on it !
Looking forward to seeing my son for a couple of days later on today just hope I stay awake as I want to spoil him .Enjoy the day xx

Re: Hi 23Dec, What did you actually eat to combat this naus...

Hello Everyone,


Just checking in to catch up with you all.


GMC - sorry to hear of your fall I hope you get better soon.

Sodastream good to hear you are back at home again.

Wax2014 - I am suffering with nausea and indigestion this time round as well, not sleeping at all well at night then cat napping during the day.


I am missing a family 60th wedding family lunch today as I really don't want to sit there watching other people eating as it turns my stomach and I find I feel nauseous at the slightest smell or taste. I have a friend coming round to see me though 🙂 At the moment I am snacking when hungry and sleeping when tired but I don't have any energy to do much. I hope taxol x 12 is going to be less hassle than this FEC business ! Ah well 2 Fec down two to go.


Enjoy the bank hol weekend ladies xx Ruth xx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi rosie14,


I am now on Fec number 2 day 6.No diahorrhea so far for this one, but did really suffer badly with it during my 1st Fec. This time I am struggling with nausea and indigestion, load sof burping going on ! I have 3 different anti sickness meds to try and combat this, but its obviously going to be a weak point with me.

I have been eating white bread with marmite, toasted white muffins, white rice or new potatoes with chicken. Its difficult to know what to eat as I buy something, then start eating it, then change my mind and leave it ! It remonds me of morning sickness when pregnant ! I have been told to steer clear of dairy but have been having some fruit for the first time in weeks 🙂

Sorry to hear you ar ealso battling with shingles. My dad has left hospital and is now in a rehab home until he is fit enough to deal with his repaired hip, and my siblings and I are looking into assisted living for him as he is still very independent.My mum is in a specialst dementia home and will stay there now as we cannot cope with her any longer on our own. I haven't been able to visit eithe rof them as my murses said steer clear of both places due to germs and coming up to my 2nd week post fec when I hit the wall last time. I also feel very tired and lack energy. xx Ruth xx

Re: Hi 23Dec, What did you actually eat to combat this naus...

Hi 23 Dec

You have some cracking ideas which I will take note of - especially the bovril as sick of ribena and water. Elderflower cordial hits the spot with me too. Before your next chemo or even now you could contact them and tell them that the anti sickness tablets aren't helping 'cos I've read other ladies have been given much more powerful ones to combat the nausea.


I have been really stupid today. On day 2 of second round of Chemo and not feeling too awful - yet. Came downstairs carrying washing and books and couldn 't see the bottom of the stairs. Resulted in missing the bottom two stairs, landing on my ankle which was agony and became very swollen immediately. Husband took me to A & E , fast-tracked on flashing my chemo card and x-rayed. Thankfully no bones broken so sent home on crutches with instructions to rest, elevate foot and ice packs! More reliant on Ian's good nature than ever now and all my own stupid fault! The Dr did tell me to be extra carefull as we have more brittle bones when having chemo ! Whoopy do !

Another little gem I've been told is to always wash the top of tins before opening them to stop any germs getting into the food and never store opened cans in the fridge -decant into something else - especially during our low immunity days.

Have a good evening everyone, Gill

Re: Hi 23Dec, What did you actually eat to combat this naus...

Hi, all...

Ladycroft - as to what helps with nausea....I don;t know! I had to walk out of a shop the other day because I couldn;t bear looking at food!!!! - but, here I am on day 6 of first chemo and feeling sort of human again! The nausea has been replaced by dreadful acid-reflux, and I am taking Gaviscon for that, only, I don;t like to take it too often, as I believe that your stomach can create more acid to overcome the Gaviscon-effect and create a viscious cycle.

I find that all of the nourishing, healthy food that I filled my freezer with prior to chemo 1 is still sitting there, as I don;t fancy any of it.....I find that I am wanting very light stuff - chicken, Chicken Bovril I suddently remembered, and bought, and that is nice and light and tasty.....Toast and marmite is a life-saver and I poached an egg and had that on top of the toast and Marmite - nice! Little and often seems best. Ginger biscuits, ginger pop, tonic-water (helps me to belch, which I;m not very good at doing, and when I can it relieves the acidity) Picked some mint leaves and parsley and infused them in hot water and drank that......Weetabix with fruit is nice - with very cold skimmed milk - can;t really stand the thought of milk......

It worries me enormously that I seem to have had a parrticularly nauseous time....and this is only the first round, and I hear that it worsens.....is that really so? Will future chemos be more nauseating do people think, and, if so, what advice do you have?

Wishing all a good bank holiday, hoping you can all take it easy. I am fortunate there, in that I live alone, so no-one to have to look after, children, etc.....I truly take my hat off to all of you who have these additional responsibilities.   

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Fowey just popped in from the April board. I was very interested in your diahorrhea as I have just suffered it for 10 days after round 4 of chemo. I didn't have it the first 3 rounds I was constipated! So this round was a nasty surprise. Like you I ate potato, bread rice and dry crackers. But I was still ill. So I introduced little of what I fancied back into the diet. I found toast and marmite were good, tomato soup and I boiled some rice to go in it to thicken it and give it some body, yoghurt if I felt like it. Still have an issue first thing in the morning and last thing at night but much better.I also have the shingles and have had to take anti viral drugs so not sure if this has prolonged my condition.Do hope you are feeling better now and will soon but some weight back on. I lost about half a stone.I kept mmyself pumped up with liquids.I am so sorry to hear about your father and the added worry of your mother. You could really do without this right now! Do hope you get a care home sorted for her.
I am due round 5 on Thursday I hope to goodness everything is dried up for then!

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi Ladies hope you're all ok. By the sounds of it the second cycle hits you harder so it will be good to be prepared. Feeling sick and spaced out Wax2014 must be awful. Trying lying with a cool wet flannel on your forehead to see if that helps the spaced out feeling. I think the trouble with all ofus is we realise each session will get harder so we're determined to do as much as we can now whilst we can. I've learnt from being in hospital for the last 4 nights that I need to slow down a little. At least I'm home now and having my first meal of choice (amazing boiled eggs and soldiers) has helped. I also have thrombophlebitis in my arm where the chemo was administered so that's my excuse for not tackling the ironing pile that has built up over the past 5 days.
Had some good news today when my 16 year old son said his friend had invited him and 3 others to go on holiday to South of France with his Grandparents. I was feeling so guilty having had to cancel our holiday to Mexico and him not getting a holiday this summer especially as he's revised so hard for his exams. I then got an email from my work colleague saying they were changing things at work and hoping they wouldn't have to make redundancies. They haven't contacted me as they probably think I have enough on my plate but I'm hoping it doesn't affect me.
Have a good weekend everyone and remember not to overdo it.

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning Ladies, Day 3 second round and feel spaced out and sickly, can't remember feeling like this last time also have indigestion! Got to go to hospital clinic today for injection at 12 as the district nurses don't do home visits at the weekend unless you are bedridden! Gonna try it myself today so I don't have to wait around for them.
Jan, you must be do proud of your son, I love the Paul O Grady show..so will be watching on Tuesday..funny you should mention that show ,I have put pen to paper to ask for his help as I feel really guilty for ruining my daughters 14th birthday as I was diagnosed on that day and had to tell her..she's also been through so much and we've managed to get her referred for councilling. She loves the Vamps and I am on mission to get her to meet them so will be writing to every show I can think of ! You never know....
Hope you are all as well as can be expected and can enjoy the weekend albeit wet! I will get on facebook once Jemma finds time to let go of her laptop long enough to set me up xxx

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning, ladies, just dropping in from February...

GMC, re steroids: I have had serious problems with nausea all through (FECx6) and they increased my dose of steroids to last well into week 2 to help with this. But after 5 days they are on a reducing dose: the oncology nurse was absolutely insistent on this being kept to, and wrote out a list of how many to take at what time of day, so I got the impression that stopping suddenly was a very bad idea... Good luck.

Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Hi, just thought I'd pay a quick message on here as I've been using the Facebook site a bit more, find it a lot easier to keep track of the messages etc on there I must admit...

I'm now on Cycle 2, Day 4 and am just getting over the full blown sickly feeling... I did have a horrible headache again for 2 days that I couldn't shift despite drinking loads of water, doors anyone else suffer with this?

Hope you are all doing OK, Kate/x


Re: Starting chemo May 2014

Morning all

Thank you full may call them today thank you had good sleep last night so feel ok x started my period yesterday which is early and do I know about it ( all we need ). Not looking forward to second lot of fec to be honest x strange thing I doing is waking in a morning check my hair straight away and lie still for two mins to see if I feel unwell strange what thus chemo does to you x

Happy day yesterday my 16 year old got him self a part time job he over moon bless him x
Little things at mo make me smile especially when it makes kids happy
This forum as been so helpful to me and makes you feel your not alone in this horrid journey we going through x I know we all have family members and loved ones but don't know about you guys but sometimes when I don't feel well I can see the pain in there tues wishing they can take it all away x your right gill about having younger kids it seems to make me get on with stuff even in bad days x

Anyway hope everyone has a good weekend and my thoughts are with you all xxx