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Starting chemo October 14

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lah21 and welcome to our group!

I like you normally cut off anyone not nearest and dearest, but this is different. I have found the ladies here so supportive and helpful, and we are all going through the same thing - good and bad. Families are invaluable but it's us that are going through this, with all the awful side effects and thoughts that go with it, and it's great to be able to chat with people going through the same thing.

You seem to be on the same schedule as me or pretty close, my 3rd FEC is 19th November next week then I switch to T for the last 3 treatments. I've been pretty lucky as far as side effects go with no sickness or nausea, although I have been in hospital for a few days, and generally I feel ok and can work. Where in the country are you?


LainieG, hope you are much better today and those blased neutrophils are doing their job so you can go home.


Jingo_x are you still on for your 3rd FEC on Monday?


Hope everyone else is feeling better today and can get some enjoyment out of the day


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning lovely ladies...hope you are all doing good today.

Hi lah21 and welcome...never too late to join in. Great that you have already trawled through the postings...such a lot of good tips and you will probably read stuff that resonates with you. I've found this forum invaluable...as you say friends and family are great but they often 'just dont get it'! Great to hear your se have been manageable and hoping that continues for you 🙂 Are you switching to Docitaxal (T) now...many of us..but not all..are on 3 x fec then switching to D for 3? If so, woo hoo you are half way there! 🙂 🙂 🙂 As Debtex says, well done you for working...that is a BIG ask. Xx

LainieG, how you doing today? Might you be going home soon...I do hope so 🙂 xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi lah21, you are welcome to join our group and I hope you get out of it as much as I do. Well done you for being able to work throughout this horribleness, there is no way I would be able to. I'm day 8 of my 3rd fec and still feel very weak and lethargic, not eating properly yet. Yes even though you have an understanding family, they don't really get it the same as us ladies on here. Sorry you are feeling down, I'm feeling a bit like that too, just want my life back to normal.

Morning debtex, I didn't realise you were changing to t next, I wonder why? I thot you would have the same regime as me since we were both node negative. I hope your starting to feel better now, I just have no get up and go at all 😞

Hope everyone else is getting on ok. Lainie fingers crossed you get out of hospital soon now that your count is going up. Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Welcome lah21 ! I'm sure that the other ladies on here will be along to say hi . Hats off to you for working on your good days that is a big call .my memory is currently rubbish too ! I'm just getting thru my 3 rd fec and onto t in a couple of weeks . Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lah and welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure you will find support and shared experiences from your fellow users

In addition, please feel free to call our helpliners for further practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays

Here's a link to the BCC treatments information and further support ideas along with a link to our 'Someone like me' email and phone support service which I hope you will find helpful:



Take care
Lucy BCC

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Ladies.

Am I too late to join you.  I started my chemo in October and I am due my 3rd FEC next Tuesday 21st. I have been reading through your posts and love the way you are all supporting each other.  I have been feeling totally lost with no-one who is going through this too talk to. My immediate family have been very supportive but find so many others don't really know what to say or do.  This is probably my fault as I have cut myself off a bit. Really quite down just now. Losing hair hand over fist and feel as though it will never end.  I have been managing to go to work on my good days but not sure I am being very productive as my memory has deserted me. I spend my whole time writing lists and having to ask people to repeat what they just said. So far my side effects have been mostly managable with things picking up after day 5. I am touching wood as I type this though.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lovely ladies, I've been to a LGFB session this morning and it was a great couple of hours and I've come away with a huge bag of top end cosmetics....now just need to get on and use them! I'd certainly recommend it to all those that haven't yet.

Zelda it was really lovely to meet you this afternoon and to have a catch up face to face and I hope you didn't have much longer to wait to get your meds this afternoon. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow afternoon...here's to getting #3 under your belt 🙂

Hope all who have been feeling down, will soon be on the up...I understand that this is part and parcel of the meds we are taking, so we aren't all going loopy 😉

Anx56, tough, tough times for you - hope you are feeling a little brighter today...but feeling down is OK too...part of life's rich tapestry.

LainieG, wow that's quite a jump in your neuts - fabulous....I'm sure you'll be getting your 3rd poison soon enough...maybe Monday along with myself and I think Junash? I know what you mean about having it all planned out - I'm desperate to keep to the current schedule as it works well with hubsters shifts. But, if it changes I suppose we just need to adapt...we've all been doing heaps of that recently!

I'm on 3 x FEC and then switching to 3 x T Docitaxal, then years of hormone tabs.

A big get together next spring when we are through this and on the up sounds like a great idea. Hugs xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks Peta. I'm feeling a bit better today. My neuts are up to 1.3 so that's quite a jump. The oncologist has already said I won't have my chemo on Friday but I've to go along to the clinic to talk about what's going to happen. Hopefully it'll only be delayed by a few days. I'm coming to terms with it but I'd planned the next few months around my chemo as we all do so I'll need to be more flexible I think. Good luck for Friday and I wish I was joining you (never thought I'd be upset at not being poisoned lol) xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I've got one more FEC and then I'm switching over to the T too Junash. I await to read your posts and find out how you get on, you're a little ahead of me, so keep me posted!

Thanks for all the posts, I'm reading everyday - I hope you're all having one of your good days today and if not, hugs from me. Xx.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lainie

I'm so sorr to hear that you're in hospital - I hope you get out soon. I was in for four days with my first FEC, I did start to feel a lot better when I was in there though, so the rest and antibiotics must have been doing me good. I hope you find the same and escape from there really soon. X

Did you say that you were not being given GCF-S the bone marrow stimulation injections? If not, maybe they'll consider giving them to you now. They keep your Neuts up.

I hope you're not delayed on Friday. I had to have a half dose of the pink one the E bit last time, because my liver function was complaining, and they said that it wasn't unusual to have your dose customised as you go along. Let us know how you get on, and don't be blue, and if you are we are all here to listen.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi all . Day 4 fec 3 . Feel like I'm doing time in prison ! So bored but soooo tired . Can barely move and sleeping all time . Has anyone else had this ? Brain really active and planning what to do next but I can't actually do anything !! Hope everyone is as well as can be x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi murphy,

Glad you're doing much better this time around - thats a good sign for the next one.

Just had my 3rd FEC today - so far so good and yes half way through :-). I switch to T for the next 3 sessions - Docetaxel - I'll be nervous thinking about the change of drugs as I've been great on FEC.

Yep think a lot of my blues was due to this new normal - albeit temporary - its hard the change of routine, work, energy. Also its everything revolving around breast cancer. its tiring!!!!

I'm envious of the girls that have met as you lot really are the only ones that 'get it' - bloody big meet up next year!!!

Hugs to all - hope you're getting through as best as possible xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi nicnac, I've not had the flushed face se but have heard a lot of ladies get it, think it's to do with the steroids. Hopefully it'll go soon, keep an eye on your temp tho just in case xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks murphy1963 i saw your comment about seabands i too am trying this now and up to now not as bad. Have you come across any ideas for a flushed face didnt have this last time feel hot but temp is ok 35-8.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hiya lovely ladies, not been on for a few days but have been reading how you are all getting on. I'm day 7 #3 fec. They seem to have got on top of my nausea this time thankfully by changing one of my tabs, and I also put it down to acupuncture and sea bands. I've not taken any anti sickness meds today and feel ok.

I thought with being at the halfway mark I would feel a bit more upbeat but I am so bored and so so looking forward to a normal life again, I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps. I am so jealous of folk being able to just get on with everyday things, I want to be that person. I'm sick of thinking about bc, chemo, se, bad weeks, good weeks, I want my blinking life back!!!!!! Wee rant, sorry 😞

Bettypoppit and zelda, hope you meet up today. How nice to meet someone in person after all these weeks of talking on here.

Robynv and nicnac, rest up and hope se are minimal. Another one crossed off xx

Junash, glad your mood has lifted. Hope #3 goes ok for you. Halfway there 🙂

Lainie, your doing well, chin up, glad your coming out the other end of your dark place. I'm keeping everything crossed you don't face a delay.

Anx56, what a rotten day you must've had. I am so sorry about your beloved cat, I lost my dog in February and I think about him every day. They give us such unconditional love. Big hugs to you xxx. Re eyebrows, I think they are still here, although I've not plucked up the courage to look in the mirror this last week!!

Jingo, I've also worried I'm not getting enough chemo cause I haven't lost all my hair!! I'm sure it's just waiting to happen though. Your chemo is apportioned to your body weight so I believe. I have lost 10lbs since I started so I don't know if they'll re adjust if I don't put on some weight. Happy birthday to your son, hope his birthday party is a huge success xxxx

Re treatments - who's on fec for the duration, are some on other regimes? Just wondering.

Love and hugs to all my friends xxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lainie About the reduced dose My Oncolgist said it was better to have 6 treatments at a reduced dose than to have to stop the chemo altogether. I am due to have one more FEC then Herceptin and Doxetaxol.But I know consultants vary in there treatment. When I asked if the treatment at a reduced dose would be effective he said that he doesn't know what I need so I suppose that means it's what each person can tolerate. I would take a list of questions when you have your next appointment.I wouldn't worry about any delay in treatment chemo can be given when your neutrophils are 2.0 . I hope you feel better soon xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning all

I have been very quiet on here this week as I have been pretty much SE free and having a very busy time organising my son's 6th birthday party (40 screaming kids - too stressful) and making my first ever birthday cake (2 days it took me!).  Only had one brief wobble when I started getting upset at the prospect of not being around for all his birthdays but apart from that I have not been quite so emotional as I was the week after FEC2.

Only problem I seem to have is like Zelda and anx56 the vein in my arm really hasn't recovered from last dose and I am back in the chair again on Monday.  I guess I will just have to see what they say about it this week.


Day 15 of FEC2 and still have most of my hair, and body hair, and eyelashes and eyebrows - I am very overweight and starting to think that maybe my dosage isn't high enough for my weight if I feel this well.  Talk about finding things to worry about!

Lainie I hope your neutrophil count sorts itself out soon and you don't face too much of a delay.

Lots of love to everyone else and good luck to those in the chair in the next few days



Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi anx56 sorry to hear about your loss of your cat i know how you feel we lost a pet last year.

Treatment went ok yesterday and managed cold cap again was tougher than the first time seemed colder. Resting today on settee got a flushed face today which i didnt experience last time.

Good luck to anyone else having treatment today or this week xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh anx56 I'm so sorry about your cat. I lost my 2 cats at ages 19 and 21. They're such a huge part of your family aren't they. I still think about them 5 years later. I have a cat and a dog ages 6 and 5 now and I don't know how I'd cope with losing them. My heart goes out to you. To lose your cat on that particular day is a double blow. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon.
I'm still in hospital and resigning myself to the fact that my chemo will be delayed and probably reduced. Hope that doesn't mean having more sessions. I'll have to find out about that. I have a date in my head when I want to go back to work. This could mess with that!
Zelda you're having a reduced dose. Do you have to have more sessions?
Junash good luck today.
Robynv and nicnac hope you're feeling ok after yesterday's session.
Debtex hope your arm improves soon. That must be awful
Peta good luck for Friday
Good luck and hugs to all. Hope I haven't missed anyone for good wishes.

Re: Starting chemo October 14


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Anx56.hope you are feeling a little better it's a sad time remembering loved ones I lost my dad 14 years ago today and I so wish he was here today.. I'm sorry about your cat it doesn't matter how old they were its still heartbreaking.I think we all feel so emotional during this treatment I know I do maybe it's having more time to think.I always feel down the week my treatment is due but we have to do our best and carry on .I am due a 3rd treatment this week so you are not too far behind. I hope all goes well with you next treatment.Hugs to everyone and those having treatment this week I hope it goes wellxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi my lovelies... not posted for a couple of days so just wanted to say...had an emotional day yesterday following visit to cememtery as it would have been my darling brother's birthday lost him a long time ago but feeling very raw because of this horrible BC and treatment and spent most of yesterday in tears came home and lost my lovely cat of 18 years he had not been well and passed away on sofa in the afternoon. Was trying to have a good week what with the hair loss and sore eyes they are worse now looking like golf balls! Anyway enough...


Debtex hope your arm is settling down I still have swelling from my first treatment over two weeks ago and found it very painful I tried laying a warm hot water bottle aross it although it didnt work miracles it did help to ease it and make it feel a little more comfortable, I guess anything is worth a try!


Zelda my heart goes out to you hearing that you lost your beloved dog.  Its so sad always had dogs and cats it's so hard when you loose them. Hope the results are good from your echo and that you are not suffering too much Xx


Lainie G and Peta ... Trying to gear up for Friday your both due number 3 you are both so brave only coming up to number 2 feel like I cant cope already! feeling anxious seems to have come round so quickly.  Lainie did you get your emergency card sorted for future, hope your feeling better following hospital stay any news on going home?


Murphy 1963 just to let you know my brows are holding on they need a tidy up but Im scared to touch them in case I prompt them to jump! How are you are yours still in tack?


Nicnac and Robynv how are you both?  Hope all ok yesterday thinking of you and hope that the Se's are minimal


Bettypoppit Hi there hope your doing well  where are you treatment wise?


Hello to anyone I missed love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks lovely ladies for your encouragement and sharing your experiences. You've given me hope that I'll recover soon and get out of here. It's only Monday after all and my chemo ' s due on Friday so hopefully it might be ok. Ive been in a dark place for the last few days but think I'm getting over it and trying to think positively (usually the way I am). Lost myself for a wee while. Thanks again and hope everyone is coping with SEs. We'll get through this and next year it'll be a distant memory. Good luck everyone xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Just woke up had my 2nd fec today all went well with cold cap again. Got home witj a banging headacheand feeling sick again oh the joys !! Wondering if i will make the school run in the moring.
Junash glad to hear your feeling better and the black clouds have gone.
Lainie so sorry to hear your in hospital still, will keep fingers crossed you start to feel better and can get out of there soon.
Robynv hope your doing ok did u have your 2nd dose today ? How you feeling My hair has started to come out in strands and annoying me but its thick so cant tell yet will attempt to persevere with it but who knows.
Off to bed again now hope these steroids dont keep me awake, night night to all you lovely ladies. Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hello my lovelies - been off line for a few days as so busy looking at secondary schools for Sam and general bits and bobs

Lainie - so sorry to read that you're in hosp - hope your 0.6 reading moves up steadily - keep your chin up xx

Hope all those having treatment this week are doing as well as they can.

My 3rd FEC tomorrow - half way!!! picc line didn't play ball today for bloods so they dug around for a vein - will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

For all those who have been down in the dumps, like me for the last 10 days - it has finally lifted - i hope your black clouds have moved away, thank you to the lovely ladies for your kind words - I've reread them today and your words of encouragement for me and the support we're giving eachother is bloody brilliant - thank you.

Catch up tomorrow - Zzz for me now xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi LainieG, that's very frustrating for you but I hope you are feeling a little better today. Even tho your neutropenia levels are only improving slowly,they are going in the right direction :). I'm sure you will soon be home. If you get delayed - as Zelda says it might only be a couple of days and then you will be back on track. Big hug.

Hi Zelda, I've got my list of questions ready for tomorrow and I'll keep a look out for you . I hope your review appointment goes well and you don't have to wait Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lainie I was in hospital for 4 nights my with neutropenia 0.3 on admission they stayed low for few days then suddenly jumped back up. My chemo was delayed for 2 days then given at a reduced dose as I was told that was advisable as it could happen again.I hope you feel better soon I know being in hospital is not where you want to be but all those IV antibiotics will soon make you well again. Try not to worry you will soon be home xx Lots of Hugs

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh LainieG, I am so sorry. that sounds like a nightmare although when I was admitted I was told to prepare for being in all week but I responded well to the treatment and got out early.

I hope you are still feeling well even if the neutrophils are lagging behind.....

fingers crossed and let us know how you are doing


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Well still in hospital. So.much for an overnight stay. Neutrophils taking a long time to increase. 0.4 on Saturday 0.6 today! Been on IV antibiotics since Saturday and the infection marker is just the same. Consultant said today that it's unlikely that I'll have my chemo on Friday and they'll probably have to reduce the dose. He's not an oncologist tho. I'm still in the hospital where I had to go to a&e. Wish they'd transfer me to the hospital with the oncology wing. Good luck to anyone having sessions this week. Robynv I sympathise with you. It takes a while to get able to comfortably look in the mirror. I still don't like it but I'm slowly getting used to it xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Anx56 we'll sitting here doing my second treatment! My son and daughter shaved my head yesterday! It was falling so fast on day 18 and 19 I couldn't take it anymore! It was all over my car falling in my food ugh! Looked so thin and straggly I felt ugly anyway so bought a couple hats and two wigs and am just going for it! Scared to look in the mirror this morn though! Wasn't a pretty sight! Half down today!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit, I will be at the app with a friend probably have my short wig on , I usually have my bloods done then have a coffee in the Hosp canteen then walk to the cancer centre . I'll look out for you xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Sorry didn't realise that was against the rules xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit


No problem, maybe you could PM each other if you want to continue the conversation in private.


Take care


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi June, sincere apologies for posting these names contrary to the rules...wasn't aware. Regards, Jane

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hello Bettypoppit and Zelda


Just wanted to let you know that I have edited your posts and removed the names and comments of your health care professionals that you mentioned  This is in accordance with our community guidelines.


Best wishes

June, moderator

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda, my appt is 3.45pm so we might well be there at the same time.....my beanie (lovely soft jersey from fresh hair) is purple - do say hi if you spot me...my hubster is nearly as bald as i am but he won't be wearing a beanie 😉 hahaha

Betty is curled up in the crook of my legs...keeping me warm and snoring her head off! Lolol bless her.

Hope your review goes well xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit, my Dr is supposed to be there on Tuesday when I go at 4.15.  I found the last Oncolgist good last time, it's not good when its a different Dr each time and the wait seems to be getting longer. Hope all goes well with your review.My dog Poppy is with me on the bed having a snuggle xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi LainieG, I'm sorry you are having to stay in but i hope you are feeling better and better as the time goes by...fingers crossed you will be back home soon.

Hi Zelda, oh i'm glad you have a furbaby to cuddle.... I'd be sooo miserable and feel so isolated without my Betty. Yes i got my wig from and head shaved by Gaynor too. Not seen the new salon yet..always a building site when I've been in, but got my review appt tuesday afternoon so hope to pop in whilst I'm waiting. I'm under a Dr  who i have found to be really nice, informative and approachable - i felt very confudent when i met her - 1st appointment. However, the last 2 appts I've ended up seeing one of her team (which shouldn't be a problem) a Dr xx?xxx?xx? I'm sure he is clinically sound (although the red face i reported seemed to be a new one on him!) but both myself and OH felt that he appeared to be somewhat disinterested in me and how i was doing. So, I'm going to 'request' to see own on tuesday.


Hope all are well and those with treatments this week - good luck and it will be another one ticked off!!!! Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lainie, so sorry you did not get the quick response I did - how awful for you.

I was in for 3 days and 2 nights, my neutrophils went from 0.5  to 1.5 to 7 (!) on the third day and they let me home with a set of antibiotics for 7 days. I felt much better on day 2 and back to normal on day 3!

thinking of you and hoping you get home soon xx


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks geeG. I have to stay in for a few days to have antibiotics for 48 hours and to wait until neutrophils improve. Feeling much better tho. The antibiotics must be doing their job xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Aw LainieG - I hope today is going better for you and you are home by now after 'overnight'… I don't have that card either - maybe we should ask about it - I only got my chemo diary on Thursday because they 'had run out' for my first chemo - "oh it's nothing much - it doesn't really matter" they said! Ah well - 2 down, 4 to go - and first Tax for Christmas! :-[ x x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks ladies for your encouragement. I'm feeling a bit better already. Hoping it's just an overnight stay and I can get home today xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit, Yes I've met Gaynor she's lovely I had my wig from there and. Gaynor shaved my head..The new salon has opened now.I have another dog called Poppy who is missing my other dog but she has lots of cuddles.I feel fine now I hope the chemo will go ahead next week as the sooner it's done the sooner Things can get back to some kind of normal .Hope everyone is having a good weekend
Hi Laine sorry you're in hospital it will take a few days of antibiotics and then I'm sure you will start to feel better Hugs to,everyone xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi lainie, I got my card in my pack with my chemo record book. I hope you are being well cared for now that your up in the ward and get home again soon. You rest and take care xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi bettypoppit i have to go on the fri before my chemo is due on the monday see the oncologist she asked me how id been with SE from the 1st chemo and then tells me my blood is ok and can have chemo monday.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh LainieG thats total pants...i hope that now you are being cared for and getting a mega dose of anti biotics i guess, that you will soon be better and heading home. It's tough....but we are tougher 🙂 xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I'll have to get one of those cards. I'm in Scotland and I didn't get one. Waited ages in a&e then finally had tests. Neutrophils 0.4 and definitely infection so overnight stay and IV antibiotics. 1.50am and waiting to go up to ward. 😕😕

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Debtex - 3 done...woo hoo.... go girl!

GeeG a very good friend of mine, has a choc coloured standard poodle...lovely steady dog and he does pet therapy. He is in fact one of the few dogs that my Betty will tolerate in her comfort zone 🙂

Take good care of yourselves xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi ninac, I'm interested that you already know your blood results. How does that work...I've not been given my results and only got my white bc when i asked the chemo nurse on treatment day!'

LainieG. .thats total pants and I'm sorry to hear you are not well. I really hope that A&E wasn't the nightmare that you anticipated. Like others, i have a 'warning' card that I've been told to use if needing any tratments. Hope you're doing ok now and that you are being well looked after. Xx