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Starting chemo October 14

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Everyone… so many SEs for so many of us… makes the whole caboose so very much more difficult to get thru… FEC SEs are certainly proving tricky for most of us.

This is me on Day 13 FEC2 - and this is the first day I have been able to do without anti-nausea tablets, which puts me a few days ahead of last time! LoL! I was lucky enough to get Emend for 2 days this time but even so I needed both the additional meds to keep me functioning with any sort of quality… so anyone in the nausea net has ALL my sympathy - and reassurance that you WILL get thru it, and it really IS worth telling it as it really is to try and get better meds next time… I only had 2days of full steroid dose this time so had to wait till now to regain any energy.

Between my new wig, no anti-sickness meds, having some energy and working all day I've had a Really Good Day - good to know these can still happen - so I hope A Good Day will reach you very soon…

Dog and OH are out for the count next to me here on the sofa. We all adapt and do the best we can - but it all demands so very much energy of us and Those Around Us. Time when we can sleep is so very precious… Dog has certainly accepted less long walks from us - but she seems none the worse and sleeps so deep she is like a cuddly toy! Maybe she should have some of our steroids - LoL!

We so need to keep our focus on Good Moments and Good Things - we'll get thru this My Luvs. The August 2014 Ladies are into their final treatments and will mostly be finished by Christmas. They are just 2 months ahead of us - we'll hardly believe it when we get to February and are finishing this phase of our treatments in their footsteps! Most of us will be onto the Tax/Docetax second phase by Christmas - so we are really making great progress towards completion of this stuff. I guess SEs are just markers of that progress … bizarrely…

Just 6 months of our lives to beat this Horrid Thing to give us the next 20 years …

Wishing us all a Good Evening and a night of Best Sleep and Minimal SEs. … and HUGZ to Everyone x x x. 🙂

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit, I miss dog walking but Poppy has been out with my husband and children shes not had a routine as usual but I think she's adapted.Ive eaten some mashed potatoes and carrots today which is the first proper food in a week .If only my arm didn't hurt so much I would feel better I Will have to have some ibrofen Hope you continue to feel ok xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda, sorry to hear your not having a good time of it and I hope that as you move into week 2 you start to feel better. I've been so much better on Emend this time...but I've taken on board that you went downhill on day 3 :(. I've not managed to get out with my dog in the first 5 days, but thankfully my husband shares the dog walking so she has been out for one long walk instead of 2 shorter ones. How are you coping with your pooch?

Thinking of you and hoping we are all coping with the se xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit, Hope you're feeling ok after your last treatment,I felt ok for the first two days and then I felt nauseated and lacked appetite, nearly a week after last dose but I haven't done much hope I'm going to have some energy soon.
Thanks for mentioning cup a soup last night I had forgot about that and I found some in the cupboard and it gave me an energy boost.
Not sure what Doxetaxol and Herceptin will bring next time I hope it will be kinder to me than the FEC.
Hope everyone is ok today and those having treatment will have minimal SE. Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Jingo_x, tax starting for me next dose, so good to hear you have had a goid night and kept your appitite. Hope the next few days are ok for you too xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Happy to report that after first Tax there has been almost zero nausea so make sure you all plan a nice dinner after your first treatment! Had a good sleep and feeling ok, just a bit tireder than usual. Have 5 days of GCsF injections starting today so think the Tax hits the immunity pretty hard, but hoping for the best!

GeeGee love the wig story...not the kind of item you want delayed!

Bettypoppit glad to hear you're feeling ok, keep eating!

Take care everyone else xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

GeeG, love your posts too...so animated and amusing...I've not braved my wig yet....it's a very good match for the real me, but just don't have the confidence to wear it....i know i'm the complete opposite to you lovely ladies!??!!

Well I've made it through the night without any sickness and only a few brief minor feelings of nausea. ..horrah, soooooo relieved 🙂 even slept until 5am.....fantastic. Thank you for your support.

Lah21, i think the Maggies Centre is the same thing for you ladies in Scotland and i remember that there have been excellent reports on here regarding them...so go for it, book up and enjoy xx

Zelda, how are you doing? Do let us know x

Hoping we all have minimal se today and that LainieG & Jingo_x you both had good nights. Hugs xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

GeeG I love reading your posts. They're so funny. Loved your plan for getting me out of the hospital!! Wish we could've tried it lol. Picturing you straightening your wig too. So funny. Glad you finally got the right one. It's so good to feel like ourselves again isn't it. To have the wrong wig must have been so difficult. You just wouldn't have felt right. It affects your confidence doesn't it and this treatment messes with that anyway without having wig issues. So glad you're handling the nausea but surely they should be able to come up with a combination of drugs to help prevent it??? Was this FEC2 or 3 this time? (Counting all the fecs in your post it could be 5 or 6 lol) sending hugs and hoping you feel better soon xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Everyone … just catching up after a No Internet w/e … kerumbs … what a load of stuff each and every one of us is coping with … I think I'd choose the dragons for preference ! …

LainieG - how fab you are home at last - I was thinking we'd need to smuggle your LGFB pack in so's you'd look SO much better they'd not recognise you and we could sneak you out! (So glad you got out safely without this plan being implemented!).

Nausea decreasing slowly here … I think I am coping better with it this time … but Brain Fog prevents me managing to message each of you - so sorry - but so good to find you all here and all holding on firmly to the adder's tail…

Sudden Thought (eh?!) - Lah21 - do you know Beatson/Gartnavel is right next to Hyndland Station? Trains from both Central Station and Queens St stop there - so would train - even for some of the way - be helpful?

Just need to Share My Good a News: Did I tell you this? - I ordered my selected wig (vanity, vanity; all is vanity) at the beginning of October - in good time for The Moult. Would be ready in 10 days… 3 weeks passed… no FECing wig… plans in place for shearing & going away with wig and OH and dog For Acclimatisation… STILL NO FECing WIG! - would be another 3 weeks! "This one is really similar and really suits you" … aaaargh! OH thought it looked good (he'd be seeing it more than I would, so ok… take the b***y thing, it'll be fine…
Heck it would ! I was DETERMINED it'd Be OK … but … tight… creeping… aaaaargh! … Creeping up more each day (just how many times can you duck out of sight to straighten it? - lost count on Sunday - LoL!) - BUT - DUE THIS WEEK! Yay! Phoned them this morning… "any news about my wig?" … er… no … not in yet - BUT IT WILL BE HERE AT THE END OF THE MONTH! Aaaaaaaargh! Meltdown? - I don't usually, but I did this morning… "we'll phone Head Office" … and d'you know what? Phone call back saying Head Office had it and they were sending it over!!!! LoL!!!!!! SO I GOT IT THIS AFTERNOON! See Me? See My Wig? Blooming Over The Moon! Look like Me Again ( and NOT like Myra Hindley! LoL!!!!)

(Over The Moon, I tell you, Over The FECing Moon!!!!!!!!!). Hugs to You x x x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Evening.  Very pleased to report made it through my appointment at hospital with make up in tack.  No blubbering today.  I have not been to one of the make up sessions yet.  I will have to look into it.  I know they do a great one at Maggie's in Glasgow. Normally I would just drive up (only 45 minutes away) but don't think my chemo brain could handle city traffic at the moment.  I have turned into a bit of an inside lane hogger the past few weeks.  Taking me twice as long to get to work. Hope se not too bad tonight for everybody.  I am FEC3 tomorrow. This is my first treatment without other half here. My two sons are here though.  One of them lives here and the other one has come home to look after his Mum even though he has just had surgery and is in a fair bit of discomfort. Feel guilty!!!  I should be looking after him. Downside is got music going somewhere in the house, someone is on the x-box fighting WW2 and the dog is barking at the gun shots. Sooooo restful.xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks LainieG and Junash...I've nibbled some crackers...over half an hour period.....an hour later and still feeling ok so I'm going to try a ...try a .... blimey can't remember what...mmmm a cup-a-soup .. phew lolol. The Emend seems to be doing it's job 🙂 Don't you be worrying, if I'm bad it will be the poison that totally gets the blame! !! Lovely to hear from you both...xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Junash it's so good to hear from you. Sorry you've had such a hard time with FEC3. Hopefully you'll start to get back to normal now. I totally agree with your admiration of the ladies who are managing to work. Don't think I could do it. Xxx
Peta hope you're ok after all the travelling today. Hope you're going to rest for the next few days xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Good evening ladies!

I made it to the MRI scan today, it's an hours drive away but fell asleep on the sofa as soon as we got home, so tired today.

Lainie, brilliant that you are home, have a lovely sleep in your own home tonight. X

Jingo and Linzz - thanks for all the info on the physio and arm. I've been stretching but just guessing, so the exercises you've shown must be much better. I'll also try massaging the numb bits, I've not been doing that, but that sounds like a good idea too.

I'm not really with it today, day 4 always seems to be my most hard going.

Lah, hope you had a good day, and everyone else too!

Back when I feel a bit less sleepy. X

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Betty - i agree with Lainie - nibble on something xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hello my lovelies

Sorry been out the loop - 3rd FEC hit me, only with fatigue but feel like I'm just waking up from hibernation - like a big bald bear, no nausea just horrible taste in mouth but have been sleeping - when I'm not school run etc. .

I've been reading all your posts and have had a couple of chuckles

Lainie so pleased your home - what a relief and hopefully 3rd one on friday.

Jingo hope day 4 comes and goes - my next 3 are T - obviously hearing mixed messages about it - stay strong

Peta - great on the house sale - exciting and something to look forward to.

How you ladies that are still working are coping amazes me - seriously I'm dragging my arse to sainsbury and school etc but need a lay down afterwards - wonder if its because I was/am so unfit at the start. Drs signed me off 4 another 6 weeks - thank god.

Love to all - will be posting a lot more now I'm awake!! Xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I would. I think going hungry is more likely to make you feel nauseous. Please forgive me if you eat something and feel sick lol. Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Not feeling nauseous, so do I try to eat something or not? :/)

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Glad you're ok Jingo. Keep us posted on how you're doing. Hope day 4 isn't as bad as expected. It's all very scary isn't it. We think we're on top of it and we're hit with something else. 💖💖

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Betty I'm home and have to go for my pre chemo bloods on Wed so I think I'm having#3 on Friday. Just a week late so not too bad xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Opps! Posted whilst still viewing pg 47 .... serious chemo brain going on here......so GREAT to hear LainieG you are home and Jingo_x you are doing OK after your D 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi lah21, jingo_x speaks very wisely... well have all had bad days, but the better and good days DO return....please don't beat yourself up about it, you are doing brilliantly :). Have you heard about 'Look Good, Feel Better' skin care and makeup sessions via Macmillan? (Apol if you have already been to one). I went to my local session last Tuesday and it was a lovely couple of hours and everybody comes away with a large bag of high end cosmetics 🙂

LainieG and Jingo_x .... how have you both got on today?

Dose #3 done for me this morning....thankfully fully medicated with anti sickness this time and feeling OK...fingers crossed I stay that way.xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Congratulations Lainie, what a relief to be getting home!


Just had my first T&C combo and feeling pretty good so far.  From my googling i have seen that day 4 is the one to watch out for as it feels like being hit by a sledgehammer/bus/small building so I guess I need to make the most of the next 3 days!


Bettypoppit hope FEC 3 went ok today


Re: Starting chemo October 14

I hadn't thought about a picc line Lah21. Don't know how I feel about it. I don't like needles but I hate the thought of the line moving around too. Looking at the state of my veins I think they might have to go for something like a picc line but ill see what happens xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

So pleased for you LainieG. Have they not suggested a PICC line for you.  I don't like it at all but if it is a toss up between this and needles every time I will take it.  I had bloods today.  They have decided my PICC line is okay for treatment this week.  That made me feel so much better.  Might not last until number 4 though but will worry about that next week.  Enjoy being home.xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Great news LainieG, so pleased for you. Hope the bloods go well on Weds.


Strange to think we are all now desperate to have the treatment and not have it delayed!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Great news LainieG, so pleased for you. Hope the bloods go well on Weds.

Strange to think we are all now desperate to have the treatment and not have it delayed!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lainie G So pleased you'll be home today and treatment can continue xx Hugs

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Getting out today at last. Bloods on Wed at the Beatson so I'm thinking chemo on Friday. Never thought I'd be so keen to be poisoned but so glad to get back on track. Hugs to everyone and thank you so much for all the lovely messages of support. Don't know what I'd do without you all 💖💖💖💖

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Jingo-X , I hope it goes well today - really interested as to how you get on as I'll soon be on T.


Peta, goodness me - I hope you have a lot of help moving house, I'm not sure I could do it.


Lah21, I hope you made it through without ruining your make up today.


Had my bloods done today, neturophils at 3.3 so all stations go for FEC no 3 on Wednesday.


NanaJane hope your bloos are ok too...


Good luck to all of us having treatment this week......and hope everyoone who had treatment last week or the week before is feeling a tonne better


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Re useless arm...

I had so much nerve pain in the weeks following my surgery that I was too scared to let a physio near me. But when it was obvious that it wasn't getting any better and indeed cording was setting in I found this video on the web


It's a health professional from a unit in America with a set of exercises for after surgery.

I did these exercises multiple times a day for several weeks and they made a HUGE difference (still do them now and then to keep limber). My pain went away eventually but by that time I had made so much progress I decided not to bother with the physio. I found the key was to push and hold when you feel the stretch but NOT when you feel pain. I have almost full range of movement back, and that's still improving, and I'd say the numb and sore bits are feeling fairly normal now (or as much as they ever will I expect). Massaging the cording (sometimes bits of its made a popping sound LOL) and numb parts also really helped.


You should DEFINATELY ask for a referral to the physio, as they are miracle workers (taught me to walk again after a nasty car accident a few years ago) but I thougt I'd post this as you might find some of these exercises can begin to help you whilst you wait for your appointment. The video is for folk without reconstruction (not sure if that fits you) but I guess a couple of months down the line that part probably isn't so crucial. I think one thing that IS crucial is that when you get a referral to a physio make sure its from the breast unit to a physio who is familiar with post-breast-work as a non-specialist physio won't be nearly as effective (also found that out with my leg, when the first physio admitted to googling my injury to see what to do with me Woman Surprised needless to say I got myself a second physio who was the one who got me walking again).

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Peta what a chaotic time you're having. I can't imagine moving house 5 days after chemo. You've been coping so well so far tho and I wish you good luck and pray that it goes as smoothly as possible. Hope your MRI goes well today. Again so soon after chemo! Xxxxx
Jingo hope it goes well today. Can't imagine having all those steroids. I'm finding it hard to cope with 3!! Xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Awful nights sleep for me too....didn't even yawn until 3.30. Thanks Steroids! Kids all up at 7 so can't even nab a bit of extra.
Lah21 we all have these 'why me' moments, try not to let it get you down too much, just put that make up on and just focus on today and give yourself a little treat at the end. Whenever I think 'why me?' I try to remember that this just bad luck and I would rather it was me than anyone else that I care about xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning everybody. Good luck today Jingo.  I have not slept much.  Getting up soon to go in to get bloods done and see about PICC line.  Lying here listening to the bin men outside.  So resentful that life just goes normally all around.  Having a bit of a why me time. Anyway decided I am getting dressed up today with full face on.  The nurses won't recognise me.  Well at least till I start crying as usual....xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks for your good luck wishes ladies.  Had 8 steroid tablets today so not expecting much sleep.


Peta so glad to hear you will be moving at least - rubbish timing, but when you're in t will feel so much better even if you are on the floor!  Re physio I ask my breast surgeon to refer me after my node clearance surgery left me with almost no use of my right arm.  Have only seen the guy 3 times, but movement in my shoulder and arm is a lot better and he got me to start massaging all my numb areas every day to try and fire the nerves and I have definitley had an improvement and some sensation returning.  Worth doing I would say.


Wish I could say the same for my chemo brain - twice this weekend I have called 'the hospital' 'the hotel' instead...now how could I get those two mixed up!?

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Nanajane, welcome to the group!

Good luck with the Taxotere Jingo, I'm on that next so I'm interested to see how you get on with it. My vein is sore after FEC #3 on Friday, they'd help up quite until then, but it's. To too bad, I think yours sounds more painful.

I'll be doing my chemo #4 and first Taxotere and then moving house 5 days later, so that should be fun.

We don't actually own any beds, we left them in the last house when we moved out over a year ago - we went travelling through Central America and South America for 7 months (came back early because found lump) so I've ordered some but they won't arrive until after Christmas. The mattresses are in stock, so they will arrive first and I'll have to sleep on a mattress until the middle of January - my life is getting more like Breaking Bad by the day!

How have some many of you got a physio? No one has offered me physio and my arm is a real mess after the node clearance- and I'm left handed and it's my left arm so it's really causing me problems. How did you get physio - it helped, yes?

Lainie, stick with it, it sounds like you're coping really well. You're being so patient - I just hope they can sort you out as soon as possible next week and get you home. Very very best wishes for next week.

I'm a bit chemo fog today so sorry for not replying to everyone. I like the rice and curry story! And best wishes to all those who are having treatment on Monday. Xxxx

I've got to go on an hours drive to Stanmore Orthapedic to have yet another MRI scan on this benign tumour in my hip, just to make sure that it's still behaving. Not what I feel like doing to be honest, but we're all in a similar situation one way or another aren't we?

Anyway - I hope you all have the best possible week that you can!


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Jingo good luck tomorrow with the taxetere. Hope its not as bad as you expect. Sometimes I think it's better to avoid reading too much but, like you I do it anyway. 😙😙
Lah21 I'm in the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. Wish I'd been able to get into the Beatson oncology hospital where I'm being treated but they had no beds. Think I'd feel more confident there as they could give me all the info I need. The doc here is trying to contact my oncologist at the Beatson to get advice about next steps. I'm laughing at your dragons story. So funny. It made me chuckle lol. 😄😄
anx56 thanks for your kind words. I'm finding it difficult to have a good cry. I can't cry in front of people and being in hospital gives me very little time on my own. I never know when a nurse or auxiliary is going to come in. I feel like a good cry would help me release the tension but I just can't. I'm not sure why I'm like this but have always been the same. 😟
Debtex loved your chemo brain story. What a shame. It must have been so frustrating for you. Glad you got it right in the end. 😊😊

good luck to everyone going through another cycle this week. We're all getting there. Soon it'll just be a bad memory and we can all meet up to celebrate xxxx💖💖

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda, sorry to hear your veins are painful. I was sent home with some pain relief tablets and gel...have you tried it and it not worked? Maybe some gentle heat might help? Maybe phone the chemo helpline tomorrow to see if there is anything else to help. I can well understand that it is making you miserable, as LainieG says it's bad enough without the extra discomfort 😞 I hope you can get some relief soon. xx

Hi LainieG, hopefully bloods tomorrow will give the green light for getting home. I've just noticed that Emend can affect liver function...have you been on this too as well as the mega dosing of antibiotics? Hope you are feeling better now xxx

Hi nanajane and welcome. Oudles of support and tips here which I hope helps and well done for getting so far....nearly half way 🙂

Hi jingo_x, good luck tomorrow and fingers crossed that Docitaxal isn't as bad as you fear...we are all different, so we react differently.. so fingers and toes firmly crossed. Hate the steroids so I'm not looking forward to the extra doses of that to start with.

It is all a bit grim, BUT, we are all moving along the chemo conveyor belt...in our own time...but we are getting there....it seems only last week that I was miserable and anxious over having treatment #1...and that was 6 weeks ago now!!!!

Take care lovely ladies, hugs xxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

The DN comes in to change the dressing she always measures the line that is exposed.  It was originally 3cm. Moved to 4.5cm for a couple of weeks but is now 10cm.  My sister-in-law who is a nurse says that it is not uncommon for them to move.  Due my blood test at hospital tomorrow and have been told it will need x-rayed as it sounds as if it has travelled too far. I know getting it in wasn't the worst part of this adventure but could really do without it.  Now worrying they might not do chemo until it is replaced/ worrying about getting it in the back if the hand if they do go on with it.  I have only had one go with the hypnotherapist about my needle phobia.  It involved a story about somebody confronting a dragon with the words needle,sharp, quick etc. Still petrified of needles but not so scared of dragons anymore.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hello everyone Heart not posted since last week so hope I have not lost the thread must try to keep up!!!  


Debtex the chemo brain! I didnt really believe it could happen until I misjudged a cupboard door to put my boiler on bent down to wrong cupboard  cut my eye and now have lovely bruise to match flushed face! Been doing all sorts of weird stuff tried putting the kettle in the fridge the other morning!


Zelda Thank you for your kind words as you say its always a sad time remembering a loved one, we never stop missing them but all the emotions seem to be so heightened while we are going through treatment.Hope the anniversary of your dad passing passed peacefully and you were able to recall happy memories. How is your hand now? its so painful when they can't get the cannula in love and hugs to you Xx


Lainie G Thank you too for your kind words, our pets become such a big part of our families!  Dont think I will get anymore so upsetting when they go!  I'm so so sorry to hear you are still in hospital and have had such a dreadful time of it  Hoping you can rebook your mum and dads special anniversary dinner soon.  Don't worry about having a good cry it makes you feel better and helps you to relax down.  Hoping by the time you read this you have had some good news xx


Nicnac 15 We sure do get attached to our pets dont we?  Glad to hear that your treatment went ok last Monday hope your doing well.  The hair loss is so upsetting I can't believe how much I cried but do feel much better now that its shaved, hope your coping a little better now. lxx


Peta  So good to hear your news about the house exchange good luck with the move how does the date fit in with the treatment? Hope your doing well XX


Murphy 1963 Thank you for your kind words re my rotten day feeling much better about it now.  Did you get over your UTI that can be very nasty hope its cleared.  I have found less nausea and more tiredness this time.  I know what you mean about leading a normal life again sorry to hear you have been feeling down sometimes the UTI contributes to that as well.  All of the treatment and talk of the BC takes over your life rant away we have to get through this anyway we can.  It must be very hard with young children its hearbreaking what they have to worry about!  My children are both grown up and married but both have young children my 10 year old grandson couldnt see me the other day because he had a bug and could not stop crying not because he was unwell but because he could not come to see me. Anyway thinking of you take care xx


Betty poppit Thank you I am feeling much brighter than last week emotional wise had 2nd treatment friday just so tired lack of sleep through blasted steriods! As you say its all part of lif'e rich tapestry.  Hope you are doing okay xx


Jingo X Is it tomorrow you are switching to T and C I know its always harder worrying about the unknown its far more scary than knowing what to expect.  Will be thinking of you I know its hard but try not to worry let us know how it goes love and hugs xx


Hi Lah 21 welcome I joined a little late on but group are fantastic and excellent support. Hope when you read this you are feeling much better.  It does help to share with people outside of your family I find I have to filter quite a lot its better to let it out here than bottlr it up!  I admire you so much for working.


I feel your pain like you I only had one lymph node involved just seems so unfair and so frustrating but we must look at the chemo as a preventative for the future and a battle against this nasty disease.  Hugs xx


Nana Jane Welcome to a lovely group its really helped me a lot looking forward to chatting in the coming weeks.


To everyone out there and apologies to anyone I missed have a good week and good luck with those having treatment Im off for a sleep sooooo tired love  nd hugs xxx


Nana Jane

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Ladies ,ladies gather round and listen to my tale of chemo brain ! Saturday night , Ocado shop online had delivered ready made curries chez moi .
all I have to do is heat them up and cook some rice .
In my nice new pan I boiled water and threw in the rice ..... My husband who is not massively clued up in the kitchen looked at me quizzically and asked if we were having risotto instead ? Aaaargh the wrong kind of rice 😞
Chucked it cleaned pan more water , correct rice . Chemo brain lost interest in rice returned to kitchen to find we now had boiled dry 'smoked rice ' yuk . Meltdown !!!!!! Husband tried to rescue new pan and emptied 2nd lot in bin , however bin liner stuck to the bottom of the now superheated pan . Husband tried to wash pan and in process burnt hand .
Tearful by this stage but finally managed it at 3 rd attempt !!!!
I don't hold much hope for Xmas dinner ! 🍴🍴

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi NanaJane and welcome to the group - I hope you find it as useful as I have and it sounds like you have done pretty well so far!


Zelda I have been using Ibuleve to rub on to my sore veins in my arm, it does relieve the pain a bit but cant say that the vein looks much better to be honest!


I was due FEC 3 tomorrow but it has been switched to Taxotere at the last minute and I am struggling to get my head around that.  Have been taking steroids today to help with any allergic reaction tomorrow (!!?) and been reading anything I can on Docetaxol/Taxotere - Have failed to find much good news unfortunatley so I am preparing myself for a miserable 12 weeks with no 'up weeks' like the FEC.  I do hope all the info is wrong and that I can give all you ladies on FEC-T some good news next week!


AMDriver seriously impressed you played golf!  I still can't move my right arm enough to even imagine swingng a club gain, but my physio says I have every chance of being able to at some point if I keep doing my exercises.


Good luck and lots of love to everyone for this week.  Keep your chins up and take care xx


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi NanaJane,

you are on the same cycle as me then. I have my bloods checked tomorrow for FEC No 3 on Wednesday. I too have to have the injections after each cycle, though I am told they would be given as a matter of course for the last 3 cycles of Taxotere.


Lah21, how do you know your PICC line has moved? I have one too which I am really grateful for when I hear of the number of blood tests LainieG is going through. So far my line has been blocked but they did manage to unblock it, but said if they hadn't managed it they would remove it and put in a new one.You can do it, we are all here to support you


I hope all the ladies here have had a good weekend - I even managed a round of golf yesterday! - and that we have a good week to come




Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi NanaJane.  Like you I followed the conversation for a while before I joined in last week. Made me feel part of something as I have been keeping myself very much to myself. I am due for my 3rd FEC this week.  Really nervous about it.  My PICC line has moved so I have to go for an x-ray tomorrow but have already been told it will probably need to come out and another one put in. I was in 'bring it on' mode this morningas I walked the dog in the sunshine but as the day is wearing on my bravery is swirling down the plug hole as fast as my hair.  I feel for you LainieG.  Nothing seems to happen in hospitals at the weekend. Which one are you in? 

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Peta hope you're doing ok and the SEs aren't too bad. Zelda so sorry you're in pain. That's such a shame. It's hard enough to get through all the other SEs without being on pain too. I hope it settles down or you find something to help. Xxx💖
Betty hope your treatment goes well on Monday xxx💖

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Hi Betty. I'm ok thanks. Still don't know when I can go home. Having blood tests every day, tho they haven't taken any today. Whether that's because it's Sunday I dont know. They're not telling me much and I can't get the doc to speak to me. He was supposed to be trying to contact my oncologist but I don't know whether he spoke to him yet. Still don't know how this is going to affect my chemo so feel like I'm in limbo just now. Sorry that was a series of moans. I'm really more upbeat than that sounded. 😊😊

hi Nanajane and welcome to our group. You'll get loads of support and some tips for getting through this horrible treatment from the lovely ladies here. I don't think I could get through it without them xxxxx

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Hi Bettypoppit Its been a mixed few days since the 3rd FEC on Wednesday.For two days I felt ok and then on Sat and Sun Ive felt at a really low ebb.I know I'm halfway there now but I still feel like it's another 3of the same to go .My Christmas appointment will work out that I'm due for treatment on Christmas Eve unless there is flexibility with this.
Has any of you ladies any tips my arm and veins are so sore and painful and I think this pain is getting me down its probably worse than last time.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and I hope Lainie you are at home now .
Bettypoppit hope,all goes well with your treatment on Monday and you don't have too many SE.
Hugs to everyone xxx

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I feel that I owe everyone an apology for eavesdropping on your conversations for the last few weeks and not making a contribution.  I too started chemotherapy in October following surgery and I amexpecting dose number 3 on Wednesday if blood tests are OK on Monday.  Unfortunately I turn out to be hopeless at making white blood cells and have a course of injections following each treatment which leave me feeling exhausted just as the nausea is wearing off and end up with back ache. However I don't have a young family to look after and I do have a lovely husband who is taking excellen care of me, so I really feel for those of you who have family responsibilities.

I hope that everyone managed to enjoy some sunshine this weekend, it makes everything so much easier to cope with.

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Hiya LainieG, how you doing today? I hope you're nearly ready to go home :). I have issues with needles (I've been having hypnotherapy to help..and it has) so I soooo feel for you. You are being so VERY brave. Big hugs and do let us know how you are doing. Xxxx

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing OK...Zelda & PETA...hope your we are minimal and you are resting and recovering following your treatments....and ALL ladies that I've not mentioned....chemo brain in full swing...cannot keep any info in my brain for longer than a nano second 😞 xxxxx

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Hi ladies, been quiet on here this weekend. Hope that means everyone is getting out and about and enjoying being se free.

We're going into town in a bit to see the Santa procession and the reindeer.

Love and hugs to everyone xxxxx

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Thanks Betty. I hope so too. I'm having so many blood tests that they're running out of veins lol. They're now onto my wrists and the backs of my hands. Not nice especially when I hate needles. If I stay here much longer I'm afraid they'll move onto my feet lol 😊😊