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Starting chemo October 14

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Currently they tell me I am here til Sunday. Nothing compared to your stint Lainie!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Jingo. Sorry you've ended up in hospital but good news that you're not neutropenic. At last you'll get out soon. Let us know how you're doing xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Well it's not Mauritis, but have just spent the night away in A and E, now back in hospital with an unidentified infection.
Was aching yesterday with sore throat and temp 37.5 all day, then temp just blipped to 38 and off I went to hospital. So back on a drip and getting IV antibiotics but not neutropenic so they might let me go home with tablets soon. I hope!
Have to say - hard to know what is a side effect and what is an infection!
Look after yourselves xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh wow, just loving the positivity...but not the idea of a night in that b&b in Blackpool 😉 lol yep, if i win the lottery ... Mauritius here we all come 🙂

Have a great day lovely ladies and big hugs to any on treatments today or feeling yuk with se xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Blackpool sounds ok to me (I'll never win the pottery for Mauritius!) … Thank You All for sharing your thoughts and perspectives on Life… yup … this Thing certainly makes you appreciate each day, admire every sunset and sunrise, and value Those You Love … I have been told by a friend who is an oncologist that we are still more likely to die from stepping under a bus than from the cancer… I think that's Good News…?! … meantime I guess it gives me time to address the clutter in the back bedroom … LoL .… Hugs to All.... x x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

That Mauritius trip sounds really good... if I (like LaineG) win millions we'll definately do it. I warn you though that with my luck I'd win so little we'd all end up in the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool... Robot LOL

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Peta what a lovely thought. Mauritius, if only eh? On the question of prognosis I do think about it sometimes and worry but worrying just wastes time and we really don't want to do that. I like the idea of thinking of this as a wake up call telling us to appreciate life more and get on and do the things we've been putting off. A lottery win would certainly help lol. If I win I'll take us all to Mauritius for our meeting when this is all over lol xxx
AMDriver glad you're feeling ok after number 3. Hope you continue to feel well and you have minimal SEs
Love and hugs to everyone 💖💖💖

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Ahhh PETA, what a lovely dream 🙂 xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh and Bettypoppit - maybe we should all do the lottery and then have our meet up in Mauritius. That'd be nice. Just a thought. See you all there next year. 😍

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Bettypoppit - my mood goes up and down - I was in tears just the other day too. The chemo blues really suck! I completely understand how you feel. x

Have a very big hug from me! *Hugs*

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh my word...thank you all so much for your thoughts on prognosis, recurrence and our lives now.... It has given me some clarity and comfort. I had been feeling just what you say, get on and enjoy each day - cliche or not, I feel it is soooo true. Just struggling with that just at the moment which is probably the chemo blues. Point very well made about us perhaps being 'lucky' having had the wakeup call and planning now to be getting on with stuff that was in the retirement plans years ahead...oh yes, subject to that lottery win for the trip to Mauritius lolol. I cannot thank you enough for your support and input. Xxxxxxxxxx

<<<<<<BIG HUGS>>>>>>>

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Ladies all your comments are so true and powerful in respect of out mortality.  None of us know whats around the corner just look at our experiences already it may sound cliche but you do really have to appreciate each day!  Im not sure how you shake off that constant dread or fear that you have and will have for years to come my onco did number crunching and came up with two senarios? One better than the other!  Im willing to take my chances and have decided to put the percentages to the back of my mind many people have kindly mentioned "oh well you never know what's going to happen, you could cross the road and get run over"  ... helpful!!!   As many of you have said, you like me know people that have survived and sadly those that didn't.  It certainly is a very emotive disscussion. Just a thought when going through the chemo ... A young lady I know in her 30s has just completed treatment she lost her mum 8 years ago to the dreaded BC her aunie was diagnosed same time as her mum and is still alive today.  Her mum didnt have chemo (I don't know why) her auntie did. 


Be kind to your yourselves big love and lots of hugs XXX


Re: Starting chemo October 14


I think talking about our fears is a good thing, I'd noticed that it was a topic that hadn't come up yet. I used to work with statistics in the dept of epidemiology in St George's Hospital Medical School. The thing with stats is that they don't tell you about you, and what I think we really want to know is "what will happen to me and how long have I personally got" - that's definitely what I'd like to know. It'd probably be wrong for a healthcare professional to tell you that your chances were bad, because how the hell would they know? Whatever grade you are you could well be in the % that are going to make it through for 10-20 years, so telling you that the odds were that you're not going to make it would be just as wrong, and more cruel than being honest and saying "I don't know", which is absolutely 100% true. They don't know your personal odds.

It's also worth bearing in mind with stats that ten year survival rates are always at the very least least ten years out of date, they have to be - and so many new treatments have come on in the last ten years that if those same people were treated now their survival rates would be different.

So, I agree with Linzz - I think it's a great idea to live life now and just get on with it and appreciate every day and every sunrise and sunset. I've had friends who have died falling off ladders and in car crashes and all sorts of weird sudden things, and the difference between us and them is that we have the chance to appreciate life and savour it and know that it's valuable - whereas they probably never really gave it major thought and just assumed they'd be around for decades to come. So maybe being put in this situation is a bit of a gift? We get to understand life and death a bit more and get the chance to fully appreciate it, while we have it? I think I'm probably a bit of a hippy. ☺️

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning Ladies

I had my third FEC yesterday and so far se have been minimal apart from a poor night's sleep which is only to be expected. Think it will hit me on Sunday though as I come off the steroids then. I have lost so much hair that the cold cap really hurt me this time - what I have left is so thin . I think there is a good chance I will lose it all this cycle


The best I could get on a prognonsis was the Registrar on Monday who said to me "we are confident that this treatment will give you the best chance, that in five years time you will have no problems or issues with this cancer" - not entirely sure what to make of that!


I hope you are all recovering well and the se are minimal today.

Sorry a bit tired to reply to everyone individually, but you are in my thoughts.




Re: Starting chemo October 14

About periods – a friend of mine who was having monster periods (not on chemo) was given tranexamic acid tablets which stop the bleeding. Have you seen anyone about it? Obviously your GP and oncologist would need to discuss what’s safe during chemo, but hopefully there is something they can give you to help.


As for fear of recurrence. I have yet to find a healthcare professional who will level with me about “the future”. I find it too scary to think about not making it to the 2, 5 or 10 year marks, but at the same time I think I have become somewhat used to the realisation (with my diagnosis/grade etc) that even at best I probably won’t make it to state pension age in 20+ years (68 for me – can you believe it???) let alone my previous goal of achieving “cantankerous old lady” status like my 87 year old mum.


I know ladies who have lost the battle in very short periods of time, but I also have a good friend who had treatment over 20 years ago and is having a great retirement now. Like Jingo, the grim reaper has tried to get me before (car accident 5 years ago) so whilst in dark moments I’m terrified and tearful about the future, I also know that I don't want this horrible C thing to be the defining factor for the rest of my days.


In fact sometimes I feel that it is strangely freeing – we’ve always had lots of “we’ll do it later” plans, and most revolved around waiting until retirement. But now, well, it feels like we have permission to just get on with doing stuff we’d most likely never get round to doing otherwise. If only we could win the lottery to pay for it all...

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi all reading your latest posts im still working through chemo on and off as im self employed so im lucky to do a bit from home and then on my good days drag myself to the office.

As for future i also think about it alot and for my young kids and what if it happens again im constantly checking for lumps now too it horrendous but then i look at my friend who had it 8 years ago and she gives me inspiration. My chemo is in my notes as preventative ive had 2 ops for lumpectomy and 1 lymph node infected.
We all need to keep positive we will do this! Xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Bettypoppit - I have been there so many times since my diagnosis.  My primary tumour was so huge at 15cm and with lymph nodes involved my basic prognosis just didnt feel good.  In the months that passed I was told it had already spread to my bone (I have a tumour on my sacrum that lit up on my bone scan), and then after a few weeks the doctors decided they weren't sure.  Whilst measuring up my big tumour a tiny 7mm tumor was found on my other breast - different cancer. 


So here is where I am  - if I had found my big tumour any earlier, 1yr, 2yr, 3yrs ago this little tiny tumour would be my recurrence, so I now think that this is my bit of good luck.  None of my tumours showed on mammograms.  I need to decide by February whether to have my remaining breast removed.  I want to - I am done with these breast things!


My uncertain secondary diagnosis is better than certainty as far as I can see, but I won't know until next summer whether it is or isnt secondary because they are not planning to scan me again until then.  If it is a secondary spread then I will have to take it as it comes and hope for the best.  


I have decided that by having chemo I am luckier than ladies who don't need chemo and then get a recurrence.  Maybe I am wrong but surely we are fighting these cells with the best tools available?  So I see chemo as a bit of a privilege if you like?


Lastly I have decided that if I spend all my time worrying about recurrence and or secondaries then the life I am fighting for will be wasted already.  Treasure every day and take it as it comes.  I was run over and almost killed when I was 9 and nearly drowned 7 years ago, so I always feel lucky to be here!


Try not to spend your precious energy worrying too much about the future, we can't control it, so use your energy to help you now when you need it most.


Not sure any of that will cheer you up but just wanted you to know that you can reach a point quite soon where you don't keep worrying about recurrence. 


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Murphy, great to hear from you and glad you are doing OK. I'm on ESA from government now as I left a job of 20 years last Christmas for a needed change and to work locally - not a 2 HR round trip. Took a fixed term, zero hours & minimum wage contract in a job that was totally new to me, to gain valuable experience and then 6 months in - wammo!. My situation is clearly very different... but bare in mind ESA and something called PIP??!! Sorry i cannot help further.

Snap, I met a lady last week who had BC 9 years ago and has recently been diagnosed with secondaries...from the original!!!! I don't know any details of her diagnosis so it is dangerous to read more into this, BUT, I cannot get it out of my head. I have phoned the bcc helpline and discussed what we are all going to have to deal with...that BL***y monkey on our backs!! They have sent me a folder of info. I'm sorry if you lovely ladies feel that I should not have posted this, but like Murphy it is becoming my current worry of choice! 😞 anybody else at this point?

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Murphy.  Like you I am sticking with FEC. Originally it was to be FEC T but was mentioned changing it before my 2nd and confirmed at my appointment just before my 3rd.  Maybe that is why no injections. I am having my chemo at Ayr but the Beatson Oncologists do the clinics there. I am going to have to ask more about it and find out why.  My reaction to steriods was mentioned but they don't seem to be any worse than some of the reactions I have heard of others having. Oh well off to spend the night with Series 2 of The Good Wife.xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Mmmm, jingo_x I hadn't made that connection between injections and tired (like the 'energy wipeout' label geeG) and weepy dive, but it is how I am again this cycle...!!??!!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi ladies, I've not been on for a while but have been keeping up with your posts. So pleased that you managed to get out of hospital lainie but sorry to hear your next treatment has been postponed. You need to be fighting fit for this though else it would bring you down even further.

It's interesting to hear about the injections you are all having. I don't have them and they've never been mentioned. I guess it's just the usual post code lottery!!

I have my 4th fec a week today and have an appointment with oncologist to discuss starting my rads. It makes it all feel it's coming to an end. I'm very proud of us all here, we are doing a great job of getting on with it and coping with everything that is thrown at us. I bet after all this we emerge as stronger and more determined woman who won't stand for any more s**t in our lives.

I think I'm probably the only one on here that's sticking with fec throughout. I have found with #3 took a longer time to pick up, but my main se ie nausea was a lot easier this time. I did have a uti mind you and just finished my antibiotics today, so maybe that was why I wasn't picking up so well.

My 26 weeks sick leave will be up two weeks after my last fec so I'm going to have to go back to work then. I'm hoping my rads will be classed as hospital appointments so I'm still classed as being back to work. I couldn't afford to go down to half pay. How are others managing?

I hope everyone who's had treatment this week are coping well. Can you believe this time in five weeks will be Christmas Eve!!! Not the best Christmas we'll have celebrated but looking forward to the many more to come.

Talking about the future, now I've relaxed a bit about the chemo, I have started worrying a lot more about reoccurance. Is anyone in the same boat? You know the one thing I hate folk saying is " so and so had cancer 5 years ago and they've been fine". It really doesn't help me to know they are fine after five years, I want to be fine for a lot longer than that, forever in fact!! I think I will worry about every little niggle for evermore 😞

Off to watch celebrity, take my mind off things for a bit.

Love and hugs to you all xxxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Ladies.  Starting to feel a bit left out here.  Why no injections for me??  Can't see green cheese go past me!!!  Probadly had my best first post FEC day yet but am frantically touching wood as I type this.Not been great but do-able. Just managed a short walk with the dog.  My son came with me as we were out in the pitch dark in the field behind the house and I don't think he fancied searching for me in the dark if I collapsed. The dog had other ideas however and headed home after five minutes ( big fearty). Translation, means he is a wimp. Hope everybody has a good nights sleep. I don't do so well with the steriods so Netflix will probadly get a hammering tonight.xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

anx56 I think all my scars hurt more just after treatment.  I dont think I am imagining it and I have 4 in total as I had different surgeries on both side.  I think they also get redder and more swollen after treatment so you probably are experiencing tightness/soreness as well I would imagine.

I think if you can get in the physio system it is useful.  i only see my guy in my 3rd week so we time it for when I am feeling up to it.  It will be a slow process but I can't imagine that it makes much sense to wait until the end of treatment.

Massaging all my scar tissue an numb bits every day at home has really helped - it is a desensitisation thing so as you get better at massaging and start being a little firmer on your self I think you do lose some of that soreness - I certainly have.  I was worried I might never use my arm again properly but managed to pick my 6 yr old up today for the first time since 16th July so that felt like quite a moment.


feeling knackered this afternoon and those tears seem to be coming back again...starting to blame the injections as fatigue and tears came with them last time!

have a good evening ladies xx



Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Ladies - I see a lot of us are sharing the "am I hot/am I cold" dilemma .. Sometimes I feel both hot and cold at the same time - LoL! - our poor OHs - how can they possibly understand? My poor OH has gotten used to sleeping with the window open and snuggling deeper into duvetland…
This having an energy wipeout also seems a common feature - you feel you have more energy than you've had for days and days - so you make the very most of it - and end up wiped out… so very different to 'usual' when you only gain more energy by using what you have … no wonder it catches us out…
LainieG - it must be so frustrating to still be waiting for a definite 'next treatment' date - but getting out of hospital has been a major step forward - so keep smiling and looking good to feel even better…
So many of us… Bettypoppitt… Jingo… Peta… Lah21…Zelda… NanaJane…Junash and AMDriver… and I'm sure there's a few more of us in the vicinity … we can do it Ladies. Hard - BUT "do-able" - and we are all making progress thru this, notwithstanding the balls and chains that masquerade as ' side effects'…
Wishing us all a Good Sleep and minimal SEs… hugs… x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hello lovely ladies!


Had bad day yesterday but picked up today I had three ops in 3 months so want t chat about the physio thing, but, first of all has anyone had problems with tighteneing and soreness of the scar area a few days after chemo BCN said it was a coincidence but its so sore tight and uncomfortable.  Was told I would get offered physio but never received an appointment when I queried it was told ah you have enough appointments at the moment do you really want anymore?


Zelda I think your right its best to try not too think about it, one day at a time!


Peta How are you feeling now? How's your exercising going are still able to keep up with it with treatment.  Hoping your sore vein is much better have you tried a warm water bottle on it after treatment?


Lainie G Glad to hear yur back home now but sorry t hear that your not well enough and your treatment delayed - the injections do help boost you up hopefully you will get back on track soon its mad when it comes to asking for the poison!x


Junash sorry to hear the fec 3 hit you its the pants!  With the taste thing have you tried sucking milk lollies / ice pops during chemo?  I had an awful metal taste first time round, the nurse suggested it to me and I tried it and I have to say this time I have hardly noticed the bad taste.  I just took them in in a flask and sucked them slowly over the treatment time.x


Bettypoppit How are you doing this time apart from the chemo brain?  I would certainly eat when you can and not feeling nauseous x


Lah 21 Did you manage the journey okay to the third fec?  I have the injections day 5 to 10 and although get back pain as a se they do help alot x


GeeG loving the wig stories its the way you tell em!!! Hope your coping x


Jingo Linzz AM driver and anyone I accidently missed (Apologies) hope treatments are going well, think as others have said we are all amazing !


Take care lovely ladies love and hugs XXXXXX





Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi lovely ladies, I can also confirm tiny scratch jab that I have in my ample tummy (DN as I'm far to woosie to do myself and think OH is just a bit too keen to have a go! Lolol). I haven't - yet - had any discernible se from them, unlike a few others so fingers crossed LainieG xx

It is reassuring that the shivers aren't just a personal affliction (unlike the lady garden gate babbling brook!!!!! lololol).

Take heart, we're doing good and getting there 🙂 hugs to all that need some comfort xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Is anyone else having Herceptin injections and Doxetaxol chemo next time ? I'm told the Herceptin is a three minute slow injection into the top of the leg which is done before the IV . I havent thought about it too much before now as I was concentrating on getting the FEC out of the way . But now I'm wondering what's in store maybe it's better not to think too much xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I've had the 'shiver me timbers ' on fec too . Horrid . Like a human dynamo yesterday - made 4 dog bandanas for Xmas gifts and cooked tea at same time ( no smoked rice this time ) and today .......... U guessed it knackered ! That'll teach me xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks for the info on steroids Jingo - I hope they just put me on them for a few days too!

Bettypoppit I've been dying to go out for a good muddy boots walk, but I seem more knackered on this third FEC than on the others. I did go for a 15 minute walk, but came back and slumped on the sofa again. Maybe I can do a proper one at the weekend, I hope the weather is nice then.

Lainie sorry to not be matching you on days now, you must be feeling frustrated. In the end a couple of weeks will be forgotten and we'll talk about our chemo winters - and I can be your Tax guinea pig in the meantime! 😉

Re: Starting chemo October 14

There exactly the same as mine Lah 21 and agree with all you said they dont hurt and pre loaded so there easy to do. x 

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lah21

The injections are sub-cutaneous, which means just under the skin, so they're not big needles they're little tiny scratch ones. Mine all come in a pre-loaded syringe, so very easy to do, I grab a bit of tummy roll and do them in there, but they can be done in any easy to grip skin bit. Lainie your husband will have no problem, it's just point and click really. They don't hurt really, just a tiny prickle, and I believe the district nurse will come and do it for you if you'd like some nurse TLC!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Ladies


not been on for a bit with one thing and another on day 9 of 2nd fec and started feeling normal well as normal as can be no more nausea the wrist bands really helped this time !  im so fed up of bloomin periods ive had one for 2 weeks and had 2 days where it stopped and was hopeful and now started again this afternoon, this is getting me more down than anything, along with my 2 kids bickering i could scream.  anyone else out there having heavy period issues ?


I see some of you ladies are struggling with certain things i do hope these get better for you it definately tests us.

Lah 21 i have injections on my 4th day after having fec my other half gives them to me in the stomach for boosting the bone marrow and white blood cells is this the same as yours? xxx 

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi LainieG, I have a course of injections after each dose of chemotherapy. The injections are given into the stomach by one of the lovely district nurses because I didn't feel able to administer them myself. They were prescribed because my white blood cell count is low and does not recover sufficiently between treatments, so I guess that not everyone needs them.
I had my third dose today so only one more to go before radiotherapy begins. The nausea has decreased with each dose so I'm sitting on the sofa feeling weird from the steroids but not too bad. Knitting and stitching are great ways to take your mind away from how you are feeling and I've been finishing off all those unfinished projects gathering dust for the last few years. No dogs to walk here just an affectionate kitten who loves sofas and knitting.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lah21 I'm not sure where the injections are given. I haven't had them yet. The Beatson doesn't offer them routinely for FEC. I'm getting them because of my reaction last time. Not looking forward to.more needles and the SEs the ladies have been talking about but if it prevents what happened this time ill put up with anything lol. Also hoping i dont have to inject myself although the OH would love to do it lolol xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I had the shivers after each FEC too. One minute freezing, the next boiling hot. Horrible, especially through the night when trying to sleep. It must just be one of the more common SEs. This stuff does awful things to us!!! I think at the end of this we should all be really proud of ourselves for getting through it. A massive achievement. We're all pretty amazing eh? Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda, great to hear you are a little better today. The lack of energy is a bit soul destroying isn't it. I went out for a 2'ush mile walk on day 5 last cycle...even stopped for a coffee & cake halfway (The Ramblers in Dimmingsdale if you know it ..sit outside with your muddy boots and dog 🙂 ), but over did it in my haste to get outside and moving and was exhausted the next two days....so, take care and don't hurry yourself xxx

That's just how I've been...beanie and fleece off.. Beanie, fleece and heating on.. repeat! The two minute shivers I've had overnight, momentarily painful and scary, but gone once warmed up....another blooming se I suspect!!!! 😞

Take care ladies xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Ladies Feeling slightly better todayMy arm is less painful but very stiff. My appetite needs to increase .I seem to have no appetite for meat for the first week but I'm going to try some later.Been in the house for a week I feel I need to go out but I haven't the energy to go anywhere,hope it will come back soon.
Lainie G - I know it's annoying to be delayed but we need all our strength to cope with everything.
Bettypoppit -I too had the shivers I put my hat on then off then put the heating on then turned it off then huffed and puffed.My temperature was ok but my body didn't know if I was hot or cold.
Hope everyone else is feeling ok today xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi LainieG, that's pants you are being delayed further, but you need to get your strength and bottom line health back and I'm sure the jabs will help enormously... It is the one things I am puzzeled about as I've had the injections from the off, day 2 to 5 inclusive and I strongly suspect it has been an influencing factor in keeping me 'well'! Fingers crossed it will for you too.

PETA my temperature has been fine and I have felt OK either side of the shivers so I've taken it to be that my thermostat is just a bit knackered up with all this - although it was a little scary!

Jingo-x sympathies over the yak taste buds...mine are on the wain now and like you I just love my food, so a miserable few days ahead....but, they do come back eventually and there is an end in sight...albeit a bit in the distance!


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Sorry to hear about your delay LainieG.  I have to ask... Where do you get your injections?  Which bit of the body I mean.  You know how I love all things needles.  I am to stay on FEC and nobody has mentioned anything like that to me.  I had my 3rd dose yesterday.  Can't decide how I feel.  Had some soup a short while ago and feeling quite light headed when I move about. Keep checking back in my diary to make sure I was the same last time.Going out later to check up on my fat, hairy horse. I get someone to run me up to see him and I feed him some carrots and apples.  Then give him a pat and leave. Not managed to ride since this started.  Don't think he is the least bit bothered.  Fortunately a friend is caring for him and rides him once a week. He is still out in his field as the weather is so mild and he is a sturdy soul. Hope it stays this way as long as possible.  Hope everybody is coping today.xx 

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Peta. Hope you get your energy back soon and get back to normal. Just think, you're halfway there. I'm a bit jealous. Can't believe I'm being delayed by 2 weeks!
Zelda you're having such a hard time and with arm pain on top it must be awful. I hope you find something to help ease it.
Jingo it's great to hear you're doing well on the tax. Hope it continues.
GeeG Hope you continue to have good days. The nausea is really flooring you isn't it. So far I haven't been too nauseous but after FEC2 I was very light headed for the first 9 days. I felt like I was going to faint most of the time. Not nice! I'm having a lower dose next time so hopefully it won't be so bad.
Hugs to all and good luck to anyone having treatment this week. 💕💕💕

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi PETA, when I was on FEC I had injections on days 5,6 and 7, but on Tax I am having 5 days starting in day 2. They don't seem to give me pain but just make me tired. I only had to take steroids for three days but 8 each day.
I walked yesterday, going to try again this afternoon, but think I might prefer bed 🙂

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi all

Sorry to hear that you're delayed again, but I hope you're at least feeling a bit better now? I've had the GCS-F injections throughout, and managed to not catch husbands stinking cold amazingly, so they must be pretty good. You're starting on them too Jingo? I have 8 to do from 2 days after chemo, they make my bones ache and give me a sore hip/girdle area that makes me waddle a bit - I'm normally more of a stride person! - but if it stops us getting sick then it's worth it I guess.

It's really good to hear how you're doing on the Tax Jingo - are you off the steroids? I think they said I was going to be on them full time for three months, or maybe I got that wrong? I have taken them full time a long time ago and they made me puff up, which won't be very welcome but I guess I have to do what I'm told.

Bettypoppit- the Orange and soda sounds good, I'll try it, I'm getting dead bored of water too. I haven't had the shivers exactly as you describe, but I did get freezing cold the other day about day 2 of FEC 3 - I was really tired and hadn't eaten much, but a nap under the duvet sorted me. Is your temp okay otherwise? shivering is listed on my symptoms to look out for re neutrapenia, so keep well. x

Greg 😉 It's good to hear you've had a really good day! I'm feeling completely knackered at the moment and I'm finding it hard to do anything worthwhile, so I'm looking forward to my next good day. I want my energy back!

Zelda, I hope you get through this week and feel much better next, we'll all get there. Hugs to you all and have a good day today. Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi everyone. Betty I'm feeling much better now I'm home. Really tired though. I saw the nurse this morning and she said I'm not strong enough yet to have chemo this week so another week's delay. It's going to mess up my Christmas plans and delay my return to work but can't do anything about it so will just have to grin and bear it. I'm having the injections to boost my immunity this time so hopefully won't end up in hospital again xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning Bettypoppit glad to hear you are finding food to eat!


I am doing ok day 3 after Docetax/Tax - heart better than on FEC I am happy to say, but sat down to dinner last night only to find I couldnt taste it. Almost no nausea with this Tax but I am now hungry and cant taste anything.  I love my food so finding it a bit annoying!  Feeling tireder than on FEC but not been 'hit by the bus' yet and got some sleep (steroids all finished now).


No shivers to report here yet!


hope everyone else doing ok, off to find something i can eat! xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning Zelda, hope you are on the up now. I'm liking your mashed potato idea and I think a poached egg (bit of protein I'm thinking) might be nice. I'm on digestives when i feel a bit icky, porridge and a handful of prunes (helps with one of the se!), fruit smoothies - nutrition and fluid and soup more fluid at the moment, which is what has worked for me in cycles 1 & 2. I think I might have found something to drink at last...tesco sugar free fizzy orange and soda water...it is going down a treat this morning 🙂 taste buds rapidly going so water now tastes horrible and I guess it won't be long until the horrible yak taste turns up to take away any pleasure in eating the little we can. Oh well, not for long.

Hi all other lovely ladies and I hope you are all doing good?

LainieG.how's it going now you are home?

Jingo_x how are you doing today? I'm dreading the mega dose of steroids...

Has anyone had short 2minute cold shivers at all? It has happened to me a few times now..and goes once I put on extra clothes and snuggle up under the duvet?


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Phew...glad you are not offended geeG xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Ace! x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

She'll always be Greg to me now 🙂

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Opps ...fat finger syndrome or tablet taking over ...."geeG" not "Greg" lolol

Re: Starting chemo October 14

What a fantastic and uplifting post Greg....thank you xxxxxx