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Starting chemo October 14

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi.  Think I have got the photos on now.  They were marked private which obviously wasn't much good.  Let me know if they ate there.  No semi baldy ones....xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Talking about being on the ball, I've just had a letter in from the Beatson with all my radiotherapy dates. My planning scan date is only 2 days after my last chemo on 9 jan, so I'll need to change that one, but I start my rads on 27 January, 19 sessions, finish 20 February. As I have a 9 year old I had requested times between 11am and 12 noon so that I could still drop him off and pick him up from school, and they've given me the times requested every day!!!!! Woop whoop, things are taking shape, feels such a boost seeing an end date to all this, happy, happy xxxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I have to say I have had no waiting about (so far anyway) for my chemo. On a Monday I go to get my bloods done at my GP. On tues I have an appointment at oncology with either the nurse, pharmacist or oncologist to go over se etc. On wed I go in for my chemo, if my appointment is 2pm I'm through on the chair for 2pm, out by 4pm at latest. They were really busy this week when I was in but they run a tight ship and I still wasn't delayed. I wonder why there's so much delay elsewhere?!?!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi junash, if you click on to peta's picture under her name you will be able to view her gallery.

Lah, I can't see your pic very well, it's not in your gallery like peta's photos so I can't enlarge it. Think I might upload some today, wee project, not baldy ones though!!!!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

So glad for you Nicnac that it isn't another thing to worry about Robot Happy


Peta - we shall be using your photos as an inspiration - our lives are pretty much "on hold" for these few months but your pics remind us there is a whole big wide world to get back out into and enjoy come next spring/summer - thanks for posting them!


Re the docetaxil, from what I've seen although the infusion only takes an hour, waiting for it to come and waiting and waiting for the nurse to come and unplug you etc can increase the time exponentially. I know my last FEC actualy took from 11 am to 6.30 pm because of one delay and another. So I won't be planning for a quick in and out, I just don't think my unit is up to it!


I have a very sore/swollen arm at the mo and had to go get it assessed for a DVT, this took 5 hours till 1.30 am in the assessment unit (for less than 10 minutes of examination by junior onc) and then another 4 hours the next day getting a 10 minute scan. At least we have the NHS though, I can't imagine how awful it would be to have this disease in other parts of the globe. No DVT by the way, though I am meant to repeat the assessment process if it gets worse. I am regularly glaring at my arm in a threatening manner to make sure it knows it is not allowed to get sorer Robot Mad

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi. Bored this evening so decided to change my avatar. Got quite emotional looking through photos.  Would like to be able to say it was because I was looking at photos of my kids 21st/graduations/family get togethers etc. NO!!! It was all about the hair.......... So if you look at the one I have used just try to imagine me with hardly any hair and a few kilos lighter thanks to the chemo diet.  In fact dont really look anything like that just now.  I know I am going to rock the pixie hair though!!!!xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Lovelies - isn't it GREAT to get halfway thru this stuff? - 3 down and just 3 to go… we can do it - we really can.
Re hair - I guess I have about 5% left - so glad I got a Number 3 cut in advance of moulting - tho kinda think I would look/feel better now as a Bald Eagle!
Re Docetaxel - I think I have been told the infusion time is longer than for the FEC? (As my "1.5hr sessions" for FEC have taken 3hrs, 5 hrs and 6 hrs I guess I have learned not to make arrangements for being picked up - and not to hold my breath!)
Re. Hats, beanies, scarves, wig… I wear a fairly thick beanie at night as I often feel cold - but then get too hot and so take it off to sleep commando; mostly wear a light beanie in the evening and first thing in the morning; wear wig when I am out - feel really good about this second wig (the one I first ordered but took weeks and weeks to arrive - so I accepted another one for first 3 weeks … which made me look like Myra Hindley… not a Good Look!); and I wear a woolly hat for taking the dog out (with a Stetson on top if it raining!) - also probably not a Good Look - but who cares when it's dark and prob not see anyone anyway! 'Head to Head' session was great & scarf feels cooler than beanie - but I have yet to explore the scarf option except at home straight after session - hope to explore scarves further over Christmas… Whichever you choose to use, use what feels good and right for you - and you really will look your best. I Promise.
Re. Sleep : my GP gave me some tabs when I wasn't sleeping well before chemo started, and told me they are ok with chemo ( and are anti-nausea too!) - called PROMETHACIN HCL 25mgs - as my treatment started so late yesterday I was worried the late afternoon steroid dose meant I would not sleep last night, esp as I was still up and running at 12mn - so took one of these and slept well … so I expect to use more of these next cycle with the high dose steroids… Hope this may be useful info for someone…
Re. Tax / Docetaxel - Huge thanks to experiences you have shared (and August 2014 folks have also been really good for early insights) - much as some people get bad SEs with Tax, others get much less and some almost none - so I for one am much less anxious than I was … now trying to get advice about nail painting - I'm a bit of a Nail Polish Virgin - all self-attempts have been rather scrappy and I want to look GOOD for Christmas! … may do toenails too - oooooooooooo!

OH & dog now better from The Trots - but OH now full of the cold … & my belly scar getting really tender from the chemo …isn't Life Just Great Sometimes…

Wishing y'all a Good Night and a better w/e than you dreamt possible - luv n hugs - g x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

yaay nicnac that's great, what a relief - chill this weekend xx. Lainie and Debtex happy you've got another session out the way - hope you're doing ok.

Murphy & Peta - how do you look through pics - are they on here?? Would love to put faces to names although I imagine most of us are sporting very similar looks unless we've cold capped

Am I correct in reading that T is administered differently? My FEC got syringed/pushed through my picc line - 9 large containers of it. Is T different?? Consultant didn't mention it.


Re: Starting chemo October 14

My hair just the same as urs lah21 . I had an easier time mainly cos I didn't cold cap this time . But the tax is just a drip with nothing injected into it so felt like less fuss . No nausea just yet and have made lunch cleaned floors and made mince pies since I came home so not too bad . Seems to be taking my taste buds out now but no nausea . Good luck with ur next treatment xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Really good news Nicnac. All the best for your last FEC on Monday.  Debtex and Lainie I hope you have a peaceful s/e free night. Debtex you said T was easier.  Do you mean it didnt take as long?  Just curious as I am staying on FEC for the duration.  On the subject of hair......  I have been cold capping but am now at the stage where I have to wear a hat all the time because my hair is so thin and I have baldy bits. I did have thick hair which I had cut into a short bob a few days before chemo. I still have a fringe and enough hair at the sides to make it look as if I have hair under the hat. Starting to look like Wurzel Gumageat the front though and Golam at the back.  Hair sticking out at all angles. Anyway it is time to call it a day with the hair. I have beanies, scarfs, buffs and a wig.  What does everybody prefer to wear?  I can't even look at my wig just now. Lesleyxx 

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Great news nicnac I'm so relieved for you. 💖💖
Thanks for all your good wishes ladies. Had FEC3 today and feeling ok, just a bit groggy. Drinking as much as I can before the horrible taste sets in lol.
Hope you're ok Debtex and you don't have too many SEs. Let us know how the t goes xxxx
Murphy so glad you gave no nausea. I know how worried you are about that. Hope it continues xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Great news nicnac, a load off your mind. We are all so super sensitive just now about everything. Yay, half way there on Monday xx

Glad your first t went ok today debtex. Fingers crossed for minimal se. Lainie too xx

Peta, hope you don't mind, I've been having a look through your photos. They are lovely, you look like you've been on lots of nice holidays. You have an uncanny likeness to sigoney weaver 🙂 xxx

Day 3 post fec 4 and feeling fine. Still in bed cause feeling a bit lightheaded with meds but no nausea at all, touch wood, which as you know is my biggest fear.

Love and hugs xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Great news Nic Nac . Xx I had my 't' this morning much easier than fec but tired as no sleep at all last night due to steroids . Going for an epsom salt bath now . We are doing great ladies keep going everyone ! we are on the downward slope now ! Hugs across the internet . Debbie xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

That's brilliant news Nicnac, you must feel very relieved.

Good luck with your last FEC on Monday, and best wishes to all who have had one today, I hope you all have a good weekend. Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi all back from oncology meeting eventually met my consultant im under instead of others. Thanks for all your positive thoughts ladies

All good nothing related to the BC. She said the lining of my womb is thicker than normal and thats why its trying to shed like a period ive got it under control with the traneasmic acid tablets for now. Where as most people stop having them i could likely keep having periods boo !! So its all planned for Monday last Fec and then i can say half way woohoo x

Jingo_x im cold capping and still have hair its very thin on top but im putting my hair back over the missing bits its. no where near as thick as it was and hate not being able to straighten it just hope i can cope on mon with cap and thinner hair. Xx

Going to try and enjoy my weekend now while i can. Have a lovely weekend to all of you xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14


Nicnac - try not to worry too much about your period problems and the scan. I've read loads of pages about cancer spreading as I had abnormal bone scans and none of them have mentioned uterus problems, so I'd suspect that it's not related. I guess it's no wonder that the scan looked a bit odd if you've had a period for over a month. I had something very similar about two years ago, and it turned out to be a benign polyp, it was really easy to take away no anaesthetic at all, just in the clinic in ten minute appointment, so really try not to worry, although I know how hard that is. I hope you find out results really soon. X

Lainie, good luck today - you've got there! I hope this one goes well for you.

Debtex I moisturise my head with E45 cream and shower my head with E45 moisturising wash. Both seem to work very well. It's a lot easier to put moisturiser on when you can do your whole head, face and neck in one giant go!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lainie and Debtex - good luck for tomorrow - thinking of you both xx

I had oncology meeting today to discuss T - said everyone reacts differently - just rest, recommended Claritin for muscle/bone pain - he said it can feel like flu for a few days but nausea is far less - haven't had nausea on FEC so hope that stays the same. Sounds similar to your symptoms Jingo. Then got onto discussing op and rads - felt a little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Rads I'll be zapped in 3 areas due to node involvement but oncologist said its an easy road in comparison to chemo - sort of knew this but lovely to hear. May have to have rads on other boob as well as had precancerous cells - depends what they find when they do the reduction - ho hum.

Tamoxifen was discussed and I said I'd read that it can be harsh on the system but he said its a great drug and side effects abate once body gets used to it.

We're getting there my lovelies. Day at a time xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Jingo I shaved my head because I was losing lots and most of my head is completely bald but I have a lot of stubble at the crown so not totally bald.
Debtex I was told to gently exfoliate my scalp every day because the chemo causes the skin to thicken and we can develop cradle cap like babies. We can also get folliclitis. After exfoliating moisturise your scalp. Hope that helps xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Jingo I have cold capped too but only a thin covering of hair ,not v flattering - bit like a 110yr old lady . Therefore I'm not cold capping tomoz as found v uncomfortable with all my bald bits last time - it made me cry and generally I'm as hard as nails so time to give up for me ! I wouldn't worry about the chemo not working they re assured me that they would not allow the cc if it wasn't safe for our type of cancer . As I am soon to become bald eagle does anyone have tips for scalp care plse ? Also thanks for the reassurance on tax - will update all I how it goes for me x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Good luck to those having last FEC or first Tax - I hope you all fare as well as I have - week 2 on Tax has been good although my legs get tired and achy sometimes (a bit like when you've been to the gym...only I haven't!), and a little tireder than before.  I am marking the end of this week as my half way point and it is starting to feel this chemo thing is doable!


By the way, anyone else still have hair?  I still have a lot and it's confusing me, even with the cold cap I expected to lose half and it hasn't happened - so I am back to worrying that my chemo dose is not strong enough!!


love to all xx




Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lainie, two weeks is a long time but that'll be you back on track now. Best of luck tom xx

Debtex best of luck to you tom too starting your tax. I've heard mixed reports about it, some do better on fec and visversa, everything is so individual and you just go with the flow xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I was delayed by 2 weeks Murphy. Glad to be back on track but it was awful being delayed. We have a finish point in our minds don't we and having it pushed back feels like a massive setback. Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi everyone Nic Nac sorry to here about another worry but at least as you are 'on the radar ' already , anything that occurs will be dealt with swiftly . Thinking of you and sending positive vibes . Good luck to everyone visiting the chemo cocktail bar tomoz . I'm on the steroids now so off to re tile the roof ! 😉(only kidding ! )

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi nicnac, how horrible for you to be going through another worry. Positive thinking, when will they get back to you? Once again it's the waiting xxxxxx

Lainie good luck for tom, how long were you delayed for? I'm lying in bed chilling, feeling fine xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks so much LainieG i cant cope with anything else thrown at me ! Just when i think ive got my head around other things sonething else thrown at me hopefully good news positive thinking i keep telling myself. Xxx
good luck for tomorrow LainieG xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Nicnac I hope your results are ok. What a horrible time you've had! Good luck for Monday. I have my last FEC tomorrow.
Zelda I hope the new gel works on your arm. It must be really sore, and poor Poppy! What a fright for you both!! Hope she's ok.
Just finished my online shop with Tesco. I ordered all of the ingredients for the chemo moonshine. Hope it works, it's really hard to find something to drink with the horrible chemo taste buds! Drinking lots today in preparation for tomorrow
Good luck to all and hoping for minimal SEs for you all xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Everyone, Still pushing myself to get things done this good week. Couldn't walk Poppy far today as she has a slight limp after falling into the canal yesterday. She was frightened by another dog ( the dogs owner hauled her out) just glad she's ok and I didn't have to jump in the canal.
Saw my GP this morning he gave me some different gel for my sore arm , the veins seem to have hardened.
Also he gave me a low dose sleeping tablet for use when I take the steriods. I'm getting prepared for next week.
Hope everyone is ok today xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi ladies just back from the hospital after having a scan and feeling once again terrified.! Had problems with periods for a month now started after my first chemo in october, got to wait for results tomorrow when i go for pre chemo blood test hopefully mon will be my last fec before changing to T. The lining of my womb doesnt look right so thinking the worse as its hard to put it out of my mind now.

Hope your all doing as well as can be and coping with your side effects Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hope it goes well today geeG and you have less nausea. Is this no. 3? 😊
Murphy hope yours went well and you're feeling ok 😊
Debtex good luck for Friday. I have my 3rd FEC then too. Hope the Tax is ok for you. And you too Zelda and Junash when you start it next week😊
Bettypoppit hope you're starting to feel better. Hope the pain is a bit better today 😊
hope I haven't missed anyone. I'm hopeless at remembering everything. If I have know that I'm sending hugs your way anyway xxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

'Greg', thanks 🙂 and good luck today...bizarre I know but hoping all's well and your treatment goes ahead as planned. Xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

GeeG good luck tomorrow,fingers crosse it all goes ahead and you feel less nausea than before but please put your feet up xx

Betty & Murphy hope you're both feeling better ASAP xx

AMDriver - sounds bloody gorgeous, whist time do you want us over 🙂

Love to all and sorry if I've missed anyone having treatment tomorrow - thinking of you all. Bedtime for me - shattered xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hugs Bettypopitt … Grieg/Greg /geeG… x x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

AMdriver, WOW WOW WOW 🙂 That is one hell of a Porkscratching Posse party menu....I'm already packing my bags ready xxxxx

Bit less fatigued, but bad lower back pain!!!???!! and head throbbing, so the quickest dip in today, but hugs to all xxxxx. Oh and mouth still like the bottom of a bird cage!! 😞

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Everyone - what a lot is happening here! Huge Thanks to y'all for being here (I wish you didn't have to be - but you know what I mean… 😕 ) - y'all help me soooooo much on the Sanity Front…

Lah21 - so sad you got labelled like that when you were in hospital … really no excuse so far as I am concerned … so much for confidentiality eh! … like calling out full name/ date of birth and address at every appointment / every syringe / etc etc ! LoL! These are ALL things I think should be accorded a greater level of sensitivity and confidentiality … oh - and thanks for reminding me about Port Patrick - I paid a v brief visit with my parents many years ago and thought it was a place to try and get back to sometime - I so need to get on and visit now! - I wonder if there's a dog friendly hotel thereabouts…?

AMDriver - I can't wait for the posse to reach you! Wow! What a menu!! (Just don't overdo it pal…)

Jingo_x - I like the sound of no nausea with Tax… not so sure about the aches and pains that several folk report tho … guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed and take our chances … WIERD how different SEs can be for different people…

Great to hear you were riding again Debtex - your equine pal will have been so pleased to have you up again - no better way to enjoy sunshine and country lanes… (but how come I always ache so much afterwards these days?!!)

Zelda and Junash - Great to be at final FEC, eh? Hoping I'll be there too tomorrow - but neutrophils 1.1 again today so retest tomorrow before they will go ahead … nothing to boost them, just cross my fingers, eat well and get to bed early again. This cold is settling fairly well (tho not gone completely yet…) and have not yet succumbed to the OH diahorroea ( or the dog's - LoL!) - so fingers double-crossed (as it were!) … this time of year we so need to know we can go forward with treatments as planned so we can have a bit of hope for making plans for the Festive Season…. OH was back to work today but is now going down with my cold … so the cards feel somewhat stacked against optimism tonight…

Bettypoppit - I so hope you have less fatigue/more energy today - I know I just cannot get used to this 'wasted' feeling… dream of next year when this'll all be behind us… YAY!

Sore eyes and a bit of trouble focussing… didn't sleep much last night so could be a factor… as could this cold… or I guess SEs… loads of folk in the office admitting they had this cold last week - so maybe my determination to keep working is not such a good thing after all …

… and Peta - house sorted for Christmas? - wow! - you'll not know yourself! - keep us posted! - and hang on in there! So hope your new bed'll be a good one … 🙂

I must have missed Someone - apologies - I've not got the expertise of others in keeping up with us all … currently trying to remember how close I may be to swallowing the required 3L of fluid - can hardly believe how difficult this is each time … do we have to do this for the Tax too…? … meantime I'll need to dash to the loo in a mo… so keep on smilin' my Lovelies - we are beating thisThing with every teeny weeny step ....

Hugs! x x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi ladies, 4th fec done and dusted this afternoon. In bed and feeling ok. Due meds at 8 pm so will be conked out pretty much after that.

Lainie so glad your getting back on track with your treatment. And you should be semi ok by Christmas Day so hohoho x

The menu looks scrummy driver, and I am a bit of a nightmare fussy eater, but I could go quite a few of your delights.well done you xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks Jingo and Sam

It's really good to know a bit about T before we head off in that direction. A week tomorrow for me, but earlier for some of you it seems, good luck and keep us posted!

Lainie it's good to know you're getting back on track. Good luck on Friday - it's weird that we want it to happen but each one does take us closer to the end. The injections seem to be really good and do t hurt, honest!

AMDriver that menu looks wonderful! Such a good selection and it all sounds delicious. I'm in one of my hungry phases, I now fancy a bit of all of them for supper tonight. 😊

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks for the advice Sam. It's always good to hear from you.
I'm getting back on track this week. 3rd FEC on Friday. Not looking forward to it but so glad to be getting back into it. Getting a lower dose and district nurse coming out to give me my jab to increase white cells. Couldn't do it myself I'm afraid. I'm a woos lol.
AMDriver my mouth is watering reading your menu. It's fab and lots for veggies like me.
Thinking about you all xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Wow that menu looks amazing !!! Hi ladies just checking in on you ! I've just been reading some of your posts & see a lot of you are just about to change from fec to tax. Side effects for me were very different - no sickness but terrible aches. I found soaking in a bath of Epsom salts really helped ☺️
Good luck
Love Sam xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Right Ladies, here is my Porkscratching Posse Party menu for next year!



Mini vegetable kebabs (vegan)

Thai salmon parcels (v)

Mustard and honey cocktail sausages

Goats cheese and red onion mini muffins (v)

Sticky pork belly bites

Haddock and gruyere tartlets



Chicken and wild rice bake

Potato curry (vegan)

Toad in the hole

Spanish chicken with chorizo

Cabbage, potato and cheese bake (v)

Black bean pasta salad (vegan)

Savoury rice (vegan)

Moroccan lamb

Stilton and leek tart (v)



Coffee and walnut cake

Lemon layer cake

Bilberry tart

Chocolate and hazelnut meringues

Key lime pie


Hope you are all hungry!



Re: Starting chemo October 14

Tax for me next week as well so will add Vaseline to the tesco delivery - as well as the fizzy orange that's recommended. Having my nails painted black on Monday - anyone else trying this? Jingo it's great to hear thst you're coping well - fingers crossed for all those switching thst we have similar experiences - and those staying on FEC that you cope well.

Eye twitching is driving me a little crazy!!!!!


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thank you Debtex.  I have no idea what you look like but have a fabulous image of you hoovering over a toilet with a tub of vaseline in hand. Made me laugh.......

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Everyone, I have been reading the posts but always feel on the good week I have to go mad and pack as much in as I can. Energy levels are not the same so everything takes longer.
I swap to Tax next week so it's reassuring that the side effects may not be as bad as the FEC I'm having Herceptin as well so I hope the effects of that are minimal.
As regards constipation The first time after FEC I suffered terribly,never again I always take a laxative now.
Hope everyone is well especially those undergoing treatment this week xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks jingo x v re - assuring ( about from the toilet bit !) I normally take senocots as a pre emptive strike but will have the Vaseline poised ready for action xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

HI Debtex - I was very anxious about Tax, but it really hasnt been that bad so far.  I am day 9 today and have ad less fatigue and zero nausea so have been able to get out and about more (except when on a drip in the hospital of course :)).  Had a few days when I couldnt tolerate some flavours which has now settled down to food not tasting of much at all unless I add a ton fo salt, chilli or pickle!  Today I ate for Britain - was craving dairy products all day

Most noticeable side effect has been lack of moisture in my skin, especially my mouth, lips and eyes.  Also one to watch out for is that this apparently also goes on in the digestive tract and I am sorry to report the bowels.  Be careful not to get constipated and if you do you could end up with some damage!!  I feel I can share this, seeing as Bettypoppit has shared her innermost babbling brook. Be warned, keep vaseline in the house and a hot water bottle to sit on if you need it.  

I know everyone reacts differently but so far I would choose T over FEC (I will read that again in Feb when I have had my 4th T!)




Re: Starting chemo October 14

Revving up for 4th chemo on Friday when I switch to Tax - quite nervous . Have cold capped for 3 but don't think I will bother for 4th as remaining hair is sparse and it will hurt my scalp too much . Have sore eyes due to eyelashes coming out and eyebrows thinning . Managed to ride my horse for an hour round the country lanes on a crisp sunny day - lovely but rather tired now . Gd luck to all having treatments this week xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lah21, omeprazole for me too, which has worked well.

Great update Junash, regarding insurance ..reassuring ☺

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lah21 - I have omeprazole too, which has worked up till now, and some aniseed liquid stuff which I hadn't even needed to try till last night. Am taking the omeprazole in a mo (prob left it too late yesterday), so hopefully better tonight.


Junash, that's very heartening for insurance - must be that you'll have compeleted all "active" treatment. That's great news in fact Robot Happy

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Really quick post while I'm waiting for son footie to finish - i was quoted £54 for long weekend in NY in aug 2015 - filled in all medical breast cancer info, said id be on tamoxifen - declared everything. Thought that a really good price - was meant to go to NY in feb as my 50rh but deferred to summer.

Catch up with the rest of your posts later tonight xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hiya lovely ladies, I hope you are all ok, getting on with things and feeling not too bad.

Betty and your bubbling brook hehehe always brings a smile to my face 🙂 there definitely is things to smile and laugh about through all this.

Peta, I hope your move goes well, you will be so excited, something nice to look forward to during all this horribleness.

I had my pre chemo acupuncture yesterday - was lovely and relaxing. Today I was at hospital for pre chemo appointment with oncologist. As soon as I got in they said I needed my bloods done again (I'd had them done by nurse at GP yesterday), so petrified my chemo tomorrow was going to be put off. Anyway all it was the nurse hadn't labelled the bottles so they couldn't accept them!!! Thank god for that, bloods ok and having fec 4 tomorrow 2 pm.

I then had a lovely Indian head massage with the lady at the hospital. An hour and half late appointment finally with oncologist. She was going over what happens with rads, saying it's like a walk in the park compared to chemo. I've signed my consent form and will get a planning appointment in a few weeks.

Came home and had a reiki session from one of my friends. Busy day but with nice bits. I'll have acupuncture tomorrow evening after my chemo. The guy who does it kindly comes to my house. Soooooooo, I'm all set for number 4!!!! My husband is on the rota this time to look after me and things (daughter 1 did treatments 1 & 2, daughter 2 did treatment 3, my mum is treatment 5 and daughter 2 is treatment 6)!!!! I basically spend a week in bed, how do others cope in their first week? My "helpers" basically look after my 9 year and and my dogs, and cook evening meal. I'm very lucky and grateful to them.

Having pizza tonight. Last night before I lose my appetite for a week and a half!! I lost another couple of lbs today. That's me lost a stone since I started chemo. Wish it was always this easy!!

I normally dip in and out of the aug and sept threads. It's great to hear a lot of the august ladies having their last chemos around about now. That'll be us soon enough, yahoooo, can't wait 🙂

Love and hugs to everyone xxxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hahaha "pork crackling ladies" 🙂

Hi PETA, lovely to hear from you and yes, solo agree that treatments are coming round seemingly quicker... another bizarre peculiarity of all this nonsense. Must be fantastic to know you will soon be in your new home and back in your own bed 🙂

Hi lah21, like you I've also had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions but unlike you they were quiet, peaceful and relaxing sessions....fingers crossed you will still get the benefit from them despite the foul mouthed racket you've had to endure. Do you get a CD of the 'going under' performance by the therapist as I do? The only problem I have found is that I'm falling asleep, before getting down the long sweeping staircase, into the walled garden to sit on the comfy cushioned swing seat in the sun....such a disappointment! lololol seriously, I hope it works for you. xxx. I genuinely believe that there are already moments to laugh about (you may have seen my 'bubbling brook' confessions ;)) and I'm sure others have thought that too. Hold on in there, i think you are doing great 🙂

Still utterly fatigued.. Day 9 cycle 3 for me, but hoping tomorrow will see an improvement. Xx