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Starting chemo October 14

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi linzz and lainie thanks for your support . The normal me would have been assertive and demanding an escalation there and then but last night I could barely walk or talk . My husband was beside himself but was trying not to lose his temper and make it worse . On top of all that I needed to give a urine sample and brought a commode - fair enough - but it was left in the side room with myself and husband uncovered for 2 hrs ! The only time I got any intervention was when my husband had to stand wringing his hands trying to catch someone's attention . I echo what you say about more vulnerable ladies both myself and husband -him -in particular have worked to improve the way vulnerable adults are treated in our respective careers.last night I felt like I was experiencing the reality at first hand and it wasn't good X

Re: Starting chemo October 14

So feel for you Debtex.  My trip to A & E couple of weeks ago was a nightmare.  Was fast tracked when I arrived as far as a cubicule with 2 hard chairs, curtains closed and left for hours.  Had appointment with psychologist this afternoon.  It was my BCN who had referred me.  Spent about 45mins with her. Discussed everything about my treatment since this all started.  How I felt about it and what was worrying me.  One of my major concerns is the 72hours completely off my head I have 4 days after treatment.  Can't sleep, sit, lie down, stand up, talk, concentrate, eat or anything. Anxiety through the roof. It hashappened 2nd and 3rd FEC.  She does think it is related to the steriods and is going to try and get in touch with my ONC to discuss. Doesn't hold out much hope of being able to get in touch with her anytime soon. GP wants me to take anti-depress for anxiety but ONC doesn't.  Psychologist thinks I do need something and is going to try and get in touch with GP to discuss but doesn't think she will be able to get in touch with anytime soon.  See a pattern forming?  Anyway she was very nice and wants to see me again in a fortnight.  I saw her at a different hospital from where I get chemo.  However it was in the ONC ward. Bloody hell cant get away from these places.  When I go back to see her I have got to go to yet another hospital.  The one where I was told I had cancer.  Running out of places to go.....

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Debtex, that's horrific! My advice to anyone in our position is to make your displeasure known and insist - repeatedly if necessary - for a senior member of staff to resolve the issue. Pushed NHS staff will always take the easiest route (sit in the car???? really?????????) so we have to stand up for ourselves and make sure they find it easier to deal with us properly than to fob us off. I know this is easier said than done, btw. Note: I work in the NHS (non-clinical) and obviously have a healthy disrespect for clinical authority fuelled by some of the 'colleagues' and goings on I have come across over the years.


And as for an oncology psychologist, I have asked about "help to get through this" (from surgeon/BC nurse) and was advised to see GP for "a prescription", and again for "counselling" (from oncologist) and was told she'd "very much like to" get me on antidepressants. Which I declined, much to her disappointment - perhaps because that's all she could offer. Anyhow, I'm feeling more level about things for now, but will contact Maggies for advice on this if I feel the need again to see what should be available in my locale.


On one front I feel the treatment and services we get are marvellous, but on the other we are also being seriously let down on occasion. I expect us lot here on the forum are amongtst the more strident and well informed of BC ladies, I hate to think how more vulnerable ladies would fare lost in the system.


Perhaps all this ire comes from the fact that I have an appt with my oncologist tomorrow and am not looking forward to it. She told me lies last time and I have no faith in her. If she treats me similarly again this time I'm going to ask her for a referral to an alternative oncologist, and will have no hesitation in explaining why verbally (and in writing to her team leader). My goodness my bad temper has lasted the whole day. Indeed it would seem I'm fair spoiling for a fight Robot Mad


And breath...

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Debtex I know how you feel. That's what happened to me. We're supposed to be seen snd have antibiotics within 1 hour but have to wait around a busy a and e dept. I spoke to my onc nurse and she said the h8spital should know the protocol in these cases. She said she would follow it up for me and speak to oeopke in charge about checking with the local hospitals. My neutrophils were at 0.4 and like you I was I'm a busy waiting room with people coughing and spreading who knows what around. Hooe youre feeling a bit better now Heart xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Ok here is the real reason for my foul mood !yesterday my temp hovered high and increased . Called chemo helpline - well hub did - I was too ill to talk . They were no use but advise call GP . GP came . V helpful but knew less than me about chemo . Advised us to buy a really accurate Braun thermometer . 30£ later we had one . Temp climbed to 38 felt v ill semi conscious . Called chemo line again at first told to sit it out then they called back to say needed to go to hospital . However no beds at chemo hospital so told to go to normal a and e . Barely walking got to A and E at 5 pm . Packed including 3 drunks / druggies and someone with nori virus . Virtually unconscious at this point . Husband complained and was told there was no where for me to wait but I could sit outside in the car if I wanted .! Eventually was found a trolley and spent 5 hrs havin bloods X-ray and urine done . Had no treatment just a cannula shoved in my arm for 5 hrs . Can't wait to 'share' with my oncology team as blame them totally . If they give u the chemo then they should be around to pick up the pieces when it goes t..ts up and not fob people off to a and e . Rant over , space on bench now available !! Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit.


Not sure if it was my ONC or BCN who actually referred me as they had both said they felt I was not coping well. It has taken a couple of weeks to get the appointment.  I am off this afternoon to see her. Will up date later. Not expecting too much out of an hour talking to a complete stranger but am feeling quite negative today so we shall see.xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Debtex you made me smile with your mood this morning - I get like that a lot - especially with the 'let me know if there is anything I can do' thing.  I have started turning away visitors recently as the people that are popping up now haven't been around for the first 5 months of all this, now seem to think I should be grateful for them to come and sit with me for a bit, when what I really want to do is live as normal a life as possible and be treated normally.  I don't want people to visit beause they feel they have to


Bettypoppit - I had a tearful day on Monday and hate is as it feels like wallowing, but we are not our normal selves right now and we are not even the 'new normal' selves that we will be next year so try to see it as a side effect of all these chemicals swilling around our bodies and screwing up our hormones. I also see a Macmillan counsellor and she never knows which one of me she is going to get - sometimes I dont stop jabbering for an hour, sometimes I cry for an hour - even I don't know which it is going to be, but ask your BCN if she can refer you.


Speaking of side effects I woke up today with the twitching eye SE! Great

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Linzz, love your photos and thanks for the link, I will have a look.

Debtex, I know exactly how you feel. Let me know if you need anything - well of course I need stuff doing, don't ask just come and do it, anything would be a great help. How's it going - pretty rubbish actually but you don't really want to hear all that so, yes I'm fine thanks. Christmas stories are the pits at the moment. My standard answer is aw that sound lovely, but would love to add lucky you, wish it was me.

Bettypoppit, I went through my breast care nurse for the oncology psychologist. Maybe try her as a first port of call. She's employed by mcmillan so has loads of experience of folk going through this hell.

Hubby back to work today so I'm going to have to muster some energy to take my old dog out. My lovely neighbour has been taking my young lab out for me since this all started as he's too strong for me. Don't know what we would've done without him.

Would love something nice to eat but just can't think what !!!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Has anyone else read through some or all of the "Benchland" string? It's hard to find it with search so I've tried to put the URL below (if it works). It is hilarious - go to the end page (467!) and start from the start. I got maybe 20 or 30 pages in one day, but I think those probably contained the best of it. There's one lady in particular who writes brilliantly (sorry, can't remember her name) - you'll recognise her as she's the one who has had loads of posts "removed" LOL


Debtex, I posted this because of your current snarky mood. I will shuffle along a bit to make space for you on the snarky bench today until you feel better...Robot Happy



Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning ladies, just LOVING the mood hat idea ... lolol and Debtex, soooo spot 😉

Hi Zelda, lovely to get the chance to catch up at clinic yesterday and fingers crossed for you today and tomorrow.... we are motoring on through this :). Hope your veins hold up too!

Anyone else struggling like me....i've been full of self pity and the raging moody blues since the weekend until today....I hate it!!!!!!!? And, I really think I'm going to need some professional help by the end of this, as I just don't get how to move on...if I'm upbeat in my thoughts it doesn't seem very realistic...if downbeat, i feel defeated and self indulgent...feel trapped bouncing between the two. How do we access an oncology phycologist...through the consultant or breast care nurse?

Moving on, cannot seem to upload piccies from my tablet but going to have another go later on PC and have a nosey at all of your piccies 🙂 It will be lovely to put faces to names (and hopefully improve on my rather pathetic current lack of ability to recall names!).

Hope everyone is doing OK, better today than yesterday if not and good luck to any and all visiting the noxious cocktail bar this week. Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

My 'favourite ' show of support is a txt saying ' how's it going ? ' or one saying 'let me know if u need anything ' ! Yes please I'd like my shopping doing , my house cleaning , my dog walking . My wages paying , my poor chipped nails done ,!!!!!! Oh but don't let me get in the way of your fabulous busy Christmas that you are so keen to tell me about while I lie here and apply my oral thrush drops !! sorry everyone !! Woke up very sarky this morning blame it on the tax !!!! 😜

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lah21 - we don't have a dog, but my father-not-in-law has a lovely retriever called Jodi. The last time we visited she was just lovely, wanting to be friends and cuddle all the time. I SO wanted to accidentally "find" her in the backseat when we got home!


Peta - my arm still hurts. In fact, it hurts more than it did last week when I got it looked at. I don't think it's anything sinister, just settling in for the long haul. I read that heat helps phlebitis, so have had a hot water bottle on it off and on, which works I guess in the way the heating pad works during infusion. I may try the peas though, I have a bag of hopelessly out of date ones kept just for that purpose. My worry is how they will get blood out of me for my pre-chemo bloods, as I can't quite get my arm straight right now and the crux of my elbow is particularly sore. More gritting of teeth will be required no doubt. Oh, and I've eventually spotted the pm you send weeks ago, and responded. D'uh.


I've had several days (long after chemo) where I felt quite queesy - finally decided it was the tablets for oral thrush so have ditched them (had taken 5 days worth of 7 in any case) and gone back to the drops. Fingers crossed that will let my stomach settle.


I am loving everyone's photos! I had put some up myself ages ago but discovered the ruddy album was private. Eventually after a struggle this morning I have made it public. I hope. It is fair to say that when I look at old photos I can't help but notice significantly less chin nowadays. Silver linings and all that.


And mood hats - yes! I think a hat with an assortment of velcro letters for spelling out expletives of choice would suit me perfectly. Plus a lot of asterisks for when in polite company Robot wink

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi an update from me after spending 5 hrs in a and e having tests done due to raised temp and feeling so dire on tax . They didn't find anything wrong so sent me home 😌 also terrible thrush in mouth but have something to take for that now . All I can say is be vigilant on tax as it is not like fec , but having no nausea is a bonus I guess . Night night all xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lah, I go to see an oncology psychologist and I find it really helpful to have someone to talk to about my thoughts and feelings. I initially went re my vomiting phobia, but it seems to have progressed to talking about worry about the future and coping with the anxiety. I use to go to a hypnotherapist too but have found my sessions with acupuncture are more what I need to help with anxiety. I still have the relaxation music/talk on my phone and play it if I get too panicky.

I love your photos, your family look lovely and your dog is adorable. I'm sure your oh won't mind you cuddling up on the couch with him.

Yeah, I'm kinda glad sticking with fec, at least we know what to expect. I think it's a lottery tho,some get on better with the fec and others are better with t. Let's face it, it's all horrible xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Everybody has gone out this evening.  Just me and the dog cuddling up on the couch. Normally he doesn't get to get up on the furniture and if OH finds out there will be trouble. Since this all started I find it comforting when I am by myself to have him curled up beside me.  He seems to be very aware of my moods just now.  Think I might have started a bad habit but right now I don't care.  Just have to listen out for OH coming home. Bored with TV so been posting more photos.xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Evening Ladies

Loving the photos girls. Lovely to see faces. Murphy sorry to hear you not picking up so quick after FEC4. My FEC4 is due next week. Don't know how I feel about staying on FEC. At least you know more or less what to expect I suppose. Not that it is much comfort. Hope you feel better soon Debtrex. Welcome Riversidedown. I didnt join until after I had had my first dose and have found this site great.  I was feeling pretty isolated before that. I love the idea of mood hats especially the one Jingo suggested for her school run. I am still putting in an appearence at work on my good weeks and it would save alot of time.  I can see people hoovering in the background getting ready to come up and ask me how I am doing. Want to say FEC-ing awful but don't.  I am off to see a Clinical Psychologist tomorrow.  It is offical.... I am cracking up!!!  Between that, my hypnotherapist, onc appointment on Thursday, waiting for DN to do my PICC line I feel as though my good week is totally taken up. Christmas this year is order stuff from internet for nearest and dearest and Next vouchers for friends. Dinner from M&s.  Will have to think about the tree but have no notion at all.Good luck for Friday Peta.  Hope you all have as good an evening as possible. Lesleyxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

My goodness jingo, what a head of hair. Well done you xxxx

We all look beautiful and will be again in no time at all. I'm loving seeing the photos, fair cheering me up 🙂 xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

OK I have joined the photo club.  As I don't have any nice sunny holiday snaps of me (I am always behind the camera) then my avatar is one I have taken today on my laptop - just so you can see that I am not exaggerating when I say I have a worrying amount of hair on my head!  

My only other photo is from some family photos we had done the day before chemo started which I keep looking at to remind myslef how well I felt that day and how well I hope to feel in a few months!


Another decent day for me on Tax.  Out walking in the freezing cold and lunch with a friend.  Off to get fitted for my silicon boob tomorrow - exciting times!


Debtex I know you are not doing so well on Tax, but hope your aches and pains are short-lived and have subsided.

Re: Starting chemo October 14


By adding a bio and adding friends so they can see the bio I saw Lainie and Lah's photos too, you both look great!  So far people look pretty much as I've imagined them to, isn't that strange?  


Linnz - how is your arm doing?  My arm was sore, and then a couple of weeks after chemo, when I thought my arm was getting better a new sore bit sprung up out of nowhere, near my hand, but not near where I had the chemo. Very strange, it's gone down again now.  I just put frozen peas on it.  I'm not sure that helped, but I guess it kept me occupied for a while.  I hope your arm is better soon, is it improving? 


I hope you're all having as good a day as possible ladies!  xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14


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    If anyone gets stuck feel free to ask me and I'll talk you through it in more detail.  You can send me a private message about photos if you prefer.   xxx


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Re: Starting chemo October 14


And love the photos Murphy!  


You look great, lovely son and man and the dogs are really fab.  The labrador is gorgeous!  xxxx


I'm just off to write some upload photo tips for Lainie.  🙂

Re: Starting chemo October 14


I love the photos Junash!  It really is lovely to see what people look like.  Smiley Happy


Murphy1963 - I'm in my supposed good week on FEC 3 and I feel absolutely drained.  I have very little energy.  This week was supposed to be my good week, and its great that I don't have nausea at this point,  but I do feel so very, very tired.   I hope you feel better on your good week next week,  I went out with friends for lunch on Sunday and felt completely shattered.   


I hope your cough gets better.  I haven't had the pain on my right side like yours, but I am having the most incredibly painful stomach cramps.  Any takers for stomach cramps?  I think it's just wind, but gosh it hurts!


I'm back at the chemo bar this Friday.  


Keep those Taxotare tales coming please, I'm in for that next and it's really helpful to hear your reports!



Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi murphy
i know what u mean about feeling christmasy im normally so organised and all presents nearly bought but only just started and panicking a little. I want my kids to have a normal christmas my next chemo is planned for 22 dec so dreading it as i change to T. Were staying at home this year and ordered marks and spencers xmas dinner to collect did it a couple of years ago and its beautiful all ready prepared. Hopefully i will be able to eat it.

Just think it will be so different next year and we will enjoy it xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hiya lovely ladies. Junash your photos are lovely. It's great to put a face to a name. Sorry you have been delayed. I've put on some too, just random ones that were on my iPad. I can't turn all of them around for some reason.

I'm day 7 post fec 4 and still in bed. I have no energy at all, even walking up stairs knackers me. My hubby has been off since my chemo looking after me but he's back at work tom so I'll need to get moving, school run, dogs etc, don't know how I'll manage.

Is anyone else feeling the same as me, I so cannot get excited about Xmas, I am so dreading it and I usually love Xmas. I have my treatment on 17th dec so hopefully should be a bit ok by 25th but I'm just finding I'm getting more lethargic after each session. My mum is coming from norwich to look after me next round so at least I don't need to worry about Xmas dinner or anything.

I have a really annoying wee cough and down my right side, halfway down my torso is sore when I take a breath, anyone else had this?

I've got a busy week next week on my good week, meeting up with friends, panto, edinburgh Xmas market. I am so jealous of people able to go about their daily lives and I have to cram everything into one week. I am ticking off the days and can't wait to have this over with, as every one of us is.

Sorry a bit of a moany post, I hope anyone visiting the bar this week for treatment has minimal se, that's all we can ask for.

Love and hugs to all xxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Just noticed my attempt at photos worked - a couple at a jaunty angle but at least it worked! Thought I'd messed it up !

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks jingo yes he is a beauty - if I say so myself! Picked up a good looking gene along the way that skipped both me and Steve!

Feeling much better mentally today - was in a foul mood yesterday as I feel physically well so was disappointed to be delayed. A good nights sleep and a clear head put the delay into minor glitch and just deal with it. Also random period showed up this morn - hence over emotional babble. Hormone crazy !!

If only I could knit id make you a mood hat - although my hat yesterday would have said sod off but in more colourful language!!!

Hope the blue days pass soon - they really are the worse, so those under a cloud stay strong - this will pass xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Junash - sorry to hear about your delay - the start of my chemo was delayed by 6 weeks and I I found it very upsetting because I worried so much about the delay, but it seems the majority of us face some kind of delay along the way.  Think I saw your post on the Breast Cancer Buddies FB group too?  Is that photo your son?  He is gorgeous, you must be very proud of him.


AM Driver - I also had a tearful day yesterday - my first for a while, but came from nowhere.  I have to remember its a side effect and not the 'real me' which still wants to stay positive!


Debtex sorry to hear about your aches and pain, I am still doing ok so far after T, am managing to walk every day and usually feel better for it, but also knackered afterwards!


Re Christmas - I have to say I am always a bah humbug so nothing new for me this year, except I have the perfect excuse NOT to have visitors and spend endless days cooking.  I like the idea of mood hats generally tho, would be very useful for those with BC - be good to buy one that says 'I am not feeling too bad thanks, next dose is Monday and yes I know I look well' which I could wear for pick up at school so that I didn't have to say the same thing 20 times?

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Junash sorry your chemo was postponed but as you say better to be well. I can definitely echo that after my long delay. Feeling much better this time after 3rd FEC. Good luck. Let us know how you're doing. ☺
I can imagine working in your job just now riversidedawn. I feel exactly the same about the festive season right now. I love the idea of the moos hats Junash lol. What a help they would be with the right slogans on. 😊😠
Debtex and AMDriver so sorry you're having a rotten time. We all seem to be reacting so differently to the drugs don't we. I'm worried about the t Debtex although it seems to start off reasonably well then gets bad. I'm having my first one on 19th Dec and supposed to be going out for Christmas dinner. Hope I can make it. Dad's paid a fortune for us all to go to a nice restaurant this year. AMDriver hope you feel less weepy soon. It's not a nice place to be so sending lots of hugs 💖💖
I've completely lost track of who is having treatment and when. Apart from Peta. I know you have t on Friday because that's when I was to have it before my delay so good luck and let me know how it goes. Good luck to all you other ladies having treatment and wishing an easier time to all who've just visited our lovely cocktail bar 😊😊😊

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi ladies

Welcome riverside dawn, lots of great ladoes on here to chat too im 38 live im the midlands with two children age 7 and 10 was diagnosed july 14 had lumpectomy aug 8 and secon op to clear margins in sept. Full node clearance bit only 1 infected. A tip i have used for nausea is wearing sickness wristbands there working for me wear them for first week after fec.
Had last fec yesterday managed the cold cap again even with thin hair on top now. so today im chilling on the settee. so next planned is 22 dec for t, feeling aprehensive for that one as i know what fec does to me.

Will have to try photos on here its lovely to put a face to a name how do u view then though lol.

Debtex hope you start to feel better soon i bet aches and pains are worse than nausea etc will soon find out. The weeks are going so fast.
Good luck to anyone having treatment this week and rest up ladies. Xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Omg sorry to say things have gone from bad to worse on tax . Can barely walk , pains everywhere and no strength . ...

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Having a bit of a crying jag today - no iidea why. I should be feeling fine - 8 days to my first bout of T....


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh riversidedaen that made me laugh - watch out for automatic doors that go around in a loop, you'll be like a mouse on a wheel.

I'd be the same in your industry. I've bought a bah humbug beanie and a ho ho ho beanie, will chop and change as to what suits - I'll pre warn the family to read what's on the head and behave accordingly 🙂 :-). In fact I may wear beanies going forward which describe my mood. Mood hats, I've just invented it - everyone should wear them, would make life a little simpler!!

GeeG hope you're feeling ok, maybe waking up a little.

How's my lovely posse doing. Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Looks like I've got lots to look forward to! I'm just on 2 nd dose of FEC feeling shattered end nauseous but not as bad as first when I couldn't eat and lost half a stone. I had sn infection too which delayed this session but makes timing better for Christmas! Is it bad to be feeling all bah humbug and not like stinging cheery Christmas greetings to the world? I work in the greeting card industry and have been designing Christmas cards since July!!! Went out shopping in my wig yesterday - terrified if conveyor belts and automatic doors!!!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Everyone - especial 'Welcome' riversidedawn - I fully endorse and echo the comments of others who are soooooo very grateful for the community support here …

My recent absence is as I have been sleeping LOADS yesterday and today - not that I hadn't been! - LoL! - dunno what is different except accumulation of chemo … despite having an extra full day of steroids yesterday too - but went back to sleep after 7am (awoke up to pee) …awake about 9.30 … awake again about 11.30 - then up to take dog out with OH and get lunch out - home to do a The Necessary Chores for The Chooks - took next steroid & sat down to watch a film … and asleep till about 4pm cup of tea! …took third steroid … next it was 8pm (cat asleep on my lap all afternoon - LoL!)… and then 11pm … & time for bed - AND then slept till 7am this morning!! (Nope - no sleeping tabs since about Friday! … maybe a Good Thing I'm not staying on FEC eh - LoL! Lucky I had a day off today…)…

Today I was at the prosthetist to get a soft matching silicone nipple for my September R DIEP-boob! Did a great job… very kindly and sensitively … no stress at all …so now I have a soft flobby relaxed sleepy one on the left and a pert Sticky Up One on the right! LoL! … (Will i use it every day? Dunno… but if I hadn't I couldn't … if you see what I mean…an unexpected Free Offer for Christmas!)

Jingo_x and Debtex - Thanks for sharing first experiences of Docetaxel - SEs are clearly very different for different folks and hearing these are not proving dire for everyone is really sooooo encouraging …

Junash - hope you are feeling more comfortable than earlier today - and well done for finding the silver lining for this particular cloud! Can be tricky sometimes… Good Luck with the wrapping…

9.30pm … guess I'd better get dog out and get to bed if I'm hoping to get in to work tomorrow. Hope we all sleep well tonight and that all SEs are minimal - and getting less as each day passes… with all visits to ChemoBar being easy; keeping to time; finished more quickly than expected - and with minimal SEs! - (steroids MUST be working after all!) - HUGS! - x x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hello riversidedawn - welcome to the group.

Tomorrow's chemo has been cancelled as I have a possible infection in my recon boob - it felt a bit achy and a little red so saw my Breast surgeon who has put me on antibiotics and I go beck to see her Wednesday. I'd geared myself up for starting T tomorrow but better to be safe than end up in hospital eh?

Haven't felt Ill just a little tired so hopefully have caught early.

. At least I can spend the day wrapping Xmas and sons birthday pressies - he's dec 23rd so a double whammy. Was scheduled for a chemo on his birthday so assuming that will be delayed, every cloud etc. etc.

I'm going to attempt photo uploading! Hope everyone doing ok.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I echo what Debtex says about D/T - the taste bud problem didnt last too long for me so this second week has been feeling quite normal apart from dry skin and generally more tired (you don't seem to get those bouncy days at the end of the cycle as you do with FEC). Sleeping heavily and sometimes having a nap in the afternoon.  Be ready for flare ups of thrush too! xx


Re: Starting chemo October 14

I'm not taking pain killers yet as I'm trying to keep drugs to minimum . If u do take paracetamol watch that it does nt hide a temperature . Also having one senokot per night ! Just be prepared for tiredness once steroids wear off x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Back later with photo help, I'm just on the train into London to see the Oncologist - I have to see them apparently before first tax on Friday. Have a good day ladies and hope all is well. Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Debtex, thanks for the heads up....hoping you are going to have an OK day and that the se fade ... are you taking any meds for the achy pain? Do I need to stock up on paracetamol?

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi b p here is my update on first tax ! Had it Friday and felt great fri sat due to steroids . Did loads mucked out pony made cushions at 1.00 am ! Then as steroids wore off just crashed out . My taste buds have gone and I achey and lead limbed and v tired but no nausea . But like flu . It's not as bad as fec for me so don't be too worried xx good luck

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning all peeps 🙂 and welcome riversidedawn to our lovely group. How are we all doing? Hope those having a trip to the noxious cocktail bar have a good one and se's are minimal.

Hi Zelda, hope to see you tomorrow - my appoitment is 4.15, so we might miss each other if the clinic is running to time...which is unlikely, so see you tomorrow 😉 lol

I'm heading towards #4 and switching to D, like others. I had been hoping that the se's - in particular the mouth like the bottom of a bird cage - would be gone...but according to the blurb, apparently not 😞 Any updates from the ladies who have switched and had their first dose would be very appreciated. Xx

Hoping that we are all taking care of ourselves and here's to another week closer to the end xxxx

P.S. re uploading piccies - not a clue, sorry.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi riversidedawn, welcome to our group of lovely ladies who are all here for one another. This has been my lifeline the past few months. However much you have supportive family and friends, it's the ladies on here that get it.

I'm 51, live in scotland and was diagnosed in July after a routine mammogram. I had lumpectomy on 20 august. Results came back 9mm, clear margins, no node involved, but grade 3. I was borderline for chemo but decided I had to go ahead with it as I'm a born worrier and wanted to give myself the best chance of this not returning. I'm on day 5 after my 4th fec and doing ok, two more to go whoop whoop!!!! Are you having the same chemo right through like me, or are you changing halway through like some of the others on here?

Hope everyone is ok today. Lainie I tried to put on photos yesterday, and although I could get them to upload, they were upside down and lying sideways so I gave up. We need PETA to tell us, she has a great wee album going.

Love and hugs to all xxxcccc

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi riversidedawn. Welcome to our fab group. Lots of lovely ladies here to offer advice or just an ear. Don't know what I'd do without them. I just had FEC3 on Friday. I was delayed due to an infection too and had a lower dose this time. It's definitely made a difference to how I feel this time. I have the brca gene and had Preventative double mx in July but cancer was found in my breast so chemo started on 3rd October xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning riversidedawn, and welcome to the Octiber group. Lovely bunch of ladies all getting on with this nasty chemo thing! My own diagnosis was 9th July but due to complications with healing and a second cancer in my offer breast it took me til October to get started on chemo. I have had two FEC a one T+C, next lot due 8th dec. I am also cold capping and still have a lot of hair. Taking my make up off last night though my eyelashes dell out in clumps so that made me feel a bit sad!
I am in SW London with three kids and being treated at St George's.
To get thro Christmas I have decided we are keeping it simple, no guests, less cooking and lots of fresh air. Hopefully we will all feel like making more of Christmas next year! Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi ladies, can I join your thread? I've been on the November one but actually started chemo 31 October, they're all waiting or just started and I've had my 2nd so I'm in limbo!

Diagnosed 3rd September, mastectomy on 22nd, 2nd chemo just last Friday as it was delayed due to an infection. Don't feel so bad this time , they've adjusted drugs and upped the anti sickness meds. Using cold cap so have some thining hair, stash of hats and picked up wig yesterday just in case!!

Sounds like British bake off here, I'm lousy in the kitchen and not looking forward to Christmas preparations with these side effects .


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi ladies. Im enjoying looking at your lovely photos but I can't figure out how to upload some if my own. Can you help? Hooe everyone's doing ok. I'm feeling not too bad after FEC3 yesterday. Hoping the liwer dose will mean less SEs. Had my injection from the district nurse today so hopefully I wont land in hospital this time. Hugs to all you lovely ladies xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit, Yes I'm at the clinic at 4.00 on Tues , always seem to have these late appointments . I wonder if it's weigh and listing side effects day . I'm probably due for the Dox on Wednesday and that will make the one after on Christmas Eve nooooooo. Maybe I'll see you at the clinic xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi lovely ladies, not posted for a while. Feeling heaps better - physically at any rate, as aches & pains that suddenly hit - went just as quickly and energy has come back - went a bit mad with the cleaning yesterday - house was a grotty tip, so felt good when done :). I'm back in the surreal world that is our BC journey and I find it very unsettling and at odds with my life. I'm not making any sense, so moving quickly on! 😉 lol

Hi Zelda, I'm soooo sorry for your fright with Poppy and the canal...I cannot imagine how awful that must have been but thank the lord some kind folks helped you and she was rescued and that restores my faith in humankind. I've had a lovely day with OH, we hit Trentham at 9am this morning to Christmas shop and we sneaked an early lunch out - before the crowds....it was fabulous to be out and about 'as normal' 🙂 I hope you have had a nice day too. I've been wondering if you are at the clinic on Tuesday afternoon, so we can have a catch up? Like you, I'm heading for 1st D (week on Monday)...such a relief to be finished with that red poison - which turns my stomach just thinking about it. Anyway, like others we are nearly on the home straight - yeah, woo hoo 🙂 xx

Nicnac, I'm soooo pleased that news was good and hoping you are doing OK today.

LainieG and Debtex, Jingo, PETA, Murphy, junash and ALL the ladies my struggling brain cannot recall, I truly hope you are all doing well and are comfortable. We ARE getting through this :). xxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi BettyPoppit, Hope your feeling Ok and having a good weekend I'm just making the most of the weekend before dox next week . Hope all other ladies are ok too xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Loving all the photos ladies!  I am a bit camera phobic so there aren't many of me over the years.  A photographer friend took some of us before my chemo started and I have decided not to be so camera shy going forward (another change that BC has brought about!)


Re time for docetaxel - it was a bit quicker over all - one bag that took an hour to go in a drip.  My sessions always take ages though because of the cold cap and rubbish veins :).  I have my treatments on a Monday and sometimes there are delays because the pharmacy is late sending all the meds up to the ward, so people due to be treated at 9am dont start til 11 and then everyone is late all day.  Next weeks cylce is not until 2pm and no-one can be treated until 2pm because the pharmacy is having a deep clean in the morning.  So I don't think I will be out til 8pm that day and can't imagine how busy it is going tobe.  Seems a shame that a deep clean in another department can cause the day unit to suffer really.  Pharmacy is closed on Sunday so it would make sense if they cleaned then!


hope you are all having a relaxed weekend xx