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Starting chemo October 14

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Welcome Enzobenzo - fan name 😉 This is a great forum with lots of lovely ladies, with lots of tips and support...I could not have coped without it. Good luck with D/T - I'm on day 3 after #4 dose but first D/T and doing OK...the chemo process was heaps better than FEC to start with...so fingers crossed it's good for you too.

Having said that, the immunity jabs appear to have floored me again so sat back on my backside on the sofa again, having achieved the sum total of shower, toast and jab #2! But it is, what it is so chilling:)

Murphy, still thinking of you and really hope you are on the up now 🙂 xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi enzobenzo. Welcome to our lovely group. Hope you get as much from it as I have. Couldn't have coped without these wonderful ladies. I had the same type of cancer as you in my left boob but I'd already had the double mastectomy as a preventative op after finding out I have the brca gene. They found the cancer during the op. I'm day 12 of FEC3 so I have the Tax next. Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Everyone

I'm new to this section. I'm having my first 'T' chemo tomorrow. It's my 3rd chemo since October.

The FEC side didn't work for me so they are changing me early in the hope the T will work. If the T doesn't work then I'm going to have a full mastectomy in January.

Not having the greatest day today - spending to much time thinking ha ha

Sorry should have said I'm 37 and was diagnosed with triple negative grade 2 breast cancer in my left boobsicle.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing experiences xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi all

I'm reading even when I'm not posting, so still here. Immune boosting injections, kept in fridge, I've had eight days of injections throughout, but think it might be because I had /have an immune illness called sarcoidosis. It's not active now, it was all 20 years ago but I think that might be a factor in me having quite so many immune boosters. I hate them though, they make my bones ache something awful.

I'm on day 6 of first tax - feeling a bit better now but weak as a really sick puppy! I wasn't well at all on Monday which was day 3, aches, pains, headache, no appetite, no nausea though. I'm slowly getting better now, I'm doing good things like eating well and going for walks, but my energy levels are pathetic, I don't feel up to much.

The higher levels of steroids were fine Lainie, I took them all before midday and that seems to help. I've also got an antihistamine which is for nausea and vein irritation and that makes me gently sleepy so I took one before bed when I was on steroids.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda, hope you are doing OK this morning? Had the 1st of the fridged Filigrastin tummy jabs yesterday and the se's have now begun to kick in.. fell asleep on the sofa last night about 9.30 watching 'chicken fillets' do magical things with panettone and turkey...not a chance in this house this Christmas! Lurcher girl woke me at 12.30 to go to bed lolol. I even managed to get back to sleep for a few more hours . relief 🙂 legs and head today like lead!!!! Shame :(. Yes, the head honcho nurse who did my chemo took one look at my hands (which were dry but not actually sore...yet) and sent this training nurse off to get a prescription sorted for me. OH then went to collect from hospital pharmacy before we left. I would recommend you follow up as it is working 🙂

Hi LainieG :), re steroids my se's don't appear to be any worse on the 4 x twice daily dose I've been on for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday...same as just the 1 x twice daily for the 3 FEC so it might not be any worse for you too 🙂 Also, I've just found it easier to blame them for everything that's rubbish...my chemo brain can cope with that! 😉 lol

Riversidedawn, yes the inconsistencies came out on this forum early on. I was expecting same treatment protocols (NICE?!!?) for similar diagnosis - especially with regard to the sack of meds you come home with...but this hasn't been the case. I'm at UHNS, Staffordshire Moorlands which is a teaching facility too, so don't know if that makes a difference? I have had the immune boosting jabs from the off - jabbed by visiting DN on days 2 to 6. I personally believe that it has been a contributory factor of both keeping me out of hospital and on track with my original treatment plan. I am however, one lucky bunny and only had wle surgery (both boobs) and slnb on L, and was very well healed when I started chemo so very little risk of infection there for me, unlike other ladies who have had MX etc. Also, steroids from the off, 1 x twice daily, 3 days and ditto ondastrone (?) from the off too. I was sick as a dog cycle 2 within a few hours of treatment so I've been lucky enough to be put on Emend and no sickness or nausea to speak of since 🙂 hope this info helps you know what is 'out there'. Xx

Murphy, thinking of you and hope you are doing OK, hugs, xxxxx

GeeG, along with my bubbling brooke I too have wind of the more 'usual' kind....wow it has been blowing a gale all morning and back onto the charcoal tabs I think you recommended last cycle and apologies regarding my vulgarity! 😉 lolol

Oh to be booking holidays..... <<< ahhh, wistfull sigh >>>> we'll get there ladies 🙂 🙂 🙂

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Five hours sleep,after two sleepmg tablets , woke at 4.00am got up at 5.30 just done my online food order and taken my morning tablets .
Side effects from Tax minimal so far but I know things can change
Hope Everyone has a Good day especially those having

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Evening Ladies - good to find you here - weather getting wild again hereabouts so hope we manage to sleep thru ok - I have had 2 poor nights so will take the sleeping tabs tonight - constipation and noxious gas turned into being very loose indeed x2 last night and noxious gas … so had to give up hopes of work again today as wasn't sure if this was just another SE - or the severe diahorroea that put OH & dog on antibiotics … didn't want to risk passing anything on to anyone at work… gut grumbling all day but no further signs… fingers crossed…
So much everyone coping with … I think all OHs and Dear Ones are finding this so hard to cope with … thet so want to make it All Alright… and they can't… and feel so helpless… cross words arise so unexpectedly … we'll get thru this… friends in the August Thread are getting there now… I guess most of us are February to finish chemo … and a bit after if radiotherapy is happening as well… or surgery for some… by this time next year it will be behind us… (just the Tamoxifen or whichever we get to go forward with … and all the SEs that go with those … why oh why did I decide to read up on those again last night? … no wonder we weep…) …
Hugs To All … x x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Junash. Glad you're ok after tax. I'm on day 11 after FEC3. I start tax on 19th. It should have been 5th but FEC3 delayed 2 weeks. Surgery isn't what you want on your 50th but maybe you can have your far flung trip later to celebrate the end of all this horribleness. I'm dreading the big dose of steroids! Everyone seems to be hating them and I'm bad enough on the smaller dose lol. Hope you stay as SE free as possible and hope you get to sleep tonight xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Evening all

Lovely catching up on all your news - we're all getting slightly different meds after dosing it seems? Odd isn't it as though it would be standard protocol?

First Tax for me today, little ache around picc line but nothing aside from that - infusion was quicker as well. Had 4 steroids and 1 anti sickness beforehand and 4 steroids tonight. Tomorrow and Thursday more steroids plus 1 injection at tea time tomorrow, slow release along with co codamol. Onc also said take clarytin for a week or so as should help with aches & pains - apparently very popular in the US to take - so am giving it a go. Did come back starving from chemo - needed chips! So I had some - carb fest.

Hope all good with everyone or getting better, I warned hubbie that I was steroid queen and he tipped toed around me all evening and scarpered to the gym - for the best!!

balloon party boob really isn't a problem, it's still preferable than other boobie that is just hanging in the breeze down to my belly .

Looks like 2nd week of February for next op - 13th was mentioned - my 50th - not really the far flung trip I wanted but I'm happy whatever as will be a step closer. Priorities and all that. Anyhow we'll be planning our Brussels, Glasgow, London - wherever it is get together for spring summer - roll on!

Betty good to hear you're doing well on tax despite bubbling again, and Zelda? Sorry can't scroll back to see whose on what.

Lainie where are you at? GeeG?

Riversidedawn - hope things more chilled very soon!

Murphy hope you're doing ok, a day closer to coming home

Jingo - did you try your wig today ?

Sorry really need to have a spreadsheet to see who is up to what stage.

Will try & sleep soon bloody steroids not helping me switch off!

Hugs all xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Riversidedawn I didn't automatically get the immune boosting jab. I got it after becoming neutropenic after FEC2. They gave me the jab after FEC3 so that it doesn't happen again. I've had steroids after every session tho. I thought everyone did? Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Definitely inconsistency around the country, why are you on steroids and what's the immune boosting drug? I could do with thst.
Wish my husband was on nightshirt! Oh maybe not cos that would mend he's under my feet during the day!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit Did the nurse give you the Dermol,I might ask the district nurse tomorrow .The immune boosting drug has now changed and has to be kept in the fridge Have you had that one ?
I m glad you have no sickness are you experiencing other side effects , like tiredness and aching joints ? Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

p.s. more shouty, shouty, going on here....grrrrrr, glad OH has just headed off to his night shift and just me and the 'puppy' again tonight 🙂

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda, glad you are felling OK at the moment...sounding just like me wirriedvthat the sickness etc was there in the background just waiting for an opportunity to spoil the party ...but I'm still good 36hrs on...fingers crossed for you too. Yes, 'Dermol 500' - it seems to be doing the job and more effective than the E45 that i have been using. Really sorry you didn't get the help that I did on this, which I just don't get - the inconsistency and this was the same unit in the same hospital! You can get it on Amazon but it is expensive...I'd contact your GP and ask for a prescription as its 2+ weeks until our review meetings. Sounds like you need it and you defo deserve it:) xx

Hope all goes well with all....bubbling, burbling brooke continues unabated lololol oh the joys of it!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit ,Did you say you had some cream for your chapped hands? I showed hands and bleeding cracked toe to the nurse she recommended E45 cream and said if I needed any other cream I would need to see the Oncologist Hope you are feeling well today and no serious side effects xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Had first Tax. A smashing staff nurse found a vein first time so that was a big relief to me.My veins in my hand are hurting now though . I read somewhere that it's not advisable to take Ibruprofen with steroids maybe paracetamol is ok.
At the moment I feel ok but I have been pumped with anti nausea drugs , steroids etc . I don't feel any nausea yet although I have taken Emend but after FEC I felt ill straight away.
It's too early to say really but not having that horrible sickness makes me feel so much better Fingers crossed xxx
I hope everyone with side effects recovers soon sorry carnt remember everyone's name my brain is fogged.
Good luck to everyone having treatment this week xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thank you LainieG and Bettypoppit, my mood just seems to be getting worse but at least I'm not alone! Saw the surgeon and she said fingers crossed.... that sounds worth all those years of medical training! She said we need to keep it sterile and she'll check it every 3 days, so back to hospital Friday and Monday. If it's got worse or infected then I have to have an op to remove the implant so I will also be in the deflated balloon boob club! She'll then reconstruct it afer chemo so that'll be March.


Try not to have any arguments tonight! x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh Junash I have an image imprinted on my mind now of your deflated balloon boon. It's making me laugh but I do realise how upsetting it must be for you too. Hope its all sorted soon and I hope your chemo went ahead as planned 😊
Zelda hope your treatment went well and you're feeling ok 😊
Riversidedawn what a horrible time you're having. I hope the surgeon sorts out your boob and you start to feel a bit better. The strain of all this really does affect our relationships. I've had a few cracking arguments with my OH. Sometimes we can't help it. I think it's the most stressful time we'll face and sometimes we just have to explode. Unfortunately our OHs are usually the closest target.😠
Murphy I hope you're feeling a bit better today. Try to take the opportunity to rest while in hospital. Easier said than done I know. He the food is better than the disgusting stuff I had. Every day seemed to get worse lol. 😊
geeG sorry you're having a rotten time. Hope you're feeling a bit better today. I had horrible mouth ulcers after my first fec. They really got me down but as I've told others soda Bic rinses, difflam oral rinse and gelclair have been a godsend. If you haven't already, ask your GP for them.😕
Bettypoppit and jingo glad you're both doing ok. Hope it continues and you have minimal SEs. 😊
I've probably missed someone again so apologies if I have and good luck to anyone going to the bar this week xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Murphy sorry to hear this is dragging on for you, I hope those bloods turn around for you soon and thanks for helping to keep us all vigilant with your reminders.


Cycle 2 of D/T panning out as before - red face today (and tops of my arms strangely) and no real nausea or anything, waiting for injection from DN so I can leave the house for a walk.  And yes steroid rage at OH seems to be part n parcel of this treatment as we bickered about the best route to and from the hospital yesterday and I apparently have a 'tone' too!  Luckily he seems to take it on the chin for me!  No babbling brook for me though - almost feel I am missing out now!


Losing tons of hair - need to check if the cold cap actually works for D/T as I am wasting my time otherwise.  Going to get Daisy out of her box later and see how I fell about covering up with my mermaid wig - I amnot doing very well covering my bald patch with scarves thats for sure!


So sorry to hear stories of escaping implants, chest infections and fluid build up - really not what you need when you are stuck on the chemo ride.  Hoping that delays will be minimal for everyone.


Take care ladies xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Murphy I'm so sorry that you are still in hospital . I escaped after 2 days . I have developed a wracking cough since , so it was obviously that which caused my temp . I know how horrid it is being stuck there . I was rubbish at it . Cried nearly all the time and didn't speak to anyone after the woman nxt dr launched into a 'I'm 3 years in on all of this ' conversational opener . Xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda...just a quicie. I've got the flushed red face..noticed yesterday...blaming the steroids too (as I do for everything lolol). Take care, enjoy your bracing walk with poppy and do let us know how you go on xx

Riversidedawn, pretty crap goings on with you and in your house...don't know if any consolation but me and OH had the BIGGEST row on leaving the house yesterday for hospital (put on quite a show for the neighbours I'm sure lol) which carried on as we set off. Both way too hyped up ahead of my treatment and my OH has a pronounced 'tone' issue with me at times - crucially now - I JUST WON'T PUT UP WITH IT ANYMORE!!! (so sorry for the shouty lol). Surfice to say, he got VERY angry with me, me back at him, screamy shouty shouty...bit of a sob..apologies exchanged 5 mins later and the air cleared...a little. It did seem to have spiked my blood pressure mind ..opps! Hope you get to work things out with your OH. Hope your mood lifts soon, but remember this is all about the rubbish journey we are on, the rubbish se's we are having to endure, and it's really OK to have rubbish days and wallow ... I certainly BL***y do ;), but the end is just about coming in to view 🙂 - yeah. We can do this this and we are all here for you hugs and xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit , Do glad you are not suffering too much .Hope it's the same for me my face is flushed this morning maybe it's the steroids as temp is ok . Going for a walk in a minute that will bring the colour down In a hyperactive mood with the steroids never knew I could get things done so quickly.
Hope other ladies are ok especially those having a difficult time xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh ladies, sounds like we're all have the crapist of weeks. I am especially bah humbug this year, husband and kids bought and put up tree whilst I wallowed in self pity on Sunday.

Admittedly I think I have good reason to wallow as I have a gaping hole where my boob should be - the wound had opened up and I can see my implant!!! Seeing surgeon today. Had rather too much wine last night as it made me feel better at the time. Husband walked out, neighbour was lovely. Washing machine broke down ...... Just had enough this week.

I do have a wonderful friend who had genuinely offered to clean tidy do laundry etc , but if rather her spend time talking to me and having a giggle!

Let's hope things pick up for all of us, good thing for me is I'm sure next weeks chemo will be cancelled because if my hole so no more until after Christmas!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Junash, you've had a bit of a horrid time with your party balloon boob (love it ;)). Hope you are comfortable and it has gone well for you at treatment this morning. Sorry, having real trouble keeping up with whom is on what and when - are you D/T'ing?

Murphy, how you doing this morning?

Zelda, hope I'm in time to give you an update..once I got off to sleep at about 1.30 (which to be fair is about how it is for me weeks 1 & 2) I've sleep through till 6.45- woo hoo :). No sickness no nausea and feeling good so far 🙂 I know we all react differently but it is very possible you will do good too...really hoping so, AND, any other ladies going on to D/T this week. Xxx

Going to try and snatch another hours sleep...catch you all later and hoping se's are minimal

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Sorry just having a quick read / catch up and just want to do a quick shout out to the lovely Murphy - sending you a great big hug and virtual wine and chocs - thinking of you xxx

Love to all xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Morning - steroids buzzing around - been up since 4 - googling as well - not squeaky squirrels but that sounds intriguing.

Good luck all who are having treatment today - will do a proper catch up later on you all. Had a fun packed day yesterday, boob drain to see if infection gone - they took out 800ml of clear liquid so looks like chemo will go ahead this morning but have a breakfast meeting with my onc at 8:15 just to be sure - 8:15!!! Recon boob now looks like a balloon a few days after a party, a bit deflated, very soft and not much use really 😉

Today's breakfast will consist of porridge followed by 4 steroids, 1 antibiotic and a slow release Claritin anti histermine - could kill for an egg mcmuffin xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh Murphy you poor thing. I know what it's like being stuck in hospital but it does come to an end. Stick it out and you'll be stronger before your next treatment. I know it's frustrating to have a delay in your treatment but I think we all have to try to keep our minds open and not get too hung up on dates and end times so that if there are delays we don't get so upset. It's what I've decided to do because my delay really stressed me out and I don't want to go there again. I hope you have a good sleep tonight and things improve for you so that you get home soon. Good luck and sending hugs xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh Murphy, poor poor you but hang on in there, I'm sure this is miserable as sin for you...but it will come to an end...you'll see and we are all here rooting for you. You are being so very brave - an inspiration to me and many others I'm sure :). You give vital heads up for us to not ignore any niggles - thank you. Hope you are getting some sleep tonight and fingers crossed you get some good news on your neuts tomorrow. Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Evening ladies. Im still unfortunately posting from my hospital bed. I was told today friday would be earliest day for release. Had 2 units of blood today and have started on these tummy injections. Doc said be having them till neutrophils are at 1, they are still 0.1 so havent got any better since I was admitted on thurs. Ladies please if you feel the slightest bit unwell get yourself checked out. If its nothing thats good but dont leave anything to chance. I just thought the pains I was having was due to lying about so much!!

My potassium levels are also wonky so tonight I was given a vile drink from dissolvable tabs that was so saulty. Truelly disgusting and to have three times a day.

veins are to pot, I am like a pin cushion. This is my 5th venflon since I came in on thur. I got one changdx at tea time tonight but the site tissued so another doc had the joy of finding another one. Good job needles dont bother me!!

I really hope those changing over to t get on fine with it. Its a big worry because its unknown but you will all cope superbly as we always do xxxxx

oh bcn came to see me. Obviously possible my 5th fec will be delayed next week. If so ill be xmas eve. Its the one thing ive worried about since dates were worked out at start of treatment. I wanted a reasonable xmas day with my family 😞

Right best get cooried down and get some zzzzzz. Hugs to all especially those having treatment this week xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh NOOOOOOO babbling, bubbling brooke is back...without any proof I'm blamming the steroids...yet again, it us my favourite past time lolol

Nearly twelve and just indulged in yet another midnight feast (coutesy of those steroids again) on the pretext that id forgotton to take my anti biotic and if not taken with food it makes my icky 😉

Can you tell I'm a bit wired and guess what, yes you're correct...bl***y steroids!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh

Re: Starting chemo October 14

p.s. 10.45 and still good after first D/T early this morning... fingers and toes still tightly crossed. Very tired but just cannot switch off...heading towards the biscuit tin - yet again!!!! Blooming steroids...will have to be back on the 5:2 again as soon as I'm done with this horribleness. Oh well, no point fretting about that now 🙂

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Greg - opps blooming tablet converting your name again!!! Include me in your digital dinosaur club please geeG 🙂 Have you got some diflam from hospital or GP for your sore mouth? It's working for me. Good on you for heading back to bed to rest up...need to conserve your energy and listen to your body...to be able to grab at the end game :). Take good care of yourself xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Ladies… good to find you … problems with phone line, internet access and now Forum access! Changing password should be easier… changing my passwords ANYWHERE manage to be less than straightforward and cause me grief! … "Digital Dinosaur" should be my Name/Avatar! … anyway … here now… and so good to hear folks are home from hospital, and folks having Docetaxel are doing ok… I had to forgo work today & went back to bed … hope tomorrow will be ok … Head Fog … mouth ulcers… no "Get Up And Go" at all …apologies I'm not detailing names tonight - I'd get them wrong… hoping you all sleep well with minimal SEs… hugs… x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

AMDriver that is pants and understandably very upsetting for you that your treatment plan is stretching out, but I hope you can find a way of getting around any clashes with all the lovely things you have planned but obviously you won't be able to delay the birth of your granddaughter! ;). Hang on in there...still a way to go but the end is coming into view and we are all here for you xxxxx

p.s. coming upto 8pm and following first D/T this morning, still feeling good...early days in terms of se's (have taken odandeston as before) but feeling much better than FEC for me....touch wood and tempting fate obviously!!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda, the nurse took one look at my dry hands and got a prescription sorted there and then for Derma500 - which is nice and absorbed quickly...I'd put that on your conversation/ question list tomorrow. Scary seeing some poor devil being Trollied off - during my first fec treatment I now realise that a lady a few chairs down had a reaction as the 'crash' shout went out instantly but after 10 mins of very impressive care, she was fine and I guess went to the ward for observation and more care - I have to say I'm very pleased with the care I'm getting at UHNS. I'm hopeful it will go well for you tomorrow. Xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Bettypoppit , So pleased you are doing well on the Tax my appointment is at 2.00pm just dreading the vein thing. Im not going to have those cold mitts sounds dreadful my hands are chapped already .
When I was in the appointment area a few weeks ago a lady was transferred in a chair to the admissions unit with a very red face looked like an allergic reaction a bit off putting .
I,carnt keep still on these steroids done a mega load of things today but there will be a downside not happening yet though Hugs to all xxx
Hope everyone is ok and good luck to those having treatment this week.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi ladies

went to have my bloods done and see the oncologist today (bloods were fine thank goodness). Appointments were about 4 hours apart but whilst  having the bloods done the BCN came to me to say that the oncologist was actually on holiday and they have forgotten to cancel his list - would I mind talking to her instead. Given that a) it meant not spending half the day at the hospital and b) I get more practical answers from the BCN I agreed.


Since this all started I have focussed on end of March being the end of my treatment - my granddaughter is due to be born then too so it all seemed to be nicely timed. However I was quickly disabused of thta notion, apparently my last chemo is on 21st Jan and I have to go through the full cycle of three weeks before they will consider the operation which can take 1-2 weeks to schedule. Then it will be 5 weeks after the operation before they start radio and that will be at the very end of March so I won't end treatment till nearly my birthday at end of April - and that's if there are no complications. Cue another bucketload of tears.


She is going to try and get me in to see the surgeon on either Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve (chemo due then too) to talk about what happens but of course it may not be my surgeon as he will probably be on holiday.


She also told me that as I have a triple negative cancer with no node involvement that the highest risk of recurrence is in the first two years after treatment and will reduce every year after that. Unfortunately until I finish the treatment they can't tell me what % risk that is. Still that's a bit more than i knew before.


Dreading the SE from my first dose of Tax on Weds..........


Hoping everyone is having minimal SE's or feeling better day by day




Re: Starting chemo October 14

...felt with FEC...!!! missing from above!!!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi, like Jingo_x, Docetaxal/ tax went well ...nowhere near as nauseating making I felt...had a wait as the paperwork was a bit messed up, but only 45 mins so not too bad. Used cold gloves....'BL***y hell HOW are you ladies doing the cold cap!!! Big admiration...at one point I pulled my hands out as they were soooo painfully cold...no freezing! But carried on afterwards...time will tell. I somehow had the 'head honcho' chemo sister doing my treatment and I confessed to being really anxious about having an allergic reaction but she assured me that if that happened, it would happen during treatment - it would manifest itself with sudden shortness of breath, dizzy (I think she said)... She reassured me they were all ready to respond immediately and slap on oxigen mask (omg), administer antihistamine and get a doctor to check my heart!!! She also said (to my statement that 2 ladies had ended up in hospital - hope you are both doing OK today and Murphy getting home soon), that that would be as a result if D/T she's...??? Anyway, no reaction to report this time but apparently it can strick at each dosing. Anyway all finished and heading home at 12.15 and feeling OK and still OK at 5 but have not moved off the sofa!

Zelda, good luck tomorrow and I really do think you will get on better with the D/T as "easier on the veins" chemo nurse said. Really hope so and thinking if you..what time are you due?

Only a quick posting as got to get OH up as he needs feeding before he heads off for his nightshift. Very possibly will be popping back to enjoy the 'wide awake club' in the early hours and one last thing, riversidedawn...find a bonefide hypnotherapist and go for it..I've had just 2 sessions...walked away from both Sooooo relaxed, with a CD to use at home..lovely experience and not scary...nothing like those TV shows! Cost £40 for each hours session and I'm tempted to go back in the new year for another walk down a sweeping staircase, gentle mooch through a walled garden to sit in the sunshine on a cushioned comfy garden swing seat, dreamily listening to the sea ....<<snore....>>> lolol

Hugs and xxx to all

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Tax went smoothly today thanks, no probs with veins and I carried on witht he cold cap, despite my 'halo'!

If I remember correctly I have a good day tomorrow, lose my taste buds at 7pm and wake up feeling like a dog on Thursday so lots to look forward to 🙂


Hope day 5 is better for you Peta, need to get your strength up to move house woohooo!


Good luck to those have a dose tomorrow and the rest of the week, hope it goes smoothly xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

So Bettypoppit and Jingo today, hope it went well. Tax is much easier on the veins I'm told, so hope your having an easier time with that bit at least. My arm got quite sore with the FEC but no problem with this tax. Junash and Zelda tomorrow then? Good luck to you both too.

I'm on day 4 of first tax, very achey bones, headache, itchy eyebrows (oh oh!), very wiped out and wobbly and very much stuck on the sofa. Oh and a sore throat, I hope it's not a bug and it's just a SE, it probably is. Day 4 and 5 always seem to be my worst so I suspect I'll start to pick up in a few days time.

Love to you all, sorry can't join in the banter too dopey today! X

It's really good to read all your news and stories! X

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Steroid time for me my head is buzzing , A lot of my Xmas cards seem to have on the back Macmillan Cancer Research, maybe that was on the cards last year but never noticed as much.
Hope everyone is ok today xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I'm not even on steroids!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Ah but you do seem to be with us in The Wide Awake Club.
2 relaxation CDs and an episode of series 2 of The Killing, none of which have sent me to sleep. Bloody steroids!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Ladies you make me laugh and cry! I'm struggling to keep up with you all as I'm between the October and November groups, and falling behind as FEC 2 was delayed because of infection, now the mx wound has opened up I fear next session will be delayed too - good news for Christmas though.

Must look into hypnotherapy and counselling, think I could use both.

Good luck all this week x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hahaha liking the sound of a well noisey squirrel keyring Jingo_x, think I'll have to add that to my Santa list 😉 Having just had a bit of a spend on Amazon music downloads (I'm a pop girl so an old Olli murs and debut Ella Henderson who I loved on x- factor) ready for the week ahead, now going to try and get some sleep...plugging in to my hypnotherapy CD...fingers crossed. Hope you can get some shut eye too xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Bettypoppit I am with you in the wide awake club, sitting in bed googling 'toy squirrels that make a noise' and 'squirrel keyrings' to see if I have any hope of satisfying my son's letter to Father Christmas!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Knew I'd missed someone. Good luck Zelda xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Thanks LainieG, will keep you posted as I'm sure my UHNS comrade Zelda will as well, from her dose on Tuesday xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi debtex, you certainly have had more detailed info and discussions with your care team...think I might need to pursue this further. I confess, I was overwhelmed at the start of this journey - like many if not all - so I may have been given this info but I don't believe so. All the talk was that doing chemo was taking a 'belt and braces' approach... my problem us I don't believe this.... Yet.

Blooming steroids...I'm now quite awake and waiting to feel tired enough to sleep 😞 might give it a go in a minute. Hope others are fairing better in this regard xx