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Starting chemo October 14

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you are all feeling as best as you can and you have a good day

Sending all my love

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Junash, great that you are home and resting and relaxing.... Fabulous. Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Jingo_x, absolutely nothing to be feeling bad about...I say, yippee your doing great :). I do know how you feel mind as because of my treatment delay, I'm now blessed with 'time off' and can start to enjoy a week with my hubster and lurcher girl....I'm wishing we were all on this schedule.xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow and that Santa is good to you all xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Junash so glad you got home today and thank you all for making me feel less guilty about having a good couple of weeks.

Just about to be Santa for my 6 year old - usually he has to do without a few things on his list but this year he is getting everything! He has had to cope with so much that I can't wait to see his face in the morning!

Goodnight ladies, have a lovely day tomorrow

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi junash, so glad you got home today. Yes fingers crossed that's everyone where they should be for Christmas Day. Jingo, don't you feel guilty, I am so pleased that you are getting through all this better than most of us.

I hope all my fellow posse members have a fabulous day tomorrow. And we are all going to have a fantastic 2015.

Huge hugs to all xxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Evening posse. OH got home this evening. He works away for 2 weeks then 2 weeks home. Both boys here and so far everybody getting on great. Long may it last. I am watching Sky fall but afraid he just does not do it for me. I know I am probably the only women in the country that does not fancy Daniel Craig. Hope everybody as lovely day tomorrow. Happy Christmas.xxxx



Re: Starting chemo October 14

Jingo - please don't feel guilty - it's brilliant that you're doing well and if it wasn't for the silly recon I'd be on chemo schedule as well - I'm only two weeks delayed in total so 5th session is now jan 6th - all being well. Then it'll be number 6 and chemo done! Recon has caused me more bother than chemo. So keep posting please 🙂 and do not keep that head down!

Got home this afternoon, feeling well and just happy to be lounging around in front of wood burner watching James Bond - relaxing - yaay.

So I think we are all where we should be? no one in hosp? All doing ok or even better? I sincerely hope so.

Happy Christmas my lovelies. Never thought that from last christmas that I'd find my way here, being diagnosed with breast cancer but am dealing with it day by day and have gained a new group of lovely friends - every cloud has a silver lining and I'm proud to be in the posse xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Ladies I wish you all a good Christmas I feel ok now (nearly due my next treatment on the 30 th I'll make the most of Christmas as New Year well I probably sleep through it then again I forgot I'll be awake with the steroids . Hope everyone is out of hospital now and resting at home, nice to see you again Bettypoppit although our treatment times will differ now.
I'm wearing my Santa hat feels quite normal.
Best Wishes to everyone xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Jingo don't feel bad because you're getting through this without complications etc. The SEs are hard enough for you. It's so good to know that someone is doing well. I really hope it continues for you. Have a lovely Christmas. My latest delay means that I can have an SE free Christmas yay! Lots of love 💖💖💖

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hello ladies - keeping a low profile again this week as I feel like I am the only one doing ok at the moment and sometimes that makes me feel very bad!  I can't quite believe the long list of complications, change of plans, hospital admissions etc that everyone else has been going through - makes me wonder if anyone ever manages a 'normal' 6 cycles of chemo ever!


Huge amounts of love and respect to all of you for coping so well with all of these problems.  I know we all get sick of people telling us how 'brave' we are, but I really think that those of us in the chemo club know just how much grit it takes to keep going through this treatment and never more so when you just don't know what is going to pop up and send you off to A&E at any minute.


I am hoping that anyone trying to escape hospital gets released today and that tomorrow is as good a day as it can be for everyone, next Christmas will be so much better for all of us.


I am due cycle 5 on Mon 29th (D/T #3) and really don't mind missing out on New Years Eve, so again I am feeling very lucky about how my treatment dates have fallen.


Happy Christmas to all you amazing ladies and your families and anyone else who is supporting you right now (and those dogs and horses that mean so much to many of the group!)


Re: Starting chemo October 14

Count me in for the breakout posse. Happy to help and be part of it.

I'm finally coming out the other side of my side effects (day 14). Still have a headache/migraine so will keep taking the painkillers but at least I can move and vaguely think straight.

Glad everyone is doing well (ish). Sending lots of love and hugs to everyone

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Junash, glad the op has been a sucess but sorry that you have been kept in, but yes the posse raiding bags are still packed so we can come get you out if needed....hopefully not tho. Sounds like your boy has had a great birthday but still time for some fun with mum, when you get home. Thinking of you. xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lainie that is just bloody Sod's law about the picc and now the daily injections - something out of a rotten comedy sketch.

I'd love to see the breakout posse charging down the corridor - bald headed, wigs flying in their chosen outfit - would be a sight to be seen.

Quick apology - its riversidedawn that has had her implant removed - soz and thanks for sharing!! I was reading about amdriver date - and got names confused - go for it hun!!

Am in a nice side room on my own so should be quiet but there is someone within the vicinity who is snoring like a fog horn - am feeling very very hateful toward this unknown person !!

Must remember to pack ear plugs in future or a gun......

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Junash the posse raider bags are still packed so let us know if they don't let you out tomorrow. We have a fab assortment of costumes now and I think the nurses would be too busy laughing at a bunch of bald Christmas characters to mount any kind of challenge lol. So glad you're feeling ok and what lovely friends you have to take over for Sam 's birthday. I'm sure he's in for some more spoiling when you get home. 😊😊😊
Linzz loved the eyebrows. Made me chuckle. Mine are disappearing so maybe some ideas for the restaurant on Christmas day eh? 😄😄😄
Bettypoppit I might have to consider hypnotherapy if my needle phobia gets any worse. I'm supposed to be getting a picc line because my veins are ruined with the chemo and I thought at least that would mean no more needles but now I have to have these bloody daily injections. You couldn't make it up!!! 😕😕😕

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Evening/morning my lovelies

Well I'm still in hosp but told in going home in morning - please let this be true! Op went well and nasty rotten implant out. Kept in just so iv antibiotics can kick any infection into touch. Feel fine though and no pain 🙂

So I missed sams 11th birthday but my gorgeous friends held a sleepover for him with 3 mates, which I had planned to do - then group took them to cinema and dinner - he's had a blast for the last two nights - will have an over tired grumpy boy on my hands but who cares! He hasn't opened his pressies yet as hasn't been home, so i can still share that tomorrow.

Lainie so glad you're home and Murphy you've had a good day being home as well! AMDriver crazily I've felt fine during infections just really tired - put it all down to chemo but now wondering if I was extra tired fighting infections - though my bloods were perfect?! Glad your implant removal has made you feel better. They're now talking expander after chemo but b4 radiotherapy - honestly I couldn't care less at the mo.

Chemo delayed by a week - then 5th session - 2nd T - nearly nearly close to the final one!

Love to all the posse xxx

Time for some Zzzz

Re: Starting chemo October 14

LainieG, bl***y fantastic you're home, yeah 🙂 I hope you can really get some proper r&r now and have a good Crimbo.  I had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions to help me cope with the needles and all the stuff that goes on and it has really helped me..it might be worth looking into. I'm with you as there is still no way I could inject myself -OH offered to learn for the filigrastim, but I declined the offer as he looked FAR to keen 😉 lolol. xxxx


Lovely to catch up with you this afternoon Zelda and great that we both got to see THE head honcho..such a difference to how I feel about the review meeting. Hoping you have some answers and meds sorted for your se's, so you are ready for dose #5 next week...getting there 🙂



Re: Starting chemo October 14

Ladies, a little bit of levity from some others in our predicament... the Younger Breast Cancer Network on Facebook have been decorating their chemo-brows for crimbo



ps Murphy - please stop sayin the word HUGE !!!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

I'm home yay!!! I've to have the injections daily for 6 months but I'm a woos with needles and can't do it myself so hubby is being shown how to do it. Don't know whether that's better or worse. I'll have to make sure we don't fall out lol! I'm still getting breathless really quickly but doc says I'll gradually be able to do a wee bit more as my body starts to absorb the clots. So I won't be walking Judy for a while.

Murphy it's so good to hear from you. So glad you're ok and home. So glad my injections aren't big thick needles. They would've had to hold me down lol. Xxx

Bettypoppit my needle phobia is getting worse and yours is getting better! I was always scared but now terrified. I'll probably run away when my hubby tries to stick a needle in me. Glad your getting the lower dose. Mine was reduced last time and it made a massive difference to how I felt and how quickly I recovered. Hope its much better for you too xxx

Hope everyone is as relaxed and happy as possible this Christmas xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi LainieG, fingers and toes crossed that you are home or on your wsy home.....really hope so. Also, so glad you got moved to a side room so you could rest and relax properly.

It is difficult to imagine how dreadful yesterday's tragedy in Glasgow was, thoughts and prayers to all affected.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Murphy, soooo good to hear from you...we were all so worried and your home - fabulous:) You must be sick and tired of the goal posts being moved again, but they have come up with another plan of attack - so embrace and soldier on my girl :). Not liking the sound of huge needles, but I've come a long way with my needle issues, so fingers crossed for you finding them acceptable once they get underway. It was my first outing in 2 weeks with lurcher girl yesterday and today pretty tired, but it was soo worth it. Hope you can get out with your boys really soon. Xx

Just got back from my review and being delayed for one week and dose being dropped by 20%, which I'm totally comfortable with. Onc said that although all se's I'd had were common, i had clearly been at the exteme end of the scale, so that's why change to plan. Hopefully, I'll cope better with #5 and will therefore be able to have #6 too. It is a relief that I've now got an extra week to recover my strength. Skin has started itching today, which may (or may not) be a sign that my body is reacting to it - even now!

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh linzz, I am no needle phobic by any means, but this needle is HUGE!!!

Thank you all so much for the good wishes xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hiya, just read through your posts. Lots going on as usually is with us ladies. Ready and able to take it all on the cuff.

Linzz, I had to laugh at the thought of the CCTV coverage of the breakout posse for lainie 🙂 I too wish we could have 24 hours at crimbo with no se's, hospital stays, and worry.

Junash - I am so sorry to hear you've had to go in for another op. I have everything crossed you got out today for sam's birthday.

AMdriver - you go girl!!! Bit of good news for us all for a change. So glad you had a lovely night with your date.

Lainie - I hope you got out of hospital today too. I've to have the blood thinning injections for 6 months. Luckily I was in a side room on my own again so didn't have to put up with noisy neighbours!!

Betty - great you are managing out walking with your girl. I've not been out for just over 4 weeks with my boys, missing it so much.

Debtex, hope you are coping on your new weekly regime. And hope your daughter is ok after her fall off her horse, awcha!!

Lah, how are you getting on with your tamoxifen? Hope you are keeping ok x

I'm glad to be back, missed all my friends on here so much xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

So good to hear from you Murphy.  We were all getting concerned. xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Murphy what a saga ! You will come through fine I know you will . Sometimes things have a way of working out for the best . I was upset about having to have 9 weekly chemos rather than just the 2 3 weekly ones I had left , but I actually feel quite well on this regime and i think I can cope with it . I hope you can have some quality time with your family now . Love Deb x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Such a relief to hear from you Murphy - we were all really worried!

Glad you are back home for Christmas.


Re: Starting chemo October 14

So glad you're OK Murphy! Also good to hear they've come up with an alternative treatment plan for you really quickly.


I think I'm to have those ruddy huge needle injections too (I am NOT too happy about that).

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Phew murphy glad you're back online - we were stressing - give me a mo while i catch up on latest posts and I'll be back in a while with chat abs update

Love to all xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hiya peeps, sorry I've not been on. Been in hospital for a few days and couldn't get internet access in the room I was in. I've had a quick squint over your posts but will go back and have a better look once I've written this. I too have a blood clot on my right lung and fluid in both. I am on self injecting into tummy blood thinning injections daily for 6 months!! Nice!!

My other wee surprise for the day was being told I was to stop the tamoxifen because there was a chance they had given me the blood clot. Only the doc on the ward telling me this. I was beside myself, I was taken off the chemo and told my best benefit was the tamoxifen and now they were stopping that. Luckily the oncol dept is just beneath the ward I was in so I went in to see if I could have a word with BCN. The oncologist came along to see me too and tel me the new plan. I've to start on monthly tummy injections (huge blinking needle, really thick) to shut down my ovaries (I'm still peri menopause) and I've to start on letrozole in 3 weeks time. Injections are once monthly for 2 years!!

So that's been my little adventure. Was terrified they would keep me in but badgered them, they knew I needed to get home for my boy.

Right need to read up now on what my posse pals have been up to. Hugs xxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lainie I hope you get home soon . As everyone is , I'm worried about murphy and fingers crossed she is ok . Hope everyone finds some joy and fun this Christmas despite everything x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lainie.  Hope you get out this afternoon.  Think that is 3 days now we haven't heard from Murphy.  Last year I got a phone call from my eldest son to say not to worry he was okay. Didn't know what he was talking about. I was all tucked up in bed and the helicopter had come down on top of the Clutha.  His flat is right beside it.  Yesterday missed 3 calls from him as I was doing my supermarket shop.  This time he was in George Sq on the way up to Strathclyde Uni when it happened. I think it is time he moved back down here.  Terrible thing to have happened. Hope all the injured pull through. Love to all.xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi all. Hopefully going home today. Still waiting to see the doc. I got too stressed out yesterday with the old lady and told the nurse I couldn't cope with it anymore so they moved me to a nice quiet room. Bliss!

Peta I have to wait until a week on Friday for T1 so another 2 weeks delay. That's 4 weeks altogether so far. I'll get to the end eventually xx

Hope everyone is coping with SEs, complications etc. and we all manage to have a reasonably good Christmas. Xx

GeeG the accident in Glasgow was terrible wasn't it. It really puts things in perspective. As you say where there's life there's hope. My son came out of Queen St station exactly where the lorry ended up about 20 mins before it happened. I've had nightmares about it so God help the families of the injured and dead. It must have been horrendous to witness that,whether as a passerby or emergency services. Thinking of them all xxx
Well as always hugs to all you lovely ladies and I too wish Murphy would get in touch. Worried about you Murphy xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh my … take my eye off yous for a second and Everything Happens …

AMDriver - what wonderful news - so glad you had a great evening in Good Company - Go Girl!

LainieG - at long last you have confirmation of the cause of all this so hope you are now well into the necessary treatment … and things looking up for getting home … Yay! So sorry I didn't visit … there were going to be gaps between loos… LoL…

Junash and Riversidedawn - as if chemo wasn't enough … the decisions our docs help us take are daunting … chemo first?/operation first?/immediate reconstruction?/ delayed reconstruction?/ how many Chemos?/which drugs for who?/how long till op can be scheduled? … unending … and all with their list of 'possible complications' … and so many have landed upon you … I guess we maybe need to add some sort of Magic Powder into the armaments bag for The Posse … and I still cannot find my Shrek outfit…

Murphy - we are all thinking of you - hope you get a Good Night's sleep…

Bettypoppit - so glad you got out with Lurchergirl - OH has been Bramble's hero today… Imodium was my hero … and had it not been for SEs today I guess we would probably have been in the midst of the George Square tragedy … thinking of the families … and the rescuers… the witnesses and the hospital staff …

Where there's Life There Is Hope … more precious than anything…

Sleep well Ladies … love n hugs … x x x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

AM Driver.  Way you go girl. Fantastic!!

Lainie and Junash thinking of you in hospital tonight.xx

I wish Murphy would post. Hope she is okay.

Love to all this evening.xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lainie, I so hope you get home soon, sorry to hear about the double clots, you're really going through it - you're doing brilliantly well in hanging it there I hope it all turns a positive corner soon. And that they move the mammy lady on somewhere before tonight. I was scheduled for Boxing Day, but they're closed, so I'm going back a few days until after the weekend, Monday for blood tests and Tuesday the 30th Dec for T#2, so you'll be ahead of me in the cycle. I hope it goes well for you and you find it more tolerable, and stay out of hospital for a bit.

Junash I'm glad to hear that you feel better now that they've sorted you out. Zelda that sounds so painful, I hope they can do something to help you too.

AMDriver, that's so great, something really nice and good happening to one of us. A man that can see through all this to the real lady sounds like a good one. I hope your next date goes well too - big smiles from me!

Jingo, I read your article, very well put and spot on. Thanks for posting a link.

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi lovely ladies, I have finally managed a couple of gentle miles with my gorgeous lurcher girl this morning and met up with a few dog training friends... I even had a silly Christmas tree wholly hat on! Oh my, the joy of chatting and laughing with friends 🙂


AMDriver, so good to hear from you and GO GIRL... nothing to loose and fab you had a nice evening and your going to out again. Yeah 🙂


LainieG, you really are being put through the mill, but sounds like you are a big step closer to getting home.  I cannot believe that you are having to stay next to a coughing machine and listening to the wailing...you are being a saint...I'm with Zelda, think you need to voice your discomfort. Thinking of you and also thinking a few posh canapes are required in my posse raiding bag to soak up the champers, or we will be tipsy in charge of the reindeer! Looking forward to Greg joining us in a tutu...being loud and proud with her pork scratching baldy head....brilliant lolol xx


Zelda, don't you be hurrying your appointment ... It takes as long as it takes. I always go armed with a long list but it is our one and only chance every 3 weeks so it needs to count.  Day 15 for me and my taste buds are definitely much improved, although according to OH, I spoilt our pasta supper tonight with far too much black pepper...which I couldn't taste! Oh well, there are worse things to screw up I guess lol. I so relieved that I can start drinking a decent quantity of water again...for me, water has tasted sooooo vile that I have really struggled to drink anywhere enough. 


Murphy, really hoping you are doing OK. Thinking of you too. Xx


Really sorry that so many of you ladies are experiences infections and complications with recons and hope you are all sorted soon. 


BIG HUGS to you all and hoping everyone is comfortable tonight xxx





Re: Starting chemo October 14

Lainie G You have been really poorly it's awfully worring clots in both lungs I hope you heal soon. It's frustrating being in hospital when I was in the woman opposite shouted all night and rang the bell . In the morning I lost it and said I'm discharging myself if she does that again and they moved her to a side ward I felt really guilty so you're done well to cope with your hospital neighbour hope you don't get an infection though.Hope everyone is ok tonight xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

AMDriver, go for it girl! What a great bit of news, hope he's lovely!


Junash, I had my implant out 10 days ago. I didn't realise how sick it was making me, I felt so much better as soon as it was out. I have had repeated infections since the mastecomy and in truth was one infection which never really went away. I hope you feel heaps better once it's out, I had a late op last Friday so stayed overnight but had full mobility straight away and was driving a week later. My 3rd chemo has been delayed by 2 weeks to allow the wound to heal and I'm seeing nurse tomorrow to remove stitches. Unfortunatley boobie doesn't look pretty, but we'll deal with that post chemo.




Re: Starting chemo October 14

AMDriver what fantastic news! This is exactly what you need at a time like this. Go for it girl and enjoy. Xxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Just had my scan results. Blood clots in both lungs. Hopefully home tomorrow after they phone the onc to see how long they want me to have blood thinning injections. I'm a bit worried as the nurse said there's no guarantee that nothing will happen with them so they have to make sure I'm stable before I leave!!!! Just want to go home. I have an old lady in the next bed who keeps shouting 'mammy' and 'help'. I feel really sorry for her but it's stressing me out and I'm getting a headache now. She also has a severe chest infection and I'm terrified I'm going to catch it. That's all I'd need!! Xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

AM Driver Why not go out on a date good luck to you we haven't got to let all this treatment rule our lives.
Managed to go out for a couple of pre Christmas meals although taste isn't back to normal so I can only guess if the food was tasty.
My feet are still sore and skin cracked around the heels but I'm creaming them with E45 which seems to help.
Have an oncology app tomorrow so I'll take my list of questions with me BettyPoppit I'll try not to be too long because I think you follow me in.
Hope all ladies are ok today especially if in hospital xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Gosh Ladies, what a lot has been going on since I was last on here! I wish more of it was better news.....


LainieG so sorry you are back in hospital and I hope your scan has already been done and you are out asap. I'm in the posse with a reindeer costume and home made goodies.


Junash  - what a nightmare! I bet you will be glad to get the infection out - got to be better out than in.


Peta so pleased you are in your new home for Christmas, that must be a great feeling.


Zelda hope you are feeling much much better - I have got better every day since last Tuesday when i turned a corner and managed a good 4 mile walk yesterday.


Murphy - I hope you have called the helpline - I don't think there is much point in waiting, i would do it straightaway.

Bettypoppit have you been out today with lurcher girl?


Can't remember who mentioned crying buckets - well I reckon I have cried Lake Windermere by myself and think the bucket measurement is a too small!!


But how about this ladies? I had a date last Friday!!


A friend of one of the guys I golf with asked me out - I was not at all sure about it, not because of him but because of me, the BC, having never worn my wig out etc etc, but then I thought, why not what do I have to lose? So I accepted and was treated to a really nice dinner out. He wasn't fazed at all by the BC, the treatment and SE's etc and wants to see me again. That was an unexpected early Christmas present!


Sorry if I have missed any of you ladies having treatment this week or recovering from last week. My next session is on NYE - joy! xxxx



Re: Starting chemo October 14

Oh Junash. What a time you've had with this. Thinking of you and fingers crossed you get out to see Sam on his birthday. If not the posse is all ready, raiding bags and costumes sorted. If i get out I'll join them but i want to be the Christmas fairy in a tutu with a bald head. Cant you just picture it lol. Sending love and hugs 💖💖💖💖

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Quick update Went to get boob drained again tonight, implant infected so joy of joys got to have operstion tonight to get implant out and boob cleaned - will be flat but who bloody cares! am sad as sams 11th birthday tomorrow - but hopefully home in the afternoon

Love to all, hope everyone feeling better or at least a bit more with it!

Will catch up later xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

What a lot of happening … sending y'all huge hugs … this stuff all takes so much psychological oooomf as well as physical energy … it really sucks … so very important to look for All The Good Stuff You Can Possibly Find…

… as well as KeyboardRapidFinger I also got MotorMouth with the High Dose Steroids (and just a wee tad of energy to get some stuff done in the garden that I had been eyeing up for weeks and weeks…) … duff morning yesterday but got along the choir for evensong and then carols at our local pub … GREAT! … and our 19 wedding anniversary … Yay! … (… and what a miracle …!)

TODAY? … ah …

Reassured to hear some of you have been advised Imodium is ok to take … so am starting to rummage in the appropriate collection … have too much to do today to have to be tied to the loo … …. …. LoL … Hugs x

Re: Starting chemo October 14

riversidedawn - one surgeon refused me an immediate recon and the other said she'd do it but said there was a 1 in 3 chance it would fail during rads. I therefore decided not to have recon. I believe I have to have 4 or 5 weeks rads, so the additional worry of 'will my boob survive' just wasnt worth it to me. I have an appt for next Sep to look at recon. At the mo I am lucky enough to have a well healed, tidy scar and feel my boob is the least of my worries as I move through my treatment. I stick my prosthesis in and no-one can tell I'm any different. When I'm dressed I myself don't even feel that there's much missing. (Ha, perhaps because there wasn't much to begin with lol). Perhaps you could consider letting everything heal for now and put off recon again until you are recovered from everything else? Though I understand that might be an impossible thing to consider. Everyone is different, and what's right for one of us isn't right for another. Do you know yet how many weeks rads you are getting? I guess perhaps your surgeon and your radiologist need to confer to look at risk before they can advise you.


Lainie - good luck for your scan. The NHS just before xmas is 100% geared to discharging people.. You'll be home for xmas for sure. Though I would REALLY like to see the CCTV footage of the posse breaking you out Robot Happy


Everyone else - my fingers are crossed for a lull in side effects and set backs for just a short while over crimbo - kind of like the xmas day football game in France during WWI, we just all need - and deserve - a bit of peace and quiet (or noise and hysteria if that's your xmas thing) for 24 hours. Here's hoping... 

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi Zelda, ouch! That does sound very painful :(. My feet are OK skin wise - did you manage to get your hands on the dermol500 cream? I do occasionally use specific cream for cracked heels (due to effects of excessive hours spent in walking boots) which is made by compeed and it works like magic, but I've no idea if it would be suitable. Thank goodness, your review meeting is tomorrow. 


Was wondering about you Murphy and how you are doing?


LainieG, hope you are OK too this morning and fingers and toes all crossed that your scan will go ahead presto pronto and you can get any necessary treatments and meds and get discharged home, but me and the Elf (and we would only be the advance posse raiders as the rest of the posse are limbering up) are ready if not 😉 xxxxx


Also, AMDriver...how are you doing?


I know, I'm rather nosey 😉 lol. Going to try and get back to sleep now - it is very rare but lurcher girl work me needing to go out...she's now fast asleep on my feet and I'm wide awake....OH will be getting up very soon for work, so I will probably fail! Oh well. 

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Peta it's great to hear you've been better on T than fec. I won't worry too much about it. You have your next one on boxing day don't you? I might have my first on the same day. We'll be back on the same days but one session apart. I feel as if I'm having one of those dreams where you're running along a corridor and the door is getting further away when I try to think of the end date lol. Xxxx
Zelda that sounds awful! What a shame when you've been getting out with your dog. I think sore feet or hands were something I've read on the symptoms you should let them know about. Maybe phone your helpline and ask? They might have a solution xxxx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Riversidedawn I had my recon done before I knew I had cancer and was told that they can't do radio if you have implants. Luckily I don't need radio but the implication was that they'd have to come out if I did. It wasn't the onc who told me tho, it was my breast surgeon. I still have a fair way to go to finish my recon tho so will complete after chemo is finished. You've been having a horrible time with yours. I have been really lucky. Both boobs done and no probs. The chemo is making up for it tho. I've managed to end up in hospital after every session. Thought I was getting away with it this time and landed here on the day I was meant to be having my first Tax. Good luck. Hope things improve xx

Re: Starting chemo October 14

Hi All Both big toenails are hurting and the soles of my feet are bright pink with very sore cracked heels particularly on one side which is so painful.
Just started to enjoy walking Poppy again and now this Anyone else had this problem with Doxetaxol?