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Starting chemo in April 2012

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Vanns - just popping in to say so sorry about your terrier. It's heartbreaking when you have to have a 'soulmate' pet put to sleep, even when you know it's the best thing for them. Any pet owner here will understand how you feel.

Sara x

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Morning Bunnies

Woke up this morning thinking about the Bunnyfeste, and getting sooooo excited. Looking forward to meeting all you wonderful Bunnies. It feels like meeting up with really good friends we have not seen in a while. As one bunny has said you have all been such a life line during this ‘orrible time.
Great to see so many bunnies hopping about. I have been busy arranging OH’s parents repatriation back to the UK. Glad to say that arrangements are now beginning to fall into place. The trick is to get them back without stressing them out ie. treat them like a tray of eggs, so far so good. OH had to have a word with his mother to calm down and let us worry about everything – that worked! Plus not been too great this week, flat days as I call them, battery runs out and not able to carry out a lot of tasks as well as not being able to handle people – ridiculous. Anyway, been hopping around these past couple of days and gathering strength - Bidong!

Bunny ears arrived this morning and the Bunnyfeste Itinerary – sooooooooooo looking forward to it. Menu sounds wonderful. Not sure about my presi but I think it is cute.

Well done that Pixie for being so amazing at arranging this Bunnyfeste and coping with all your other activities/business. Like others have said you put the rest of us to shame. Hoping your root canal will be done before you hit Bunnyfeste and your portcath issues are not too uncomfortable. Congrats on getting the company to raise money for MacMillan.

Gadget-Gal – Glad that the op went well and that they gave you the best treatment for you. Onwards & upwards.

Namar82 – Lovely to see you back in the warren – looking forward to hearing what you have been up to.

Littlechick – CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING NED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not having to see the ONCO for a whole year WHOOOOO – sooooo envious!

Buddy – Welcome. Keep your Mum Vanns busy, but not too busy so that she can read our posts and make her own posts on your progress. Ask Mum to provide a picture of you. Love Amber xxx

Southpool – So pleased to hear that after your discussions they are sorting things out. The last thing any of us need is to be treated with disrespect – I have been so fed up when they treat you as nothing but a number or a piece of meat. A few things happened when I was having my rads especially when it came to the waiting room (eg. people being put in front of me – even got the receptionist upset!) – but I had my knitting!!, I would let it happen all around me and keep my mind on my knitting. I don’t think they will forget the strange English lady with the strange hats and her knitting either in Rads or chemo.
Pepihorse – Hoping that your bronchitis has gone. Make sure you are at the Spa for special treatment this morning – the Punkawallahs are waiting....... See you at the next Bunnyfeste.

Big M – I am sure you had a lovely time meeting up with your school friends and so pleased to hear the portcath removal was not too unpleasant.

Ambarose – Pleased to hear that Tena lady is now a thing of the past! With regard to rads procedure. I used to get changed into a gown which of course never fastened as I could never work out how the devil you were meant to secure the ties, so used to hold it all together until in the rads room. Wait until the technicians adjusted the bed, hang the gown up, hands across chest and then laid down on bed. When finished hands across chest and gownie back on. Strange after everything we have been through!

Which reminds me of a conversation with my sister in Canada via Skype just after my operation. As she is the nurse she was desperate to have a look at the boob and wanted me to whip it out over Skype – I don’t think so!

GMT – The reconstruction procedure definitely sounds worth doing – good luck with the next stage.

Samelee3 – Have a wonderful time in Lisbon and hope you manage the 7 hills. Take it easy bunny, don’t over do it as you will need your energy for Bunnyfeste.

Libby12 – So jealous of your hair. I was never even offered a cold cap or anything to save hair, just told that it was going to go, but hey ho never mind looking forward to deciding what style I am going to go with when it is long enough. Everyone keeps telling me how I suit my hair short (my hair was very strong and down to my waist. I used to it wear it up in a high pony tail most of the time). I loved my hair, however when Mum and Mum in Law say they I suit my hair short, I get the feeling they disapproved of my long hair. So the devil in me is determined to grow it long again. However, I am probably too old now to get it to that length but I will try!

RachelP – Hope that your split boob has healed – makes me shiver just to think about it......... Loved your statement re hospitals full of ill people – made me smile, however know exactly what you meant and would like not to see another hospital again for many many years but unfortunately not going to happen.

Sarabee2012 – Glad to hear you had a nice time with BigM. How is the dog training going? (hope I have got the right bunny?!)

Chrisp1e – Sorry to hear that you are not going to be with us but hopefully next Bunnyfeste. Perhaps next year if we are in the Glasgow area we can meet up for coffee?

Libby12 – See you at Bunnyfeste

Margietee - Have a lovely weekend with your youngest and see you at Bunnyfest.

Sara12 – Terribly glad to hear that no arms became detached from your person however, what about legs?

Well Bunnies The Spa. As you can imagine it has become rather quiet. The hammocks are swinging empty. However those that are still having rads please make sure you check in and make full use of the massages, the pedicurests, the manicurests, the punkawallahs or join me on the beach for a lovely walk along the seashore where the sea breeze is still very warm and gentle.

I have ideas of how to expand the Spa and maybe I can discuss with you at Bunnyfeste, if the opportunity arises.

Teabelly, Hyzenthlay where are you..................

Well time for me to get the Punkawallahs out of bed, feed the Dolphins, wash down the boat, walk the dog along the beach, go shopping for oils and nail polish.

Have a lovely weekend Bunnies.

Big Hugs & kisses to all Fluffy Bunnies.
Hilary xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Dearest Vanns

So sorry to hear about your little terrier. Had to do the same thing for my wonderful Pebbles 2 years ago and still miss her, even though we have the Canine fiend Amber to keep us on our toes. Big hugs & kisses as I know exactly how you feel.

Hilary xxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Oh Vanns, that's all you need right now. So sorry to hear about your terrier,and not surprised you are so upset! Warm thoughts to you and your OH.
Southpool, will pm you about my art work.

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

I have a lump in my throat just reading your post. Sending lots of virtual hugs xxx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Dear bunnies
Worst ever day. We just had to have our little terrier who was only 7 put to sleep. Some of you may remember that it almost happened a few months ago but it was almost as if she needed to get me through chemo before she could finally rest. We are absolutely devastated as she was our first dog together and she was absolutely perfect. Sadly she suffered witha congenital throat problem that eventually meant that we couldn't feed her.she lost so much weight and consequently strength that she couldn't go on any longer. She was my therapy pet and my world. I'm so sorry to bring everybody down but I have cried more over this tHan bloody cancer. She was just so sweet and gentle and I loved her so very much.
Vanns x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012


The hotel now has all your names for the over-nighters. Rooms available from 3pm but once you arrive, chech-in and your bag will be taken by the concierge to be held until after bunnyfeste.

All overnighters will be required to present a credit card as surety against any extras you may charge to your room, such as champagne, punkawallahs, pizza etc.

You pay for your parking when leaving and are given an exit ticket for the car park. £7 for over nighters and £8 for day bunnies.

The foyer will have aN events board that will show Bunnyfeste, The Norfolk Suite and directions. Suite available from noon onwards. No admittance without ears!
Pixie xxxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Forgot to ask,does anyone know what time we can check in at the hotel in the morningx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi everyone not long to go now for the meeting of the year, really looking forward to it. I have multi coloured hair at the moment, now I know I should not complain, as I did keep alot of my hair ( I suffered for it though) but were it thinned, it is now come through thick and fast in a sort of sandy greyish colour, and the old hair at the bottom is dark red !!! put it up in a bun today, and it looks very odd.My hairdresser has told me that as it is new hair, I have to wait at least another couple of months before she will consider putting a colour on it, so will have to go around looking like a beaver . Paxman who make the cold cap have asked me to write a testimonial and take pictures of my hair for their web site , which I am really happy to do, for those who want to try and keep their hair, it does work and I am very thankful to them. Southpool my appointment was always 9am so no delays at that time thank goodness, glad you have now sorted it out. Going to watch Stand up to Cancer tonight, and make a donation, I watched some life stories last night on people living with cancer,one young girl was only 22 she had cervical cancer, god we have got to find a cure soon, so people dont have to go through the chemotherapy treatment that we have had to endure, I thank everyone of you for helping me get though this year, this site has kept me going though some very dark times and still does, its been my life line . Anyway love to you all, Elainexxxx Pixie glad the tablets are working .x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Everyone,
Have just been reading guide book for Lisbon and discovered that it is a city of 7 Hills!!! Why did I not suss this simple fact out before I booked it? Just the right place for someone whose feet feel like hot sausages. Never mind, have made a list of all the places/ cafes/ markets that need to be visited.... will be great to get away for a few days... and then Bunnyfest. Can't wait.
Glad you have sorted the problem with the rads, Southpool. I don't mind a bit of a wait, but what you had to experience was unacceptable, and without apology, just plain rude!
Pixie, have not noticed you mentioning a dolls house before! is this a new hobby, or are you building a town? Is it a present for someone? I would have loved one when I was little but had to make do with my brothers' Meccano sets. They have such beautiful miniature furniture nowadays....
Have fun at your reunion Mary,
Hope you have all had a good day,


Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Re rads and lying naked, I had same experience as Wendy, given a back opening gown and then pulled down to waist when being zapped. Again I've gone past caring who sees what. I also don't really see my mx side with expander as a real boob,without clothes it looks like a solid, very round mass, not very breast like at all! Often had an hour wait, sometimes 2 but as i didnt have to get back to work or had been at work, it made the wait easier. After the hours of waiting at my chemo unit , these waits didnt seem so bad!
Anyone who is having recon and wondering what to do re new nipple, I went to a recon support group yesterday and a lady there showed her newly tattooed new nipple. Well I have never seen anything like it,it was amazing. It was so real looking. I had wondered if I'd bother as it is yet more procedures but it was such a good job and really made such a difference to the finished look. Seeing plastic surgeon next Thursday so hopefully will have some idea when the next stage happens,ie taking out expander and having implant and skin flap to create new boob.
Cant remember all posts, but wonderful news Littlechick, good to hear about the puppy Vanns, echo all the comments re Pixie- I don't know how you do it all and thanks for all the arrangements etc menu looks lovely, sorry rads is so horrid Southpool - I had big meltdown on penultimate one and my radiographers were lovely! , have a good weekend Big M and Sara you did make me lol when I thought of people sneaking in for our rads appts!! Sorry anyone not mentioned in person but thinking of you all.
Soon meet most of you in the flesh, looking forward to it.
Lots of love,
Gaynor xx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Aw... Big M... Namar and I met at out LGFB workshop back in july so you and Sarabee will have to be 2nd.... (mischievous giggles)

Glad the portacath removal went well..... dreadig the day when i have to go through that palaver again but mine is in situ until next Autumn

As for me running the country, I can't run for a blooming bus at the minute 🙂

Pixie xx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi regarding the rads saga, I was given a gown to put on, you know the ones that show your bum (but kept leggins on so was ok) then when I lay on the table for rads, just took off the top bit, and lay naked to the waist. I didnt care very much, used to flashing MX scar around at the hospital now, but was odd still having 1 normal boob, exposed. Still didnt care, past caring anymore !
Have a good Bunnyfest bunnies, wish I could have been there !
Wendy xx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Bunnies.

Two of us might have achieved a warren first yesterday -- Sarabee2012 and I met for coffee!! It was just wonderful putting a face to a name and we talked and talked and talked until I had to go back to work. Sara went off to get bunny ears.

We talked loads about you,Pixie, in the same tones as recent posts - you are amazing. Imagine what you would be doing if you had not been ill!! Running the country I am sure. We also talked about Hilary, agreeing what fun the spa and hammocks had been (not to mention the punka wallahs!). Gaynor and Wendy also got special mentions. We talked most though about the discomfort and inconvenience of wigs. We both strip them off as soon as we walk into our houses.

I survived the potacath removal - waited in Day Surgery for nearly 4 hours, but the procedure itself was only half an hour and feels like another positive milestone. The area is tender to the touch but as I don't have to touch it that does not matter. They gave me co-codamol for the pain and it made me throw up which was weird. I gopt through chemo without being sick then a little white tablet did it.

In an hour I am off to Kent for the weekend to meet up with old school friends. It will be great fun. They have not seen me since before diagnosis so I think I will look very different. Life-changing stuff, this cancer business.

Can't wait for next weekend.

M xxxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Morning bunnies

Final countdown to Bunnyfeste....... Suspect OH will be glad when it's over as I am consumed with it and the house is awash with ears, bunny boxes, badges, quiz sheets.....and lots of other stuff. Just can't quite believe this scared group of women have got to this point as back in April when we all started chemo, the road ahead seemed interminable.

When I pop into the September and October threads it is so poignant as that was us 7 months ago. ( none of them are as funny as us though)

Southpool, i am mortified with the treatment you received. My rads often ran late but they were so apologetic, provided tea and a bun. It seems the administrators just give them an un-doable schedule if everyone turns up. One radiographer told me scheduling is done on an expected 20% no show. Bit like airlines over booking systems. Pleased you now have it sorted. Like you, i often had to make a mad dash after a tough working day and then to have to wait is horrid.

I am appalled that some bunnies have lain naked to the waist. Where is the respect and dignity? At my hospital i had my own tabard with poppers down the front and shoulders so they only uncovered the area to be treated when they were treating it. I feel a whole new campaign brewing......

Anti-biotics kicked in and tooth ach greatly subsided. Phew.

Glad you all like the programmes and menu choices.

Yesterday mother, auntie and Glenys, the one whose husband is in a home but thinks he is sitting at the bus stop, went to Blackpool for 5 days to see the illuminations. (annual pilgrimage) mother and auntie not too happy about Glenys tagging along as they never invite her. Once she finds out they have booked a holiday, she goes and books too. Mother says it is like being stalked. I suggest that they don't tell her when they are going but she says they can't do that as it looks sneaky. So instead, they people please and moan to me.

Yesterday, the company I do most of my work with held a coffee morning for Macmillan and I went along. We raised £380 in 2 hours. It was great fun. I prepared a rolling media presentation about Macmillan that was on the big plasma screen in the room we had the event. All the staff made gorgeous cakes, there was a raffle and I won a leather presentation portfolio (gave it to oh for his prison and armed forces meetings) at the end the MD made a speech to thank everyone and said special thanks to me for suggesting the event and being the most inspirational women she knows. Well, they all clapped and I just stood there and cried. I was completely overwhelmed because i never set out to be anything other than just me.

The dolls house is becoming obsessive. I am spending a fortune on buying decorating materials, william morriss papers scaled down to the right size, a swarovski chandelier.... Real plaster ceiling roses... And the house still lays flat packed in its box! I am in heaven with it. The chandelier cost more than the one in our front room. Well okay, we don't have a chandelier in our front room. I have now ordered some slubbed silk in ivory and olive green to make swags and tails curtains for the salon. So what with this, the happy bag empire and bunnyfeste oh and work, oh is rather side-lined.

Last night he did say can we leave happy bagc, xmas sacks, anything to do with rabbits, work and miniature wallpaper behind when we go to america and just have 10 days of being ordinary Mr & Mrs Matthews on holiday. Mmmmmm...... well okay but New England has wonderful craft shops.....

Have a gentle day lovely bunnies

Pixie xx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Everyone,
Congrats to little chick -so pleased. Southpool well done at complaining-that is not good treatment. I too have some delays but everyone is always friendly and cheerful. However, there are differences big time in nakedness procedure. like most of us I don't care who sees my breasts now but one female radiographer covers me up with a paper towel once the measurements are taken. No one else does and actually i do not mind. The only time I did do a double take was on my second dose when I walked into 3 male radiographers. All young and all extremely professional so it actually was ok to be standing there after taking off my gown naked to the waist with 3 men!.
Bunyfeste prog arrived today -wonderful I am soooo excited and emotional too but the apparent pelvic floor problem that I did have a few weeks ago after chemo seems to have stopped thank goodness- so no Tena needed for me yet please although I was worried a few weeks ago.
Menu sounds scrumptious-Thank you so much pixie.

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012


Thank you all very much for your kind comments & support today, I just love this warren and everyone in it.

I have now arranged to go for my treatment at 5.45 each day (my actual appointment is 5pm) this should limit my waiting to under half an hour. I have formally complained & they have listened to my concerns, so we will see how it goes now. If it isn't working they will change again. Had my lymphodema class today which was interesting and then was treated as soon as I came out, last nights complete meltdown obviously had an impact.

Libby I am being treated at Aintree but have the last appointment at 16.57 due to work which means the delays build during the day and are usually at an hour by 4pm building to up to 2hours as the evening goes on.

We have the zip down gowns with Velcro on & keep the same one for treatment. Sara I also have problems with my height they have to keep adjusting the table, me being tall seems to be a surprise to them every day! Loved the idea of your arm becoming detached during surgery!

Many many thanks again, off out for a curry tonight so am preparing myself for an increase in hot flushes.

Love & virtual hugs
S x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Everyone, firstly great news Little Chick so pleased for you , you have had a tough time. Southpool were are you having your rads, I had mine at Aintree and was only ever delayed an hour at the most, its really unacceptable the way you have been treated, I would have had a complete meltdown had it happened to me. Pixie love the menu really lovely, and thank you for all the trouble you have gone too. I picked up my present for the Bunny Feast today, I am pleased with it bit don't like what it came in, never mine its whats inside is what counts. Sorry its such a quick post but have to pick daughter up. Love to all Elainexxxx (so excited for bunny feast).

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Little Chick - congrats on your great news! Wonderful!
Vanns - glad to see you're back. That pup will keep you busy. Mine is 14 months old and keeps me going!
Sorry I won't be able to join you all at Bunnyfest. Hope you all have a great time!
Christine x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Margietee - our posts crossed - sorry to hear that you are finding it tough going. I do sometimes think that I'm never going to feel 'normal' again. I'm tired, sore back, sore feet, sore fingers from missing nails, hair still only 1/4" and not growing.... so I know what you mean!

About the scrubs type jacket - they have them at my hospital too. However, when I went for my rads planning the (male) radiologist disappeared for ages when he said he was going to fetch a gown. I had to stand around with the other staff waiting while he rummaged around in a cupboard and then went off to another room. While I was standing there it dawned on me that because I'm a big person he was having trouble finding something large enough - at that stage I thought it was just going to be a normal gown. Then he appeared with the jacket you described and I just knew it wasn't really going to fit. I managed to get it on but it was skin-tight. Then after all that you lie down and they pull the front down to expose your boobs anyway so it's all pointless! I found the whole thing highly embarrassing.

So when I went for my first treatment they asked me if I wanted a gown and I said that after all the examinations and prodding and poking I'd been through I really didn't care anymore who saw my boobs. They pointed out that some of the radiologists were male and I said that at my age, and with a scarred and lopsided boob I had no worries about what they might be thinking! In the event, they carefully drape my T-shirt over my other boob once I've been lined up - but it makes no difference to me whether both or just one is exposed....

Do they ask you every time which side you are expecting to be treated? The first time I said it would be pretty obvious once I'd got undressed! They are very careful about identity all the time to make sure they are treating the right person - just in case some nutter came along with a great desire to be zapped by radiation and sneaked into your appointment perhaps?? When I had my op they were labelling everything and put name bands on both wrists... that did slightly worry me as I hadn't anticipated that one arm might become detached in the process....

Sara x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Southpool, no wonder you are so emotional - that's outrageous treatment and Im glad you're going to speak up about it. If necessary, escalate to the hospital manager.

I've been lucky so far - two sessions and both were on time. The staff couldn't have been nicer and gave me a number to call if I was ever held up. At the same time they said not to worry if I was late, because sometimes they might have to keep me waiting, so they wouldn't/couldn't be annoyed about it. I'm also lucky in that I live fairly close to the hospital. My appointments are at 7pm and although the rush hour traffic is a bit heavy to get there, I can be home again quickly - last night I was back in the house by 7:30pm. If you have a long journey every day that really must add to the stress of it all. I can't say I like the idea of the rads though - when I'm lying there all I can think about is how lethal the rays are and the damage that they can do.

LittleChick - congrats on being NED, and Gadget-Gal, glad your op is over and that you are recovering well - it's good you know the mx was the right decision. Vanns and Natalie, pleased to see you back in the warren. Wendy, sorry you're still suffering with bronchitis - it certainly seems to have taken hold.

Pixie, thanks for the event schedule, and the lunch menu looks scrummy. Never ceases to amaze me how well you 'multi-task'.... to be doing all this, plus work, plus happy bags and then jetting off to New England the day after bunnyfeste..... really hope you get some rest on that holiday.

Sara x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Bunnytastic! Lots of posts again. Vanns and Nats, lovely to see you both back. Vanns, I sent you an enormous bunny hug last night when I read the lovely things you had said to me in your post ... Did you feel the hugs? Hope so. Buddy sounds beautiful.

little chick, so so so pleased with your good news. It is wonderful to be told you are NED isn't it. Somehow I am extra pleased in your case to hear it because you had a rocky ride, especially in the early days.

Wendy, I'm so sorry to hear about your nails. It is a horrible reminder of everything the drugs have done to our bodies, and when we set off on this journey I'm sure we all, like me, imagined life would be getting back to normal by now. I'm pleased we didn't have the foresight to know how long it would take. I certainly don't think I could have kept as positive as I did all through chemo had I known the SEs would still be coming now. I am watching my nails like a hawk, not that I could do anything about it if they are going to fall off. One big toe nail is lifted across the top and all down one side across a third of the nail. Others are slightly lifted and on one thumb nail I have a lifted patch in the centre of the nail. Just wondering what that is going to do when it grows to the end of the nail. Wendy, hope the bronchitis is improving.

Big M, thank goodness for you having the portacath removed. It will be such a relief I'm sure. Poor pixie that she has to contend with hers for so much longer, and with all her problems.

Gadget gal, pleased to hear the surgery is now behind you and that you have now reconciled the need for the mastectomy.

Southpool, I agree with others, your rads delays and the attitude of the staff are totally unacceptable. I'm not surprised you have rads rage. I hope your meeting today sorts something out. Like Wendy, Im in and out in no time at all and the staff are all really nice. They are very efficient and get on with the job in hand as quickly as they can but they also always have time to ask how I am, what I've been doing/have planned. That's how it should be. No matter how busy your team is, there is no excuse for treating you like a lump of meat in this way. neverthless, alhough the experience is a lot better than yours, I do have to say that I am finding rads a lot harder than I expected. I think it is the tediousness of it all, every day, 30-35 mins drive each way, the search and scramble for a parking space, the walk t the department etc etc, and now it is nearly finished - just three more to go - I am so fed up with it. I am very tired, sore, worried i will split, want it all to be finished, want to be normal again, want my energy levels back, want my hair back .... the list is endless and I find myself crying more than I could have imagiined. It just comes out of nowhere. Desperate sobs often at the most inappropriate moments. then my oh notices I'm struggling to hold back the floodgates and as soon as he gives me a kind word or reaches out to squeeze my hand, whatever, it just makes me worse. Also I am ratty with him and he doesn't deserve that at all after everything he has done and is doing.

Im interested that some buns are starkers on the top half during rads. I have a very stylish (not) blue scrubs type jacket to keep during the whole of rads time. It zips up the front and has Velcro along the shoulder and side seams to provide easy access from whichever direction they want and to maintain modesty a bit ... Of course the boob gets exposed during the actual rads but not my spare tyre thank goodness - spare tyre that refuses to budge, is bigger than before bc and is adding to the fed up state described above ....!

So, on to Pixie. Mistress of the warren. You know I am thinking of you throughout. You put us to shame though with your energy and joie de vivre throughout - no, let me phrase that another way ... You are an inspiration to us all with your energy and joie de vivre and I know the last thing you would want to feel is that you put any of us to shame. As always, thank you so much for everything - starting the forum, giving us so much positivity, organising the bunnyfest .... Everything. Take care of yourself bunny, you need it as much as we all do.

so on to bunnyfest. Pixie, the programme is wonderful and intriguing too. Like others, I am soooooo excited and can't wait. I am so sorry some bunnies can't join us and really feel for those that cant, especially as our excitement builds in our postings and there is more and more talk of it. bunny boxes, bunny quiz .... As I said, intriguing. And the menu sounds amazing. We will all be hard pushed to know what to choose without stuffing our little fat tummies so much that we don't have room for cream tea!!! Bunnies who can't be there .... Fear not, we will be thinking of you. And we will do something in 2013 too when hopefully we will all be feeling soooooo much better and fitter. Christine I'm sorry you have had to drop out late in the planning. Where are you? Not heard from you for a while.

as always, so many people we've not heard from in a while - teabelly, you came back for one posting and have gone again, hyzenthlay we've not heard from you for ages and ages ....

And finally .... We had a brilliant time seeing our dil play in her am dram musical on Tuesday night. She was fantastic. Lovely to see our youngest grandson (14 months) too and have cuddles. This weekend we have our youngest son (31!!!!) coming to stay. Then next weekend it is bunnyfest. Yipppeeeeeee! Pixie, I trust you got my pm confirming sleepover arrangements?

Thats all for now. Thinking of you all, lovely bunnies, and still enjoying campo's spa everyday!!!

love, Margiexxx

PS I never did get a reply from bcc to my pm about the censorship .... But I've moved on. Xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Vanns Thank you so much you have made me feel so much better that I am not alone in my reaction. Who needs a bcn when you've got bunnies xxx

Many hugs
S x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Here we go................ lost 2 x toenails last night (so far both of the little ones) other toes a bit sore, wondering if they are going to go too !!!! Taxotere has a lot to answer for !!
Southpool, sorry to hear about the long wait you are having for each rads, I didnt have that problem, was in and out in minutes, didnt have time to park me bum in waiting room before they called me in ! and that was all of the 15 sessions, Pity your not near to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, or you could change.
I am also with you with the Tena lady, having this awful cold and bronchitis, coughing so bad, I have also been having a little seepage!! so bought my first ever Tenas!! Hopefully will be back to normal after bronchitis goes............ lol!
Wendy xx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Southpool that is totally unacceptable treatment.
I have hwe'd a very good rads experience and on the two occasions there was a problem they phoned in advance to tell me not to come in. You must make a complaint. I don'tlike the sound of their attitude either. My radiographers were delightful and really made me feel at ease. Well as is possible when you are naked to the waist on a daily basis.
I was however extremely emotional all the way through rads and sobbed on an almost daily basis. It could also have been the tamoxifen. Please don't be too hard on yourself as that seems to be a normal reaction even for those of us who have been quite tough throughout.

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hey Vanns, welcome back. I was convinced you were lying on abeach somewhere, when all the time you were frolicking with a pup, sneezing and weeing. Pixie, am dead impressed with your energy and being mrs organised. When your new career as mighty fundraiser palls, events organising seems a clear path. I will have a badge!!!! Bunny present came today and I would happily receive it myself, so am relieved. So so looking forward to it now. The menu looks yummy. Good choices! And thank- you again for going to so much trouble.
Congratulations on being NED, littlechick. Great news! Doubtless we will toast absent bunnies on 27th! Well- done Gadget Gal, on getting through the op. However horrible it is to have the surgery, you now know that it was necessary, and it helps. Did you go for any kind of reconstruction? Welcome back Nat. Looking forward to all your news.
Joints still creaking and aching like mad.Also have tooth issue, so will need to book dentist Today. Have been planning for my Lisbon trip this week: guide books out and trying a fewPortuguese words. I love Going somewheRe new. Just really hope that I have enough stamina to do everything.
Stuff to do now, so will pop back later,
Love to all, have wonderful day, whatever you might be doing.

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Morning Bunnies

My schedule for Bunnfeste has arrived and I had exact same response as Vanns, bloody menopause & Tamoxifen! My bunny ears have arrived & have been tested, they are going to hurt but they are black & sparkly so I love them. My present is now also complete & I am pleased with it. The menu sounds fantastic Pixie, my mouth was watering in anticipation.

Vans & Nat good to see you back & Little Chick fabulous news on being NED ( that deserves capitals!).

I am still in rads hell and last night had a complete meltdown at the hospital. Each day this week my appointment has been delayed by 1&1/2 to 2 hours & despite me ringing them twice every afternoon to check progress have spent 3 hours at the hospital waiting. The radiographers
never apologise & because they are stressed treat me like it is my fault. Last night the only words they spoke to me were get on the bed & finished! All through surgery & chemo I never cried once & the last 3 nights I have sobbed all the way home & last night sobbed all night as well. Today I am making an appointment to see the department manager & OH is leaving work early to come with me. I can't cope with it for another 3 weeks unless something changes as ringing in advance obviously doesn't work. This is so much worse for me than chemo & it really shouldn't be, it is as if they have never dealt with anyone who hasn't got 3hours a day to spend sitting at the hospital. Am also ringing my bcn this morning as she is normally able to peel me off the ceiling.

Pixie I hope your antibiotics kick in soon & your toothache eases.

Love & virtual hugs
S x

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

I previously had a pelvic floor like a bulldog clip ( no kids ) but since chemo and menopause ( damn tamoxifen ) there has been definite seapage !
The puppy is a GSD and I absolutely cannot believe what quick learners they are. He is 12 weeks and he can already sit, lie down, and target to command. It's no wonder they get used by police and guide dogs.
Vanns x
P.s. hi big M

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

note to self..... include Tena lady in vanns bunny party box....... and pelvic floor instructions...

new puppy??? what sort??? Nothing like a puppy to get you out of yourself... I managed to get 2 this year alone on that excuse!! Great to have you back bunny 🙂

Spent the evening making up the bunnyfeste name labels and am now covered in superglue and Bertie has a gold bow stuck on his fur.

had a rough few days - abscess in tooth and infected jaw, anti-biotics slowly kicking in but still have waves of real agony. can't believe i am actually looking forward to my root canal treatment.

Today i agreed buffet menu with the Hilton - Catered for carnivores, piscadores, vegetarians. I turned down the game terrine as it contained rabbit and it felt rather cannabilistic. was just too complicated to send all menus to all bunnies and collate numbers becasue we wouldn't have all been suited anyway so behaved like autocratic bunny and made what i hope is a selection where there is something to suit everyone.

We are having

Ham and coarse grain mustard on maize bread
Smoked salmon and cream cheese filled mini croissants
Focaccia with ratatouille vegetables and pesto
Chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce
Tempura prawns with sweet chilli sauce
Roasted vegetable and sun-blushed tomato quiche
Vegetable dim sum assortment
Goats cheese and red onion beetroot envelope
Lemon meringue tart
Chocolate and honeycomb tulip cup

Then afternoon tea is selection of chefs biscuits, scones, jam, clotted cream and tea and coffee.

Like Vanns (with better bladder control) I am soooooooo excited!! Am going over to Birmingham on Friday as want to do a bit of prepping on Saturday in regards to stuff in room. then we have Bunnyfeste, lots of us are over-nighting and then next day this little bunny is flying off to new England for 10 days!!!

Lovely to have you back nat 🙂

Fantastic news Little chick - fluff out your feathers and do the happy chicken dance 🙂

Right, back to fits of giggles as I finish putting together Bunny quiz....

Goodness, we actually got here and every one of us still alive and kicking - albeit creaky kicks for some of us.

Much love

Pixie xxx

PS - Joints 100% better since stopping Letrozole and suspect if it wasn't for tooth abscess I would be sleeping like a baby. Know its short lived as Onc putting me on Tamoxifen next month..

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Dear bunnies
Im back but haven't caught up with the billion posts I have missed.
Today I recieved my bunnyfeste programme and I'm sooooooooooooo excited that I cried ( then sneezed and wee'd ! - Sign of the times !)
I have been very busy as a new puppy has arrived in our home !!!!! I think this may have been a strategy to prevent going into a bit of depression as I had started to struggle with anxiety. If so it has worked as I simply don't have time to feel anxious. Buddy our new arrival is beautiful and I'm having lots of fun with him. He arrived at the end of my rads so it's been full on since then.
Anyway I will try to wade through all that I have missed and make another post when I have caught up.
P.S. margietee - I cannot believe that you of all people have been censored. It seems very unfair especially after all that we have been through. I hope the post that you had removed was one that included lots of swear words when we lost the forum for 3 weeks due to bcc changing the viewing platform just at the time we needed it most. Seems a bit unfair that they can cause all the distress they want but remove your positive and supportive posts !!!!! Anyway chin up, we love you xxxxxxx
Vanns xxxxx
P.p.s Fear not pix, I'm back !!!!!!
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hello fellow bunnies, I have some good news to share with you. The big wigs have looked at my iffy scans and decided they are nothing to worry about. I am NED! No need to see onc for a year but can go back earlier if anything crops up. Woohoo!!
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hello Bunnies

Just to let you know I am back in the warren, but I now have 99 posts to catch up on. I will now attempt to read them all before posting again to tell you all what I have been upto etc.

Speak soon my lovely fluffy friends, missed you all loads

Love and hugs

Nats xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Well done Gaynor, you did well, dont worry, the cording goes in a few weeks, just keep stretching arm and masaging it, I had the same, and its completely gone now, and so far (touch wood) no lymphodeoma, but I suppose that can come at anytime, weve just got to be careful there.
Ive just finished my radiothrapy, and that wasnt bad at all, bit sore underarm, where they took out all my nodes, but it has only been just over a week from last rads.So dont worry too much about having rads. The biggest nuisance is going up to the hospital everyday !
Are you going to have reconstruction? I am hoping too soon as possible but I expect I will have to wait for a while after having rads, going to see plastic surgeon on the 31st, so will see then.
Best wishes
Wendy x

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012


Yes, me again with the same story for disappearing: I get too much angst that it’s hard for me to get my head clear enough to post (!).

I don’t know if I’ve posted since my op but the mastectomy and full node clearance went as well as could be expected. I was discharged the next day with paracetamol and ibuprofen. I had the drain in for 6 days and went back to have it removed.

I think it was Southpool and Campo who said the surgery was ready compared to chemo. Thank you for saying this. It did help me prepare myself

Since then, I’ve had the pain relief increased to something stronger as the numbness is going away.

I have a clearer head since I had my follow up with the surgeon this afternoon. The pathology results showed that the cancer was in 7 of the 18 nodes that they took and there were some cells in the breast outside the tumour.

So, while they took everything away. I couldn’t have “got away” with just a lumpectomy. Now I wont have any niggling thoughts about whether they surgical decision was too draconian.

They had already booked me to see the medical oncologist on Friday for my first radiotherapy discussion as well as the Tamoxifen briefing.

As I have some cording in the armpit, and a haematoma under the scar, they have now booked me in for physio and draining on Friday too!

My BCN also allayed my concerns about the lymphoedema risks. I think I had a lot building up in my head regarding the Dos/Don’ts for the future, and whether I’d ever use my right arm or travel long haul again, etc. etc. though I know things will get back to normal at some time it’s hard to imagine sometimes.

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Pixie all correct for me. Got your menu today - how exciting!!
Meeting up with Big M on Thursday so having a pre bunnyfeste run!!

Sarabee xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

I hope you all have a wonderful time at Bunnyfest, I wish I could have joined you all, but Im afraid I still dont feel up to the journey just yet, am still coughing for Britain with this bronchitis ! Maybe i will make the next one......
Best wishes, Wendy xx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi all

I am just leaving for the hospital to have my portacath removed. Can't wait. Its been horrible to have an aching jugular for nearly 8 months!

Pixie - you are right I am a single room for Sauturday night. I have sent you my address.

Mary xxxxxxxx
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Sending big hugs to all bunnies still having rads. I finished mine at the end of September, boob split ten days later, but now all fine. Southpool I know what you mean about the hospitals, full of ill people. Interesting to know the average age is 62, I am only half that now!

I read Cherie Blair's website about Pixie's bags and it made me cry. Pixie you are going to have to stop describing yourself as an ordinary woman, you will be caught under the trade descriptions act.

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Pixie, have pm'd you as I am only a day bunnyfester.
ticket office meeters -have sent my mobile to southpool -will try and do others now.

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Bunnies

I am posting whilst sitting waiting for rads which is running an hour late! I will ring up & check from tomorrow onwards! My bcn told me the average age for bc was 62 and it didn't properly register until I came here, it is like an old peoples home I must be the youngest by 20years. There is a lot of sympathetic head tilting going on as due to my short hair it is obvious I have had chemo!!!! Am chilling with my berry tea & the Internet so am keeping my positive head on.

Tomorrow I am going to a bcc session on managing menopausal symptoms so am working from home. I wonder if they will give me advice on managing my rads rage.

Pixie I am with your Mother & Auntie, Denise is a ringer & I certainly won't be voting for her. It is so not in the spirit of the show. I have checked my list of payees an d have Rachel down as a day only person. Hope that helps.

Sara Great idea to DM numbers I will do mine later tonight when I am released from the old folks home.

Bye for now.
Love & virtual hugs
S x

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Pixie - Correct for rooms for me and hubby.

Thank you.


Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Bunnies

Attention all Bunnyfesters!!!!

Please check the following and let me know asap if I have got it wrong as our final contract is very different from the initial one:

Libby - single room for Saturday night

Margietee - double room for Saturday night

Ambarose - single room for saturday night

Sara 12 - Single room for saturday night

Sarabee - Double room for saturday night

Sameelee - single room for Saturday night

Campo - Double room for Friday & Saturday night

Namar - Double room for friday & Saturday night

BigM - single room for Saturday night (need your address please pm me)

Southpool - single room for saturday night

Pixie - Double room for Friday & saturday night

GMT - day attendee only

Vanns - Day attendee only

RachelP - help!! One list says day only and other says saturday night single

Thank you Libby and Ambarose for Xmas sacks order - any other bunnies want them please let me know and I will bring them. Limited edition!! (well basically I have 300 reindeers after that I will have to substitute them, but the reindeers are gorgeous!)

Programmes going out this evening to those I have addresses for!

Other stuff:

Guess who has got a brand new infection??? Yup, me! Antibiotics course numero seven since April. Now have infection in me jaw and neck resulting from chemo making me teeth wobble. 15th November I am having them pinned and stabilised - now doesn't that sound a breeze?

Rads - no skin probs, discoloration, soreness... sailed through rads (well something had to go well for me didn't it?)

Mother and Auntie have written to Len Goodman in his capacity as head judge. They think that this series of Strictly has a ringer in it and should be disqualified. Last November mother and Auntie went on a theatre trip to london and one of the shows they saw was Chicago which had Denise Van Outen in it and she was dancing very fancy like a professional and so she has an unfair advantage . As a protest, mother and auntie aren't voting. One day they will get themselves sectionned!

Right, back to badge making - please let me know if I have the bunnyfeste booking wrong.

pixie xx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Afternoon all

Margie, I'm glad you've recovered from your censorship and have returned from the naughty step. I can't imagine that any words you used were really that offensive, but never mind.

I hadn't heard about rads sites going black either.... I'm getting nervous now as I'm starting rads tomorrow and no-one mentioned the possible skin effects at the planning session. The onc just said that there could be a 'bit of soreness'. It sounds very unpleasant so hope Sarabee and Wendy heal up soon.

As to check-ups - I was told that I would see the oncologist once more, when rads are finished. Won't be seeing my surgeon again unless I specifically request an appointment due to any concerns. Otherwise I will have an annual mammogram for 10 years, and some lymphoedema checks with the BCN over the next 18 months.

For those of us meeting at the International station on the 27th, are you happy to PM each other mobile numbers, so that if there's any problems with the trains etc we can let each other know rather than hanging about at the station wondering what's happening? I have to change trains at New Street and have visions of missing the connection. I think it's me, Southpool, Sameelee3 and Ambarose meeting at 11:30am outside the ticket office.

Sara x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Wendy - yes I have a black patch under my arm too!! Very sore and painful. Am told it will get worse over the two weeks AFTER the rads end then start to heal. Now using gel stuff on my sore boob too. Getting used to the pain though. Bit of a down day today so only a short message.

Hugs bunnies
Sarabee xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Margie, still coughing, but hopefully with the steroids and Amoxillian, will get better soon, Im coughing for Britain at the moment!, You mention the Palmar/planter syndrome, Ive got that too, and yes it makes my ankles tight, but wrists are ok. Feet keep going bright red though !
My latest moan Bunnies is my radiohterapy site, ITS GONE BLACK ! underarm all black, and chest area all little spotty black freckles that are beginning to join up !!!! I wasnt warned about this....... really weird, was expecting red, itchy, peeling, weeping as they warned it could go like that, but no one mention it going black !!! anyone else had this????
Sarabee, you got to wait 6 months? gosh I thought 3 months was too long without back up from Oncologist! I too see my surgeon in December.
Congratulations on your Cherie Blair write up, Pixie, I looked for it but couldnt find it, but will try again soon, as would like to read it !
Take care everyone, and hope you all feel better soon, with your new hormone pills etc.
Wendy xx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hello gorgeous bunnies.

thanks so much to everyone for all the supportive comments regarding my censorship. It is so reassuring to know others have also been censored. I don't feel half so bad about it Now. I've not heard back from bcc as to what they censored but I think I have worked it out for myself - at least I can see where one descriptive word has been deleted and a verb changed, this in a sentence describing the nurse who 'messed up' my veins. Interestingly the verb I used is derived from the word little chick said a few postings ago is allowed. The other was a common use noun that dog lovers will be familiar with (of the female variety)!!! Just goes to show how arbitrary some of this censorship is! Still, I've put it behind me now, thanks to all of you. Knuckles rapped. Bunny tail now between my legs!

pixie I am so impressed by you getting cherie Blair to write about you and the happy bags. Delighted to know that as the oldest bunny in the warren I have lost a year ... Bunnies ranging in age between 30 and 62 According to cherie's article. Iam a very young at heart 63 year old, although I often feel a lot older just at the moment. Mostly I reckon 60 is the new 40. Still with pixie, you have made me laugh with the pigeon story. And I am not surprised Aunty Mary is not happy with her replacement jigsaw. Who would want to have to redo an entire 1000 word jigsaw to find those two missing pieces. Hope she gets a nice new one in return, without tons of sky or tons of grass or tons of sea or any other sort of sameness. I've been wondering if the Mac 3 are still making their green bags and if they will be available to help you with production now you are going viral. You have done so brilliantly. Amazing you have well and truly topped the £4000 mark. Star.

mary, I was so sorry to hear you felt you had to wear the wig all the time on holiday in Cyprus, but not of us can help how we feel about our baldness. It is such a deeply personal thing. I have days when I know I have to cover up but most of the time now I am wearing one of a selection of caps that I have bought .... I was about to say where from, but expect it would be censored out! I hardly ever wear Minny (wig) these days, but sometimes she just has to come out to play because of how I feel.

elaine, I am pleased you have been reassured about the 6 months versus 12 for your trial.

wendy, hope the bronchitis is on the mend. You asked about follow up appointments .... I had my last onc appointment in mid September and if it wasn't for the fact that I have gone onto the REACT trial that would be it as far as apps with the onc team go. This was one of the reasons I was so pleased to go onto this clinical trial because it means I am seen by the onc team every three months for two years - otherwise, zilch. I have an appointment with the surgeon scheduled for march 8 and that would have meant a gap of 6 months between seeing anyone. I'm also intrigued to know what will happen after the march appointment, ie when I will be seen again after that. I've been told by one medic that the surgical team will see me every three months but but another medic that the surgeon will do annual reviews. As I said, thank goodness for the three monthly check ups that I get with the trial. I've been taking my trial drugs for three weeks, no side effects yet, at least not that I am aware of. How about you Gaynor? I know you are on the same trial.

as for SEs with the hormone therapy and choice of drug ... I am on anastrozole as I am positively post menopausal, and now I am back to having hot flushes and night sweats. What joy! I don't know if the joint probs I have - tightness in wrists and ankles mainly - is due to the AI or is more associated with the palmar plantar syndrome ... Anyone's guess.

well, oh has just come to reclaim his iPad so I will close now. Sorry not to have mentioned more people by name, but we all know how much we are all thinking of one another.

less than two weeks to go now to BF ... Events coordinator indeed .... Can't wait!

lots of love to everyone. Big hugs.


Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Evening bunnies

I have so many onc appontments me husband thinks i am having an affair with him! Think I get such special attention as I have kept them entertained for 6 months now with the perilous portacath. He sees me every 4 weeks as routine and in between times if needed.
I also suppose its becasue I am still on herceptin and endocrine therapy.
Bit concerend as have pea shaped lump appear just under my collar bone on opposite side to my cancer. When I went on Wednesday he felt along there and then booked me for MRI - telling me it was to assess nerve damage in my arm but now I am worrying about lump. It's difficult as it is where i have all scar tissue from portacath so don't know if its a nodule on my vein as ahve loads of them along jugular. Cancer messes with your head big time doesn't it?

Been chuckling as i read posts and the thought of you all practising with your ears to see if they were comfy.

Thank you Southpool for what you said about Tamoxifen, hope I do better on that, I can't be doing with being frail, like all of us, need to get back to a full life.

Physio has booked me onto a 10 week rehab course, sort of a very gentle stretching and gym class with physio supervision and a relaxation session to end with. Start last week in November so looking forward to that.

Today we went to the coast, about half an hour drive, was beautiful sunshine so had a lovely time with the dogs and took a picnic then came home and went into Happy Bag production. If any Bunnyfesters want Xmas sacks, can you let me know please then I will bring your order to Bunnyfeste and it will save postage. I will put a picture of one on my website tomorrow, they are really christmassy and will bring a lump to your throat.

Thank you for all address details. You will have an A5 envelope drop on your doormats this coming week!

Margie - get yourself back in this warren bunny or I shall come and tweak your whiskers!

Much love

Pixie xxx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Margie, nothing you or anyone else has said has offended me in any way. I got censored for swearing early on (d**n is out but bu**er is ok apparently). There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, it's not as if anyone has used the really bad ones! Anyway, don't take it personally and please come back to play with us. Xx

Im getting on ok with the tamoxifen. Muscle and joint stiffness and pain is slowly improving with twice weekly gym sessions. That sounds better than it is because I am using the machines on very low levels, but it's greatbthatbi can see an improvement every time I go. Have an invitation to a transition support group starting end of October for 7 weeks, so that will be two programmes I'm on. Still seeing the counsellor too. Am just grabbing all the help I can get to try to come to terms with what has happened this year.

I have a 6 week post chemo onc appointment on Wednesday. Not sure what happens then, but guess that'll be the last one for a while.

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi all, well have my ears, and got my present today, I hope its ok, I have been looking for ages . Anyway Margie I have never found you have said anything offensive, so dont worry you have probably mentioned a name of a Doctor or something. Wendy I too have an appointment in Jan13, this is when I will have my last Herceptin, not able to have anything else, but will be monitored for ten years as I am on the trial. Boob now has returned to normal and just a bit of red skin left. Results from the echo scan were good and onc said my heart was very strong which pleased me, at least something is working well. I am starting a course in November called the Hope course, its is run by Mcmillan for six weeks, its for women after they have finished treatment, and seems to cover everything, emotions, fear of reacurrance, work issues ect, has anyone else put their name down for it. I feel I need something else after my treatment as I still feel very emotional, I have always been quite stong, so its quite unusual for me. Anyhow love to ,not long now until we all meet up. Lots of love Elainexx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hello bunnies!

Pixie: well done on getting Cherie Blair interested. You'll go far bunny!!! And the jigsaw story... still laughing...

Southpool: hated having the rads done myself. Ended up having 23 days worth and it was such a hassle to go every day. But once it's done it's done and you'll be over the next hurdle. My boob is still bright red and I now have a black-ish patch under my arm like I've really been poked with a poker. Very sore but am putting aqueous cream on it. Was given some gel stuff and a load of dry dressings but don't want to go down that route unless I have to. Let's be honest, it's not as bad as chemo but I long to feel normal again!!!

Wendy: I too finished my rads this week and have been told by the onc that I am not back in her clinic for another 6 months. I'm due back to see the surgeon in December, so do feel like I've been cut adrift a bit. Interestingly, I had a chat with the onc as one of my current tablets is mentioned in the Tamoxifen leaflet as making it less effective. She said did I know why I was on Tamoxifen and not something else. I told her that I was given it at my last chemo and had been taking it as I assumed that they knew what they were doing. LOL!! Anyway, all sorted out and she's going to leave me on my current tablets and the Tamoxifen for 6 months when I should be through the menopause as apparently I'm not yet. Oh joy!!!

Looking forward to Bunnyfest enormously! Still waiting for my ears but will also be trying them out over my skinhead hair. Had a few thoughts about a present - am working on that as we speak!

Have a good evening and catch up with you later,
Sarabee xxx