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Starting chemo in April 2012

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Wendy,
To be perfectly honest there are many times I wish I hadn't bothered with a recon and just continued to use the prosthesis. The muscle from my back wasn't big enough to match my right boob. So they reduced my right one and left a bit of scar tissue which is basically a lump. It annoys me intensely and is incredibly itchy all the time. Then they took fat cells from my tummy (they call it lipomodelling but is basically a miniliposuction) and it hurt like hell. I refused to go back for more so one boob is smaller than the other after all that and I only have one nipple.
If it's what you want though, go for it but make sure you get all the info. I'm sure you'll make the right choice.
I'm not sure if I have another lump on my neck so will phone the bcn to ask to be seen sooner. Feeling a bit anxious to say the least.
Hugs to all
Christine xxx
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi BigM

So Sorry to hear you are down. Glad though that they managed to drain the offending lump it must feel a lot more comfortable. I am not sure how these things work but perhaps it might be worth talking to the bcn to find out why it was filled with blood as I am sure it could not of come from somewhere else - thinking blood blister here - you know when you trap your finger in a door for example. I trapped a finger in one of the metal security doors on our house and the finger swelled. Went to doctor emergency service and they put a small hole in the nail to release the blood which was causing the swelling, because of the bruising. Having a chat with the help line as Jo BCC has suggested will also help.

Otherwise we are all around you, holding your paws, stroking your ears and whiskers, soothing away all those worries & strains. The team have all the oils & potions for any type of massage you wish to ease away those pains. Your hammock is ready and waiting for you under the palm tree as the sun is lovely & warm today on your ears and whiskers. The punkawallahs are not required but they are there to gently rock you to sleep whilst you are listening to the sea waves lapping against the beach. Feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle sea air against your whiskers........... sleep well Bunny.

Hugs & Kisses

Hilary xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Morning Bunnies, going for a massage today at the Big C Centre, we are allowed to have 6 free and take a carer as well, so am taking a friend who took me up the hospital several times when I was having Rads. My daughter who did care for me is back at work (now in Barbados!) lucky her ! she works on a super yacht, so she gets about a bit. I can have a massage or reflexology, so not sure yet what to have.
My GP prescribed Naproxen for my aching hips, boy ! did I feel crap with them, I had terrible diahorea, the same as when I was on Tax ! then I felt a bit breathless, and then my neuropathy in feet started to go mental again and also all up my legs got those awful stabbing pains like when I was on Tax.
I took lower dose next day and still felt the same, so today, I am not taking them anymore ! stomach still a bit sore, so I think I will ride out today without anything except my normal Lyrica pill (which helps the hot red feet).
I felt like I was having side effects from chemo again !!! Feel better now without them !!!
Christine, I would prefer to have just the implant too but my plastic surgeon says I dont have enough skin, and the expander Ive got in to make skin is too high up, so thats her solution, but I am really having second thoughts the more I hear about having the back muscle jobby. Think I will have to have another chat with her.
Off now for massage! take care everyone, and hope things are getting better for droopy eared bunnies !
Wendy xx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Big M,

Sorry to hear you're feeling down today, if you want to talk to someone away from the family then our helpline team are only a free phone call away. Lines are open now until 5pm tonight, 0808 800 6000. They're here to support you through this.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Buns

Thanks for the interest in my quasimodo lump. I went to the breast surgery clinic yesterday. The lump had not gone down at all so I have been living with it for weeks. The surgeon agreed for the BC nurse to drain it and it turned out to be almost half a pint of trapped blood. It was never going to get absorbed naturally (which lymph fluid might have been) so I am really glad I insisted on being seen. It made me feel sick seeing such a large volume of blood coming out of me and today I am really down. As my sister said when I told her, that blood is part of me and must have belonged somewhere (other than in a disgusting lump of my back) so maybe I feel low because of losing it.

I am also worried about my son - he has dropped out of university because he could not handle it (he has had mental problems in the recent past ) and now he cannot find a job. I am terrified he is going to sink again into self-doubt and depression. It's such a strain.

Using the new "bunny down" message, I am going to retreat for a couple of days. I'll be ok, and I will fight hard to get positive again soon, but today is a bad day.

Lots of love

Mary xxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi everyone,
Hqve just ad GMT's post about a 2 month recovery time for the recon, and am panicking now as I have agreed to go back to work one month afteR mine which is next Tuesday!!! Will ring my BC nurse today, Ithink. Got back from London last night after a busy three days, but had a lovely time. Seemed to spend a lot of time eating out, so also need to lose a few pounds now. Have just looked in dairy ( diary) though, and realised I am also going for a meal this evening. Hey ho.
With regard to wellness, I too have good aNd bad days. On Saturday, the weather in London was so cold, wet and miserable, and I had eaten some dodgy food in a turkish restaurant. I felt very strange all afternoon, with very sore feet and aching bones. I really didn't want my son to see me being so pathetic, so walked too far. ( would have been a doddle this time last year) I was so angry about how crap I felt, that Ideliberately didn t take my Arimidex pill. ( I know.... What a rebel! )
But on Sunday, sun was shining and I had a lot more energy. Son is convinced ( as you are at only 20) that I can Help to control how I feel bY using mind over matter. If only it were that simple eh?
What else? My hair is also growing towards the middle aNd I am not keen on the wishy washy grey colour, but am not ready for the hairdresser yet. Too precious to cut any of the length off!
Vanns! Love the idea of you being played by Dawn French and i bet she would love to play a PE teacher! Don't forget this is a Richard Curtis film.
Not enough time now to post inidividual comments, but as always have enjoyed catching up with you all. Be back soon and warm thoughts to all, especially those of us feeling low or poorly.

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Everyone.
Have been busy this week and then flat for a few days. Just when you think you're getting back to your old self the tiredness comes up and thumps you in the face!
Gadgetgal - yes I am a fellow knitter! There are times when the needles are hardly out of my hands. I'm making a jersey for OH for Xmas but he thinks it's for my dad! I love the idea of pound coins in your softy. Not many people can say they carry a money chest around with them!
Little Chick - I've had peripheral neuropathy too and also that feeling of something crawling over my head! I keep feeling like slapping my head in case there is something there but people would think I'd lost the plot completely!
pepihorse - I had a recon 6 years ago. They used the muscle from my back to make my boob. Strange thing is that because all the nerves are still there, if OH touches my back I can feel it in my boob! Watched a programme on TV the other night. Woman was getting implants in and then nipple construction. Looking back I think I would have preferred that.
Vanns - I've been trying to contact MacMillan about benefits. What I found was that they do satellite sessions in the local hospitals. So I hope you find something that's not too far from you.
Margietee - hope you have agreat time in France. It sounds idyllic.
Campo - hope you get your strength back soon. I feel like that as well just now. Always tired. Always lying down for a nap.
pixie - you defo have got your Mojo back. I don't know how you keep going. You've done so well with the fun draising and you seem to come up with new ideas too.
I've lost a stone in weight thro chemo and I think the Exemestane has helped too as it seems to have reduced my appetite. I'm now fitting into size 10 trousers but still need a 12 - 14 for the top. Some shape I am! Am having night sweats so that fan has come in handy Campo.
March/April is ok for me except 26 - 27 April as will be in London.
Must rush. Dog going to vet for boosters.
Love to everyone.
Christine xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hey Bunnies!!!!

Frantic bunny here - but happily frantic. I am officially viral. No not a virus, viral. 158 orders in last 2 days...

Mary I am sorry to hear about your hump/lump/bump.... it sounds so painful and do hope you get some relief soon. Big hugs coming your way bunny.

Margie - have a wonderful holiday - sounds quite idyllic. Stamps arrived saturday - big thank you, it does help.

Am sorry so many bunnies are 'flat' - worried i may irritate you beyond belief as am so blooming wired all the time. There is a tremendous book called 'The cancer Survivors Companion' by Dr Frances Goodhart. It covers all the roller-coaster of the aftermath of active treatment. Can't say I have read it thoroughlly but it came highly recommended by one of the bcns. if the flatness continues, well just maybe a visit to the GP could help - short-term medication really can get us out of a dark spot.

Wendy - hope the telly gets sorted. I don't watch much telly but am completely hooked to all things Strictly and want to come to sally-Annes party!

And sally-Anne, your night out sounded so special - I am thrilled you felt and looked so well.

I am off to Toni and Guys on Wednesday, they do a special deal for post-chemo hair. And my hair is just bizarre. Come back my old colour, very dark but it is growing so thick and in odd directions - I seem to have developed 2 partings - one on each side and the hair grows to the centre. Tried blow-drying and straighteners but to no avail so shall see what can be done. Goddness, doesn't seem 2 minutes since we were all stressing about being bald and wigs and here I am on campo's tail and off to the hairdressers.

Well, idea of a screenplay.... I do hope the gruesome twosome can be in the periphery. I have often though about writing a series of sketches as I seem to have one of those 'funny lives' - or perhaps its just the way I view the world. Or perhaps a series of books - 'Two Old ladies" series. However, mother and Auntie would murder me as of course, they have no idea that they are funny. Quite like idea of Julie Walters playing me (would prefer helena Bonham-Carter - vanity, vanity..) Vanns, Dawn French is NOT you... not sure who is as am rubbish at actresses names but someone samll dark and SLIM.

Talking of slim... well okay tangential thinking... I am on a weight loss campaign. Seizing the amnesty off letrozole to try and shift the 2 stone i piled on during treatment, well chemo and rads. herceptin number 6 this week. None of my clothes fit and i am struggling to fasten size 14!!!! I was a 10 when I started all this malarky. So can't do much exercise as shoulder is buggered and leg joints achy (hercptin is really hard on the joints) so it has to be food intake..... lemon Drizzle cake out and rice milk smothies in. Oh joy. Anyone fancy being a slimming buddy with me? Couldn't bear going to a club - tried it and was full of women not like me. Vanns come and be me personal trainer!

I should have started the 10week phsiotherpay gym re-hab on Friday but they wouldn't let me as they said now they know what my shoulder is, its too volatile for exercises. made me feel like I have a time-bomb at the end of me arm! Have been referred for urgent surgery - hmmm, well they shall have to fit it round me holidays!

Have decided that 2013 is going to make up big time for this year..... So have booked up 5 fantastic holidays, places we have always wanted to visit, things we have wanted to do - going to sell our caravan (anybody want a gorgeous caravan?), the 4 wheel drive (anybody want a land Rover) and change down to a mid-size estate car (has to be estate becasue of all dogs). No more caravanning, I intend to be waited on hand and foot on holidays now - what we used to do until caravan and dogs turned up. They did really well in kennels when we were in new England so have no qualms about putting them in more regularly - does cost a bomb though when you have 4 of them.

Worried I am going to be away when we do the Blenheim walk - when is it?

As for March/April meet-up. No worries about my paws being trod on. More than happy to have someone else organise this one. Am still argy-bargying with Hilton as they whacked extra charges on my credit card the week after our last event.

Right, thats me done, better get back to Pixie bagging..

Much love



Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi everyone,
Would love to do the walk but as I don't have a date for my recon I will probably have to give it a miss. At my last plastic surgeon meeting, the nurse said if I go on the list in December, I'll hopefully have it end of Feb, March. As it can be a 2 month recovery time , I don't think I'll be up to it. Again would love to be part of another bunny meet up but will need to work around the next op.
My holiday has seemed to do me a lot of good but I'm feeling a bit anti social. Before my hols I felt I was doing too much and since I've been back I've kept a very low profile. This seems to be working for me but I don't want to upset friends who were so good to me when I needed taking out etc. I'm sure i'll get back into the swing of things but enjoying taking things slowly.
hope everyone is feeling a bit more upbeat but if not, a day at a time or sometimes an hour and try not to be too hard on yourselves.
lots of love,
Gaynor xx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi bunnies
OMG I'm absolutely loving the idea of FORUM the film or mini series. I'm turning backflips trying to work out who everyone would be. I think I would be played by dawn French as she is the same height as me but I'm not sure she would make a convincing p.e. teacher! ! And celia imry would have to be in there somewhere, perhaps Hilary in her spa as CI looked pretty cool in a kaftan in exotic hotel marigold. . God youcould have a ball with a script like that. All our different backgrounds yet all bound together by bc. Brilliant idea Lee.
Sara sorry to hear you are low. We are always thinking of you even if you don't feel able to join in. Remember you don't have to be positive to post here. Those of us that are up will do positive. Those of us feeling low or a bit worried or scared just need to let it out and be lifted by the rest of us ( and campo spa).
Southpool, I have stepped away from the triathlon but yet again I caught myself telling people about it the other day. I think I'm going to have to injure myself to stop me from signing up!
Big M sorry to hear about the lymphodema stuff. Sounds rough, hope you get sorted tomorrow.
Pixie, a definate withdrawal of mojo rights is necessary in this situ. Give it a week and a couple of cold showers and he will be back on the happy bag production line.
Love to all bunnies that I haven't mentioned
Love always
Vanns x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hello Bunnies.

Well, here I am at my house in France, sitting in front of a log fire with underfloor heating on and building up warmth, and it feels just great. We arrived this afternoon to find our 80+ year old next door neighbour clearing leaves etc from outside our house and you just know that in this sleepy little hamlet of just 6 houses nothing changes and all is well. The peace I feel as we drive up the lane to the hamlet is indescribable. Wonderful.

Pixie, huge congratulations on your magnificent total so far. Who would have ever believed the happy bags would be so successful .... Well actually all of our warren had faith from the beginning and knew your idea would take off like this. I keep looking at my special bunnies happy bag and thinking what a special person you are and how brilliant the warren is. Quite right to keep Mrs Mojo in reserve if OH is being a strop. Are you familiar with the story of Lysistrata? Sounds like a menopausal potion rather than a Greek drama!

I'm sending big doses of healing vibes to everyone feeling down right now. Southpool, yes I too have days when I simply feel flat. No other way to describe it. Generally I am a very upbeat bunny and take the positive side of warren whenever I can, but I have to admit there are times when I feel plain old FLAT and other times when I feel positively bleak. I used to imagine myself in my eighties, an active granny still. Now I find it very hard to project anything forward. oH and I talk about where we might be living, what we might be doing in the years to come and even just three years hence makes me start to wonder if I will still be here. Bleak, bleak thoughts. They shouldnt be allowed, but every so often they sneak their way in and play havoc with the psyche. But I won't dwell on it ....

i am so excited at the thought of our Blenheim walk. Really looking forward to it And Southpool, it is a good idea to get the booking in ASAP. Look forward to getting it confirmed And in the diary. I had planned, a few months ago, that I would do a Cancer Research race for life in spring 2012 but I now realise I am unlikely to be up to sufficient fitness by then, so a 10k walk with good bunny friends sounds just right. Vanns, you are nuts thinking about a triathlon! Actually, no you are not nuts at all Because i think it is great to set the bar high but I think maybe 2014 might be a better option - both for your triathlon and my race for life. As for a 26 k or m bike ride ..... It is all I can manage to do 5k on the exercise bike at the gym right now and I think I'm doing well at that. Anyway, 10k at Blenheim sounds perfect for may.

when I saw the rads onc last week, he said to reckon at let six months after active treatment ends before starting to feel anything like normal in terms of energy levels. Reassuring to know that - we really do need to give ourselves time. Also discussed anastrazole SEs with him. I've developed joint stiffness and he says it could either be the anastrazole or the taxotere still playing havoc. I asked about the differences between anastrazole and letrozole. He said there is very little difference in overall terms and that if they were to take me off anastrazole it would not be to transfer to letrozole as they are too similar. Exemestane would be the alternative as it has a difference mode of action. BUT, he said, it is far too soon to be considering changing from anastrazole as often the adverse effects such as stiffness in joints often passes after a few months.

i also discussed my tight veins with him and he said massage is the best course of action - gentle massage such that you can do for yourself while putting on body lotion or sitting watching tv. I reckon this could be a good occupation for the punkawallahs though. Campo, can you arrange suitable training for them and then book me in for a course?

sara12, my thumb nail eventually dropped off - top half of it - on Friday. I was so intrigued to see the thin new nail underneath.

as for a march/april get together, I would be happy to help with the practical side of organising - as long as it doesn't involve me doing any adding up (which accountant sunny southpool is very good at anyway) and as long as it doesn't tread on leader Pixie's paws (three toes in front, four in back!!!!)

Lee, love the idea of the screenplay. Any help I can give to the script is ready and available .... As long as we target Helen Mirren for my part!

So many more comments I want to make - to those feeling blue, to those with specific probs (big m be sure to let us know what happens with your fluid retention), to those making their way back into work whether full time or phased return, to everyone, lots of big bunny hugs. Love you all.

And thanks to everyone wishing my happy hols ....

MarGie xxxx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012


Thank you for putting me in the direction of the Spoon Theory. Tears in my eyes.

Hilary xxxxxxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Morning Bunnies,

Bloody grim outside today so I hunkered down listening to my favourite radio show & drinking my daily cup of Vietnamese coffee ( caffeine makes my flushes worse so restrict myself to one lovely cup a day!).

Well I think acupunture might be working, I have had a noticeable improvement in my energy levels and it maybe the end of treatment or it maybe the acupuncture but it is such an improvement I'm sure it is the latter. Worth a try bunnies.

Last week I worked 3 full on days & attended my first board meeting at the Womens Resource Centre I volunteer at and by Thursday I wasn't like a damp dishrag - an all time first!! Thursday night was our big girls night out, it was fabulous to get blinged up in my new dress & Dior make up. Went
into town for cocktails & a lovely meal at San Carlo which is the Liverpool
footballers restaurant of choice (Pepe Reina was sat in the next booth to
us after he had played in the European game). I felt absolutely fabulous &
got lots of compliments on my more adventurous look, as I said before
who would think one boob & short hair could be so liberating. My friend
thought my eyelashes were false - result! And despite the late night & two
cocktails I was perky on Friday which is unheard of.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the physciatrist tomorrow to discuss my risk reducing mx on my right side, as they won't do the operation without assessing the impact on my mental well being first. My bcn said if I need it I will be able to have some follow up sessions as well. Does anyone else keep getting flash backs to being given their diagnosis, both me & OH do and it is really horrible so I am hoping she maybe able to give me some techniques to help.

Campo, I am so jealous of you getting your hair blow-dried, a real milestone! Have you read the spoon theory it is a really good on that doing too much & then paying for it?

Thanks for the wave Sara12, sorry you are feeling so down, maybe as Campo said it maybe worth exploring some help. Good to see you back as well Little Chick and Christine.

MarGie have a fabulous break & enjoy all that fabulous French food.

Vanns step away from that triathlon, made me exhausted just thinking about it!!

Pixie that is wonderful news on the Happy Bags, but it must be such fiddler hard work assembling them all. My Xmas bags are brill & all my fav people will be getting them in their cards this year.

Lee I like the idea of the film script, everyone I tell about our fabulous group of bunnies is impressed.

Wendy I would be devastated having to watch Strictly on a tiny telly, I am a serious addict, have booked again the see the live tour in January and have my final night party already planned ( champagne & cupcakes with MIL and friends).

I will be sending out details for the Blenheim Palace 10mile walk shortly, so we can be sure of a place! Does anyone want to help organise the March/April meet up? I'm happy to do finances again as you all have my bank details!!!!

Sorry haven't mentioned everyone but my iPad doesn't scroll well & I still
have memory problems!

Love & virtual hugs to all
S x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hey bunnies

Just a very quick wave of paw to let you all know I love you all and i am okay - just completely run off my paws with the Happy Bag World. My total raised is now £6500! But incredibly full-on with all the various tasks involved (and OH not helping at all as he says I am driving myself into the bloody ground with it and he won't be part of it) Humpf! Methinks mrs Mojo is going to be taking a few days off too!!!!

Love to all those with droopy whiskers and also to those with perky ears...

Pixie xx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Spoke to GP yesterday about my aching hips, and she is sending me guesss where? to hospital for xrays, my Oncologist thinks its just arthritis brought on bt chemo, but my GP wants it confirmed by xray. Thought that was very efficient of her ! so now awaiting date, to go all the way back to the hospital again !! But I would like to have it confirmed, you never know anymore do you? Been given some anti-imlammatory pills to try (more pills???) oh well, tried them today and so far no difference, but wait and see, as they probably take a week or so to get in the system.
Been really tired these last few days, keep falling asleep in the early afternoons! mind you I only seem to be getting about 6 hours sleep at night, so maybe thats why.
GP has signed me off work for another 6 weeks ! so that s good news, I really dont feel enthusiastic about doing accounts anymore ! The challenge of getting it "right" doesnt appeal anymore at all, in fact all I feel capable of now is filing !!! lol! as I wouldnt have to think much at all !
I will see how I feel next year, when my savings have depleted, might have a bit more enthusiasm by then !
I am really peed off as my TV blew up yesterday, went "bang" so I changed the fuse and turned it on again and it went bang again and sort of sparked out the back, its on the wall, and when I checked there was a black mark on the magnolia paint behind TV !! so I think it must have burnt out somehow, so thats me TV for the bin!
Not sure how to get rid of a 42" blown up TV, wont fit in bin ! More problems ! Had to order a new one from Currys, and they cant deliver till Wednesday, so I am now left with a 14" portable that is so old I had to attach a digital box to it to get it to work as its analogue, luckily I had it still, as used to have it on old TV so I could get Freeview! anyway after working all that out, and searching under satirs for digibox, I was exhausted ! I had to put a little table by the sofa, so I can see it properly! eyes not too good these days ! Well now off to watch mini TV, specs at the ready !!!Have a lovely evening ladies, and think of me watching "Strictly " on mini TV !!!

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hello Bunnies

Sara12 Sorry to hear you are so down - Can you talk to your BCN or GP - is there a help group you can join please do not suffer on your own. As you know we are all here for you so you keep popping in and keeping up with us - we will whisk you along and make those ears and whiskers perk up again.

So many postings to catch up on so I am going give a roll call at the end so I don't miss anybody. For those on holiday have a wonderful time, for those not feeling so good pop over to the Spa for some specialised treatment and hope you will feel better soon. Those who have got their Mrs Mojo back (no names mentioned!) lucky you! I am trying to work out how to say to my GP how to get my Mrs Mojo back ie. ¿Cómo hago para que mi señora Mojo - being as Spain is a Catholic country he should not be too shocked - hopefully the cruise round the Caribbean should help.

All good this week apart from strength not being what it should be. Do other bunnies have what I call flat days! Seems to be, do so much one day and pay for it the next - getting fed up with this. Starting to think I am being lazy when I give in and sit to do the computer or knitting instead of attending to other things.

Samelee3 - The "forum" sounds like fun hope there is another budding writer out there to get it off the ground.

Sarabee12 - Very pleased to hear you are enjoying being back at work and the bosses are being understanding.

BigM - Sending you healing waves and hoping your lymphodema problem is sorted out on Monday. I want to learn more but I am scared to google but thanks for the info about the looking after the affected side ie. no burns, rashes etc.

Margietee - Have a wonderful holiday.

Pixie - Seriously thinking about buying some steroids to get me going again!

Vanns - Triathlon! Glad you had a word with yourself. Also very pleased that you are signed off until New Year give you time to build up your strength again.

Libby12 - Nice to hear you are cheerier - and quite right no negative thoughts. How was the hair colouring by the way?

Little Chick - Sorry to hear about the peripheal neuropathy - hoping it clears up soon. Congrats on losing the weight though!

Pepeihorse - My Mum in Law had a Prothesis and she found bras from M&S where you can pop it into a pocket in the cup so it stays in one place.

Southpool going to try the threading when I can find someone who does it.

Chirsp1e - goodluck with the knitting and it will be good to meet you when we all meet up again.

Gadget Gal - Hoping the physio can get things moving more quickly for you.

Namar82 - Dont't work too hard and how was the film?

Red letter day for me on Tuesday - had my hair trimmed - looks a bit smarter now instead of obviously different lengths of hair. Actually looks like a very short hairstyle now - nearly had melt down as hairdresser blow dryed it - nearly felt normal again.

Roll Call Bunnies so the Punkawallahs have you all covered - if you know what I mean (wink, wink). Pestering Pixie, Chrisp1e, Little Chick, Southpool, BigM, Vanns, Sara12, Libby12, Sameelee3, Teabelly, Namar82, Sarabee2012, Peipihorse, Ambarose, Rachel1P, Margietee, GMT, Kitty Queen, Hyzenthlay, Gadget Gal & Spacehopper.

I am also definitely up for April whatever is arranged - only date I would like to avoid is 11 April (wedding anniversary) and as we missed our 20th wedding anniversary's this year due to you know what I would like to try & celebrate next year but if does clash I will just have to wait until the next meet.

Big hugs & kisses to all Bunnies


Hilary xxxxxxxxxxxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Just popping in to say thanks for the wave, Southpool. I'm OK but feeling really down and don't want to whinge on about it. All I can say is that if this is the 'new normal' then I'm not dealing with it very well.

Will come in to catch up on all the news, but please forgive me if I don't post much.

Sara x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Everyone,
Have not posted for a while, and have been busy... not sure what with, but I dont seem to have had much time at all this week. Am up at this unearthly hour because I took my meds too late and now have chronic indigestion.. That will teach me! great to hear everyone's news, but my thoughts are with everyone going through bad stuff at the moment. Big M, yours sounds horrible- good to hear that you will be seen earlier, and Little Chick, sorry that you have the balance issues... Wendy too, I hope you feel better soon..... and everyone else.....
To update you on where I am now- my rash was in fact a skin infection. When I finally got round to a GP appointment, he put me on antibiotics and really strong steroid cream, so I have the old steroid red flush all over my chest again. I walked past the oncology centre today and it felt very strange to think about all the chemo again. The Arimidex continues to suck the life blood from my tissues, so will be wizened and shrunken by the time I see you all again. (Am also up for a Spring meeting!) I feel like the Cardboard Woman ( a title for my book?) in the mornings and by lunchtime am Lego Lady- the joints move, but not of their own accord! Have also decided to use moisturising wipes instead of hot showers so often. Not liking the crispy skin at all. More than a bit concerned that this is all after only 3 months of taking the damned stuff!
Vanns- I think I will be going back to school in January, Help! The person who had agreed to cover my lessons has pulled out, and as my operation is on 4th December, in theory I should be fit enough to work. I've agreed to do a phased return, just GCSE classes, although I will have to organise the practical exams and we might be Oftsteded. Not sure whether I have done the right thing, and feel a bit panicky about going back, but suggested it in a moment of madness. I think you are being sensible. For now!
Going up to London to see my son this weekend-meeting up with family for lunch on Saturday and come home on Monday. HAvent seen him for a while, so it will be good to give him a hug! Sarabee, I too am doing the student thing and sleeping for one night on his floor. Might suggest that he has the floor, actually. Margie, have a lovely break, and Pixie, send me some of whatever you are taking! Sarah, I hope you have had a good week- enjoyed meeting up last Friday, but hope you are on your way up.
Hilary, keep those hot coals going in the sauna please, and I could really do with a gentle shoulder massage. Have been sitting here for half an hour now and indigestion still not going. Maybe i am having a heart attack. HAd an idea for a screenplay that i thought I would share- the film is to be directed by Richard Curtis, because it will make a shedload of cash for us and for Cancer Research. It will be called 'FORUM" and we are all in it. Think Calendar Girls but without any carefully arranged fruit to hide breasts, ( who needs it?) and of course Julie Walters will play Pixie. You can cast your own characters if you so wish. Any offers to co-write with me?
I leave you with that thought and a lump in my oesophagus.
Much love to all,

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hello Bunnies!!
Just popping into say hello and wish MarGie a good relaxing break.

Big M - sorry to hear you've got more surgery ahead. If you need a helping paw or even just a friendly face let me know.

Talking about shaving I haven't had any guidance about what to do or not do. As the hair had come back in my arm pits had to take the plunge and just used a Venus shaver with no water or soap and ran the shaver in the direction of the growth. Came off very easily with no mishaps. Another milestone reached Lol!

Work is going well which has been a big surprise. You all know I was nervous but obviously Hilary's spa course worked on my bosses and they are being very different to previously. My stress levels are right down and I'm actually enjoying working my brain again. It won't be like before but so far so good.

Finally would definitely be up for a meet up in March or April. Would be good to see how far we've come since Pixie started the thread!!! Am off this weekend to spend some time with my daughter at university in Reading. Can't wait to see her and do the whole student thing lol! Wish me luck!!!

hugs everyone
Sarabee xxx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi All
Gadget-Gal is right - lymph node removal is what creates the concern about hair removal because the risk of lymphodema is so high. I am dealing with the early threats of it with this huge sac of lymphatic fluid that has been on my back now for 2 or 3 weeks so I am reading up on all the issues. Waxing is out too, and depilatory creams have to be skin tested in case they cause rashes. If there is any cut, burn, rash, infection on the surgery side when you have had cancerous lymph nodes, you will get a dangerous build-up of fluid because the body creates more lymphatic fluid to deal with the problem, and it has nowhere to go. It's such a pain. I saw the oncologist last Friday and she was alarmed at the Quasimodo lump and got me accelerated into a breast surgery clinic this MOnday. Accelerated means 10 days of suffering as opposed to the 30 if I had tried to get an appointment for myself. Sorry to sound negative but it is affecting my life.

Margie - I am so delighted that you have been discharged. You are so supportive of everyone in the warren it really pleases me that you ahve some good news.

Vanns - OMG!! 26 kilometers (or was it miles) on a bike!! A gentle stroll will join in with but not that far on a bike!!

Ambarose - belated comment on one of your posts - I have been officially (clinically?) depressed in the past and tried to avoid taking pills for some time because of the stigma of it all. Eventually, when I had a sleepless night over the stress of a 9 year old's birthday party (after the party itself by the way - I was in pieces about what the other mothes thought of me and how well I had entertained their children. At the same time I was agitated anbout world hunger and total lack of self confidence about what to wear ) I decided I had to seek help. My GP was fantastic and explained how common my problem was and how easy it is to treat. I took anti-depressents for 6 months and they broke the cycle of negativity. I did not get addicted and I never looked back. It was just amazing how you can see a situation in a half full or half empty way and how the medication helped. We are very open with each other in the forum and I still feel a bit uncomfortable about mental illness but I am telling you in the hope that it helps you too to break that cycle.

Went to Look Good Feel Better this week - it was simply FAB. Thanks to whoever told me about it - it was definitely a bunny.

Working all the time now so posts will be scarce. I love the "bunny down" idea - genius

M xxxx
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Have a good break, Margie 🙂
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Vanns, I think the hair removal issue depends in whether you've had lymph nodes removed.

If so, the official stuff says we have to by wary of shaving and waxing due to she risk of cut or skin irritation. Epilators or depilatory creams are supposed to be better.

Personally, depilatory creams can sometimes give me a reaction and I never had a problem with waxing. I'm wondering iwagering a seneitive wax done by my regular person would be better for me

If you didn't have any nodes out, I don't think there'd be an issue, unless the scar is near your armpit(??) can anyone verify??
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Have a nice time marGie

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

In haste, but wanted to let you know I had my first official discharge from the hospital yesterday!!! I saw the rads onc and he was pleased with everything and said he had no need to see me again so was discharging me. It is just a small step on the way but it feels good!

Off to our house in France tomorrow for two weeks - will def be posting while I'm away but if I don't for a little while it will just be because I'm switched off and relaxing. I can't do without my bunny friends though so I will be checking in every day to see what you're saying no matter what.

Lots of love to you all. Sorry no personalised messages today - you are all brilliant, wonderful and amazing.

MarGie xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hmmm.... chemo cards....

My mother and auntie are the sprightliest 83 year olds ever. Honestly, they can walk for miles.... however, when the occasion calls for it (i.e. they are after something) they can turn the old lady act on at will. They start dragging a leg and doing the hand tremble and mother pretends she is deaf!

Let me give you an example... when they go on their holdiays, they always like to have the front left hand seat of the coach so they get to see more. Now everybody always wants this seat and it gets allocated quickly. But they turn up, dragging their respective left legs, doing the hand tremble, stumble up the steps a bit and what do you know, they get the front seat and prime position for the illuminations tour.
They do it all the time.... in a busy cafe they will tell the wiatress about me aunties diabetes and she neds to have food quickly or she will go into a coma- so they jump the queue. Well yes she is diabetic, type B and controlled with the lowest dose of tablet!

They ar incorrigible and if I challenge them get told they worked all their lives, paid into the system all their lives and its not their fault they aren't infirm.... (think there's some rational in there somewehere) so they see it as their due.

So those of you standing on trains, in pharmacies being treated like anybody else... keep a headscarf in your bag, rub a spot of concealer into your lips, do a stumble and then pathetically stare at someone wh is sitting down!

Vanns I am on St Eroids so wired to the national grid permanently - which is just as well at the moment as work falling outa me ears... happy/Xmas bags orders pouring in and spending every evening keeping up with them.

Hair removal.... my hair is now like a lambs fleece! Really thick and springy and growing in all sorts of odd directions, it fascinates me. Shaving my legs and underarms with one of those Gillette lady razors that has the mosturiser block on them..as i did before and no effects.

I am now 8 weeks without any hormone tablets and still having hot flushes, especially at night so can only think it due to the fact that chemo pushed me headlong into the menopause and the cessation of HRT. Its most unpleasant though. yesterday i was teaching and had a hot flush and just wanted to run outsode into the rain and take me clothes off - not the most professional of behaviours!!

have a gentle and cuddly day bunnies

much love


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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi bunnies,
Good to see lots of posts and to hear that most people are struggling with basically the same stuff. I work on the basis that whatever SE I have, it's not a problem if some other bunnies have it too. It's when something weird or unusual happens we are allowed to worry ( but definitely not to google)
Littlechick i too have neuropathy and my ONC has put me on pyroxidine which technically is vitamin b6. I haven't been taking it long but I think it's helping. My GP gave me some rubbish cream which just bought me out in a rash. I think the idea of that was to give me something more painful than my feet so I shut up whingeing about it. I think my GP hates me now as she didn't see me for the whole of chemo but she has seen me about 4 times since I finished. She has also extended my sick leave until after xmas which I'm really relieved about as I don't feel ready to start being a PE teacher again yet. She phoned me about a prescription the other day and I discussed the counselling that the ONC suggested to help me deal with 'unhelpful thoughts'. GP said the only service they have called 'healthy minds' she would not recommend at all? She basically said it would take 8 weeks to get an appointment and even then I would find it disappointing! I suggested that I might call Macmillan to see if I could get on a course similar to the one Elaine is doing and she agreed that the charities are far more specialised and better set up to offer the help we need.
Pix, I'm up for a meet up or the 10k or both. I quite fancy the 26 mile bike ride that is being held at Blenheim in aid of BCC in August too. I nearly signed up to do a triathlon aswell the other day until I had a sharp word with myself to remind me I struggle to walk the dog round the park, let alone swim in open water followed by bike and run. All bunnies have permission to have amassive go at me if I continue to consider all this flipping sponsored stuff ( unless it's a pub crawl or something worthwhile like eat as many scotch eggs as you can in a minute etc) somebody please stop me.
MarGie, as you and other bunnies know I have personal experience of the lady shave after OH cut my hair off with it all those months ago. What I perhaps failed to mention at the time ( didn'tknow you all so well then) was she actually came at me with the epilator attachment on. She blamed not having her glasses on (as always) but I'm not sure. Anyway I spotted it in time so the pain of epilating ones head was fortunately avoided. I see the epilator as some sort of instrument of torture.
Does anyone know what the situ is with hair removal after chemo/surgery. I was just going to go back to shaving or waxing but is that a problem? Oh no maybe it's the epilator for me !!!!!
Southpool I miss the chemo card (not the chemo though) too. I was waiting in the pharmacy the other day where I normally get the chair but someone else had it and wasn't going to give it up to me who clearly looked like a mad looking woman a cross between an Eco warrior and someone who was responsible for burning bras at Greenham.
God I feel like I'm on St Eroids tonight !!
Love and hugs to all

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi all good to read the posts. Pixie thank you for your lovely post , and yes you are right I am a Bunny and I am not going to listen to anything negative anymore, and I will surround myself with positive people like yourself (and other bunnies) so onwards and upwards. I have been referred for acupuncture next week for my neck and shoulders, so will see if makes a dfference, I am in quite a bit of pain , so I hope it helps. Course is going well, last week we all had to say a bit about ourselves and our different cancers, it was very emotional , but also some of the stories were funny, they were fascinated by our Bunny club, we are so lucky to have the support of each other.Some people have been through it alone. Little Chick sorry to hear about your neuropathy, I the doctors can help you in some way. Southpool look forward to seeing you next week, will send you a message to arrange time and place.
Meet up in April sounds good and something to look forward to, we won't recognize each other with hair. Anyhow thank you for your support , check in tomorrow . Take care Elainexxx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Wendy, thanks for that. I was thinking there was nothing they could do for me, but will be seeing gp some time next week and will ask. I have a silicon prosthesis and it's much better than the softie. Really realistic feeling, I forget I only have one breast with my clothes on and it doesn't move about. X

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Thanks I will try that tip ! fed up with wondering where it is ! xx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Wendy, quick tip for weighing down a softy: put a couple of pound coins in the sleeve. A tip from my BCN- It does work!

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi littlechick, I have peripheal neuropathy too, but it has got so much better since having Lyrica pills, took a while for them to work, but now my feet and hands just feel a bit numb, with occasional pins and needles when I walk too far, but it is so much better now, but I do have really bad painful hips, which Onc says is arthritis, so nothing but painkillers for them !
Gadget girl, dont think they can do much for tight scarline as had rads so skin wont stretch very well, got to wait and see what they decide to do next year, when they do the recon i suppose. They are going to get me a proper prothesis until I get appointment, been using those "softies" but they have a mind of their own and I look down and find its about 2-3" higher than the real one opposite! so going to get a silicone one now, see if that stays in right place !
Southpool, dont know what type of recon I would be happy with really, I would like just an implant, but cant have that as no skin left to poke it under, so got to have some from my back is about my only option (except from tummy and dont fancy that)
Well, ladies, have a good day, weather here is dull and rainy, maybe I should go back to work now as getting bored at home, had 3 months off now, so suppose I had better make the effort !
Take Care,
Wendy x

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hello fellow bunnies! Just popping in to say hello. Getting on well at the gym mostly, finding the transition group (sort of group therapy) a bot of a struggle though. Other ladies mostly seem very down and I really need more positive people like us lot! Hair has finally started to grow back, and eyebrows have sprouted, but my eyelashes are still falling out. Don't have any on the bottom boo hop - on the plus side, bought myself the new Estee Lauder blockbuster set, opened it and have had a go with everything for once instead of waiting until I'd run out of something. I started wondering what I was waiting for, lol! No more delayed gratification for me 🙂

Ok, here goes, chemo has left me with peripheral neuropathy. I've been hoping it would go away, but it hasn't and it looks like it may be permanent. Not too bad in that I have some feeling in my feet, but balance and coordination is shot which makes walking outdoors difficult without someone to hang onto, although I can go pretty well on the treadmill in the gym where ou can hold onto the railings. Pain in legs is pretty constant, muscles stiff except straight after gym. Worst thing is not being very good with scissors when I'm used to having very fine control (my hobby is papercrafting). Onc said it wold be affecting sensory nerves rather than motor ones, but the effect seems similar. I stumble a lot, drop things and have lost confidence. Been delaying telling you all, but thought I should in case anyonehels has similar symptoms. At least it helps putting a name to it, at first I was beginning to think it was MS or something. Oh, the other weird thing, don't know if it's related but I guess it is, a sense of constant pressure on my left temple and occasional horrid feelings of insects crawlinglover my head.

Thats my moaning done. Otherwise, life is starting to seem a bit more normal. Have started working again (we work from home and hubby was trying to do it all single-handed). Have managed to lose a stone being really careful what I eat. That's the stone I put on over chemo, so am well chuffed about that, especially with the tamoxifen. Oh, and hot flushes with a vengeance!

Have been keeping up with all the posts and am thinking about you all! Especially you vanns, don't scare us like that 🙂 hope your infection is improving. Maddy x

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Evening Bunnies

Pixie I love the budgie story & now have a vivid image of a hopping budgie in my head. My Xmas sacks have arrived and they are great, well done on exceeding £5000, that is an amazing achievement. I'd be up for a meeting in March/April as well as the Blenheim walk.

Nat threading is worth a try, made my eyes water a bit but so far seems very effective and the furry face was freaking me out. Have located some sage tea but it tastes vile so will now look out for the capsules. The jury is out on whether it helps or not yet, so far Hilarys fan is still getting it's daily outing on the train!

Gadget Gal, I started tamoxifen 3 weeks after finishing chemo & therefore took it all through rads. My onc was keen that I took it as soon as possible as it is supposed to be very effective.

Libby I hope Pixies wise words have helpedcallay some of your fears & the course is helping. Looking forward to our meet up next week.

Wendy your expander sounds a bit of a nightmare, don't let yourself be persuaded to have surgery you are not happy with & ask to see some examples of the type of reconstruction they are proposing.

Good to see lots of bunnies back, but haven't seen Sara12 for a while. Wave a paw bunny & let us know you are ok.

I am feeling better every day & managed a night out with OH work on Saturday night, so the VW got her first outing and was much admired.
Yesterday night the train home was rammed & I had to stand despite
taking my hat off, the chemo card has obviously now expired & my hair
looks normal. Shame I had to stand, but it was also good not to have
sympathy, but part of me will miss being able to play the chemo card.

Hopping off now as I am up at 6am in the morning.

Love & virtual hugs
S x

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

chrisp1e, hey, a fellow knitter!
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Pixie - thanks for my bags and card which I received on Saturday. I want to say something like it's been a pleasure to go through this journey, but that's not really what I mean!But I think all of us have received so much support from this thread.
Campo - thanks for my fan! I was in my hammock yesterday when I was having my reflexology!
I'd be up for meeting in March/April. I wouldn't be able to do the walk but I'll go with whatever the majority decide.
Have had a quick look at the posts but can't take them all in or remember them. So regards to everyone, especially those who are feeling down or afraid. Great news on being a stable mabel pixie.
I'm attached to my knitting just now to get things done for Xmas.

Christine xx
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi Nat, threading ( assuming you haven't had it done before) isn't too painful and it's very cheap and effective for hair removal.
Pepihorse: sorry to hear about the expander troubles. Can they do or recommend anything for the tight skin? You'd like tho think they'd try something(!)
I'm v. pleased for everyone who's getting their lives back to "normal" (for want of a better word).
I arrived at today's physio session (for my cording) limping because of my back pain from chemo. The physio was so concerned she spent a little bit of time looking at my back and giving me some exercises. I explained that my local phyisio dept say they won't see me quickly because my referral wasn't urgent! They do have my medical history
So my GP has to refer me all over again as "urgent!" before they'll do anything
Anyway, so my hospital physio might bee able to do something at her end and my BCN already made me a referral for complementary therapy. We'll see kf they can come through quicker than the physio dept.
As I'm typing this, I'm waiting for my first radiotherapy appointment. They should be first thing in the morning after this one. As that was the time I chose.
Im thinking about trying pure shea butter to to keep the skin supple as as a natural protector. By pure, I mean the stuff that come in a big lump, straight off the plant.
Quick question: did anyone take tamoxifen during radiotherapy? My onc wanted me to start quickly, something to so with my last period in July. So I'm taking it now.
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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Morning buns

Just thought I'd check in quickly......

I am so glad to hear that I am not the only bunny suffering with a fluffy face. I spotted my fluff in the mirror about a week ago, I went into melt down mode, I was turning into a man. I asked the onc about it and he said it was a SE of tamoxifen and it wouldn't be a problem as I could just go to one of those places women go to for that sort of thing. You can so tell he is a man, lol. I must give the threading a go, but must admit that it has scared me slightly up until now.

I had last Rads last Wednesday and all went well. My skin is still looking good apart from a bit of peeling under my arm. I am back to work today but just doing part time hours and then in the new year will return to full time. I can't say that I am particularly over the moon about this as quite frankly I am too used to being off, lol.

Jill, I am so glad to hear that you have got some contract work and congrats on the clear bone scan.

Pixie, hope xrays go well on shoulder and thank you for the budgie story, it made me giggle. Well done on Christmas Happy Bags and please let me know if you need a helping hand. Your mattress sounds wonderful btw. I am happy for a March/April bunnyfest and the Blenheim walk but think I will be a 10km walker as well. The only thing re March/April is that both mine and my OH's birthdays fall in each month. We will be having a joint belated 30th party as we didn't really get the chance to celebrate this year, we still need to arrange which we will do in the new year. I am hoping that all bunnies will be able to join us if you can.

Hilary, hope you have a happier dog now, and glad your chest infection is much better. My sweats seem to be subsiding, couldn't get sage tea so got sage capsules, only time will tell.

Must get off now, need to get ready for work, busy afternoon awaits as I have a finance meeting when I get in. I just hope it doesn't run late as I am off to see the new Twilight film tonight.

Love to you all

Nat xxxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

PPPS In answer to Pixie's question, i am definitely up for the Blenheim palace walk on may 11th (10k) and will go with the majority vote as to whether we also meet in march/April ... MarGiexx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

PPS - well, it was short by my usual standards!!! Xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Pepihorse, that all sounds awful. Hope you get sorted outsoon. It is all a new and unknown world to me, this business of expanders. I don't really understand how they work. I'm very thankful that I just had a golf ball size lumpectomy and that I don't need any sort of reconstruction. My heart goes out to those of you who do need it Or have gone through it.

Pixie, as always you have brought laughter into my day. Thank you to you, mother and auntie maryI'm pleased mrs mojo is back with a vengeance Too. Pperhaps you should let some of us other bunnies have some of your magic potion, or was it all down to the new mattress? Huge congrats on topping £5000 for cancer research. It is brilliant. Hope the bags arrive from china. I was about to place an order for 20 Christmas sacks. If I do this, any idea when you would be able to fulfil the order? Let me know and I'll decide what to do. If ever you are up in notts visiting your son, you must let me know as we could perhaps meet up. Oh, and I'm looking out for my cotton tail.

All the talk about threading and other tortures sounds horrific to me. I've never been a particularly hairy person so have never had to resort to such medieval sounding measures as waxing etc. just a quick whip over with a wet razoa lover the legs and underarms has always been enough, but I really don't know want to do that under try at risk armpit. I've bought a lady's have but it is fairly ineffective. Has anyone any experience of epilators that they can give me tips as to whether they are any good and which type works best? Vanns, I'm still chuckling at the 'only straight bit of you' ... Very witty, lovely bunny!

i need to keep this post fairly short. Things to do today. will try and post again tomorrow. Suffice to say for now, I'm thinking of you all and sending love and good thoughts.

love, marGie xxxx

PS just read this throug before sending ... I had already changed some of OH's iPad's funny-isms but have left a few because they make for entertaining reading. Pepihorse , incidentally, came up as pep ignores, but I don't think pep does ignore so I definitely changed that one! Xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Well, had appointment for expander top up today, I went before chemo had 1 fill of 75 ml and then they couldnt get any more in, so its been left till after chemo and rads, well, today they managed to get 20mls in only then stopped as is went very tight, also bulge went upwards!! so now have even higher bulge ! They have decided not to do anymore as it will only go higher and end up under my chin!! so now awaiting an appointment for a proper prothesis instead of these softie things.
They are now going to attempt an LD flap next year with another expander in, dont like the sound of that, but as my scar line is so tight (they had to take all boob skin away as well) it makes it difficult, as rads make the skin not so stretchy. So I am now on the waiting list for this to be done early next year apparently. I asked if it was possible to have just an implant, but apparently not, as skin too tight, so I cant even imagine what I am going to end up with. Sounds like a lot of operations if Im to have another implant expander again.
I am beginning to wish I had no expander put in to start with, and left it with just 1 boob and a prothesis, but its too late now...... why is nothing simple with BC ?

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Thank you bunnies for your support. Just read all posts and so nice to hear good news from those we were worried about.
Love Sarah

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Evening bunnies

Libby - Herceptin is like a chastity belt.... the invaders can't penetrate.

How do I know? Well I am 8/8 ER +. My onc took me off hormone therapy 6 weeks ago as I wasn't doing at all well on it. He said he would give me a 4 week break and then review me. i saw him again on wednesday and i said i was worried about not being on hormone therapy when my cancer is about as oestrogen receptive as you can get. he said don't worry. HER2+ dominates qestrogen receptors and Herceptin is the best systemic therapy ther is. he isn't going to sart me on hormone stuff until finishing herceptin. So whatever this lady said is her projecting her negative fears onto you. you are a bunny - with ears and hair and a herceptin chastity belt. xx

Okay, all this talk off angora fluff... methinks we have wished it on ourselves all this talk off whiiskers, we are now growing them! I started to as well but since coming off the hormones noticing I am much less 'fluffy'. I sugest we all keep checking our rear ends in case of sprouting cotton tails!

Hilary your post was lovely, you are so good at including us all. Thank you for being you.

Had a lovely day today. My youngest son who lives in Nottinghamshire came down and we went for Sunday lunch to a nice pub. I haven't seen him for 3 months and it was just so lovely. He is 20 and gorgeous. he works for Rolls Royce in Derby which is why he lives there and not here. We speak several times a week bt its not like getting a proper hug is it?

I am well - really well. Mrs Mojo has moved in permanently and is making up for lost months, I am working full pelt, happy bagging and generally buzzing around like my pre-cancer days. This is amazing as 6 weeks ago i felt dreadful.. so it must have been the Letrozole as now that is out of my system, I feel great. Don't seem to get any S'E's at all with the Herceptin. This week I have to go for more x-rays and to see what they are going to do about my dislocating shoulder. Don't suppose i am going to be able to ski in February but shall still be able to snow shoe and throw snowballs!
Pixies Christmas Sacks... oh my, I have done 200 in my first week and have run out of bags. I order from China to keep my costs down and am praying there is a tail wind behind that slow boat and my order of 500 gets here quick! Am way past the £5000 mark now and think I will pass £6000 by end of year. this week got a nice letter, a signed photo and a tweet from lorraine Kelly and this week Cherie Blair is putting the Xmas sacks on her website.

Bunnyfeste - I am aware I haven't sent out the photos as yet. Please bear with me, i am doing something with them i hope all you bunnyfesters will love... and they will be landing on your doormats in December!!

Speaking of Bunnyfeste - shall we go for a March/April date or hang on for the Blenheim bunny walk ( 10km only for herceptin hattie here)

Auntie Mary has gone and bought a budgie, When I was a little girl, she and my Uncle Jack always had a budgie but she hasn't had one for about 10 years. Anyway she says she has nobody to talk to where she lives so has bought a budgie as it will be company and the cage was in the loft doing nothing. Mother doesn't approve as she is convinced it will have a contagious disease that Auntie will catch. Auntie has had her flu jab so says she can't catch bird flu and as she hasn't got feathers, she won't catch feather rot. She has called it Ernie as it has a look of Eric Morecombe but you can't call a budgie Eric..... budgies have to have a name ending in a 'y' sound and can I remember their Billy, Joey, Bobby, Sammy and Freddy? I have to ask, I just had to, how does a budgie look like Eric Morecombe (imagining budgie in glasses, flat cap and raincoat) she tells me he keeps lifting one wing and standing on one leg just like Eric and Ernie used to do when they sang 'Give me sunshine'. No doubt Ernie is learning the lyrics as I type....

Much love

Pixie xxx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi all just catching up on all the posts. Thank you Campo for yours I found it very uplifting, the last few days I have been feeling very down, Keep expecting something else bad is going to happen to me , sorry to be such a misery but thats just the way I have been feeling. It all started at the hospital when I went for my Herceptin, a lady was talking to me that her cancer which was stage 3 grade 3 like mine, had a high chance of coming back within the next two years, it really upset me and now Its kind of stuck in my mind. I know its stupid and I am sorry to sound so miserable especially as everyone seems to be getting on so well, maybe I will chat about this at the Hope course next week with one of the advisors. Margie the Hope course is ran by Mcmillan just type it in to google and it will bring it up. Anyway sorry once again for sounding so miserable, just off to get a takeaway with my daughter,love to everyone Elaine xxxx


Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

On the hairy face front, haven't had it done yet but local beauty place suggested hot waxing, rather than strip wax. I might give the threading a go though. Southpool, I used a good eyebrow powder to fill in gaps, Too Faced, from larger branches of Boots. Comes in a really nice box.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Gaynor xx
Ps Vanns, hope the infection settles down, good to hear from you.

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Hi all,
Just a quick one. On the eyebrow front I have one. Yes one! It's just typical of me to be different. I'm not panicking just yet but it would be just typical for me to get stuck like this. I'm great ful at the moment that I wear glasses as it helps to disguise the problem a bit.
Sorry if I worried you all and Hills I think the bunny down idea is great except I didn't look at our thread at all for a week as I was angry and worried that this bloody cancer lark was taking over my life - again. I'm still not convinced that my boob pain is an infection but we shall see.
I think by the sounds of it I need to get a beauty consultant for what can only be described as the fur that is growing on my face. It's just one extreme to the other.
Southpool my lady garden is back with a vengeance but it's straight ( the only bit of me that is) which looks very weird.
Once again bunnies sorry for my AWOL, but thanks too for caring enough to worry

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Good news about all the positive results recently and hugs to those waiting for test results etc. Sarah & Big M, look out for DMs!
Jill - I expect you still have lovely cheekbones! Well done on getting some contract work and for looking after toddler. Don't blame you for a pj day - am having one of those myself today. Work has been busy this week and I also went grocery shopping yesterday as well as walking the dogs. Think I overdid it slightly, but wanted to try and see how far I could push myself.
Southpool - I too have a slightly downy face now as my sideburns (not a la Bradley Wiggins) are coming back. It's part of the SEs from Tamoxifan. TBH, not too worried about it at this stage but will chat to my beauty consultant when I go and have my eyebrows done again in a couple of weeks!
Hilary - Glad the chest infection is okay and am sure flirty dog will be more like herself in a couple of days. Thanks for the update on the Spa - still my favourite place to go when I'm feeling tired!
Pixie - hope the new bed was comfy!

Everyone else - it's lovely to hear that we are all starting to move on after our treatment. My bc anniversary comes in February but am approaching Xmas this year (and my birthday in December) with relief. Didn't have any idea what was in store for me in 2012 and am sure that 2013 is going to be fabulous!
Have a good weekend all and catch up with you next week,
Sarabee xxx

PS. Vanns - nice to have you back!

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Guess who's had her eyebrows threaded....nananana.... they look fantastic. Middle eastern lady at Debenhams did them.

Frantic day on work front but glad to be home as new bed delivered today so after tea I am in the bath clean jammies and off to try it oou!

just a quickie from me as need to get dog's tea...

Much love

pixie xx

Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

I'm back quickly with an update for the angora bunnies! I have been today and got my face threaded by a really lovely Indian lady working in the Harvey Nics spa. It hurt a bit but not for long & I now have a hair free face!!! She says if I get it done every 4 weeks it gradually thins out and you don't need it anymore, so watch this space. She also shaped my eyebrows but said to carry on using a pencil as the dye may hurt sensitive post chemo skin & doesn't last anyway. So have decided against HD brows & now will get them shaped when I'm having my face de fuzzed and continue using my fab Dior pencil. Oh & MarGie my lady garden is growing back about 10 shades darker & twice as thick as it was previously, not impressed!!

Hilary I am in front of the fire at Campos spa as I type. Thank you it is truly lovely.

Love & virtual hugs
Smooth faced S 🙂 xxxxx

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Re: Starting chemo in April 2012

Afternoon Fluffy Bunnies
Chest infection on its way out with the help of antibiotics. Unfortunately dog in heat not so good as she had her “op” on Monday and instead of bouncing back as most dogs do she is very subdued and uncomfortable. I actually think she is rather depressed - bad enough that we had left her for a week, before that was “having fun with scruff” and then to go through an operation as soon as we return home and done by her other Mums (the vets). So poor girl does not know whether she is coming or going. A lot of tlc and sooking up required from this bunny to “dog not amused”!
Vanns - Glad to see you back in the warren again - DO NOT SCARE US AGAIN - PLEASE!!!! Just a wave with the paw when you are feeling down. In fact Bunnies I think we should all, even when we are at our lowest point always just post something so we all know that the bunny when down is still reading the posts. Could always post something like “Bunny Down” so the rest of us can help to cheer that Bunny up.
Pixie - glad they got to the bottom of your shoulder problem as you said strange thing to be cheerful about but at least your worst nightmare was been blown out of the water.
RachelP - Glad to hear Bone scan is clear and I am sure CT scan will be the same. Hoping toddler is recovering and you are enjoying your PJ day.
Peiphorse - Hoping that everything goes well on Monday with the expander and you and I both appear to be dog paw holding
Gadget Gall - Glad to hear the holiday went well and I hope you enjoy the themed lunch - I don’t know the series The Killing so would be interested to hear how it was themed.
Margietee - So pleased you are enjoying being a Granny. Sobering thought that 3 out of your 6 have had bc however, all are doing fine.
Southpool - Glad to hear that your week did not go too badly and light at the end of the tunnel in February.
Sameelee - Congratulations on your free meal. I am sure you had a lovely cup of tea with Sarah. I too have been reflecting over the past year as also my anniversary was 2nd November - when I found the lump myself and then the roller coaster began.
Ambarose - I hope you get some sleep soon and work should be the last thing you should be worrying about. Time to be selfish and think about only you until you are back on top. One step at a time Bunny - be kind to yourself.
Libby12 - Getting your hair coloured - so jealous! Hopefully beginning of December will have my grey bits touched up before holiday.
BigM - Hope the fluid disperses soon - sounds ‘orrible. The BC support therapies sound like fun & great “support”.
Tea belly - Hope your chest infection is starting to clear up. Write soon and let us know how you are doing.
Namar82 - Hope the sweats are not too much and the sage tea is working. Not too much googling though? How was the last rads?
GMT - Glad you had a lovely holiday and you got some sun.
Well my hair is growing but appears to be coming in curly! My sister wished this on me because hers is curly. What next!?
I have been doing a bit of self evaluating and reprioritising - even surprising myself with some of my reactions. Eg. We go on holiday on 12 December and get back on 31 January. OH & I had a quick discussion on whether to put the Christmas tree up this year. I was thinking probably not and then found myself thinking might not be here next year so yes the tree is going up. No I am not depressed or worrying but wanting to appreciate every moment as much as possible, no longer delaying, postponing but living each moment/occasion/event and I am not going to spend 1 more second on anything that is negative. I think the death of my friends OH has made me realise that life can disappear very quickly. Sorry to bring the posting down - I don’t mean too but just want to say we must live life to the full and get rid of the negatives. Onwards & Upwards.
Okay back to the Spa. Weather here is a lovely gentle 20 degrees albeit cloudy. So although it is not sunny it is still very nice to lie in the hammocks with a few more clothes on than normal - I have provided you all with brightly coloured quilts befitting our tropical paradise. The punkawallahs have their thermals on and their loin cloths are made of angora wool. Their bobble hats are brightly coloured with different coloured bobbles. The manicurest and pedicurests are rushed off their feet as you bunnies are getting ready for the party season and you are certainly keen on trying all the different polishes and sparkly finishes. Massages are now held in candelight in front of the log fires with heavenly scented oils. The chefs have provided us with the most sumptuous food (some not so healthy) but to die for especially the chocolate souffle………
Otherwise enjoy lying in the hammocks during the day listening to the sea gently lapping on the beach and the dolphins playing in the surf.
Hugs & Kisses Bunnies
Hilary xxxxxxxx