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Starting chemo in February

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Re: Starting chemo in February

good to hear from you Helen. I am having rads, they talked me into it. 25 sessions. Once you get to speak to your radioligist and they describe how it works you will be better prepared to make a decision.

Is anyone on here from the Northamptonshire area? When we move back to the UK in August I will be in Earls Barton, and I will need to finish my Herceptin off over there. I am a bit worried about the change in docs/hospitals etc. I expect it will be done at Northampton General.

Feeling a bit better this morning and not as though I have a sumo wrestler sitting on my chest! Off to have my spinach and egg for breakfast and a boatload of vitamins.

kisses xxx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi everyone

I too am flushing frequently and was throughout quite a lot of my FEC, which finished a couple of weeks ago. I'm due to start taking tamoxifen - so I guess this is just going to be the story of my life from now on. Unlike everyone else my ankles are ok but I do have fat fingers!

Feeling pretty good - think this is mainly due to knowing that chemo is finished. Met other forum ladies from Portsmouth area for coffee today and had good chat.

Donna - I have vague feelings of discomfort in my back, which I think are muscle related - but are not really that painful. Does it hurt when you exercise?

Adi - hope all went well today - you are really being dosed up aren't you?

Lisa - hope you getting some energy back. I've not heard of a tox check - maybe someone else has.

Is everyone having rads? My onc said that I didn't need them, but still referred me on to a radiotherapist to talk about it and its up to me. Guess that I will have them unless she really says something to put me off it. Wish they could just tell me whats best - they are the experts after all...

Take care everyone - soon all these SEs will be behind us...

Love Helen xx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi everyone, sorry not been on for a while, my partner works away so when he is back home we make a point of getting out and about etc... He has gone away working again now: (
Hope you are all doing okay? I had a quick read of all your posts, will catch up later!!!
I am also having the hot thing with TAX have to have windows open, also the steroids don't help with the hot flushes!! Well got my last TAX tomorrow then it's just Herceptin till May next year, got my dates for Rads start 11th July, set up scan is on the 23rd June.
I have been freaking out abit lately as have this tender bruised pain on my affected side on shoulder blade, it only hurts to touch and if I lean on it, I phoned my BCN she didn't feel me with confidence by just saying "umm maybe see your gp then if he thinks it's anything he will refer you, no reassurance or anything considering I was abit upset on the phone I thought she might of been abit more sympathetic??? I saw my gp he had me doing all these arm stretches, hitting me on the back etc to she if it hurt, he thinks it's muscular or maybe from surgery?? You know what its like you just always think the worst, I'm still not convinced, has anyone who has had surgery yet had this??? It doesn't hurt all the time only if I touch it stretch my arm, lean on something and it's just a bruised feeling not an ache? Sorry I've gone on abit about this...

Will have a read up abit later.

Love to you all

Donna xxx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Morning girls,

Adi, I still can't believe how well you are coping on such a strong regime, well done, I don't think I could do it!

Lisa, will try the paracetamol trick, we have something similar here for the kids, thanks for that. I can't answer your question about the follow up consult, as I still have herceptin til next April and see my Onc every 3 weeks anyway. But it sounds good.

Al, my onc prescribed drops for my sore eyes, they are dexametasone and worked like magic, maybe you could ask about them. Yes, I can speak spanish, most of the staff only speak spanish, but my onc can speak english so she talks to me in english and I respond in spanish, that way we both make sure each other understands. it seems to work, and she loves to practice her english with me I think.

Sal, I liked your description of 'huge stiffness in the buttock area'... how are your se's now?

Hope everyone else is OK. I am having some problems getting my breath just lately, it frightened my last night so another reason not to sleep. And it usually passes by the morning but today it hasn't, kinda feels like someone has filled my lungs with wet cement and it's slowly drying!! I hope it's just an se! has anyone else experienced this, and its worse when I'm still, it's not exercised related.

Better go, it's that time again, schools out! Just made summer squash, carrot and coriander soup... and I have eaten three bowls of it!! I wouldn't mind, but I have also had two big bowls of cornflakes, and fried egg on toast!! Whats the matter with me!!

Lizzy x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Morning Ladies hope you all ok. Truck hit me big time and just coming out of it today and then I go back again tomorrow. Oh well should be number 8 tomorrow and then I can say 4 to go!!! That will be a lovely feeling.

Sounds like everyone has had a lovely few days celebrating lots of different things, great to hear. I hate being at home and when I do go out although a struggle I feel so much better mentally.

Sorry to hear you ladies having trouble controlling temperature, I am about the same as before, always felt the cold but occassionally have the need to strip off.

Well at least some of the fluid retention has gone now, but it was awful. Weight gain is becoming a concern, I know I should be worrying about other things, but can't help it. Got nothing to wear and don't feel up to shopping as do not want to buy 'big' clothes!!!

Lisa - good you finally got a date rather than just waiting. Sorry you not managed to get to work. You have done well so far.
Good luck tomorrow Al with your last FEC. Hope you also get some idea of when your rads start. Sal - they have timed yours just about right which is good. We need to know our next steps don't we, nothing worse than just waiting.

Lizzy they seem really well organised over there in Spain and it will be nice for all your rads ladies to keep me informed as that will be my next step.

Good luck everyone and lets hope the SEs decide to miss us this time..... One can hope:) Take care. Adi x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Evening All,

Thanks for Brad's birthday wishes. We had a lovely day, Brad said he had a brilliant time and of course I embarassed him. He did get the birthday song at the meal and I got out the baby photo album. However , Brad had already been through the album and taken out the naked bathtime ones.

Adi-I'm also suffering with feeling hot. My temperature is higher than usual between 36.8 and 37.4 but the Onc says that's normal on Tax. I need the window open and Brad complains that it's cold. Also haviong night sweats but they don't seem to be as bad as they were on FEC.
I've also got weight gain. I lost a stone between diagnosis and surgery but have put that back on and more. I'm sure I'm developing a moon face too and when I wear socks, they leave a horrible inprint around my ankles

I was supposed to go back to work today but couldn't manage it. I'm feeling so tired now and sat around in my dressing gown until 4pm. Have just come to my mum's for dinner so am borrowing her lap top. I will get my one sorted out tomorrow.

My nails aren't too bad. No sign of them lifting and they didn;t hurt like the first Tax. Maybe the defrosted frozen peas had the desired effect.

Has anyone heard from Donna?

Al, glad to hear you've been enjoying some good lunckes and that you ended the dya with 2 eyebrows! Well done and good luck for Wednesday. Those whities will be fine, I know it!

Sal- glad you had a good time in London and that you enjoyed the show. And Turkey is just around the corner. Sod the weight gain fo now, go and enjoy the food and cocktails)

Lizzy- Sorry to hear about your sore mouth. When I was admitted I had mucosis and used paracetamol liquid, used this to swish round my mouth, it helps a little with the pain. have you got any calpol 6 plus or equivalent?

I've got a follow up appointment with Onc after the last chemo. They said it was for a tox check. Has anyone else got this?

Hugs and postive vibes to you all,


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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi ladies

I haven't had the night sweats or overheating yet. In fact, i'm usually cold! And I'm still having periods - more often that I'd like as they start about 5 days before each FEC, so every 3 weeks. Oh well, maybe its a good sign that my body is still doing its job. Or that the FEC isn't doing much other than making my hair fall out and my eyes red...

Glad you've finally got your dates for rads Sal. Had they just been sitting on the letter if it took a phone call from the BCN to get the info out?? So you'll be busy when back from your hols then. Is the planning session where you get put into position on the machine and get your tattoos? I thought it would be just before the actual rads start but you seem to have a fairly big gap between. I still don't have a date but when I'm in for my chemo on Wednesday, I'll ask my BCN to chase them if it hasn't arrived by then. See that positive thinking - I WILL be getting my chemo on Wednesday, white blood cells take note.

Sorry you're still having problems with your mouth Lizzy - back to the salt water/ bicarb mouth washes and Difflam?? Doesn't sound pleasant. Touch wood my mouth hasn't been too bad apart from yucky taste and the corners of my lips/mouth cracking if I open my mouth too wide! My eyes on the other hand are a sight to behold. Uncle fester is my twin. How do you cope with the language barrier Lizzy? Is your spanish good? I'd struggle to understand what was going on if it wasn't all in english, especially with chemo brain.

I'm off lunching with some friends soon (with less booze today I think!) so I'd best go. I'm supposedly working but I thought i'd just do a part-day and make use of my sick leave to meet up with mates. I'll be off Wed-Fri but it isn't the same when you're feeling rubbish after chemo....

Hope the rest of you ladies are well. Hopefully Lisa is away just because she is still having laptop issues. Adi - how are you doing? Still under a tax truck?

love al x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi Girl,

My BCN just called me this morning to see how i was after my last chemo and i mentioned that i had not heard about rads. She called them on my behalf and the result is planning on Weds 15th then rads to start 29th June so thats two days after i come back from hols....blimey they dont hang around do they!
So all going according to plan rads will be completed end of july!
Will definitely let you know about the rules and regs Lizzy.

Had a busy weekend OH was away racing cars so i stayed home staining decking, i have huge stiffness in the buttock area now from kneeling down so long but decking looks great and he took me out for a slap up meal when he got back last night!! Its the guilt for going away!

Al glad you had a nice lunch with the girls its nice to swop stories isnt it and have a good giggle. I dont know who it was said on here its a shame we are all so spread out i think we would have had a riot were we all to meet up.

Lizzy i asked BCN about this damn temp thing and she says like you that the drugs are pushing us into menopause...what joy! Thought maybe we could do a trade off ill swop you some weight for some more sun?

Adi and Lisa hope you are both ok and just doing stuff.

Lots of love to you all


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Re: Starting chemo in February

Sal, I have no control over body temp, in fact, I have just woken up again soaking wet. I am 47 and my Onc thinks it might be the drugs pushing me into menopause, altho it started with FEC and is continuing on TAX. It frightens me because I never know if its the hormone sweats or fever sweats. AS for your weight gain, I think that you will lose it when you finish. I have had problems my whole life with trying to put weight on, I have tried everything, and this is the first time in my life I have been able to (and thats with the rotten taste in my mouth) so that makes me think it is soley these chemicals helping it along, then therefore, once we stop, the weight gain will stop too. I would prefer to keep mine. We are strange things us humans, I absolutely hate being thin, thin people look so much older than someone with a bit of healthy weight on, I would give anything to stay up a couple of sizes! I am glad you had fun on your night out, it sounds fantastic... and get you hobknobbing with the CEO!! lol. Your right about paddling, I can't see why that would be a problem, it is only the skin around your boob that is affected isn't it? I hadn't thought of that.

I will be really interested to hear yours and Als rules and regs when you see the rads people. Mine were all in spanish and I am wondering if some things come across more or less important in the translation. I am sure you must get your appointments soon.

I have the worst mouth ulcers again this time, my whole mouth feels like it is fizzing. Bonjela doesn't seem to cut it at all.

Better try to get back to sleep now, my 11 year old wanted to sleep with me and cuddle her... phew, as if I am not hot enough. It's a wonder she is still asleep with all the sweat and covers thrown on and off a million times!!

Goodnight all xxxxx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Happy 18th to your son Lisa. Hope you manage to suitably embarrass him but that he has a great day. Yes, my last FEC is on Wednesday. Not looking forward to the cannula in the arm (or the blood test on Tue, or the SEs afterwards...) but definitely looking forward to it being over! My sick leave still hasn't quite run out so I'm quite pleased I've managed to work albeit part-time. Whether I can fit it in around rads is another matter, but I'm sure I can cope with a bit of half pay (that's what husbands are for...).

I had a lovely day in the sunshine yesterday. Yes, the sun! Took the day off, and managed a long walk out in the country and sat in the garden, had a BBQ and some Pimms. Yum. Its back to the usual cold weather again today, but I still had a nice day - met some ladies from this forum over in Glasgow. Had a long lunch and some nice Cava and plenty of good chat.

Nope, still no start date for my rads Sal, or planning session. It was supposed to arrive this week so I might phone on Monday if still no sign of it. Like you, I'm not good at waiting! Did you tell them your holiday dates so they didn't start you when you were away?

I've put on weight during my chemo too, though I was trying to. Haven't noticed fluid issues with my ankles but maybe thats cos i spend so much time with my feet up on the sofa! My weight seems to have all settled around my belly. I was hoping it would be more evenly distributed...

Managed to keep both my eyebrows on today. Result.

Sorry you're still feeling fatigued adi (and everyone else probably). I'm quite tired after my walking yesterday and gadding about today so I'd best get to my bed now. 11pm on a Saturday night, I'm living life on the edge!

Al x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hello all

Adi i feel your pain!!! Also was wandering around London in that heat yesterday and omg my feet and ankles are like bloomin balloons! Have never had this before, i thought they may have gone down by today but no. My weight gain is really depressing me never had much of a problem with it before but have gone from a 12 to 14/16 it makes me weep sometimes, i really dare not weigh myself, chemo nurses said not to worry it will come off after chemo but i hate the size of myself,.

Liza, so glad you got dates and that you are going to be able to fit a holiday in its so important for us to have things to look forward to i think. Enjoy Brads eighteenth, and of course you have to embarass him, you are his mum its the law!!

Lizzy, Blimey thats a lot of dos and donts ! Cant you just go in the water up to your waist or something, i know thay are strict about the sun and they wont want you to get water on rads area in case skin breaks and gets infected but surely you can cover up and paddle...if not what a long hot summer you are going to have poor you.

Al oh i so have every thing crossed for you this week and that bloods are good and i can pull you over that finishing line!!!! Have you had your rads planning session then, i cant believe i am still waiting for mine!!! I might have to call this week, this is the first time i have really had to wait for anything since dx, am not good at it.

Was wondering if any of you have problems with your body regulating its temp since chemo. I dont normally get way too hot cept for couple of night sweats for couple of days after chemo, but now i just seem to get really hot and sweaty and it takes ages to cool down, sweat running down back of neck and stuff. Was wondering if i have been pushed into menopause with chemo, am 45, and feel a bit silly not knowing if this is the hot flushes they talk about.

We had a fab time in London, super hotel which gave us a free upgrade to executive suite, it was stunning just on Chelsea Bridge. The awards ceremony was amazing, very very insprational plenty to drink and eat and i even got to sit on the same table as our CEO i dont know what the hell i did to deserve that but it was lovely to be able to ask questions about our company to the organ grinder so to speak as we are the second biggest employer in the country i found it quite a privilege.
We also got tickets for Legally Blonde which i thoroughly enjoyed, not as good as We Will Rock You but still a good night out.

So thats that ticked off the list now i got Turkey to look forward too, but the weight thing is starting to bother me...oh what the hell i am still here and thats all that counts!!!

Lots of love to you all, i do love to come on here and see what you are all up to

Sal xxx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Happy Birthday to your son for tomorrow Lisa, I am sure you will have such a super time.

Adi, I know what you mean about the fatigue and the staring, I spent most of the day in bed, got up at 4 and took the girls to Macdonalds for a treat and I couldn't face cooking. I felt OK til I got to the shopping centre and everybody was staring at me, I had to keep asking my 11 year old, do I have something stuck on my face, do I look that bad!! She said I looked fine and started staring back at them all for me! I haven't had any fluid retention yet, I take steroids the night before and the morning of my treatment, they said that was to stop it... do you do that too? They are very strong.

Lisa, you made me laugh with the Aunt Sally bit, haha, I think that describes me to a tee when I leave the house... no wonder everyone stares. At the moment I am looking a lot more like Bela Lugosi !!

Well better go, unusually for me off to the loo with a bad tummy! I know too much information!! Ewww will be glad when this is all over.

Glad it is sunny there, it's turned back to winter here! Brrrrr even have a fire on!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends chicas

Lizzy xxxx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi everyone hope you all ok and enjoying sun, bit windy here too.

Managed to spend the day in London yesterday, but it was a struggle what with the heat and the fatigue. Retail therapy went out of the window was looking for outfit for nieces wedding but was so bloated that nothing fitted even two dress sizes up. But OMG I got on the scales today and they tell me I have put on half a stone in two days!!!! How can I? Ankles are puffy etc just can't get rid of the fluid retention, Has anyone else experienced it this bad? Anyway met my partner for a lovely meal when he finished work to celebrate his birthday for tomorrow as unfortunately Sundays are my worst days.
Totally wiped me out, don't know how I would have got home if was on my own, he had to drag me along. Laugh about it now:)

Lisa well done on your shopping spree in Oxford Street. I sat in a nice comfy chair in a department store having lunch and thought I was going to keel over and was conscious of people staring at me, and not for my wig this time! I did buy myself two new wigs, getting quite used to wearing them now. Oh well what the heck I think it will be a long time before my own hair will be back to normal.

Enjoy your Brad's birthday celebrations tomorrow Lisa, one minute they are a small bundle and before you even blink they are celebrating big birthdays! Will he be drinking you under the table? 🙂

Have a lovely evening ladies, and catch up soon. But I am off to bed for a bit as struggled today because neighbours were having lots of work carried out so really noisy. Adi

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't posted for a bit. I was completetly floored by the tax truck for 3 days and then my lap top broke. It's still broke and waiting for me to muster the motivation to call the tech guys to get it fixed. Am at my sisteres house so am borrowing hers to nip in and say Hi to you all.

Sal- So sorry to hear about your friend, Karen. I have seen her posts on the forum and I have been thinking about her.

Al- Glad to hear you had a nice weeekend away, is it your final chemo next week? I think Donna is the same day as you too.

Adi-Ohh the fatigue, it really gets you doesn't it? I'm sitting here yawning now!

Lizzy- Thanks for sending the sun this way, it's been gorgeous today! My hair on my head is growing back but it's not thick. I think I might shave it again in the hope that it will come through thicker soon. Eyebrows are very sparse- I wake up looking like Matt Lucas and by the time I've out my face on, I look like Aunt Sally!

I met the surgeons on Tuesday and have a date for my op 18th July. I was dreading the appointment but felt much happier after, I will have a Mx plus a reduction on the good boob to the size that they will reconstruct me too. I chose to have a delayed recon which will use the tissue from my tummy but that won't happen for a year. Now I have a date, I can plan a little holiday. Yippee!

It's Brad's 18th on Sunday. We had a lovely day shoppping in Oxford Street this week. Just the two of us! I can't belive he's 18 already. We're going for a meal on Sunday then cake and celebrations at home after. (He is quite shy and has made me promise that I won't give him the cake and sing happy Birthday in the restaurant, ha ha!) I can't wait. I've spoilt him rotten.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Lisa xxxx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Oh that made me laugh Al, the one eyebrow thing... I am sat here chuckling away to myself.

I forgot to add, they told me not to wear a bra!!! has anyone else heard of this rule!!

I only have to wear hat and scarf because the sun is so strong here, I guess it wouldn't be as bad in the UK. The doc said not to put any cream on in the morning, just shower and turn up, and then put the cream on afterwards and once more before bed, and then go through the whole process again the next day, shower with ph balanced soap, no cream, rads, cream and cream etc. for 25 days!

Glad you have finally got your voice back, Adi. Have a fun dinner tonight.

Gotta go and get the kids from school, they only do 9 til 1 now, summer schedule!

lizzy xx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Morning Lizzy - good to hear you are that one step closer. They seem very organised over there in Spain - good to hear. How are you going to cope with no sun/swimming that's why your'e there isn't it?:) Small price to pay I suppose but must be frustrating for your youngest.

Al - good to see you managing to work but watch what your body tells you. Hope they hurry up with your rads appointment, as you say so frustrating as we cannot plan anything when in limbo. You got sun up too just enjoy all that Vitamin D when you can.

So nice to see two more Feb ladies starting radiotheraphy - one step closer to end of this road. I think mine will probably start end July/beg August. Wanted to be finished by my birthday as that would have been a lovely present, but I think may miss my deadline. Keeping my fingers crossed. I am having 18 sessions so that's a month really.

Voice came back on Saturday so it took three weeks, still husky but at least back in the land of communicating.

Had my Taxol 7 yesterday so def hyper today with steroids. Not got any cleaning or decluttering left really so may have to find some. Going out for dinner tonight as good friends birthday so looking forward to it. She has been so supportive and has had a lot of rubbish in her life too. Trying to rest but got the fidgets. Think may walk into town soon and see if can wear myself out a bit so that I may sleep and hopefully have loads of energy for tonight.

Everyone else hope you doing ok. Enjoy this lovely sunshine before rads!!!! Take care and keep smiling. Thanks for all your support ladies. Love Adi x

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Sorry to hear about your friend Sal. I've read some posts from her on this forum and its really sad to think that she is no longer here. I'm glad you enjoyed Take That though, and hope you have a good time in London. What is the awards ceremony for? (sorry if you've already said, chemo fog...).

Lizzy - that sounds like a lot of rules to follow! And it must be difficult to avoid the sun over there. I guess i'll get a similar set of rules but there is a lot less sun in Scotland so it shouldn't be a problem for me! I thought it would just be the bit they were zapping that wasn't allowed any sun-time - how come your head has to be covered too? Will you be allowed to at least paddle in the sea?! I too have 25 sessions, so am expecting to be like a lobster by the end.

I'm still waiting for my rads start date, though its supposedly in the post. It would be nice to know, as I can then figure out if a holiday is possible (a sunny one!). My onc told me not to use aloe vera gel during rads when I told her I had bought some. She told me to use nothing on it during rads, but that I could wash with simple soap and use deodorant on my other armpit. Other people on these forums seem to use Aloe vera, so I might check when I go for my first zapping session. I don't really want to have dry peeling skin.

Adi - how is the voice coming along? Sorry to hear you've been hit by the fatigue truck again. Maybe you did too much cleaning! How are you after your latest taxol? Hyper again?

My eyebrows have pretty much vanished now, so I've been drawing them on. However, yesterday when I got home I noticed that I'd managed to rub one of them off during the day when I was at work. So I'd been wandering around with one eyebrow all day. No-one said anything but it was quite obvious! I've brought my eyebrow pencil with me today so I can re-apply if I rub it off again!

Lisa, Donna - how are you coping with Tax? Not long til your last one Donna. When does everyone else finish? I've got my fingers crossed that my neutrophils behave themselves at my blood test on Tuesday so that my final FEC can go ahead on schedule on the 8th.

I'm going out with some fellow BC ladies in Glasgow on Saturday - some people from this forum and from a younger women's forum I went to in March. It'll be nice to meet up with them again. And I can have a wee drink or two to toast the last few days before being FECCed again.

And the sun had arrived here - weather looks nice for the next couple of days which is a welcome change from usual. Hope we haven't stolen it from down south/Spain....

Hope everyone is well.

Al x

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi girlies,

Went for my 2nd appt with the radioligist yesterday. They put me on the machine to make my 'plan' I presume that is a map of my body ready for zapping. So basically, I had to lay on the special machine with my arm up in a special rest, then slowly go through the machine (like a big polo) and then back out. Keep very still and they put 3 little tattoos on me, one in the middle of my chest and two on either side of my body. It didn't hurt at all, and you can only see them if you look for them, tiny little blue pin pricks. Then I had to sit with the nurse and she went over all the dos and don'ts and gave me some samples of factor 50 sunscreen and sample of the special cream I would be given when I start. When i start I must not go in swimming pools or the sea!!! arghhh a summer in spain with no swimming!! I must not go in the sun at all, must wear a hat and scarf! Must wear factor 50 at all times. Must only wash with ph balance soap and put no other creams on but the one they give me... and I have to drink 2 litres of liquid a day (I am thinking water not wine)! lol.

They will ring me with a start date, it will be 2 to 3 weeks after my last TAX. 25 sessions every day except weekends!! I think I will be toasted!!

So that's that then... it's a spray tan for me!! My 5 year old is not going to be impressed that I can't get in the pool with her!

Adi, remember to rest and not push your body too much during this fatigue time.

Sal, I am so sorry about your friend Karen, bless her. Good luck with your awards ceremony x

Al, glad you had a nice weekend sweetie... my best sleep was last Friday,, induced by a guinness!! I might try it again this Friday!!! I hope your arm is feeling a bit better.

Hope everyones SE's are manageable. Going to rinse my mouth out now with bicarbonate soda and take my vitamins!

Lizzy xx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi Ladies, I spoke too soon on Sunday! Went back to bed and Fatigue truck stopped with me too. Could not believe how I went from hyper to no energy whatsoever all in the space of three hours!

Thanks for the sponsoring laides, I was going to PM you but will do it here.

Lizzy/Al the fatigue bit is really getting worse with me but we have no choice so will keep smiling.

Sal - although I didn't know Karen I can picture her face and when I logged on yesterday it was really upsetting. Could not stop thinking about her such a waste of a life.

Heard from lots of people Take That brilliant. Glad you had fun. Shame you not got date date yet for rads, if anything like me, you like to know what you are doing and when. Hope you hear soon.

Well the hair thing is very strange. Glad you starting to sprout Lizzy sounds like a good sign. Sal - so pleased that you managed to keep yours. I seem to be a bit odd when it comes to hair.... Have always had to wax etc so never been short, but what spooked me this morning was when daughter was putting numbing cream on my portacath and she said 'it's gone hairy'!. OMG don't need any more hair apart from my head please. Funny thing is I still have quite a bit of Lady G too. Mentioned it too ONC nurse and she says that this sometimes happens, no wonder ladies have been compalining of beards. Do hope it goes after treatment.

Had my Taxol number seven today so no doubt hyper for few days and not looking forward to that Fatigue truck coming again:)

Take care ladies. Adi x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi Girls,

Well its been a mixed few days, Take That was out of this world it really was amazing.
Unfortunately Karen who i met thru this forum and enjoyed coffees and lunch with passed away on 30th and that has taken some getting my head around but she is no longer suffering and i am so glad i got to know her.

So off to London tomorrow for the awards ceremony and looking forward to a little break, then couple of weeks till my holiday.

My hair has been growing back in my little bald spot that the cap did not reach once, its been growing for a few weeks now and its brown! I am a red head naturally so thats a bit weird. Leg hair never bloomin stopped growing go figure! But eyelashes and eyebrows are a little sparse but i think eyelashes might be mmaking a comeback...how these things excite us!
Still not had dates for rads planning they are running out of time if they want to fit me in before i go away, am desperate now to know time scale because i just want it all done and dusted.
Gope you are all feeling ok looks like we are in for some nice weather for a few days so hope se's stay away for you all and you can enjoy.

Love Sal xx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi all. Hope you've been having a good bank holiday weekend (it probably isn't a bank holiday in Spain, but hope you've had a nice Monday anyway lizzy). I'm just back from a weekend away which was nice. Even got some sleep, partly induced by a bit of wine and Baileys. And a good set of earplugs to drown out crying baby noise early in the morning.

Thanks for the link adi. I will go and do that now. Glad you've got your voice back but don't use it too much at first in case it scarpers again! Gently does it. If any of you steroid tax ladies want to do some uncluttering and cleaning up here, you're more than welcome to do my house. The steroids don't seem to have that affect on me sadly!

How was Take That Sal? Hope it was a great night out and a good way to celebrate reaching the chemo finish line.

My hair is growing back lizzy and I'm still on FEC. My head hair is mainly fuzz with a few normal hairs (not enough for a hairdryer mind you!), but my leg hair also started growing back. Eyebrows and eyelashes still fairly non-existent though. I'd rather the leg hair stayed away and the eyelashes would grow back, but my body likes to be awkward.

Maybe you need to get a mini cool-bag with some ice blocks Lisa, then you can stick your peas in there and they should stay frozen until you actually get the chemo next time? And you could perhaps stick a few beers in there too... How are the nails doing so far?

I'm off to buy a heat pad for my arm tomorrow - have been using a wheat thing out but a proper heat pad that plugs in will be better and my veins are still very black and I can't straighten my arm. So some heat and the hirudoid cream will hopefully do the job.

Right, better unpack I suppose. Hope you're all well and try not to do tooo much housework, otherwise I'll feel guilty about doing none!

Al xx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi all... feeling bloody shattered and can't stop eating!! Just wanted to ask... is anyone elses hair growing back? I thought it was wishful thinking to start with, but my hair is definitely growing back. I wonder if this is normal for TAX?!! Its a strange colour, dark on top, white at the sides!! Never was grey before. I keep looking at hairstyles now... the world is my oyster, oh which style and colour shall I go for, fringe, no fringe, the possibilities!! haha! I have even been eyeing up my hairdryer!!

I wonder when the eyelashes and brows will come in!!! Not too bothered about the girl downstairs or the armpits!!

Lizzy 🙂 x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Morning Ladies, hope SEs keeping at bay. Haven't felt as bad this weekend, and still on a bit of a high with the Steroids. Just like you Lizzy and Lisa, can't stop decluttering the house first few days following treatment. It feels good just like throwing the BC away! Got to be careful what I throw out soon as won't have anything left to see me through the treatment 🙂 lol.

Sal - bet you had a wonderful time at Take That - you deserve it.

Finally got my voice back yesterday although still a bit strained. Really pleased as was being referred to a throat specialist and it was starting to scare me. Exactly three weeks later - been the most frustrating three weeks.

What else can I do to make me tired and go back to bed?

Have a lovely Sunday ladies. Adi x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi All and thank you for your positive comments about the split with OH. Gucci and my fridge are great substitutes!

My mind's a bit fuzzy so excuse me if I make little sense today.

Sal- Waaa Heeyyyy, brilliant that your last chemo done and you've got your portacath out. Hope you have a fab time at Take That, I am envious! Can't believe those insensitive comments from the Onc. Oh sod him, let's hope you never set eyes on him again. You've got a hoiday to look forward to, when are you off?

Adi- Thanks for sending me the sponsorship link. You've got a tough regime haven't you hun? Hope you've not suffered too much with the steroids and that you get your throat sorted out.

Helen- Phew! good job you remembered the Emend. I have them with Tax too as I suffered badly with sickness on FEC1. Fantastic that you've finished too!

Lizzy- Glad to hear that everything was ok for your Tax on Thursday. Only one to go now!

Al- What is it with the insensitive comments? I'm glad you were tired and didn't get too upset by them. My cousin had her first baby at 51! and she wants another. can you send me your sponsorship link too please?

I had Tax 2 on Wednesday. I live so close to the hospital that they phone me when my chemo is ready but this time they phoned me at 1.20 and I got poisoned at 4pm by which time my frozen peas had defrosted. My master plan for saving my nails was blown apart! I've been making the most of the steroid high over the last few days, decorating Brad's bedroom. Have crashed today though and spent all day in bed, maxing out the pain killers. Seems a little easier than the first Tax, maybe as I know what to expect. Think I'll have another little nap. Not noticed any SE's from herceptin yet, yippee!

Lots of love, hugs and wishes of minimal SE's to everyone.

Hope you all have a good weekend,

Lisa xxxx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Well done to all the chemo finishers, great news.

Sal, I think your Onc was very careless with your feelings. Have a great time at your concert tonight... woohoo time to celebrate. I have anti clotting stuff put in at the beginning and end everytime through my portacath, never had a prob. But I have to have it in until next april for the Herceptin. Have my 2nd appt with the radiologist on the 1st June to get the tattoos put on and I discuss book my start date and time.

Sarah, it's good to hear from you again too. Have a great hol before your rads.

Adi, hope you get that throat sorted out sweetie.

Al, they would never say you were too old at 41 to have kids in Spain. A lot of women here have kids much later. When I had MacKenzie (I went through my pregnancy and had her here)and I asked for an amnio, they just said, sure if you really think you need one!!! I had her when I nearly 43.

Had my Tax today, my bloods were back up and have managed to keep my weight on. My heart scan went well, the cardiologist said it appeared to be fine and the toxins hadn't damaged it, it is 'muy fuerte' very strong. So I was pleased with that. Came home with 7 days of nuelasta jabs for my blood this time starting sunday. Last Tax on the 17th... yah!

On a steroid high still, hence the early morning post!! Let's hope the SE's keep to minimum, I think our minds are stronger now it's nearly the end and hopefully can control our bodies!!

I am sure I have missed loads out, my concentration is zippo these days.

Going to try to get back to sleep for a bit before the kids wake up!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, love to all xxxxx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi Al - hope you ok. Still no voice although it is trying to make an appearance. Having to be referred to throat specialist as they are a bit concerned. Have slept better this time round but I think that is the cough medicine which I am still on. Shame we are all so spread out, I think I must be more or less in the middle. I loved Edingburgh been there twice and would love to come up again. Easy jet flight no problem! If only I could fly at the moment:) Thanks for asking for link will email shortly.

All other Feb ladies hope you all ok and wishing you a superb Bank Holiday Weekend.

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi all.

Congrats to all you finishers - Sal, Sarah, Helen. Think that's everyone, though i'm easily confused. And i hope you all have great holidays to celebrate the end of that nasty bit of our treatment. I've still to plan mine - OH seems to have a very busy calendar at the end of June so at this rate we might have to go separately! Glad the PICC lines came out ok and its a good thing you live so close to the hospital Helen, having to go back for your Emend!

Can't believe your oncologist Sal. It must be a bad week for oncologists being insensitive. Mine is really nice but when i was there on Tues to discuss starting rads she said quite a few blunt things that I wasn't expecting. Like: without these 5 weeks (why am I having more than everyone else on here??) of rads, the chances of the cancer coming back are 1 in 3. With rads, its only 1 in 10. That's better, but still quite high! Then when we were talking about fertility, she said that if we wanted to try for kids, obviously i wouldn't be able to take Tamoxifen for the full 5 years as I would be too old by then (41), so it would have to be 2 years then either try naturally if I haven't gone into menopause or use our frozen embryos. And that we'd have to discuss whether my husband would be ok potentially being a single dad. Luckily i was so tired that day that it didn't phase me as much as it would have otherwise... But I'd gone into the appointment just thinking I was signing a consent form rather than talking death.

Glad you made it into work for a bit adi and hope your tiredness stays at bay. Though looking at the times you post on here, you're up a lot later or earlier than I am! Has your voice come back yet? It would be lovely to meet up but I think you're right about everyone being spread out. I think I'm the furthest north of us (Edinburgh). And I guess Lizzy is furthest south (Spain!).

I also don't know how I managed to work full-time before this. I'm going to miss the full-time pay when my sick leave runs out though.

Hope you have/had a fab time at Take That Sal. Thanks so much for sponsoring me. Adi - can you send me your link too please?

Hope Lisa, Donna and everyone else are all doing ok too.

Al xx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Morning Everyone -

Sal - phew! Had to read your post twice! Thank goodness it was a joke albeit a bit sick. Well done on finishing this part - yippee! Must be a relief to have PICC line out too. Enjoy Take That I am sure they will be brilliant. What an end to your week. Thanks for sponsorhip just hope I have the energy. Got lots of helpers! Turkey here comes Sal - treat her well she deserves it!

Woolycardy - forgetting Emend - and that was before the Steroids!!! Hope SES are at bay.

Sarah - Well done for getting over this part fantastic news. Enjoy Gran Canaria and good that PICC line won't be in anymore.

Shame us Feb ladies live so far apart, as it would be lovely to meet up. Not sure where everyone lives but I think we are widely spread out:( Thanks for all your support and have lovely weekend.

I would love to book a holiday in between chemo and rads but finding it difficult as daughter 1 coming home from abroad as we have family wedding, Onc told me to wait ten days after last chemo before flying and daren't really book anything too concrete in case any delays with chemo. Urghh!! I am sure I will manage something in the end as would also like to visit elderly parents who live abroad. Life is hectic how I did I manage to work full time before all this?:) On the subject did go in for two hours yesterday! Really enjoyed it and itching to get back.

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi Sarah,

Congrats to you too as it was you who started this thread!

I forgot about the Tamoxifen thing...on the way out the door, he said oh do you need hormone treatment...how old are you? 45 says i,
Oh i will put you on Tamoxifen he said here is a prescription start taking it in two weeks, good luck, bye!

Will not start taking it in two weeks cos like you have also sneaked in a holiday to Turkey in between now and rads....we bloomin deserve it so enjoy!

Sal x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Omg Sal, what a totally stupid insensitive thing to say 😞 i also finished chemo today Whoop, whoop 🙂 Hope everyone else ok & well done to all that have finished & to those of you still going we are all waving the flag & shining the torches at the end of the chemo tunnel.

Have a brill time at Take That, am also on 4 weeks of Rads but have a holiday in Gran canaria 1st for a week, cant wait have also been issued with 1st box of Tamoxifen to start taking a month from today picc line removed too :).


Re: Starting chemo in February


Its over ,i only went and bloomin did it! Picc line would not draw blood back again so they put a blood clot dissolver drug in the line and sent me off for an hour, and it worked! Also had Picc line taken out today painless and hassle free.

Hmm saw oncologist not one i had seen before, the conversation went like this...'have you had an appointment for rads planning?' Not yet says i. Ok will go get consent form says he. Comes back with consent form and a few leaflets, gives me leaflets, says dont sign this here take it to planning appointment. Ok says i. Read the leaflets no point me telling you about it cos its all in the leaflets says he. Oh and you are now having 4 weeks of radio not 3 as we first said and then come back for a bit more chemo!!!!!! My jaw hit the floor you are joking said i yeah says he but only about the chemo, you are having 4 weeks rads.

My OH is still furious. Its just not an appropriate joke for someone who is about to go for their last chemo i dont think.

Anyway i am putting it behind me and now focusing on Take That tomorrow.

I hope you are all ok and just a big thanks from me for someone always being there when i have had a few wobbles but really just for being there!!

Al and Adi have just sponsered you both and i wish you both and Donna all the luck in the world

Lots of love Salxx

Re: Starting chemo in February

OMG! Was in such a hurry to leave onc unit earlier that I forgot to pick up my emend. Luckily I only live 10 min from hospital so just went back to get it. PHEW!! panic over.

Re: Starting chemo in February

Fantastic news Helen! So good to see so many Feb starters getting to the end.

Sal - hope yours went well today. No doubt you busy celebrating:)

Lisa hope you ok.

Everyone else have a good SE free eve!

My steroids are going to keep me up again, I can just feel it.... Roll on Weekend - no because I will be out of it as usual. Start to feel better on Tuesdays and then back in on Wednesday to start all over again:(. Adi x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi everyone

Woohoo! Just had my last FEC and feeling tired, relieved and a bit strange about what happens next. I'm starting tamoxifen in a month's time, but don't want to think about that yet. Still got my picc line in, which was disappointing as I thought they would take it out today. My onc is being cautious and wants me to keep it in for another 3 weeks. Never mind at least the worst is hopefully over.

Sal - hope that your picc line was cooperating today.

Love and well deserved pats on the back for us all - we are getting there!

Helen x

Re: Starting chemo in February

Good luck Sal and Lisa hope it goes well today and SES keep away. Adi x

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi girlies

Good luck tomorrow Sal. It's so amazing it's nearly over for some of us.

Well done DonnaP... are you the first of us lot to finish?

Adi, your regime sounds like the toughest, i didn't realise how much you were having... well done on keeping so strong through it.

Lisa, glad you are back, and swapping your OH for a new fridge sounds like a plan! lol. Remember the google rules!

Al and Donna, you guys are on the same kind of schedule as me, my hair is also growing into a fuzzy mess... its white at the sides and brown on top... I never had any grey before!! My eyebrows or eyelashes aren't doing much yet though. I didn't realise it could come back on Tax. I start my 25 radio in July.

Well, had a good time with my pal, although was supposed to be resting. She managed to avoid the ash cloud and get back to Seattle OK, I feel that I should be OK for Tax 3 on Friday. I have to have a heart scan tomorrow. I am keeping well away from anyone or anything that even resembles a germ... I have learnt my lesson, this TAX has knocked my immune system down far worse than the FEC.

I am sure I have missed some stuff out, but boy I am tired these days and my brain just isn't working on full capacity. I have been feeling very unfeminine, I think its my eyelashes more than anything, silly really.

Love to you all... will try harder with the sunshine sending... its bloody hot here!

Lizzy xx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Hello All,

Lovely to see you back Donna and Lisa.

Lisa Glad your abscence has just been due to doing 'stuff' its sometimes just what we need to get away from all the bc ykk. Sorry to hear about your split, looks like you exchanged the ex for Gucci, not a bad swap i would have thought!! Yes they are going to 'whip' my picc line out as the chemo nurse said as soon as chemo is done, they have never taken one out before but she assures me it will be easy! Good luck with Tax tomorrow hope its not as long a day as Herceptin. One more thing Lisa.....DONT' YOU DARE GOOGLE!!!!

Donna Hope your little one is feeling better. I do feel for all you who are going on to have Herceptin too.

Al You make sure you book that holiday between your last chemo and rads, the thought of mine is really keeping me going at the moment.
Not long now till your race for life, i would have to be dragged round but maybe i could do it for a few cupcakes at the end!

Adi, Bloomin steroids, will be back on them again tomorrow. I hope that tiredness truck breaks down before it reaches you .

DonnaP Congrats on finishing way to go girl! Am still using the cold cap and the bit of my head at the back that had gone bald cos of cap not fitting properly once has a nice covering of hair it was hidden by longer hair on top so unnoticable but i cannot believe how much has grown, its come back brown....i am normally red!

Lizzy I hope you are ok and staying away from A and E and enjoying fun times with your friend.

Well am feeling a bit weird about tomorrow to be honest, i cant believe i have nearly done it..it has been the toughest thing to do in my life.Please keep ALL digits crossed that they dont have to cannulate me! Picc line straight out to give wound time to close before hols, also see Onc i guess its to discuss rads.

Al and Adi Have only just realised you are both doing race for life, i have already sponsered Donna so please send me your links as i would like to sponsor you both too.

Lots of love to all


Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi everyone.

Glad you been busy Lisa was getting little worried. I am so impressed that you are managing to work. I manage to pop in every now and then but this last week it has been impossible. Fatigue is just building up. Lisa you are so much better to be on your own and happy than with someone and unhappy. Good to see you being so strong about it, just think it will be his loss and someone else's gain in the future:) I have to say that my partner has been brilliant and if I was still with my ex husband this stage of my life would have been unbearable and not sure I would be coming out the other end at all. It was unbearable during marriage imagine going through this together. NO THANKS!!!! At least you have Gucci to keep you company and all your friends sound lovely. Will PM you the link. Shame they dind't put portacath in at the beginning it would be a lot easier. Know lot of hosps don't do this because of cost. Know what you mean about PICC line, it does look like it can get in the way, but if it saves your veins may be worth considering.

When I was diagnosed with BC, I thought ok I will deal with it. Don't realise all the other complications that come with it, the portacath/hickmannn/PICC/lymphoedema/raised cholestrol/raised sugar levels. To name just a few. What about all the other SES!

Al - feeling okish today as had my 6th Taxol (6 more weekly ones to go) and on steroids. Will be hyper till Friday and just hope that the Tirednesss Truck breaks down and does not manage to get to me. One can hope can't they. Hair still coming out in handfuls sick of picking it up but have moisturised scalp and not so dry now. What will be will be with the hair. Hope you feeling ok and tiredness can keep away from you too. Glad to see that both you and Donna finishing this batch of treatment soon. We will get there ladies!!!

Sal - good luck tomorrow. Celebration time and I am so pleased for you. So good to hear one 'closer to finishing line' Must be a great feeling can't wait for that day.

Brain not working so apologies if missed anyone. Have lovely evening! Adi

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hey Lisa and Donna. Its great to hear from you, and I'm relieved that its due to broadband issues or getting on with busy lives that you haven't been posting.

Sorry to hear your relationship has ended Lisa, but I’m glad you’re feeling positive about it. Sending hugs your way. I’m glad Gucci is still entertaining you –perhaps you can teach her to deliver the frozen peas to your feet as well as licking them! Have you had any side effects from the herceptin or is it not as bad as the chemo?

My race for life is 19th June. I have a justgiving page Lisa - I can PM you the link if you like. I think I'll have to drag myself around at this rate! But I've been promised cakes at the end so that is my carrot/stick... No further with holiday plans yet. Had forgotten actually – must get back to planning something! Supposed to be going away over the bank hol weekend (if the scottish ferries are running – its still quite windy up here! - and the people we’re going away with are relatively germ-free) so that will hopefully be nice.

Well done on all that working Lisa. I’ve been quite slack of late, only did Monday last week and did a few hours at home yesterday. But I have been too knackered, yet unable to sleep at night (what’s that all about? My body is rubbish!).

DonnaP – thanks for the tip on hirudoid cream. I had an appointment with my oncologist yesterday (about rads) and I showed them my twiggy arm, but they just suggested voltarol gel and using a heat pad. So i went to the chemist and got hirudoid cream AND voltarol. Have started with hirudoid and will see how that goes. Spent yesterday evening on the sofa with the smelly cream plastered on my arm, with a hot water bottle (or rather hot polar bear) on top to warm it up. Ah, how things have changed from when I had a social life! Feel like i’m about 80 years old now rather than 36!

Our last chemo is on the same day Donna – can’t wait (well, i can’t wait until it is over and the SE’s are over too!). I’ve got 25 rads to get – 20 plus 5 boosters so that’ll be a long 5 weeks. Don’t have a start date yet but I think it’ll be 3-4 weeks after my last chemo. So best get a wee holiday in before it starts. Hope your daughter is ok now and you managed to avoid picking up any more bugs from A&E!

Hope you managed to get some sleep eventually Lisa and that your TAX goes well today - good luck with the frozen peas. Do you think you'll get some odd looks, with nappy sacks of peas on your hands and feet?! If it stops the nails coming off, odd looks are nothing I guess! And we're probably all used to odd looks from having baldy heads... Definitely stay away from google re MX stuff Lisa. Hope the appointment goes ok and they give you what you want.

Hope your fatigue is lifting adi, and that your taxol (today?) went ok. Fingers crossed the voice returns soon too! And I hope everyone else on this thread is doing well too. Roll on the end!

Phew, that’s a bit of a novel. Sorry!

Al xx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Evening All or should I Say Good Morning! Hope you are all ok!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've had a hectic time and have been making the most of feeling well and getting on with things non BC related.

Donna- Wel done for getting TAX 2 done and starting with herceptin. Thise aches and pains are not nice are they? I'm glad ibuprofen seems to be working for you. I used every painkiller I was allowed. It never seems like it at the time but the pain does subside over time and I had no pain or no need for painkillers after around day 10. How long is it until you do your race for life?

Lizzy- sorry to hear your Tax has been delayed but I hope you've been ablr to enjoy some good times with your friend and that both have you have managed to get a good night's sleep.

Adi- How's your head/hair feeling now? I hope you get some respite from the fatigue soon. Is it weekly chemo that you're having?

Al- Glad to hear you got your No5 done and that you're veins are holding up. Mine are rubbish and had problems getting bloods and the cannulating today and have been offered a PICC or a portacath but the way I see it is that I've got this far without them and herceptin and tax are supposed to ne kinder on the veins so I'm going to see how I go with this cycle. I don't like the idea of a PICC for a year. Hopw you're managing to enjoy a gin or two whilst chilling out on your new sofa. Have you got any further with your holiday plans?

Sal- Wooo Hooo, almost at the finishing line and the your holiday to look forward to too. Sorry to hear about the problems with the PICC. If it gets sorted out, will it come out after Thursday's chemo?

DonnaP- Well done for getting over that chemo finishing line and for keeping at it with the cold cap. I wasn't brave enough to try it!

I managed to work last week, 5 hours a day with a 75 minute commute each way so I'm feeling good about that. It was so nice to get away from BC. I can't say I was totally productive but I did get some pieces of work done and was able to give some support to my team. I had a really good weekend too, with friends visiting. I cooked loads and my feet didn't tuch the ground. I had the day off yesterday as new fridge delivered. I would have liked a SMEG but it was way out of my price range at £1200 so have got a cheaper but still retro looking one. Oh, I love it, it looks really good. Also got my nails painted yesterday by my lovely beaity therapist frined. It's purple this time and not really my colour but supposed to be a good colour for blocking and UV rays

Had my first herceptin today, was at the hospital from 9.30 to 6.00. Such a lon day! Didn't take my steroids until 7.45 tonight so am still wide awake. I will be climbing the walls, if not the house for the next few hours I expect! I have Tax 2 tomorrow and am planning on taking frozen peas in nappy sacks so I can put my fingers and toes in them. I want to try and limit the damage to my nails, they have been quite sore and they're weakening a little.

I have my appointment through to see the surgeon on 31st about the dreaded MX and node removal. Got to build myself up for this one but am not going to google. I think the plan is for delayed construction and haven't faced this yet. Pants!

I have split up with OH aka ass hole, but strangely I feel much lighter and positive. It was a long time coming and our relationship has changed so much since my DX. He really hasn't been that supportive and as you know, he has upset me with his comments. So, I'm a singleton again after 6 years but I'm not going to dwell on it. Onwards and upwards.

Gucci is doing fine, she's settled in so well and is part of our family. I love her to bits and she loves to lick my feet!

Adi and Al- have you got just giving pages for your runs/walks. I'd love to sponsor you.

I better go now before I waffle on some more.

Lots of love and lots of postive vibes to you all. We deserve a celebration once we've all over the chemo finishing line!

Lisa xxxx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Oh so sorry ladies been off for a while, hope you all doing okay?
B@!!!y broadband,hopefully it is now fixed!!!!!

Lizzy- Sorry about your TAX delay! I know what you mean about the achey legs OMG!! I cannot stand for long, ibuprofen works tho, I have the streamy eyes, runny nose but I am sooo pleased the sickness/nausea is on way near as bad as FEC!! Enjoy the Sun (not too much dont get burnt) Sun is out here but is a little windy!! x

Adi - Oh bless you with your hair, mine was itchy when it was falling out abd I had a bit of dry skin for a while, a light moisturiser helped, hope your energy picks up x

Sal - Oh bless you with your picc line, but hey excellent about your last one on Thursday, Well done x

Donna P - Well done for finishing, I bet it is such a relief x

Al - I also have the frizzy chick fluff aswell, trying to see what colour it is coming through as? But not quite long enough yet?, glad you are feeling better today x

Well I have my last TAX on the 8th June YAY!!! But will continue going to the Chemo suite for a year as am having Herceptin, have had my first one already, then start 18 sessions of Radiotherapy in July!! The 2nd TAX didnt seem as bad as the 1st one altho I ache all the time and now I have a cold great!! Spent all afternoon up A&E yesterday as had to collect my daughter from nursery as she had a temp of 40oc bless her, she has a virus 😞

Well best go

Lots of love and best wishes to you all

Donna xxx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Morning everyone hope you all doing well.

Sal - you are nearly there well done think we shall all celebrate with you! Know what you mean about these gadgets not giving blood. I have a portcath and despite doing what CM does, it still sometimes does not want to play! It takes my nurses ages and we have all sorts of fun and games around the room and corridor. Sometimes they put another drug in to dry and extract the blood. I think it is just where we tense up.

Donna - well done on finishing and great to hear hair back. What a relief for you.

Al - think suffering like you with the fatigue, each once seems to get worse. Have spent so much time in bed since Saturday, didn't know what to do with myself. Really building up now and although feel bit better today I am back tomorrow which means I shall be exactly half way through this second lot of chemo. Don't know if I can cope with another six after this one. It is scary just thinking about it. Thanks for asking about voice, NO still not found it. It is so frustrating and difficult as cannot really use the phone. It's been 18 days!!! Rib also hurts from where I think I have been coughing. Oh well, minor I suppose compared to the fatigue. Have been told it will get worse, how can it get worse? Should finish chemo first week in July and have 3/4 week break before radiotherapy. Seems like been going on forever.

Lizzyspain hope you ok now. Where are all the other Feb ladies, hope all ok.

Re: Starting chemo in February

Quick suggestion for a line that won't give blood that I got from one of the chemo nurses at my unit, and it works every time for me. I have a portacath not a PICC, but it goes into the same place so should work.

If you change your position, turn your head, sit up straight, that might help. Or the one that works for me is to take a big, deep breath, and then it bleeds like a good'un, every time! Might be worth a try next time it's being awkward.


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Re: Starting chemo in February

Al, its called HIRUDOID... i got it from dr's use it 4 times a day. it helped me and my veins was soooo sore,,, i hope it helps you xxx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Nope, i didn't get any cream for my arm. What cream have you been using Donna? They put a heat pad on my arm while I'm getting the chemo, but that's all. Any tips gratefully received!

Al x

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Al... have you been using cream from your doctor on your arm? it does help along with heat.. xxxx

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hi all.

Yes, nearly there DonnaP. Though it doesn't feel like it even though I've only got one FEC left. Fed up of feeling sick and tired and my left arm is almost useless with the sore veins.

That's enough whinging from me though! Well done DonnaP on finishing. Hope your next weekend makes up for the naff one. I'm pleased you kept most of your hair and I'm sure no-one will notice a wee bald spot. They certainly notice mine but I'm not that bothered to be honest (no cold cap for me). The frizzy chick fluff that has started growing back looks a bit strange!

The old sofa has gone Sal, so no need to have it lurking in the garden, phew. It would probably have blown away today. Can't believe how windy it is. Where is all that sun Lizzy? Please send some more this way from sunny Spain.

I hope your PICC sorts itself out in time for Thursday Sal. It would be very annoying to get nearly to the end and then have to get another cannula in if you already have a PICC. I'm just hoping I have one vein that is good enough for my last one, and that some of the bruising from FEC5 has gone by then...

Hope the various pills and potions have sorted out your problems Lizzy and fingers crossed your next TAX goes on schedule. Sending you many white and red cells - having a pizza the night before my FEC seemed to do the trick for me! Or perhaps it was just 'time'. Good excuse to eat pizza though...

Has your voice returned yet adi? Hoping voice and energy have made a recovery for you. I'd love some energy - think I'm too tired to sleep now, so its a vicious circle!

Donna/Lisa - hope you ladies are ok and too busy with puppies, kids etc to be on here. Let us know you're doing ok!

Al x

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Re: Starting chemo in February

Hello Ladies,,

well i can say im fully fecced.. i finished last tuesday and have now got over the se's.. the weekend was spoilt by it all but hey ho its done,,

Sal.. yippie you will be finished thursday,, i hope your line stay's put, my vein gave up after the 'e' so i had to be re-canulated in my right arm for the first time so im glad really that the left took all the battering as ive suffered with sore veins.. are you still using the cold cap? i used it through out, and i must say my hair looks a bloody mess with not washing and styling it BUT i have hair that now will continue to get strong and my little 'baldie spot' hopefully wont be too noticeable,

well us February ladies have we all nearly finished?

take care everybody and may your se's be little ones



Re: Starting chemo in February

Hello Girls,

Where are Lisa and Donna?, Hope you are both ok and just enjoying 'stuff' rather than feeling ill.

Lizzy, Sorry you got a delay in chemo but glad to hear they are sorting out all your symptoms, must be so frustrating when we are so near that damn finishing line. Least you can enjoy time with your friend feeling relatively ok 🙂

Adi, Must be rubbish to keep your hair all that time and then for tax to take it. Hope you are getting some energy back.

Al well done on doing FEC5. I know what you mean about the black twiggy arm, my twig is still there even though i have had my PIcc line in for last two chemos so i guess they take a long long time to heal. You could put your old sofa next to your G and T bench and turn it into a bar!! Probably not a good look for your garden though!!

Well bloomin Picc line went for it dressed at hospital on Fri cos OH is not allowed to do it, he can flush but not dress...go figure, anyway whilst they were able to flush it for some reason they could not draw back any blood, they are hoping it has just positioned itself on my vein wall and will right itself by Thurs otherwise they will not let me have chemo thru it , it will be back to cannula!
I got so ridiculously upset at the thought of this but they said it does happen a lot and are all keeping their fingers crossed it will be ok (i think thats because no one wants to try to cannulate me they know how bad my veins are!!)
So it my last on on Thurs, not sure how i feel about it yet cant believe i have nearly got there! I shall miss all the chemo nurses in a way we have such a laugh with them and the way they have cared for me and also my OH has been second to none.

Hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected,

Lots of love to you all

Sal xx

Re: Starting chemo in February

Lizziespain, sorry to hear your blood count low again and delay with treatment, not what we need as we just want it over and done with. Hanging onto my hair but falling out in handfuls, I think I would rather it just fell out naturally. Read on another thread how some ladies were suffering from itchy/scaly scalp after shaving. Probably reason why my Oncology Nurse advised against it as this could go on to infections. I just so hate the thought of going bald - bad hair day every day! You look great in the picture but I cannot imagine myself being totally bald yet - just hate the idea.

Have fun with your friend at least it keeps you busy but are you perhaps doing too much? I try and keep busy and then it catches up on me and have to rein in.

Hope rest of you ladies are doing ok and ses keeping away from you. Taxol 5 has wiped me out and have no energy to do anything. Have good evening everyone. Adi