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Starting chemo....


Re: Starting chemo....

Hi Anne,


So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I had my surgery on December 12th 2012. My chemo started on 5th February 2013. But I had a mastectomy as well as Sentinal Node Biopsy so I had to wait until my scar had healed. If you are going on Wednesday to discuss it, it might start some time this month. I'm sorry I can't be more definite than that. When you do begin chemo, the best thing you can do is to join one of the monthly chemotherapy threads.




You will see that there is one for February 2014, but if your chemo starts in March you might have to set it up yourself if nobody has done so by then.


Sending you hugs and best wishes for your treatment.


poemsgalore xx


Starting chemo....

I was diagnosed on Jan 8th with grade 2 invasive ducal bc and been having various tests since. I got my treatment plan last week and will have 8 sessions of chemo for next 5 months to shrink the tumour which is currently 3cm so I can have a wide local excision later in the year. I am having sentinel lymph node biopsy under general anaesthetic on Tuesday this week and seeing oncologist on Wednesday to discuss chemo. Does anyone know approximately when my chemo is likely to start? Do they usually wait a few weeks after the biopsy day surgery or get started ASAP? Thanks!