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Stinging treated arm


Re: Stinging treated arm

Hi Jenny

I had some similar symptoms in the lymph node area with a tight cording feeling down the arm and all sorts of random stabbing pains. Over the weeks these have gradually subsided - the worst was the arm pit which I used to put a small cushion type thing the BN gave me under the arm that helped. So hopefully you will just find it is the same thing and nothing else -bad enough but it goes. good luck.


Stinging treated arm

Morning ladies.. I am into week two.... Seems to be fine although I too have a soreness around my lymph node operated area... The other thing I mentioned to the nurse yesterday was a stinging in my left arm (treated side) it's not apparent to the eye but every now and then it's like an intense scorching heat and quite painful it's like someone is giving me a Chinese burn... She is getting me to see someone here this week! I am staying at the cotton rooms in London so only five minutes from the hospital literally! Trying to keep covered up but enjoying the sun... Just like ask of you my body clock is crazy too.... Lots of love! X