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Success stories for pregnancy after chemo


Re: Success stories for pregnancy after chemo

Hi Pink1


Sorry that you havent had any response yet.  I know that we have had users on the Forum who have had similar experience as you.


I wonder if a nurse might be able to help you with this question?


Please consider posting in our Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum, they will be able to offer you some support and information.


Best wishes
Digital Community Officer


Success stories for pregnancy after chemo


I just wondered if anyone has any success stories for pregnancy after chemo? I'm on my 5th round but I did not have time for egg collection due to my tumour being rather aggressive. I am 33 and have one 18 month old daughter. We were trying for number two when I was diagnosed. I have been advised that I can't have my fertility checked for two years as I'll be on tamoxafen. I'm concerned that another pregnancy (if I can get pregnant) could bring the cancer back.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks x