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Support Pants


Re: Support Pants

also, I didn't start wearing mine until the drains were out - that was 10 days.

Re: Support Pants

Hi JK, I got mine from Matalan, they were medium control high rise but very comfy and looked ok.  girly x

Re: Support Pants

Hi Jk,


Following my Diep at the end of last October, I wore high rise, firm control pants purchased from a certain ‘orange coloured’ national supermarket.  This was on the advice of my BCN support team.  They were so comfy that I wore them for about 10 weeks in the end and they didn’t look too Granny-ish either.  I was also advised to buy the size that you would normally wear.  If you leave hospital with a drain in, ask if you can delay wearing them as the high rise aspect may irritate/clash with a drain incision.  That was sore as I found to my cost!


If you would like any further ‘been there, done it’ practical tips, please let me know.  PM me if you would prefer.  I have got so much out of this forum over the last year that I am more than happy to give some practical tips back.


Best wishes,


Re: Support Pants

Hi Jk71,

Not silly at all, thanks for reaching out.

Our breast care nurses should be able to help with this, you can reach them on 0808 800 6000 and you'll usually get straight through.

I hope they can help.

Take care,

Becca at Breast Cancer Care.

Support Pants

Hi everyone. This is my first post and may sound silly but I need advice regarding support pants. I’m having a mastectomy with reconstruction using the diep method and I’ve been told to bring support pants into hospital. Would I be looking for Spanx etc or is there a different type of pants? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.