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Surgery in a week


Re: Surgery in a week

We have much in common ScarletBea. I hope your op has gone well and that you are recovering with the support of your friends.. Hug to you.


Re: Surgery in a week

Hi ScarletBea, I'm new on this forum. Just wanted to reply to you as I too live on my own and am having mastectomy next week. Feeling much as you do about it all. I'm 60 years old. I do hope your surgery goes well.


Re: Surgery in a week

I agree, stay with a friend or have her stay with you. It will be so helpful to have someone to cook for you and just be there to help with whatever you need.x

Re: Surgery in a week


have to dash out but wanted to reply so excuse brevity!

Yes go and stay with your friend, I've only had WLEs  but needed, yes needed, a companion, you might feel just a bit woozy and its good to have someone around to give you a bit of care. Also, you just might need  a bit of reassuran e that every thing is ok, or if not you've got someone to get a prescription etc.

say yes and be looked after

hope all goes well Caroline


Surgery in a week

It's been one month and a bit since I noticed a lump during one of my middle-of-the-night awake times.

It's been 14 days since I had all the tests, and 6 days since I got the results: invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2 on 2 lumps, E positive, HER2 negative, they don't think it's spread to lymph nodes.

Today I saw my surgeon for the first time and now I'm having a right-side mastectomy in a week.


Everything seems to be moving at such a lightspeed pace...


I'm usually quite positive, and optimist, I'm a fighter, and I do feel positive about all this, but still...

I've had a couple of 'really angry' days.

I'm just recovering from my 4th episode of depression - at least this didn't happen last year, when I wouldn't have been strong enough to cope, I think.


I'm only going to stay in hospital 1 night, so I don't care much about what to take (except my book!), but afterwards...


Do you think I can be in my flat on my own right from the start, having friends doing the shopping and stuff? Should I take the offer of a friend and stay in her spare room a few days after the surgery?

I'm so independent, this sounds like an awful imposition on her.


The surgeon also said I would have "the works" (surgery, plus chemo, plus radio, plus medication), since I'm still young (I'm 46). The one who gave me the results last week had only mentioned surgery and medication.


Everything is quite overwhelming at the moment...