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Surgery this week. So scared.


Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Think it was Claire eho advised me of trials done for various treatmnets carried out on hot flushes and their effect if any

Delly xx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Nope, wasn't me Delly about treatment trials!?..... Chloe's got a good health mentor and I'm sure she'll be up and out soon xxx 

Claire has posted results, think it's on our other chat thread about wanting to talk? Xxxx night night Delly xxx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

rught Tins think i've got the gist, thanks for that. So are the results going to decide what type of chem they use then, that it.

Hot flushes are the pits, was it you who told me the various treatment trials that'd been done ? Took me a while on the FFS !!  Not seen that before, ha, but I'm a bit tired so early night. Yes thanks, Chloe's home, managed some prawns, am gonna have fun getting 3 lots of tabs down her this week. Thank goodness it's not all the time, prob back to one when more settled. Poor little leg, where hair shaved for drip, looks like you could snap it, she so tiny. She purrs whatever, needles, injections, always sooo good natured. Just dreadfully, dreadfully thin 

hope you get your answers soon.Nitey, Nitey xx


Hi to everyone else, hope you're all going on okay. No news on Claire yet, am wondering but hoping it's not because it's bad xx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Delly, I was told I'd have to have chemo as they found the **bleep**e in my lymph nodes....... But as she hadn't gained a clear margin from last op (scan showed 27mm turned out to be 56!), and was 'going in again' the team decided to do a node clearance at same time. If they weren't going back in chemo would've been first. Miss S said 6 lots of chemo at three wk intervals probably won't start till January once everything healed and settled. 

So, I'm assuming the results will be from the area taken for margin and clearance? I really need to speak to BCN...... But so annoyed she hasn't contacted me. Pray that if there was any other parts affected they would've seen on my MRI?...... 

Also, as I've got your attention..... Is it normal or just a bloody **bleep**ty coincidence that I'm having some hot flushes this last couple of days!?! FFS....... 🙄

Hope all good with you Dellydoos? And your pussycat feeling better today? Yes def day at a time Xxxx Tina 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

We all over think things...But,according,to the Dowager,Duchess of Downton.....we never did,before the war!!!!

have been reading your threads...day at a time.....gentle hugs.

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Claire - have got that you're waiting this after. Yeh, ut's pants!! Meet you in your kitchen, put your favourite dance tracks on for a mad bop - well your dancing may not be as mad as mine. 

See you later lovey xxx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hey Sweetiepie, Dellydoodaa here,

I'm not following lovey sorry. You're saying you are waiting 3 weeks on results ? but know for defo chemo in January? Forgive me if I'm being a bit thick, what are the results you're waiting for in 3 weeks if you're saying that you've already been told - chemo in Jan. Please explain/fill me in.

Delly xxx 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi guys...... Flitting between here and other thread. I came home Friday, drain in and feeling very drained. Up and town emotionally, still can't shake thought that every ache and discomfort I feel is connected. 

I looked up about wigs and think ( hope) living here in Scotland I'll be entitled to on NHS. But hoping I'm not going to need!!! Though know def chemo in January. Going out to shop today for fresh air if nothing else! Got to try and not think too much ahead or over think things........ But jeeze it's not easy! Three week wait for results, praying all ok and I can move onto the next planned step. Xxx hugs, thanks and love to all xxx Tina 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Tina and Jennie - I hope all went well with you both today and you aren't as sore/uncomfortable as you thought. Are you both staying "in" for a few days or are you being sent home asap ???


Yey  Meg 59 - "Cheers to the wig" from me too. I have to take my hat off to you with how your coping despite you saying how upset you are. I think the upset is a combination of so many factors - it's a huge shock and you're having to deal with so much that isn't "normal" to your life regarding  the disease and treatments so you're bound to feel emotional. I'm so glad you're receiving so much support. 


Hi to everyone else, hope you are all okay too

Lotsa love Delly xxx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hope both your ops went well ladies. . Keep smiling x

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hope the ops went well today and you are feeling OK. xxx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi windchime , feeling better this morning and looking forward to having my drain removed. Thanks for your kind thoughts 😊 .


Jeanie and Tina good luck to you both  today for your operations , sending positive vibes and big hugs your way 💕.


Jane xx 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hey Jane, how are you this evening? It's strange isn't it how the kindness of others can make us so emotional! Sending virtual hugs xxx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Delly - Yes I am a fifty niner - what a good year!


Tina - about the wigs - I think you can get a NHS wig but I am not sure if it is means tested and what they are like. I decided to buy mine privately and on  the advice of a friend who has been through chemo for BC went to chose one before loosing my hair so that I could get a close match . The shop I went to was recommended to me and they have over 2000 wigs in stock. Although I tried on a few it was actually the first one I tried that I brought. I took my sister and daughters with me for support and I got very tearful when it came to trying a wig as the whole BC and treatment suddenly hit me. But the lady wig fitter was lovely and I left feeling very relieved  that I had a wig ready. We went to the pub afterwards to toast the wig! 


I actually have 2 synthetic wigs   both the same to last me through the chemo and afterwards until my hair grows. Although they are expensive you don't pay the VAT as a cancer patient and I got the second one half price. 



I have them both out on foam heads in my bedroom and try them on regularly to get used to them. I am thinking of buying a  fringe to wear under beanie hats too. I hope to go to work part time during chemo but am starting  to realise that you can't always plan your life when you have BC ! 



I am feeling a bit low today and teary and the kindness of my friends and family today is making me cry more , it is just once of those days 😂 but  this forum and you ladies really help ! 




Jane xxx💕💕



Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hello lovely people

Lorna - hey LusciousLorna, I'm finding your nips reaction difficult to understand. They're an extremely sensitve erogenous zone  for many of us, besides the breastfeeding side. It's interesting that you feel that way about them. Have you had a bad experience or feel that yours are abnormal' or something ? cos after all, they're part of YOU.  Have a think on that one 'cos I know your a very spiritual, mentality thinking person and, forgive me, I can't rememb what your BC  treatments have been. Refresh/remind me will you.


Meg, Windchime and anyone else having to go through losing your hair - How extremely upsetting and TOUGH for you to have to deal with, on top of the 'C' factor (effin awful disease in other words). I'll be round with a bottle of your favourite wine/tipple for you to have a glug, and shoulder to blub on - ok ?.


Meg59 - does the 59 signify your vintage me dear ? If so, an excellent year - only 'cos I share it myself !! (note I say vintage and not age!) I'm so glad to hear you sound to be doing brilliantly well. May it continue.


Jenni - both you and Tina are in on the same day, Thurs - I was going to say, 'both on the 'op table' the same day (!). and yes, what you are facing IS and seems a hugely traumatic experience. Please trust me from my two mastectomies, it wont be half as bad as you thought. I'm talking dealing with the immediate physical surgery/recovery aspect  here, not the possible mental impact. That can be a totally different matter. But both of you, for the time being, need to just concentrate on getting rid and then healing up.


* Exercises* - hugely massively important. I was in for 5 days for both mx, Physios came round on day 3 to teach us and then DO. Regularly/OFTEN.  Can't stress how important to be STRICT with yourself.The mor often you DO, the QIUCKER you'll RECOVER back to your normal movement. Do 'em every hour if you want  Swartzennaand can, because it wont do any harm, only good. 

The whole current - in and out within 2 days, home with drains, DIY dressing changes, then DIY exercises, + no immediate nursing care or medical team to hand at home, quite frankly stinks. i've a good mind to petition against it.  But, you're gonna have to do the best you can without receiving the same care we did back in the days of mine 2006/2007. Sorry, I've gone off on a political RANT  'cos it's all down to lack of  funding - which is due to badly managed funds by politicians/ government who've never even had to go through it. Galls me! Sorry I've gone off on one.


Anyway, listen, please TRUST me. Once you go down for your op, as Lorna said, it IS the VERY

best sleep ever and a huge relief, because you've been so understandably worried leading up to it all. It's all alien, you don't know what to expect, it's that being "a new kid at a new school" unknown and not liking it factor etc, etc. Then Yeh, huge relief that it's gone (as much as is poss)


Gone on long enough, Will be thinking of you on Thursday. And I haven't even got round to the rest of you, so sorry. In the words of Arnie Swarzennager - "I'll be baaack" not too much later

Love to all of you, Delly xxx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Jane, I'm hearing so much positive feed back about this dreaded drain..... I've been told they won't start chemo until I've healed and recovered 4/6 weeks and then it'll be Xmas do they'll start in January. What's the score about getting wigs!?..... Heard the NHS ones are limited choice and not great?.... Did you buy yours privately? From where? I wouldn't know where to start!? Xxx hugs xx Tina

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hey Delly, how you feeling this evening? 👍🏼 Well, she says she's not touching it this time..... It was cut off and repositioned last time..... But I doubt I'll get any sensation back there!?..... Plus side, it's not going south any more!...... 😁 I've read your other messages and thank you lovely lady! 😚

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Ooh I hate nipple, you can have mine! Lol couldn't breast feed..Can't stand the thought of it. Bad mum ;( x

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Jennie and Tina hope all goes well with your ops on Thursday , I will be thinking if you both. My my advice is to keep on top of your pain with the painkillers they give you and rest as much as you can . I have been doing the exercises they gave  me and found that they are helping a lot with  the numbness and nerve pain from the lymph node clearance  .


I have been up and down emotionally  and in much more pain this time around but the drain I have in is not as bad as I feared   - it is due out this Thursday . My follow up appointment  is on 23rd and the BC nurse thinks that I probably start chemo before Christmas . I went to choose a wig with my daughters and sister a couple of weeks ago and have one very similar to my own hair - loosing my hair is upsetting me the most but getting the wig is a relief and makes me feel more in control. 



I am still keeping positive but starting to realise the journey I have  ahead of me, thank god I went for my routine  mammogram and they did a lumpectomy and SNB as I had no noticeable lump or symptoms and would be none the wiser now  ,



Take care 

Jane xx





Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Tandy - me again Darlin.

Left you posts elsewhere but meant/forgot to say . . . That's fantastic that your nipple can be preserved in your Thurs op. That was my hardest issue with my masts - losing my nipples. Not just from the visual aspect, but also from the sensitive sensual sexual aspect. Sorry to be so personal - but it was of huge importance to me because I had exTREMELY sensitive nips and they'd played a huge part in instigating much of sexual activity !!

Lotsa love to everyone, Delly xx 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Jennie, no my second procedure is this Thursday the 12th........ Just want it over with! Good luck with yours Hun...... We will both be recovering together, though mines not a full mastectomy. Taking more out from first op of lateral mammoplasty 5 weeks ago and lymph node clearance. Then another long two week wait for results!!! Xxxx hugs xx Tina 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Tina

was that last Thursday? How how are you? I have my mastectomy this Thursday, up and down but have had a lot of delays so relieved to get a date.



Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Jane, how you feeling today ?

Sometimes we just have to let the tears flow and you have been so strong already. Sending you hugs xxx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Lorna, thank you for your lovely kind words. Your so right there are so many thoughtful people and just voice my anxieties with people going through the same thing makes such a difference. Today has been a tough one, both children were home for weekend and I was so happy but also had this feeling of this is the last normal Sunday for a wee while. Had to pick myself up and shake myself down to remember take each moment and treasure it because that's what matters xx thanks again xx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Jane, how are you feeling today? Yes I keep telling myself this time next week I'll be home and recovering...... Xxx Tina..... 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Well had my surgery yesterday , all went to plan and I had such fantastic care from all the hospital staff. The pain this time is much worse and I have a drain in place which makes it difficult to get comfortable. I am taking all the pain killers I am allowed so I can move around but also resting more this time. 


I agree that it's the thought of the operation that is worse because once you are finally get into hospital you just deal with it and cope. Tina you will be ok and this time next week you will be recovering and back home. None of us choose to have BC and it is scary but I am trying to stay positive although I do still have my teary days 😒


Take care all you lovely ladies and stay strong 💕


Jane X 



Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Tandy, I found it a relief, was glad to get it over and out of me! Best sleep I had had in months too. Lol. You will be fine. Deep breath x x Lorna x

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi G..... Hope all went well and you're resting up xxxx let me know xx Keep telling myself this time next week my op will be done! 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

It's a terrifying time for the toughest of people but you will get through it. You have no choice sadly. So best option is to just breath... slow yourself down and go with it. One day at a time. All cliches I know but said for valid reasons. Fear is a natural rsponse to anything like this but it's early days for you and will be replaced with acceptance and a calm when you start treatment and kick the bugger into touch! Keep talking through your anxiety's. Theres lots of genuine people on here who will hold your hand. Lots of love Lorna xxx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi, I am new to the forum and hope I do this right. G I hope all went ok today for you and jane I'm sorry to hear  they have to operate again I'm sure everything came flooding back again.


I am very nervous I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and have been through a whirlwind of emotions. BC is in both breast so having double mastectomy on 14th with reconstruction really worried because I'm high risk for operations as have had DVT in past. I know they are taking all the precautions and double checking everything but doesn't take the worry away. Chemo starts soon after and typical I had been growing my hair now below my shoulders and it's all going to go !! 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi G wishing you well for the 5th!

Jane, I'm feeling the same! Only my results Monday (am post surgery 4 weeks tomorrow!) showed the tumour was more than twice size (scan showed 27mm lab tests say 56!) so no clear margins! And in lymph. So, because my consultant has to go back in to remove more she's doing the lymoh node clearance st same time!..... Should hear by end of week a date for surgery. So, scared all over again!!!! Then the added shock of told chemo after Xmas! I have a supportive husband, family and friends but the thought of all the side effects is hurting me so much. I can't bare the thought of losing my hair......... I'll be thinking of you tomorrow Hun, lots of love xxxx Tina 

my surgery will be within next two weeks, I'm just over the last op!....... 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi everyone 


i am new to the forum ,  I  have surgery tomorrow and feeling very nervous . I had a lumpectomy and SNB in September  following a routine mammogram , clear margins in breast so all clear there  but one of the two lymph nodes came back positive. So op tomorrow to remove all lymph nodes followed by chemo , radiotherapy and hormone treatment .just need to get through tomorrow feeling calm at the moment but have been in tears a lot this week and worried about the op and the recovery afterwards. I have a lovely husband family and friends  and supportive employer which helps. Can't believe how quickly life can change but feeling positive (most of time !), loosing my hair has upset me the most but now I have two wigs ready and waiting I  feel that I can cope with it although I am sure there will be tears when my lovely hair falls out. Good luck to all you lovely ladies . Jane X 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi G..I have lumpectomy on the 5th too... Hopefully it will be a lucky day xx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi...... Better than I expected to be totally honest!

I'm just over two week post op and dressing free though still quite sore. I was petrified!..... But staff were brilliant from the auxiliaries to surgeons! Recovered so quickly I was discharged a day early! Though feel I'm in limbo right now........ Have had two visits back to the hospital at the plastics dressings clinic. But have had no other contact from BC nurse etc. My GP asked me to make apt see her mid November just before my sick note rubs out. I'm waiting for appointment to come through to go back see my consultant and team girl pathology results! Then get told next step of treatment?! Feel I should be doing/taking something?

My anaethatist said he wasn't giving me pre med (which I was initially upset about) said as I had to have things done before theatre, and I was on afternoon list!!! Nil by mouth from 10:30 pm water only up to 10 am.  Had to have dye injections and kept waiting till 3:15!..... In theatre at 3:30 in recovery by 6:15 and back on ward by 6:45:) . Wishing you lots of love and luck, please keep in touch and let me know how it goes. Message me if you prefer. Sure You'll be fine, and as lots on here have said before I went in, (which I couldn't ever see me thinking!) "felt strangely calm once in hospital"..... I did. Though scared so much my knees were actually knocking together on my bed journey to theatre! I felt relief that something was starting to finally get done to get this **bleep**e out! 

What hospital are you under? What procedure are you having Hun? Sending you huge positive hugs xxx Tina 

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Hi Tina,


How did it go?

I am due on nov/5. I am dreading it.


Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Thanks Chris........ Felt very down last night, on my own and too much time to think!

Yes I'm in work Monday and Tuesday, in hospital by 2pm Wednesday, op scheduled for some time Thursday. 

Busy yesterday with batch cooking and portioning meals for freezer! So all that needs to be done is the veg, pasta, potatoes or rice to go with them!?.......  Today I'm ironing, housework, beds changed and get car cleaned, so by this evening I'll be ready for a glass of red, some telly then bed...... Hopefully to sleep good tonight!?! My hubby will be home with me Tuesday evening (my son and daughter live in Aberdeen, where I have to travel to for hospital so I'll see them the end of the week) ......... Thanks for your support Chris xx

Good luck for Friday Hun, I'll be thinking of you and let me know how you are? Xxxx take care xx hugs xx

Re: Surgery this week. So scared.

Wishing you lots of luck Tina. The waiting is the hardest part - as you know. I'll be thinking of you, I'm starting my chemo on Friday so I'll be glad when this week is over too.  Thank heavens for this forum! Hope you have a good Sunday, I am up visiting my sister which is lovely and takes my mind off everything, are you  working this week? Chris xx

Surgery this week. So scared.

Surgery on Thursday. So scared of hospitals. Just want this over!!!!! Still can't get head around fact that this is not a quick fix, life changing...... Very emotional right now. Xx Tina