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Surgery to repair reconstructive surgery


Re: Surgery to repair reconstructive surgery

Naenae, I'm sorry you have had many complications due to surgery. Cancer is life disrupting and changes our lives and bodies beyond what we cannot imagine. Reconstruction is a long haul. For some, it can be shorter route to the end and others, it's fraught with difficulty, yet everyone I've read has been on the roller coaster regarding emotions, physical pain and new body adjustments that need to be made. I'm working though what my stage II surgery kicked up (nipple construction and scar revision) and I had complications this time around. I've developed a seroma, at the edge of my left hip scar (I've had diep) that looks like a split saussage under my skin. Today I see my PS, and most likely another syringe aspiration - not made for sissies. Ugh.

I sought shortly after my first reconstructive surgery, a woman therapist to help me understand the enormity of what I'm involved with and helping me to adjust to the 'new normal'. Before surgery, I was reading YOU magazine article on one of the models for the BCC fashion shows and she spoke of entering therapy, to help her come to grips with bc. I realted strongly to her feelings of fear and how the body changes made her feel and effect it had on her life. Therapy has helped me understand my anger, dissapointment and fears as I traverse this journey, that none of us would have choosen - if we could.

There are BC groups that meet up for support and it's been suggested on these boards to contact Macmillan, who offer counselling and if you live near any one of Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres, they have a great offering. I also keep active by working out at the gym (at a pace that is suitable for me) and that helps me greatly and is good for any woman undergoing treatment or finished with treatment.
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Surgery to repair reconstructive surgery

I started having swelling in my left breast about 5 weeks after my reconstructive surgery. I called my doctor and he called in an antibiotic. I took the round of Meds and things seemed fine, about two weeks later pain and swelling devolved againg in same breast. I called my doctor they put me back on antibiotic. My breast ended up swelling up and the incision began to leak blood and pus. The doctor opened it up, cleaned it out and stitched it up. I thought everything was fine, about two weeks later another spot opened up on the same breast. It looked like a tiny hole and fluid leaked from it, within days it turned black and was extremely painfull and bloody. The doctor ordered and an emergency surgery at that point. They opened the breast back up, cleaned it, removed the implant and replaced the implant and placed a draining tube.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb 2012 finished chemo Sept 2012. I seriously thought all was over in Sept, I was not prepared for the recovery period. The surgeries that pop up the days off of work and dealing with lack of energy and the fact I may never be the person I was pre cancer diagnose.