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Surgery with Calcification

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Re: Surgery with Calcification

hi Tstock,
Someone with a diagnosis similar to yours maybe better able to advise from their experience, but I would suggest that the scan & Her results need to be back first before it is finalised.
I had to have an mri scan just prior to surgery, but it was made clear to me that the plan could change depending on the mri results. It wasn't finalised until the day itself, but it would probably be unsual for it to be this tight. I was very relieved to go into surgery that day for wle!
ann x


Surgery with Calcification

Evening, I'm due to go back to the hospital on Wednesday for the results of all my scans plus getting my treatment plan (I hope).  


The reason I found my lump was due to calcification that I had found previously that I wanted checked on again.  It wasn't there 20 months ago.  I was described as having 'busy boobs' the first time !


I have an IDC, Grade 2, 3.4 cm, ER+, awaiting HER result.  Because of the calcification are they more likely to say a full mastectomy rather than just a lumpectomy?  


With that size lump are they more likely to go for surgery first ? 


Thanks in advance ladies xx