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Swelling Under Arm Six Months Post Surgery


Re: Swelling Under Arm Six Months Post Surgery

sorry its Elaine by the way x

Re: Swelling Under Arm Six Months Post Surgery

Hi I havent had a mastectomy but after op last year also node op as it had gone into one of the nodes 😞 I wear the sports bra's no wires as they are so uncomfortable now, it has really helped, you can get them in poundland too ! much to my surprise and they too are comfortable.

I still do the exercises but not always good at doing them everyday.

hope all goes well for you.

take care

Swelling Under Arm Six Months Post Surgery

Hello Ladies.


Hope you are all well.


I had a left side mastectomy and immediate reconstruction using LD muscle and implant in August 2016. This was after a lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy in February and 6 months of chemotherapy!!!!


I have recently started to wear "normal" bras and have noticed that under my arm where the muscle was brought through is very swollen.  I am wondering if the bras are somehow lifting the implant causing the muscle to move.  The discomfort is so bad that I have had to go back to the unflattering vest bras that I wore after surgery. 


I stopped doing the stretching excercises a couple of months ago as everything felt OK but I'm beginning to wonder if i stopped too soon.


Has anyone else had this?