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Swelling after 10 weeks?


Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

I saw the consultant on Tuesday & he managed to remove some fluid. He recommended massage with vasoline, E45 or bio oil so I've gone crazy with the vasoline  (only one we had in the house!) & it's started to soften up!!! It's not uncomfortable now either & my sports bra is looking a bit big!! Seeing him again on 28th - if it keeps improving at this rate he'll be nearly as pleased as me!!


Merry Christmas 😍


Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

Hope they sort it tigerfeet. Last year when my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas I said a new boob!! Hope you get your's for Christmas x

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

Saw the plastics senior registrar this morning, he sent me to the ultrasound guy this afternoon to be drained! Unfortunately he couldn't remove much, said it required a bigger hole!! So now I'm swollen & uncomfortable & fed up!


I've emailed the consultant's secretary to see what happens next. I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday but I don't want to be told they'll sort it more days later. Would quite like a smaller foob for Christmas - hoping Father Christmas sends one my way!!!

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

Good news they've worked it out tigerfeet, but couldn't they have sorted it on Friday instead of leaving you waiting another week? It's not fair (stamps feet!).

Hope it is resolved once and for all and you can move forward with your recovery in time for Christmas x

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

Ultrasound revealed excess fluid so I'm expecting a big needle to come my way on Thursday when I see one of the registrars. No idea why it took til 8 weeks after surgery for it to appear. Hopefully he'll be able to sort it on Thursday. Luckily I'm not scared of needles!

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

It appears I'm a bit of a mystery!!!


I'm going for an ultrasound on Friday to see what's going on in there. They are a bit concerned about the rock hard bit. I'm doing more massage - hoping it'll help!!

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

It's the opposite side to the drains & away from the flap which has healed well luckily. The skin is a bit thinner & rubbing on my bra (still in sports bras from post surgery) near to my cleavage!


Just had a call back - off to the hospital again this afternoon!

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

I had an issue with fluid leaking after my mastectomy and implant reconstruction. The wound just didn't want to heal. I remember going to my brother in law's wedding about 3-4 weeks post op and having to squeeze the foob in the shower in order to let the fluid out - a bit like expressing milk for a baby (or milking a cow!)


Is the scab from the drain site? or the end of the stitches?


I hope they can see you today. Get lots of spare dressings from them if you can. My surgeon gave me several sterile packs which contained gloves, disposable dish, swabs, sachets of sterile cleaning fluid, and a few other bits and bobs. Also inadine gauze and dressings. 


All the best x

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

The scab has now started to leak clear fluids so I'm waiting a call back!!! They have been brilliant, the consultant's secretary is fantastic & always happy to help.

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

Hi tigerfeet, I had DIEP reconstruction end of August, roughly 14 or so weeks ago. M swelling was pretty much gone after about 6 weeks (shame really as new foob was a good size until then!)

I'd just say that you must watch out for redness and heat on the foob, and general feeling unwell, temperature etc. I've had more than my fair share of infections over the last 3 years so you really need to monitor yourself carefully.

I also had to have fluid drained from my original implant reconstruction as the drain came out too early. That was a long and laborious process.

Your registrar seems to be keeping a careful eye on you. Don't hesitate to chase them up for a check up if you feel worried.

All the best xx

Re: Swelling after 10 weeks?

Hi Tigerfeet


You may find it helpful to talk with one of our specialists on our free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.


Please do pop back and let us know how you get on at the hospital, if you feel able.


Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Swelling after 10 weeks?

I had a mastectomy &  muscle sparing TRAM just over 10 weeks ago & have recovered well.


A couple of weeks ago I noticed some bruising to the left hand side of my foob (I had the right one done) & a small scab. Not near flap - that's OK. I went to see the ps & he gave me some dressings & said to come back in 2 weeks unless it got worse. I didn't have an appointment letter so rang as the scab is now bigger (has dried & dropped off & reformed) & saw the other senior registrar yesterday (knows my case better) & he wasn't that concerned by scab & bruising, skin on that side not as good as rest of breast but he thought it was way harder than the previous time I'd seen him (19/10) so he sent me for a blood test to rule out any infection & sending me for ultrasound as he thinks it could be fat necrosis. He wasn't too concerned (I'm back in just over 2 weeks as they run clinics in 2 hospitals & the Thursday one is nearer) It feels a bit bruised & slightly swollen today.


I just wondered if anyone has had anything similar after 10 or more weeks? I'm lucky enough not to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy & have been on tamoxifen since 21/10