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Swollen breast and armpit lymph node


Re: Swollen breast and armpit lymph node

Ditto, ask for a referral. If the breast clinic can put your mind at rest then it's well worth it.

Re: Swollen breast and armpit lymph node

I think we would all say yes, see your GP about it, but most lumps are not breast cancer. Other conditions can cause swollen lymph nodes and might benefit from treatment.


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Swollen breast and armpit lymph node

A month ago I had an ultrasound and was told I have a swollen lymph node in my right breast and one in my right armpit. I had been experiencing an achy right breast for a few months prior to this, and had found a movable small lump (the lymph node).

I have had no infection, etc, and a month later the lymph nodes are still swollen and the breast and sometimes, armpit, are achy. I am extremely worried due to having used what was imo a carcinogenic medication (Spironolactone).

Ultrasounds are something like 85% accurate in diagnosing, is this right?

I'm thinking I will go to my GPs tomorrow and ask to be re-referred to the breast clinic, and ask for a Core Biopsey. What do you think? I'm mainly incredibly worried due to the Spironolactone. Surely a Core Biopsy is the only way to get a definate answer re whether or not it is breast cancer, or am I being unnecessarily anxious?

The breast lymph node is also in the upper outer quadrant, where 45% of breast cancer occurs.