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T-11 days to go...


Re: T-11 days to go...

I hope your follow up was better than you feared it might be. I feel for you as you thought have echoed my own over the last few weeks.

I had the biopsy last Thursday and know that a 2cm lump needs to be removed just waiting now to see if it is cancerous it not.
My husband is lovely but tends to sob which makes things harder to deal with so j did not tell him until I needed too. I was also tearful at the appointment (went in my own) but now just feel numb. The waiting is the worst
if it. Feels like walking in slow motion towards a cliff edge, having no idea how far the drop is.
Please let me know how you got on. Happy to chat if you need to. I think just having someone there who understands what you are going through makes if all a little bit more bareable. My thoughts are with you.

Re: T-11 days to go...

Hi Damara,

i was where younarec year ago and in a stAte of shock when the results came back, even though I was pretty sure it wouldn't be good news. It. Takes a bit of time for it all to sink in and yes, initially you imagine all sorts of doom scenarios! I was petrified of having scans in case they found it had spread, but luckily they came back clear.

However, once treatment starts you just get through it. It's not easy but my friends and family were just beyond incredible in supporting me. I found telling them very difficult especially my mum as my dad had recently died of prostate cancer.

the chemo monthly thread on here was a lifeline as I could talk about absolutely anything to the wonderful ladies there. Im sure one will start for October soon.

its a year today since I first went to the breast clinic and the horrible process started, but I finished treatment ( surgery, chemo, rads) in june  now I feel fit and well again.

you will get there.

lovecand hugs

claire xxx

Re: T-11 days to go...

Just a quick update.  Had results yesterday.  Not good news.  Breast cancer and it's also in the lymph nodes in my. right arm.  So chemo followed by surgery followed by radio Caroline.  


Very emotional.  Telling friends and family is hard though everyone is lovely.  Telling my 12 year old son was rubbish.  Work are brilliant  look after yourself, sod work, etc.  I have a wonderful best friend and a lovely team and I told them and they have told everyone else.   I have had so many nice texts and emails.


husband is beyond wonderful.  I am so lucky I am not on my own in this.  


My my biggest fear is that it has spread because I can cope with chemo and chopping it out of me but I am so worried it has gone into my bones.  I am having a bone and ct scan scheduled.  I see the oncologist at 11am today.  And I guess I am moving threads to another part of the forum. 🙂


good god luck to any one waiting for results.  I hope you have better news than me. xx

Re: T-11 days to go...

Hello, Ann


Thanks for coming back to me. 🙂


I hate the waiting.  And I'm sure this lump has grown in a week!  Sigh.


I should have asked about the bra size.  I wondered if it was to do with reconstructive surgery?  Guess I'll find out soon enough. 🙂



Re: T-11 days to go...

Thanks, Lizzy. 🙂


It is horrible waiting.  You want the results then and there!


Thanks for coming back to me.

Re: T-11 days to go...

hi damara,
This is the worst time, but you will get through it & thankfully you are getting it sorted out.
Anxiety & the mind going into overdrive, inevitably, goes with the territory so try & see it for what it is.
I wouldn't know about the bra size query...
do take care
ann x

Re: T-11 days to go...

Hi damara117, 


I am really sorry to hear you are going through this anxious time. I know it can be difficult having to wait for test results and I am sure some of our users will be along to show their support soon. 


In the meantime please do call our free helpline. They can talk to you about any further questions you have and offer a friendly ear. You can reach them on 0808 800 6000 and the opening hours are below. 


Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Late opening Wednesday 9am-7pm
Saturday, 9am-1pm


Best wishes, 



T-11 days to go...

Hello, everyone


I'm 50 and I had an appointment at the local Breast Unit last Friday morning - consultation and mammogram and ultrasound with core biopsy in both the breast and the lymph node.  Everyone was very lovely and this must be such a tough job to do.  


The ultrasound lady told me I had asymmetrical density and that the lymph node was more enlarged than she would like.  When I saw the consultant at the end of the appointment, she told me it didn't look very good.  I have my results appointment at 9.30am on 15th September (hence the countdown in the subject line).  


My husband is really cut up but being fantastic.  I am trying to be stoic but keep getting ridiculously tearful thinking about wild dramatic scenarios where I've left it all too late and it's spread everywhere and will I make Christmas and what are the odds of my 12 year old son remembering me because I lost my mum when I was 18 and memories fade. 😞  I am usually a really positive person, I hasten to add! 


Anyway.  I wanted to say hi and that it's comforting to find this forum and know you aren't on your own. 🙂


Oh, and the consultant asked for my bra size - anyone any idea why?  I think I got the cup size wrong, I was so flustered. 🙂