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TNC & no chemo ?


Re: TNC & no chemo ?

Hi, I am TN I had a bilateral mastectomy on the 19th of nov and was planned to have chemo and then rads. I also have Crohn's disease and because of then medication I am on for that I can't have chemo! On one hand relieved that I'm not having chemo but a small part of me is afraid that not having it there might be a chance of it coming back elsewhere! x

TNC & no chemo ?

Hi, has anyone been diagnosed TNC, or borderline TNC, with clear nodes & not been offered Chemo, or not taken up the offer of Chemo? I'm currently waiting for final disgnosis as biopsy before op showed high +receptors for both E & P & I had Tamoxifen before my op, but low results on post op paths! My 2 lobular tumours were 2.5cm in total when removed with one-sided mx. (My understanding was that lobular is nearly always hormone receptive?).