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Tamoxifen Hot Flushes


Re: Tamoxifen Hot Flushes

Hi Helen ,
I was on tamoxifen for 7 weeks stopped taking them now while I'm having chemo,but i took mine in the morning and can honestly say i didn't have any hot flushes i don't know if its because of this or not but maybe worth a try,if it doesn't help dont suffer in silence mention it to your team and there's also some useful tips on here if you look through the relevant threads,everyone's experience with tamoxifen seems to be different though. Good luck hope you find some answers. Xx

Tamoxifen Hot Flushes

Hello ladies. Been on tamoxifen for 8 weeks which I know is still early days but I am suffering really bad hot flushes particularly at night and they are stopping me from sleeping. I take tamoxifen at 7pm each night.

Anyone got any tips or advice?

Helen x