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Tamoxifen & endometrial cancer


Re: Tamoxifen & endometrial cancer

I have started two threads on this subject, like your self I have been on tamoxifen for three years and don't know if it is safe to continue because of this risk. I have never had much of a response to my threads. I have read that it is more safe to continue if you haven't gone through the menopause . I have made any appointment to have my bloods checks to see if I am going through the menopause you never really know because your periods stop because of the tamoxifen . It does seem a grey area and not much information.i do know that now doctors are saying that it is safe to take tamoxifen for 10 years. Hope all goes well for you x


Tamoxifen & endometrial cancer

Just wondering if anyone else has also developed endometrial cancer who was taking tamoxifen? I've been taking tamoxifen for just over three years when I got my new diagnosis. At each meeting I've had with doctors whether it was the BC lot oncology lot, gyny lot, or my GP their immediate statement was "you know tamoxifen has an increased risk?" Well I didn't until then! However it is rare (certainly less than 1%) and the benefits of taking tamoxifen out way the risk, but now I'm stuck between two different onc teams that don`t seem able to communicate with each other even though they are based in the same hospital! Last week I had a complete hysterectomy and was wondering if anyone has an idea of what happens next.