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Tamoxifen and Type 1 Diabetes

Tamoxifen and Type 1 Diabetes

Has anyone else here had experience of managing type 1 diabetes while taking tamoxifen? I've been on the tablets for six weeks and I'm having ridiculous spikes in blood-sugar levels, having to take lots of extra insulin to bring readings down which then puts me at risk of hypoglycaemia - not clever when so much of my day is spent driving back and forth to hospital.

I've had 40+ years of managing the diabetes so I always expect to have some callifoggling to do when I begin a new medication, but this one takes the biscuit. (Biscuit! I daren't have a biscuit, it'll cause a spike!)

My radiotherapy crew have emailed the oncologist to ask her what she knows about it, but no reply yet.

I'll put this on the Ask the Nurses board too.