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Tamoxifen and contraception


Re: Tamoxifen and contraception



Sorry to butt in on your thread but I wondered if our publication about intimacy and sex might be of some help.  I've attached a link:




There's also a link on the right hand side of the page (Breast cancer and sex, what to expect) which takes you to some more information.


Very best wishes



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Re: Tamoxifen and contraception

Hi everyone

So glad I found this thread, I am at the ripe old age of 44 and recoving from treatment  and I'm pretty sure that not having had a period for two years (since DX) I'm menopausal BUT I dont want to risk pregnancy.  Like Mrs_B using barrier methods has never worked well for us, and the long promised Vasectomy has been booked and put off more times than I can remember!


Mrs_B I agree that the impact on intimate relationships and ongoing contraception is something that needs to be picked up on at clinic appointments - after all we are all adults aren't we?


When I was DX at 42 I had been using a contraceptive implant for a few years and was advised to have it removed.  I tried to discuss contraception with my consultant during treatment, but she seemed a bit surprised that I was even considering having sex!  And so didnt really know what to tell me.  Even the MacMillan book I found in clinic about relationships and cancer is a bit vague and stresses how this is a private thing between couples, so I felt it wasnt considered to be a priority and I was then reluctant to bring the subject up.




Re: Tamoxifen and contraception

I went for the coil, just the ordinary one, not a Mirena which involves low dose progesterone. Find it works well and no SEs or problems. Quick and easy to fit by a GP

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Re: Tamoxifen and contraception

Have you considered a copper coil, its non hormone producing so is fine if your taking tamoxifen, its worked for me, lasts for 5 years.


Re: Tamoxifen and contraception

Hi MrsB


Here's the link to BCC's publication 'your body, intimacy and sex' which I hope you find helpful.  Also if you would like to talk to someone on our helpline they'll be only too happy to.




Take care,

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Re: Tamoxifen and contraception

Hi Mrs B,

this is really not my area of expertise being life-long single and celibate BUT my surgeon recently told me he would be happy for me to have a mirena coil fitted to protect me from some side effects of Tamoxifen I am having (not common so don't panic). it is impreganted with progesterone but is a very low dose and therefore the risks are very small even for PR+ cancer (which I have/had)


It kind of made me laugh (am currently waiting for gynae appointment to discuss it further)  but it might be an option for you?  Definitely worth asking your oncolgosit or surgeon.


Tamoxifen and contraception

Hi ladies


Am trying to get some of my normal life back, but the issue of what contraception to use is hindering this side of mine and my husbands relationship.


I've normally took care of that side of things...being on the pill for example, but now this is not an option.  The general vague advice was to use barrier contraception, but to be honest I feel that condoms are a real interruption to love making, as well as having concerns if something goes wrong re.emergancy contraception. 


I'm currently trying to persuade OH to have a vacestomy, but feel very underwhelmed with the advice and support given on contraception from the various doctors and breast care nurses.  I think its pretty poor that the impact the disease and the treatment has on couples is not picked up on.  I feel that I have no one to take to about this.  My friends think its great that I have an excuse not to have sex, but I'm desperately trying to overcome the emotional and physical barriers that could stop me enjoying a normal love life again.


Am just sharing this with you so I can start to verbalise my frustrations and concerns.  Maybe some of you have similiar issues or experiences.