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Tamoxifen and having kids

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Re: Tamoxifen and having kids

Hi Katie
I was on tamoxifen came off it after 2yrs to ttc. had two miscarriages and ended up with a new primary in the same breast. So am back on Tamoxifen for 5 yrs one and had a mastectomy/reconn. my gut feeling was it was due to the raise in Hormones so can't risk ttc again. X

Re: Tamoxifen and having kids

Hi Katie

I thought the BCC publication "Fertility issues and breast cancer treatment" might be helpful for you. I have attached the link:


I'm sure other forum members will soon be along to share their own experiences with you.

Very best wishes


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Tamoxifen and having kids

Having kids was always very important to me and obviously I know that your body neeas estrogen to make them and being on tamoxifen isn't ideal lol. But I was wound earring if anyone taking tamoxifen went on to have kids without a return of the cancer.

look forward to hearing from you,

katie 23