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Re: Tamoxifen....questions

Thanks everyone, this is all very helpful. I guess I just need to experiment a bit with timing although it sounds like the evening seems to suit most people. With regards to brands, I'll try these and see how I go but elsewhere on the forum I've seen mention that Teva seem slightly better. X

Re: Tamoxifen....questions

Evening Ladies.


My GP didn't have the HC1 exemption form.  I had to ask DWP for it which i did online.  I had Neo Adjuvant Chemo so needed it for my anti sickness meds and Steroid etc  


TEVA is the kindest on side effects for me and i've found a small Pharmacy who, to date, seem to be able to get them.  My GP denied any knowledge about some brands causing intolerable side effects and a few pharmacies were the same.  One told me the side effects are from the Tamoxifen rather than the other ingredients in the tablet..... and should be the same whichever brand you take..


I reckon the people telling us Brand makes no difference aren't hobbling round the bedroom in the middle of the night with excrutiating pains in their jounts.


I used to take mine before bed but had hot flushes 3/4 times in the night (sleep already pretty poor).  I changed and now take it at tea time so any hot flushes are in the evening but to be fair these have reduced,  Been taking it for 12 month now.


Good luck with your treatment   Take Care   Gilly X

Re: Tamoxifen....questions

Hi Michelin,
Initially, I was taking my Tamoxifen in the morning. However, by night, I was having stomach discomfort/pain about 7pm without fail. I decided to play around with doseage times at the suggestion of others here and I tried taking it at 6pm, with my dinner, which isy biggest meal of my day. I hit the jackpot! No more stomach pain. If I have it during sleep, I just roll over on tummy and that seems to help. I have had insomnia for years so waking up is nothing new to me but the stomach pain was just ..... A real pain! Good luck to you and I hope you find a routine that works for you. Take care 🙂

Re: Tamoxifen....questions

Thanks Lakeslover, that's very useful informatilon.

Re: Tamoxifen....questions

Hi Michelm

                   As Lakeover said all prescriptions are free after a cancer dx/treatment so make sure you get your exemption card sorted out as it can get costly, I take my Tamoxifen in the morning as I am awake with hot flushes all night otherwise ! but you will find whats best for you, I would advise taking with food as SOME people suffer nausea with them but not all.

As for brands it does seem to differ, I have asked for Teva as I find these the most suitable for me I still have some side effects but they do seem lighter than with other brands but again you will find out once you start taking them, some chemists seem to give whatever is available so if you want to stay with one brand ask them to note it on your records,

All the best x

Re: Tamoxifen....questions

Another reply for you!

All your prescriptions are free for 5 years after your cancer not just cancer related ones. But you need to apply for a medical exemption certificate. Your GP will have supplies of the form and they need to sign it. If you have the receipt for the one you have picked up you can claim the cost back.

I take them in the evening after my meal. I did start taking them in the morning and had very poor appetite all day. Not sure that this was connected, it may just have been related to tiredness after radiotherapy but once I started on them in the evening I never changed back.


I'm not new to the forum in that I have followed it avidly since I was diagnosed in March 2014 but I haven't yet posted, .


On March 11, I was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, hormone positive. Following surgery for a WLE and SNB on March 20 it was a tumour of 15mm grade 1.  There was no nodal involvement.


My treatment plan was radiotherapy and Tamoxifen.  I started radio on 19 May  - 15 general and 3 boosters - and have my final treatment tomorrow.


So I have a couple of questions: I was surprised when i picked up my Tamixofen yesterday to have to pay for them as I thought that drugs that you needed to take like this were exempt from charge? May have got this wrong but just thought I'd check.


Secondly, there has been lots of talk on here about Tamoxifen and the different side effects from different brands.  I had my prescription dispensed today and the brand was Wockhardt - is there really any difference?  I am never ill (until this and then I go for the big one!) so don't really know my GP but she did call to see how i was doing and when I mentioned the brand stuff she told me that she had never had anyone complain about different brands so was just wondering?


Also, last question!  What is the best time to take the tablets?


Thanks so much for your responses !