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Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!


Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

Flossy, I've had the same and so impressed with the skill of the girl who did it. It faded quit a by over the first 4-6 weeks by hada top u booked an I think it looks fab. This tattoo is the same procedure used for eyebrows. Very impressed so far x

Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

Hi Runningfree,  Surely tatoos are lovely and after mastectomy they make them look beautiful.

Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

Today I had a permanent makeup tattoo done to give me back my missing nipple.  My scar is quite neat, horizontal across my breast and although it didn't bother me looking in the mirror and seeing the line across, tonight upon getting undressed to go to bed I noticed (even with cling film on it) how normal it makes me look.

My treatment was carried out by a lovely lady called Faye Marie who donates this service to people who've had breast cancer.   I would thoroughly recommend this procedure to anyone.   I'm one happy lady 😀

Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

I was lucky enough to have a reconstruction when I had the surgery and on the whole I don't think tattoos are a good idea - too permanent having said that, Sue your tattoo looks amazing as does your hair... Love the colours.


I think you need to think long and hard about having a tattoo, the design etc has to be just right as you can't change it once it's been done. Sue's tattoo looks amazing and I think that providing you get a good design and a good tattooist it's a good idea. Because it is such a big step (and as has already been said) try and get a tattooist who specialises in tattooing scares and find out if you can see any of their work first. I think I probably would have a tattoo if I hadn't had a reconstruction as I think as Sue says it empowers you and you would be looking at something special to you. What does hubby think? I would also get him to help with the design as he will be the one who looks at it the most 😀.  The other thing to consider is how much feeling you have as I have been told that it can be painful I sure Sue could let you know about the practical side of things.  I haven't got any real feeling in my false boob but my nerve endings feel everything at the moment, not sure if that is same for you.

please let us knows what you decide and I wish you luck with what ever you decide to do XX

Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

Here is link to article and photos. Copy and paste into search bar to access. Hope it helps. I've had a bit more shading since this but you can see the scale etc.

Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

I waited 5 years after my surgery to have my tattoo over double mastectomy scars. I'd had radical mastectomies so my chest is like a washboard. Best decision I ever made. I love it. I think realistically the tattoo artist may want to wait for at least 2 years to make sure your scars are well and truly healed. It is sometimes quite difficult to tattoo over scar tissue. So I would find someone who is experienced in covering scars and have a consultation. Think carefully about the design because you have to be able to live with it forever.
Go for it! It gave me a feeling of regaining control, because it was my decision. It also makes me smile whenever I see it.
Good luck Cath. I have photo but not sure how to post one to show you.
Sue x

Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

Thanks Munch

think you're right!

will start investigating


Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

Hi Runningfree, get the tattoo, I've seen many women with them and they are beautiful, and they mean so much too.

Re: Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!

Hi Runningfree


Sorry that you havent had a reply to your post yet.  There are various conversations about tattoos covering mastectomy scars hopefully someone will reply to you soon with thier thoughts and experience.


Best wishes
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Tattoo on unreconstructed mastectomy site or not?!


I had my mx 29/11/15

Wasnt offered immediate reconstruction as it was surgeons first op back from a RSI.

She then left!

i got on with my chemo and herceptin ( due to finish in 3 weeks. Yay!)

I'm 5'5" size 10 (36A). I was a keen runner before all this and have kept this up ( just!) throughout my treatment . It's often been my sanity.

When I saw the general surgeon in January ( still no breast surgeon in post at the time) ( I live on an island so 2nd opinion not easy) he was a little discouraging for various reasons re reconstruction. My husband doesn't want me to have surgery, thinks the rest of me is in good condition (lol!) and worries I could end up with a load of problems, particularly re my running. The only suggestion they are making is lipofill, which I understand doesn't always work first time. I have very little fat on me so they've said I might get dimpling as well.

Most of the time I'm ok with the scar.



Does anyone have any thoughts?

i would really appreciate ANY advice!