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Taxol: bi-weekly or weekly?


Re: Taxol: bi-weekly or weekly?

im not sure as I havent started my paclitaxel (I start on Tuesday) but I have been told by my oncologist that the weekly doses are a lot easier on the body so personally if he offered me the chance to finish in 8 weeks or 12 unless I had to be finished ASAP to do something very important (for example get back to work so I didnt lose my job or fly off to a family wedding) id take the 12 as I believe it'd be slightly easier on my body even though I am desperate for chemo to be over and done with.

Taxol: bi-weekly or weekly?

Hi there, I've just completed 4 cycles of EC and will be starting Taxol (plus herceptin) at the end of month.  My onc has given me the choice of either 4 bi-weekly Taxol or 12 weekly Taxol; both he and the nursing team seem neutral on the respective SE and want to leave the decision to me....eeek.  

I'm keen to get chemo over with asap as I will need to get started with radiotherapy and also to think about return date for work, however I am concerned about the side-effects of accelerated Taxol and was wondering if anyone could share their experiences or thoughts.  I know I won't be able to cold cap with the bi-weekly regime and am very concerend about neuropathy. But am the same time keen to see the back of chemo and move on. 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!