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Re: Tearful


Just want to wish you all the best for your Chemo, its over 2 years since I finished mine but remember that the worst part for me was not knowing what to expect or how I'd react to it.

Take it as it comes, hope everything goes well, and do join in with the other ladies for support, it does help, Best wishes to all of you


Re: Tearful

Dear All,

Thanks for support, feel a bit better. Yes Di I will join the thread for March chemo. Thanks for that. XX


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Re: Tearful

Hi Wintersocks,

Would you like to join us all on the March 2012 chemo thread?


You will get some great support there.

Hugs and xxxxx

Re: Tearful

Hi Wintersocks dont beat yourself up over this, i cannot beleive how much ive cried in the past 8 weeks, just the thought of something can set me off your not alone in this dont worry.

Re: Tearful

Hi Wintersocks,

Please dont be so hard on yourself. I have been through all the surgery and started chemo and still cry a lot. It does you good to cry it helps relieve all the pressure. It does not make you a weak person. Unfortunately everyone in the family suffers in these situations because its so hard on everyone but that is not your fault we never asked for this.

It is all very tireing and bewildering but as time goes on you will find the strength to cope and so will your family.

Sending you gentle hugs

Deb xx

Re: Tearful

Try what I did. Don't think, just turn up for appointments, leave your brain on the dressing table. I bought an autobiography of a famous footballer and read that after op when not feeling well. Be kind to yourself. All the best.

Re: Tearful

It's perfectly normal to feel like you do. You will feel more in control once you have started chemo.


I have returned from seeing the oncologist (1st time) and having a ct scan. I am utterly exhausted, next week I have an MRI to go to.

My 1st chemo is now on the 23rd March.

I have looked at some of the women's posts on here and am amazed at their courage and the help and encouragement shown to others in the same situation.

I cannot do that as am the start of all this, and that makes me feel bad and I feel utterly helpless. My children always at the centre of my life, are suffering too.

I just keep crying.