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Tell us your thoughts


Re: Tell us your thoughts - Abbreivations

Hi Lisad,


Thank you for your feedback. 


Although I am no expert on all Forum abbreviations I have done a small post on this which I hope you find helpful 🙂 


You can find this here.


Best wishes, 



Re: Tell us your thoughts - Abbreivations



Is it possible for someone to put up a list of what all the abbrivations means that pop on the forum. 


Some of them I can guess but some I do not have a clue what people are talking about Smiley Very Happy


It just might help others  as well.


Many thanks




Re: Tell us your thoughts

So much easier to navigate.

Seems to be less sluggish on my Hudl2 tablet.

Love that the latest posts is back and easy to find.

Don't like the new avatars - much preferred the old ones - people could choose something appropriate to them and it helped to remember who's who - the childish faces are just too generic (although I use my own picture anyway)


Is it my imagination, or is it less pink now? An improvement!


Fantastic work, techies. I've left a box of biscuits in the broom cupboard! 😁

Re: Tell us your thoughts

Hi Anna


so much better - so much easier - simly great!


Sue xx

Tell us your thoughts

Hi Everyone


As you will all have seen now we have a new look and feel to the Forum.  


We would really love to hear your feedback and comments, please do share them with us.


Best wishes
Digital Community Officer