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Tender around Scar area


Re: Tender around Scar area

Hello all, may I join in please with this conversation?
I haven't yet had my mx as I'm having chemo first and have had 6 taxotere. I'm seeing a surgeon this week to discuss the mx and future chemo/rads.

I've had a rib discomfort in the same side as the cancer since my 2nd round of chemo. I've had a bone scan in June, I've had ultrasounds and xrays of the ribs, liver, lungs, abdomen and nothing has shown up - but being a worrier I think why have I got this pain then. It's not always painful, but it always feels like someone is putting a fist into my ribs so its uncomfortable. I have had an abscess in the biopsy wound, well actually deep inside the breast which caused a delay with chemo no. 5 so wondered if somehow this is a deep rooted infection in the ribs/cartilage.

I haven't had an MRI, CT or PET scan yet so just wondered which one I should be asking for?

If my ribs are sore like this before the mx then how bad is is going to be afterwards? I just want to know why this is so persistent. Sorry I know you ladies are not Dr's, but you are usually more well informed.


Re: Tender around Scar area

Hi Grace,

I can empathise with your delima, I too have experienced similar pains as you although only 12 months post op.

I think you ought to go back and ask for further reassurance, however they may not want to give you a CT. I was told that sometimes too many investigative procedures such as bone scans and CTs can cause as many problems as it solves.

Does your pain come and go? If so it could just be an infection. The lower rib pain for over a year may be nothing, if it was sinister I think the Marker test would have shown something.

I have often been quite sore on my mastectomy side if I have worn my prostethis (spelt wrong I 'm sure) too long. I have a pain on my unaffected side at the moment but I am putting that down to subconscious correcting of my lopsidedness. Having said that I have an appointment in December and will be asking for a scan of the scar.
I have a mammogram next week so I guess I will get some reassurances.

I guess we will always be hypersensitive, we earned that right because we know we have to stay on top of the tricky little b***r.

Take care


Re: Tender around Scar area

Just thought I'd update this post as I have just been to see the GP and then the Surgeon. The GP gave me a really good going over around and on the scar area and she isolated a really tender spot - tender enough to make me want to move away from it. She didn't really say what it was but said she would refer me to my Surgeon. He went on holiday today so I saw another Breast surgeon who is covering. She pocked and prodded also and found the same spot. I was getting a bit fed up with the prodding procedure today but glad they 'hit the spot', if you know what I mean.

Anyway, round for an ultrasound I went. Nothing to be found either there on in my armpit but a suggestion that it was tender cartilage between the ribs.

Now I don't wish to bring gloom and doom on myself but I have had another tender spot on the bottom of my left rib cage (mast was on the right) for the best part of a year. Had Isotope bone scan in May and CA153 marker both normal. Now of course I'm beginning to think another tender spot right by my scar is a bit too much of a coincidence.

What do you girls think? Do you think I should press for another isotope bone scan or would a CT scan be better. I;ve never had a CT and am not keen to go into a tunnel again after my panic attack - but thats another post!

Or should I just chill and take some painkillers?? Anyone out there who has got rib mets and how did you find out??

Many thanks.



Re: Tender around Scar area

ps. I never could stand underwired bras but that is most prob because i have a fat tummy



Re: Tender around Scar area

Hi Gracet

I still 16 months on have terrible pain on mastectomy site, i was referred to the pain clinic at the local hospital and they made an appointment for me to go in and have an injection into the site but unfortunately had to go into a different hospital for a different procedure and did not do the pain op.

It feels like my dkin has adhered to my chest wall as well. Could it perhaps be nerve endings rejoining, just keep an eye on it and if concerned keep going back and pushing them to reassure yourself. I am going for a 6 monthly checkup on Thurs, dreading it but shall mention it again to them.

Keep us informed how you get on


Tender around Scar area

It seems to be my week for having a worry! - but, hey, might as well get them all out at once 🙂

I am 3 years post mastectomy but for a few weeks my lovely flat 'empty boob' has been feeling very sensitive, especially if I brush my arm over it. Have been to the Onc and Surgeon about this but they couldn't find anything. I keep prodding but can't find any lumps, it isn't red or swollen just feels a bit like a bruise.

Anyone had anything similar? I did wonder if it might be the underwire in my bra sort of rubbing? Help!!!!!

thanks so much to all of you who reply to us worriers xxx 1 to 1 of 1