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Tender scalp


Re: Tender scalp


I got a headache on day 14 after my chemo, it got worse through the day. I had shoulder length hair. I'd had enough by the evening and shaved it all off. It was amazing the pain went away immediately.

Now my head gets tender and hurts if the odd bit of stubble gets too long, so I shave it off and the pain relief is immediate.

The Onc told me that this was quite normal.

Susan x

Re: Tender scalp

Thank you - good to know this is normal

Re: Tender scalp



I to are experiencing my hair loss at the moment, yes my head felt like it was on fire, it was like having chickenpox and not being able to scratch it.  I had my hair cut really short and washed my hair in cold water using Dermol which was a big relief for me.  I hope this helps ask your bcn for Dermol 500 you can shower in it and use it as a cream.


hope this works, take care xx

Re: Tender scalp

Hi there,


So, so sorry you are going through this ... my hair started falling out at 12 days and I remember it clearly.  Yes it is normal for it to feel sore and tender when your hair is falling out. The only thing that relieved it for me was to have it clippered to a number 2 all over. I remember the sense of relief and also it wasn't as distressing as seeing all the hair falling out.


All the best to you xx 

Tender scalp

Hi. I am 14 days first chemo EC and hair loss started with a vengeance - my scalp/head feels very tender and sore Anyone else experience this ? Not sure can do anything about it ?