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Thanks to "Storm Riders"


Re: Thanks to "Storm Riders"

Hi smelltheroses,


Lovely to hear from you and I'm glad you found support here on the forum.  Thank you very much for your kind words.


I hope some of the other Storm Riders get in touch


Very best wishes



BCC Moderator


Thanks to "Storm Riders"

This week I am so happy to be five years free of Breast Cancer and just wanted to pop onto the site for old time's sake.


Thank you to all at BCC for this wonderful facility which was a source of information, inspiration and comfort.


BIG thanks to all who posted on the "Storm Rider " thread: you became my virtual friends and it was a privilege to be able to share in your journeys.  Thank you for your support, good humour and sense of fun.  I'll never forget the story which ran parallel to our own happenings.


Sadly, the SR's are depleted now, gone but not forgotten.


I don't use facebook now so not up to date but I wish you all every happiness and hope you are enjoying life.


Love from Sheila xxxx