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The Breast Cancer Question Time events


Re: The Breast Cancer Question Time events

Hello Pam, thank you for your comment. We’re sorry to hear you were disappointed that the event was cancelled, you’re right that it was due to lack of uptake, despite us promoting the event through all our channels (our website, on Twitter and Facebook, through our online forums and via targeted emails). We would be interested to hear your thoughts about how we could have advertised the event better.

We’re also interested in finding out more about how you applied to attend the event? We didn’t receive a registration from you through the Eventbrite site. We sent an email to everyone that had registered through Eventbrite, letting them know the event was cancelled, as well as posting on Facebook and Twitter. However, please accept our apologies that you weren’t aware of the cancellation.

We’d be happy to hear from you at campaigns@breastcancercare.org.uk and if you’re interested you can still ask questions of your local election candidates by emailing them using this link:


Best wishes


Re: The Breast Cancer Question Time events

I applied to attend this event advertised for today in Cardiff. I heard nothing back from you so thought I'd check on website today........I find that despite the event continuing to be advertised for today...when you go into it for more information the event has magically changed to weds 22nd and has also been cancelled. The terms **bleep** up and brewery spring to mind.....presumably due to lack of uptake...not surprising considering how poorly it was advertised..........Pam Duthie


The Breast Cancer Question Time events

Dear Everyone


We wanted to let you know about some free events that Breast Cancer Care volunteers are hosting throughout April. Come along to a Breast Cancer Question Time event to ask your own questions to the election candidates and to find out more about their policies. There are events happening in:

Solihull - 9th April
North London - 15th April
Manchester - 16th April
South London - 17th April
Pendle - 21st April
Cardiff - 24th April

If you'd like to come along please reserve a free ticket -   

We'd love to see some of you at the events!


Best wishes

Policy Team