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Thigh flap? Vs LD flap and implants....


Re: Thigh flap? Vs LD flap and implants....

Hi Maria

There is a post on page 3 of this reconstruction site entitled "Tram or Diep ? help" started by Nikpuscat where I was talking to Marita who had a tug flap (taken from her thigh). She gives a good explanation of what is involved. From what I have been told there is only a possibility of scar tissue causing problems with implants if you have had radiotherapy.

I know what you mean about about being confused as I am in the same boat deciding about reconstruction. I had 6 months of chemo and then mastectomy and lymph node clearance in April. I couldn't have an immediate reconstruction as I needed radiotherapy so implants are not an option for me.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


Thigh flap? Vs LD flap and implants....

Hello everyone

Looking for some advice. I have finished my chemo now (Yippee! although last session tax last Wed so have sore throat++ and knee pains but hey its the last time)

I had an appt with the plastics team to discuss reconstruction options available and have been told abdomen is not an option as site for flap - however they feel that my thigh has ample to use as free flap. The other option is the LD flap with either immediate reconstruction (if enough fat below scapula as i am only a 34AA) or with implants to be inserted next year.

I asked which has the best cosmetic result, which would be easiest to recover from and which would be the easiest to cope with - i also asked which they felt would be better for me in general. Well i am sure many of you got the same reply - they have given me the pros and cons of each and its up to me to decide - how confusing. Normally i am very good at decision making but i just feel like i want them to tell me what to do at this stage!

My concerns are with implants that there is a risk of scar tissue encapsulating the implant, the risk of rejection/infection as its a foreign body and of course the fact that they will have to be replaced in 15-20yrs time (all going wellx) I am also worried that they might have the same feeling as my tumor. Another worry is that with implants how will i feel if i get another lump?

Then the thigh flap comes with its own set of worries. The main one obviously being that the micro vascular surgery is unsucessful and risk of infection. Also unsure how much like a breast this will look?

Has anybody got any words of wisdom. I have been reading thro some of the forums but i have yet to come accross anyone that has had the thigh flap.

All comments welcome

Thank you

Maria x