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Tingling and Electric Shock Feelings in arm (FEC)


Re: Tingling and Electric Shock Feelings in arm (FEC)

Hi Jo,


I went through something similar while having 6 X FEC, although my treatment arm tingled when I lifted it above a certain height. Was told by my BC nurse that it was due to the chemo interfering with normal nerve activity. As treatment progressed, I also had severe discomfort due to the chemo affecting the blood vessels in my treatment arm, but the good news is that all returned to normal quite quickly after chemo was finished. 


Hope that's of some help, and hope you get some relief soon.


Ann x x 



Tingling and Electric Shock Feelings in arm (FEC)

hello everyone


I am 13 weeks post  MX and have had 3 cycles of FEC so far.   I'm getting shooting pains that come and go in my arm on the surgery side. They are not muscular but feel more like electric shocks. They are not there all the time, usually start in the afternoon and not every day. But they are really quite painful and come and go throughout the second half of the day. I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar?


I was thinking of getting some private physio as suspect it is related to the surgery and tension/stress in my shoulders......


Thanks in advance,


Jo xxx