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To share my developments


Re: To share my developments

Fantastic news, I am rooting for you and Jack with all my heart. As a friend of mine says, big love and hugs xxx

Re: To share my developments

A ahh that's fab news. I had my mammogram this week. Ouch ouch. Scar boob still sore more to do with radio ,but as u say needs must. Patiently awaiting results 2 weeks. Really. Look forward to meeting u
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To share my developments



I haven't been on here in a while sorry.


I just wanted to share, on 30th March this year I gave birth to a healthy boy: Jack.


I was diagnosed with bc when 12 weeks pregnant. I had a Mastectomy, 3 xFEC, 3x Tax whilst pregnant.  Jack was born just after 40 weeks (about 6 weeks after my final chemo). 


I have completed 15 days of intensive radiotherapy post pregnancy and am currently receiving herceptin and tamoxifen. I am currently receiving herceptin at home through the NHS, which I don't think is that well known about...


Jack and I are both doing well. I've got my first follow on Mammogram this month...oh fun, but needs must.


Hoping to send some positive vibes to you all xx