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Re: Toesies

Oh dear, I am sorry to hear about this. I went through the same. The toe nails grow more slowly so the effects are also slower. But hopefully you will find like I have that they are not as bad as the fingers, which I found really heavy going and stopped me being able to do things.


Re: Toesies

Thank you ladies.  I've got myself some Nail Envy so hoping they'll get back to normal soon.  It's a silly thing to get so worked up about but sometimes it seems that you're almost over it & then another bit of of you falls off 🙂

Re: Toesies

Hi folks!
I am 7 months on from finishing my chemo. I was lucky enough to keep my fingernails but lost both of my big toe nails. They have started growing back and I would say they are just a bit over halfway back up the nail bed. However, they are not growing evenly and have some big ridges. This means that they are not growing out straight and actually seem to be growing into the skin around the growing edge of the nail. It feels almost like I'm getting ingrown toenails!! (Yuck!) I do run a thin metal file under the growing edge after I've had a shower to try and stop it from happening but one of my toes is getting quite painful. Does anyone have any tips to try and encourage the nails to grow in the right direction or ease the discomfort in the meantime? xxx

Re: Toesies

Hello, i thought that losing nails (albeit toe or finger) would scare me half to death! But morbidly i found it fascinating that i would ever be in a position where i'd willingly be given toxic drugs through my veins resulting in such bizarre side effects!

I got as far as (if i remember rightly) 3 FEC down and 3 Taxotere to go wheni first noticed anything changing, but it was mainly a strange hollowing under my fingernails which i know now was the nail coming away from the nailbed. i was extremely lucky not to actually lose any fingernails, only toenails and now that they are all back now (i am 1 year on from chemo and 10 months on from radio) they are growing back thicker than before. I am glad to be able to paint them again , that hides a lot of bumpy nails and discoloration. The most problem i had with nails overall was through the last 2 Taxotere and boy did my fingernails ache a lot! I couold barely stand to touch them and if i accidentally knocked themi almost screamed!

I would though recommend Sally Hansen "Hard As Nails" polish - once your nails are ready then paint this on and they strengthen and shine your nails. Cheers, Michele x

Re: Toesies

I am more than two years from finishing my chemo/surgery/radio, and it was only then that one by one my toe nails 'regenerated'!  It wasn't a great experience, but everything has settled down now and my fingernails are also in much better condition although they took a lot of patience and TCL.


It's taken some serious drugs to rid our bodies of this horrible disease, so if we're patient it works out ok in the end..

Good quality nail polish is always a must....  Smiley Happy


Hello ladies,

Another vanity-based question from me...!

I am 4 months on from finishing chemo & my fingernails are starting to come back after most of them broke off half way down the nailbed.  However, in the last couple of weeks, my toenails have now started to come off - I've lost 3 in a fortnight.  I suppose what I'm asking is when does this effing cr*p end?!!!!  AAAAAARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Thank you ladies - sorry for the ranting.