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Treatment days?


Re: Treatment days?

Hi Bettyboo.
It's well worth giving Macmillan a ring. I like you thought I wouldn't be entitled to anything. However if you've paid in enough you might be entitled to income based incapacity benefit once you're on half pay. I was surprised and relieved to get £71 a week. Macmillan will assign you an advisor and will br able to help you out.. Don't assume your not entitled, I nearly made that mistake. You never know ..

Macmillan can even support you financially with a one off grant if you are fit into their criteria.

I didn't work at all during my treatment. I'm a teacher and what with the risk of infection and it bring a physically as well as mentally stressful job, I knew there was no way I could work.

I found the second half of my chemo, when I moved onto docetaxel, far harder. On the EC, I recovered within the first week. However, I had to delay my last chemo, as I had not recovered enough from the one before. I was also hospitalised twice with high temp/ infection risk.

I think think it's best to be prepared to take the time off you need. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst as they say.

Hope your treatment continues to go well.

Re: Treatment days?

Thanks Kess - had people telling me that it wasn't right I had to use sick days for chemo days - so just thought I'd ask if anyone else was doing the same.

Re: Treatment days?

I take my chemo days as sick days.  My company gives me time off to go to my medical appointments, but I think a whole day doesnt count as an appointment.

Re: Treatment days?

Hi bettymoo,


While you are waiting for other members to come along with some responses to your question I've attached a link to the Macmillan site which has some useful information about employment and finances :etc.




I hope this helps.


Very best wishes



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Treatment days?

Hi All


Just have a quick question - I'm currently undergoing chemo - about to have my 3rd round of FEC on Thursday next week. Then for the last 3 rounds, it will change to FEC-T (which I've heard can be worse than just the FEC).


I'm still continuing to work while having this, apart from my chemo day, which is every 3rd Thursday of the month, so I take the following Friday off and have that and the weekend to recover.


The company I work for have said that I should take my chemo days off as sick days, but I don't know if I really should be or not? I already book the Friday as a days holiday, which in some ways I shouldn't have to, but as I only get 22 days sick per year at full pay (and I've almost used them - was signed off for 7 after my SLNB), then my pay drops down to half (which I can't really afford) - looked into if I'm entitled to any help, but because I work full time, I'm not really entitled to anything.


So my question is has anyone else had this from their company?


Thanks all