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Treatment for pain from damaged nerve endings?


Re: Treatment for pain from damaged nerve endings?

Heather, I had a mastectomy in January and I do have a lot of discomfort around the scar area and down my side, but not to the point where I need to take regular painkillers.
Do the bcn/surgeon know that she's having to take this many painkillers? I'm guessing that it's something like ibuprofen. Perhaps they could suggest something else that doesn't give her so many side effects.
Is there any swelling or puffiness? It's possible but not so common to have lymphoedema in the chest area.
I also often do without a bra when I'm at home, as the band can get a bit uncomfortable and start to dig in - does her bra fit round the ribcage OK? Sorry if you've already tried all these, not sure what else to suggest.



Treatment for pain from damaged nerve endings?

Hi all,
Mum had a mastectomy in April which cleared the cancer so luckily she didn't have to have any follow on treatment.
She's struggled to come to terms with it all but the worst problem she has is the continual pain and discomfort that she gets just below the scar area. She has talked to her breast care nurse and doctor who are both said that this is a symptom post op and to take pain killers. She is doing this all day, every day, but it is getting her really down - and of course the pain killers are giving her some uncomfortable side effects.
So I just wondered if anyone else was in a similar situation and if they had any other ways of dealing with the discomfort.
Thanks for reading this,
Heather x